Popular Online Casinos 2020

There are over 200 hundred different online casinos available. Every week new online casinos open their doors. Our team try to test as many online casinos as possible. Every day we search for new casinos and we start playing at those casinos. When we are 100% sure that the online casino is safe we add the casino to our white list. We list the casino on our website and we close a deal with the casino to get a nice bonus deal for you and other players. And we also review the full casino and we discuss if the casino needs to be listed in the popular online casinos list. An online casino needs to be really special, fair, reliable and safe before we add it to our popular online casino list.

On this page I am going to explain you a bit more about the list of popular online casinos and you will also find an overview of the most popular casinos of 2020.

Popular online casinos and bonuses 2020

Before I am going to explain you how we select casinos for our popularity list, I will show you the actual list. Underneath you find an overview of the most popular online casinos at this moment. All the casinos in this overview offer you a welcome bonus. And they are all 100% safe and reliable. When you want to know more about a certain casino you can click the review link in the overview. In the reviews you read all about the casino, their games and the available bonuses.

When you want to try one of the popular online casinos you can click the play button. We open the casino for you. And we activate the available bonus for you. Of course you can sign up at multiple online casinos when you want to. Check out our list of popular online casinos underneath.

turboVegas CasinoTurboVegas100% Up to €300
10% Cashback
Perfect online casino-TurboVegas Casino
Slowolf CasinoSlotwolf50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsSlotwolf Casino
Cookie  CasinoCookie Casino50 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsCookie Casino
Unique CasinoUnique Casino€10,- Free
100% + 20 Spins
Perfect online casino€10,- FreeUnique Casino
Slot Hunter CasinoSlot Hunter20 Free Spins
200% Bonus
Perfect online casino20 Free SpinsSlot Hunter Casino
Speedy CasinoSpeedy Casino100% Bonus up €500Perfect online casino-Speedy Casino
N1 CasinoN1 Casino50 Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsN1 Casino
Spinia CasinoSpinia50 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsSpinia Casino
BetAmo CasinoBetAmo50 Free Spins
2x 100% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsBetAmo Casino
King Billy CasinoKing Billy€1.000,- Bonus +
200 Bonus Spins
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsKing Billy €5,00 Free Bonus

How do we select a popular online casino?

Everybody has a different opinion about things. And everybody has a different opinion about online casinos. Our team has over 10 members and we all have different thoughts about certain casino, games and bonuses. Some members of our team like high stake slots, others like jackpot slots and a few of them like to play live casino games. Every team member plays at a new casino for a while because we want the opinion of every member. We select casinos for the popularity list based on the opinion of all the members. And each member reviews the casinos on a few criteria. In the upcoming paragraphs I will give you all the details of the criteria.

After we received the reviews and the opinion of each team member we check if the new casino is popular enough for the Top 10. The Top 10 can change on a daily base because we review new casinos every day. It is also possible that the list doesn’t change for a long period. In that case there are no better casinos opening.

popular online casinos

Does the Casino offer popular casino games?

Popular online casinos often offer a big portfolio of online casino games. Casinos are more popular when they offer games powered by the most popular and well-known game suppliers. On the internet you find a few online casinos with less than 200 casino games. Or online casinos that offer games from only 1 or 2 suppliers. We do not list those casinos to our Top 10 because these amounts are to low. Popular casinos need at least 500 or more different casino games. And they also need at least 5 different game suppliers.

When an online casino only offers you games from one or two game suppliers you don’t have a lot of choice. You can dislike the graphics or the themes of the games. Most game suppliers deliver games with the same look and feel and gameplay. So when you dislike a few of them, you probably dislike them all. There is no need to join this casino because you will not like the games the casino offers.

Online casinos that offer games from 5 or more suppliers have a much better portfolio. You have more choices and there is a bigger chance you will like the casino. The bigger the portfolio the more choice you have. And more choice you have the more fun you will have at that casino. The popularity of an online casino can get better when the casino adds new games. The casinos in our overview all offer over 500 different games. And they all offer more than 3 different game suppliers.

Can you earn free money, rewards or loyalty points?

An online casino is not only a place where you can play online casino games. More and more online casinos offer you a fun element when you play at their casino. With the fun elements the casino tries to give you a better experience. And when you have a great experience at an online casino you will probably stay longer.

Online casinos give you rewards, loyalty points and bonuses when you start playing. Most rewards are based on how much you play at the casino. The more you play the better the rewards get. And the more you bet the higher the bonuses get. Rewards are very interesting and they can trigger you to play more. We are convinced that a casino gets more popular when it offers rewards and loyalty programs.

Popular online casinos normally offer a certain loyalty program for their players. The reward you with loyalty points and levels when you are a regular player. In most cases you can use the loyalty points to collect free spins, free play money or real cash prizes. It is an extra service a casino offers to their players. Some loyalty programs are much more interesting than others. There are online casinos (One Casino) that gives you free play money every week. The more you play the higher the amount of weekly free play money.

