You will find a lot of different online casinos when you start surfing the internet. Most of these casinos offer you bonuses to attract you to sign up with their casino. The most common bonuses for new players are: Welcome bonus, No Deposit BonusFree Spins Bonus, High Roller Bonus. Most of these bonuses appear to be very generous. Most of these bonuses are matching bonuses for the first deposits or for a free sign up. In 99% of the bonus case there is a wagering needed to redeem winnings on your bonus money.


What is wagering?

On almost all available online casino bonuses have to be wagered before you can redeem winnings. what is wagering? And how can I get the most out of my bonuses? These are real common questions from online casino players. Every casino has other wagering requirements for their players. They vary from 5x up to 50x the bonus money. Wagering means you have to play your bonus money a certain times before you can redeem any winnings from the money.

Example 1

Casino A offers you a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit. This casino has 20 times wagering in the T&C. When you deposit € 100 you will receive € 100 extra bonus money. The bonus money has to be wagered 20 times before you can withdraw any of this money or the winnings. In this case you have to play/ bet/ spin 20x € 100 = € 2.000 before your money is free to be withdrawn.

Every spin or bet you make at the casino will be added to the wagered amount. So when you make 10 spins of € 1 each you have wagered € 10 of the total € 2.000 needed.

No Deposit Bonus

A number of online casinos offer you a no deposit bonus. This means you will receive free cash once you have signed up for a free account. The offer of the casino in most cases is “€ 10 free cash, no deposit needed”. And yes, when you sign up at this casino you will see € 10 in your casino account. But this bonus in most cases has a high wagering requirement. So you have to place a number of bets before you can redeem any winnings on this bonus offered. The good thing of free cash is you can have a look at the casino, play some games and see if you like the casino. Click here for an overview of casinos with a no deposit bonus.

Example 2

Casino B offers you € 10 no deposit bonus with 30x wagering required. So once you have signed up for a free account you can start playing with your € 10 free. To redeem any winnings or the bonus money you have to bet or spin 30 x € 10 = € 300. Once you have reached this amount your winnings are ready to be withdrawn to your bank account or credit card. Check out all casino payment and withdraw options.

Welcome and High Roller bonus

Every online casino offers you a kind of welcome bonus. And for players that want to play with higher stakes there is the High roller bonus. 99% of these bonuses have wagering requirements active. Wagering varies from 5 till 50 times the bonus amount. And even at some casinos your cash money have to be wagered. I always recommend you to read the Terms & Conditions of the offered bonus before you start making deposits.

To explain the common situations I have made some easy examples for the most offered welcome and high roller bonuses

Example 3

Casino C offers you a 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit up to € 200 with 20x wagering on Deposit and Bonus. In this case you can get up to € 200 bonus on your first deposit. To get the maximum out of it you have to deposit € 100 and you will receive € 300 to play with. Your cash money in this case is € 100 and your bonus money is € 200. On both amounts there is a 20 times wagered required. So before you can redeem or withdraw any winnings you have to play 300 x 20 = € 6.000. (20 x € 100 + 20 x € 200).

Example 4

Casino D offers you a 100% welcome bonus up to € 1000 and wagering is 10x deposit and 20x bonus money. When you decide to deposit € 500 at Casino C you will receive € 1000 to play with. (€ 500 cash and € 500 bonus). Before you can make any withdrawals you have to wager the following amounts € 500 x 10 = € 5.000 plus € 500 x 20 = € 10.000 so a total of € 15.000 has to be wagered before you can redeem any winnings on these bonuses or deposited money.

All above examples demonstrate how important it is to read the terms & conditions before you accept free offers. I always advise players who are used to play at online casinos not to use any bonuses. Just play with your own money. So when you get lucky in the beginning you can redeem or withdraw your winnings directly. And you do not have to wait or play till you reach the wagering requirements.

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