Online Casino Tournaments – Win amazing cash prizes and more

Online casino tournaments have become the beating heart of many online casinos. The exciting part of online slot tournaments and live casino tournaments is that you can win amazing prizes on top of your normal winnings.

One of the biggest world-wide tournaments that really gave online casino tournaments a boost is the Pragmatic Play Drops & Wins tournament. This epic online slots and live casino tournaments holds an expected €30,000,000 prize pool. This amazing prize pool will be handed out between April 5th 2023 and March 6th 2024.

On top of the massive Pragmatic Drops & Wins tournament there are many other smaller tournaments. Some other game providers also launched similar casino tournaments. Additionally, some casinos launch their own dedicated casino tournaments. Joining these tournaments gives you a nice shot at winning additional prizes such as cash prizes and goodies such as phones, consoles, and even cars!

Pragmatic Play Drops & Wins - Live Casino & Online Slot Tournament

How does an online casino tournament work?

To be honest, this strongly varies per tournament. But the basics are always the same.

During an online casino tournament clients of an online casino will compete with each other to win certain prizes. In some cases it can even be so that people compete with players of multiple casinos from one casino group. Ultimately it can even be the case that people compete for a certain prize pool from online casinos worldwide, as is the case with the Pragmatic Drops & Wins tournament.

To excel in an online casino tournament you will need to reach a certain goal. This can vary per competition. Below I will give a few examples of common casino tournament setups.

  1. Online slot tournament (variant 1): Players will need play selected online slots and compete for the highest win multiplier. When you win a €2000 prize with a €1 bet you will for example have a 2000x score. The players with the highest scores will win the tournament.
  2. Online slot tournament (variant 2): Each player can play a certain number of spins on a game and will need to reach the highest win multiplier level. Whoever wins the most during his set of spins will be on top of the leaderboard.
  3. Live casino tournament: Live casino players will need to wager money on certain live casino games. For every €5 players bet they will receive 1 point. Players who collect the most points in a certain timeframe will win the tournament.
  4. Random drop tournament: Sometimes you will simply need to play selected games and you can win random cash prizes during the tournament (cash drops). This tournament can occur on online slots but also on live casino games.

As you can see the tournament setup can vary and this is not limited to the examples I gave you above. Casino tournaments can also have certain important rules you will need to mind. You will always find these in the promotional terms and conditions.

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Leaderboards – check your position in the tournament

Most tournaments will feature a leaderboard. On the leaderboard you will find the usernames of the top performing players. When a tournament for example gives out prizes to the top 100 players it will display a list of 100 usernames that are currently scoring the best.

If your name is up on the leaderboard you are doing well, but beware, other players can always catch up with you. So don’t start celebrating yet and keep your eyes on the goal.

Another thing which is important to mind is that the leaderboard isn’t always realtime. Sometimes the leaderboard only updates once or twice per day. This means although it might seem like you are in a winning position, you might not be.

If you are really going for a win in a tournament you will normally need to keep on pushing, otherwise other players will catch up.

How to play online casino tournaments

In my opinion an online casino tournament should be played in a certain way, but this of course can be different for you.

Personally I would never pick an online casino tournament and go all in to win it. This is simply very risky since there are always other players with more luck or more budget.

In general I don’t really like tournaments which require you to wager money to earn points. This will basically become a sort of pay top win tournament in which the high roller always win.

What I do like are the online slot tournaments that require a high multiplier win. And let’s be clear, I won’t chase a big win like there is no next day. I will simply play some of the online slots that are selected for the tournament and hope I strike a big win. If so, I enjoy the big win and probably an additional prize from the tournament. If not, no problem. I just played some games I like and sticked to my budget.

In my opinion tournament can also become a bit dangerous when you get caught up in it too much. If you for example need to wager money on certain games it can be enticing to keep on playing them although you are not winning on them at all. This could lead to big losses which you should of course always avoid.

So in my opinion you should always threat an online casino tournament as a nice extra, and not as a specific goal. Hunting a prize in a tournament can become very expensive quickly, so please don’t make that mistake!

Best online casino for playing tournaments

Anyone who likes competing in online slots tournaments or live casino tournaments might be interested in what casino are the best for playing in competitions. Well, this very much depends on your jurisdiction.

I for example live in the Netherlands and over here Unibet Casino is definitely one of the casinos with the most tournaments. They often have weekly tournaments and even daily tournaments. On top of this they hold tournaments for online slots and live casino games, but sometimes for sport betting as well. This fast amount and variety of tournaments makes Unibet one of the best casinos for tournaments in at least the Netherlands in my opinion.

Unibet Money Train 4 Slot Tournament - 75k€ prize pool

One thing I can say in general is that the bigger online casinos usually have more and bigger competitions. Since more people will join a tournament there will be a bigger prize pool in general. So if you are looking for a casino with many exciting tournaments, then I would have a look at the bigger online casinos.

Not all major gambling operators will of course be available in your location but probably one of the big boys is. Some of my recommendations for playing tournaments are Unibet, Bet365, 888Casino, BetMGM, LeoVegas, and Betsson.

Thing to mind while competing in casino tournaments

I think on this page I have added a lot of interesting general information about online casino tournaments. But please mind that as good as all casino tournaments are different. So I will encourage you to always read the tournament rules first before joining. In the rules there can be small details which might make or break your tournament.

Some things you will for example need to mind:

  • Sometimes your are enrolled in a tournament automatically and sometimes you need to opt-in for a certain tournament. Make sure your bets qualify for the tournament before starting to play selected games.
  • In some cases a minimum bet is required to qualify for the tournament. Make sure you reach this minimum bet otherwise all your effort will be for nothing.
  • Normally you will only make progress in a tournament when you play games that have been selected for the event.

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