On our website you find general casino information. We try to inform you as good as possible about every aspect of online gambling, sports betting and online casinos. Every day we add new information to our website. You can find general information, casino information and all details of certain casino bonuses.

On this page I am going to tell you how to find the information you need on our website. And what you can expect in every section of the website.

What is an online casino?

Before I am going to tell you more about our website I will tell you a bit more about online casinos. Not everybody knows what an online casino is and how it works. Of course it is important to know more about online casinos before you start playing at one of them.

An online casino is a website with casino games. When you open this website you are able to play casino games on the internet. An online casino is actually the digital version of a land-based casino. With a device with an internet connection you are able to play casino games when and where you are. You can open an online casino on a computer, tablet or Smartphone. With an iPhone or iPad you have the best casino experience you ever had.

At online casinos you can play for fun or with real money. Before youcan play with real money you have to transfer money to the casino. Online casinos offer you multiple payment options.

Everybody who is 18 years or older and living in a country that accepts online gambling can play online casino games with real money.

Here you find our top rated online casinos and the best casino bonuses.

information online casinos and casino bonuses

On our website you find Everything you need to know about online gambling


The casino bonus section on our website is the most important section. the majority of our visitors visits one of the bonus pages. In this section you find all information you need to know about casino bonuses. How does a casino bonus work? Is it smart to use a casino bonus? and Things you need to know when you use a casino bonus. We give you all details in step by step guides.

In the bonus section you also find information about all different kind of bonuses. We take a closer look at each kind of bonus you can claim at online casinos. All casinos offer bonuses with different values but they all offer a certain bonus.

Online casinos can setup their own kind of bonus. Normally they choose a welcome package with different bonuses. They choose and combine a package from the following bonuses.

Most casinos choose 2 or 3 bonuses from the list and create a nice welcome package for new players.

Example: Playgrand Casino offers 3 bonuses from the list. At Playgrand Casino you receive 50 free spins on registration, 150% deposit bonus and another 50 free spins on top of the first deposit. When you deposit €50 at Playgrand Casino you receive 100 free spins and €75 free play money after the deposit.

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In the online casino section you find a few interesting pages with top rated casinos. You can read about reliable and unreliable casios. We also give you the answer on the question if online casinos are realiable or not.

We try to make things as easy as possible for you. That is why we added tables to most of the pages on our website. In these tables you find top rated casinos and the active bonuses. We made a few different tables based on different criteria.

Every day we add casino news to our website. In this section you find a link to all latest casino news. We write news about new casinos, land-based casinos, regulations, players, big wins and new games.

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On our website you will find a wide variety of independent Casino reviews. The reviews are written by both online casino experts as real casino players. All our casino review writers are active in the online casino business for ages. Some of them have been working at online casinos, others are playing at casinos for over 10 years. We even have two writers who once owned a real online casino. The casino reviews you find on our website are all written from the writers point of views. The casinos have no influence on the content or the rating we give a particular casino.

Our team of experts plays at every casino before they write a review. While playing they look at a few criteria. When the casino scores positive on these criteria we write a review of the casino. And we add the review to our list of reliable online casinos.

While playing at an online casino we review the casino on the following criteria

  • Security and safety

  • Reliable software

  • Available game portfolio

  • Casino bonuses

  • Customer support

  • Payments and withdrawals

  • Terms and conditions

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games at online casinos

Every online casino offers a portfolio of casino games. Casinos do not develop their own games. They use games that are developed by international gaming companies. We call them game providers. The most popular operators are NetEnt, Play ‘n Go, Microgaming, Quickspin and SG interactive. An online casino can use these games at their casino. And everytime a player plays a game they pay a fee to the game provider.

In the games section of our website you find information about every available game provider and reviews of the latest games. You can also find easy to use game guides. In these guides we explain how certain games work. We offer game guides for Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Instant win games, Live Casino games, Video Slots and Progressive jackpot slots.

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Sports betting is a very popular section on our website. This part of online gambling is by far the biggest of them all. Around the world there are millions of people that bet on sports. Sports are popular and so is betting on sports.

It is very easy to bet on sports. Since the launch of smartphones sports betting got an amazing boost. With a smartphone it is super easy to place bets on sports events. You can bet on football, tennis, darts, cycling or other sports.

In this section we tell you everything you need to know about sports betting. We also give you betting tips to increase your winning chances.