We think that online casinos must give you a VIP experience at any time. They need to be a friendly host when you decide to join their casino.

vip package popular online casinos

Online casinos need to offer a nice and fair welcome bonus package

There are so many online casinos. It is hard for you to choose a proper one. We make things easier on our website because we have the list of popular casinos. An online casino can only get a spot in this list when it offers new players and interesting welcome bonus package. It is very important that the casino offers a fair and reliable welcome bonus package. On the internet you find casinos that offer generous welcome bonuses but their bonus terms and conditions are unfair. At those casinos it is impossible to play through your bonus money. It is impossible to withdraw winnings at those casinos because their wagering requirements are unreal.

It is very important to look at the active wagering requirements before you decide to use a welcome bonus. There are online casinos that have over 50 times wagering on bonus and deposit money. Let me give you a simple calculation to show you that this is very unfair and unrealistic.

Unfair wagering requirement example

The casino gives you 300% Bonus on top of your first deposit. 
You decide to deposit €100. In that case you receive €100 + 300 extra is 400. 
This sounds very interesting. It is when the wagering requirements are fair.
This casino has 50 times wagering on bonus money. At this casino you need to play at least €300 x 50 (wagering) = €15.000 before you can withdraw your winnings. 
It is almost impossible to reach the wagering requirements. When you play video slot games with €1,00 per spin you need to make at least 15.000 spins before you can withdraw any money. 

When a casino offers unfair bonuses and bonus terms we do not add them to the list of popular online casinos. Only casinos with realistic bonus terms and bonus packages have a chance to get listed. So when you play at one of the casinos from our list you can be sure that the terms and conditions are fair and realistic.

Fast payments and withdrawals make casinos much more popular

When you win money you want to collect your winnings as fast as possible. And when you want to start playing you don’t want to wait till the casino receives your money. At popular casinos it is possible to make instant deposits. When you use payment methods like Mastercard, VISA, Instant Banking, Skrill, PayPal or Neteller your money is transferred to the casino within a few seconds. Straight after you made the deposit you are ready to start playing. There is no waiting period at these casinos. Casinos that offer Bank transfer have a waiting period because the casino does not receive your bank transfer instantly. This can take up to 2 or 3 days. We don’t like that because we want to play as soon as possible when we make a real money deposit.

And when we win money we want to have this money as soon as possible. The most popular online casinos have fast withdrawal options. They approve the request within a few hours and you receive your money within 24 hours when you use an E-Wallet (Skrill or Neteller). When you make a withdrawal to your credit card or bank account it can take up to 2-3 days before you receive your money. It is not possible that an online casino pays you faster. When you make an international bank transfer it also takes up to 3 days before the other person receives your transfer. This is the same at online casinos. An online casino makes a manual bank transfer to your account.

Keep notice that you always need to verify your bank account at the casino. It is not possible to withdraw money to a bank account when you not verified yourself with a copy of your passport and a proof of address.

All popular casinos have this verification proces because they have to. The gambling authorities require this process because casinos need to verify your age and your address.

Live chat available at customer support section?

It is possible that you have a problem or you have a question when you are playing at an online casino. In this case you want to contact the customer supportdesk. It is very annoying when there is no supportdesk or when it is hard to contact them. We recommend online casinos that offer a live chat function. A live chat function is the best way to contact a casino because you are in direct contact with an employee within a few seconds. This employee will answer your question or will solve your problem.

In our overview you find online casinos that offer the live chat tool. Of course I hope you never need to use the tool. But when you need it, it is available for you. All popular online casinos offer this tool. Some of them even offer you a 24/7 live chat tool. Others only offer this tool during working hours.

What players think of online casinos

Not only the opinion of our casino experts are important. We think the opinion of real players is even more important. Our visitors can leave their comments and reviews on our website. When you open a casino review you see the rating of that casino. This rating is based on the opinion of our players. These are real ratings and we do not change them or manipulate them. When players gve the casinos better reviews we will probably use these casinos in the list of popular online casinos. The opinion of our players counts for 50% on the total rating.

My personal favorite online casinos

Now it is time to give you my favorite online casinos. All my favorite casinos are listed in the popularity top 10. And they all offer you a generous and fair welcome bonus. When you want to visit the casinos you can simply click the link. We open the casino for you. When you want to give it a try you can register your free account. We activate the available bonus for you.

  1. 21Casino – €10 Free play money and 121% Welcome Bonus – 35x wagering on bonus money
  2. LeoVegas Casino – 50 Free Spins + 200% Bonus – 35x wagering
  3. Dunder Casino – 20 Free Spins + 200% Bonus – 25x Wagering

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