In this section you also find a list with the most reliable and popular sports betting websites. We review different sports betting websites before we add them to the website. When we play at a betting website we have a close look at the following criteria:

  • Safe betting options

  • Good odds

  • Available sports

  • Sports betting bonuses

  • Customer support and helpdesk

  • Payment options and pay-out methods

  • Mobile gambling and betting


We want to make things as easy as possible for online casino players. Every week we receive questions from visitors about casino related things. When we think a question is important for all our visitors we use that question to write a tutorial.

One of the most asked questions is. How can I check if a casino is reliable? I used this question to write a step by step tutorial. These step by step guides help other visitors when they want to choose an online casino.

Another popular question is. How can I increase my winning chances on Video Slots? This step by step guide is one of the most visited pages on our website.

A lot of our visitors appreciate our extended step by step tutorials. Every month we add new ones to keep on improving our website. If you have a question, please let us know and we can answer the question with a new tutorial.

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We love our work and we love the online gaming industry. It is our passion! And we love to write about our passion. In the Blog section of the website you find blog written by real gamblers. We write about daily casino stuff and about things we are interested in.

In the blog section you find posts about Casino facts, Casino myths, gambling addiction and other interesting things you may want to know.

We add new blogs every week and we see that the popularity of these posts is increasing a lot. A lot of our visitors love to read our blogs.

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We recently added a section with Frequently asked questions. In this section you find answers on the most important online gambling questions. Every day we add new questions to this section of the website. And when you have a question you can’t find on the page you can contact us at the right bottom of the website. We give you an answer within a few minutes and we also add your question to the FAQ section of the website.

The most important questions are:

We already added a lot of questions and answers to our FAQ section. Click here to open the FAQ and see if we already added your question and answer.


Want to make a first deposit? Or withdrawal some of your winnings? Want to read more about the best ways to deposit and withdrawal money? Great! Find out all payment methods on this page.


On almost all available online casino bonuses have to be wagered before you can redeem winnings. what is wagering? And how can I get the most out of my bonuses? If you want to know it all, you should read our post about wagering. You will find more information on this page!


Playing at online casinos have to be a fun experience for you. Of course we want you te enjoy the excitement of the best casino games. Sometimes you think you will be lucky but it comes at a critical moment in your life. Playing in an online casino has to be a form of entertainment. Losing is sometimes part of gambling. Don’t see online gambling as a way of making money. Besides this tip about responsible gaming, we have plenty more. Read more about responsible gaming on this page.



Below you will find recent article about how to gamble online, how to deposit money and how to cash out.

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Germany Casino Bonus – Best German Casinos

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Online Gambling facts and things you didn’t know

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How to avoid gambling addiction and problem gambling

Gambling is fun and we want it to stay fun. I think everybody gambles in some way. Place a bet on a sports event, play a game of roulette, cards or play a game for money with friends. This is all gambling. Sometimes gambling goes from a fun thing to an obsession. When it becomes

Must do at online Casinos

Must do at online Casinos

Online gambling is getting more and more popular. Land-Based casinos are very popular but online casinos are starting to win the battle. More people are starting to trust online casinos. Playing at an online casino is much easier than playing at a land-based casino. You don’t have to travel to a casino and you can

Recommended Online Casinos – The ultimate casino list!

Recommended Online Casinos – The ultimate casino list!

When you search the internet for online casinos you find a huge amount of different online casinos. Google search results show you over a few hundred different online casinos. How do you know if an online casino is safe and reliable? We always recommend our visitors to play at casinos that are tested by review

What is Wagering?

What is Wagering?

You will find a lot of different online casinos when you start surfing the internet. Most of these casinos offer you bonuses to attract you to sign up with their casino. The most common bonuses for new players are: Welcome bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Free Spins Bonus, High Roller Bonus. Most of these bonuses appear to

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Mister Cash Bancontact

Bancontact Mister Cash is simply referred to as Bancontact. This is a payment system developed by Belgian Banks in 1979. When it all started, Bancontact and Mister Cash were two separate entities that were incompatible.  2006 saw Bancontact Mister Cash launch their services to online users. This opened new doors to online casino punters who


Giropay is a payment system used for direct online bank transactions. The company is based in Germany and serves German savings banks, credit unions and postbanks since 2006. This system boasts of more than 17 million clients and serves more than 1500 Austrian and German banks. With more than 1 million transactions in a month,


PayPal is an online payment system used in facilitating online payments to other account holders and online stores. Using this payment system is pretty easy, all you need is an email address and a funding method for the account; this can be a credit card or bank account. The company was established in 1998 and was


As the name suggests, this is an ideal online banking system to handle all your online payment needs. It is a Dutch company run by Currence which is an organization that was formed by 8 major banks in Netherlands. Currence is not only known for iDeal, they also have other brands in the banking sector