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When playing at online casinos there are different reasons that make a player decide to make a money deposit on that website to enjoy his or her playtime there, or, instead, to keep looking for another casino to play on. Some of those reasons might be the amount of available games, the providers of those games, the promotional offers the casino has available, the possibility to climb up a VIP-rank or money withdrawal options. In this article we are going to tell you a bit more about that last reason; the money withdrawal options. Nobody wants to have to wait for days to receive the pay-out of their winnings and that is exactly why many players prefer to go to fast paying casinos. Of course there is a big variety of options when it comes to the offers of fast withdrawal casinos so we are here to help you get familiar with some of them.

In case you are not sure what the fastest paying casinos consist of, or actually do, make sure to keep on reading because the following items will be described further on in this article;

What are fast paying casinos?

As the name already indicates, fast paying casinos are online casinos where you do not have to wait weeks for your money to be paid out after requesting the withdrawal. In fact, the general processing time of your winnings on fast paying casinos is considered to be within 48 hours. If a casino has a time frame where the pay outs last longer than 48 hours they are considered to be slow pay-out time-frame. Although 48 hours of pay-out is not as short as the possible 24 or 12 hour window that is put to use on some casinos, it is still considered a fast withdrawal. This is mainly because there are several casinos where payments can take as many as three to five business days to process. So compared to those casinos 48 hours is quite fast. In case fast withdrawals is what you aim for that can be something to keep in mind.

Recommended casinos with quick payout history

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Some people do not want to be playing and participating in promotions and competitions if they find out the payment options take too long. Therefore it is an important aspect to take into account when deciding on which casino you are placing your bets. Many of the fast paying casinos made it possible to get a same-day pay-out just with a single click. This way you do not have to worry about the wait for your money to be added to your bank account.

What are fast paying casinos?

Here are some pros and cons to playing on fast paying casinos;


  • Simple and user-friendly;
  • Easier to keep your winnings;
  • No delays when receiving your money;


  • Speed depends on the payment method (read section choice of payment method);
  • Payment methods can vary depending on the players location;
  • Sometimes a pre-approval of (bank)documents is required;

Things to keep in mind when it comes to fast paying casinos

Not everything is what is seems when it comes to terms of “fast paying” casinos. You see, some online casinos try to trick its players by promoting fast money deposits but in fact it might take longer than what they try to make believe. This has to do with the pending time. Sometimes a casino offers to, for example, process your withdrawal within 24 hours. This does not necessarily mean you will receive your money in under those 24 hours. Reading the terms and conditions is a key factor here, they can tell whether the withdrawals also have pending time or not. If the terms and conditions show there is a mandatory pending time of 48 hours for example, this means that your winnings will be held as pending during 48 hours and then will be processed during the next (promised) 24 hours. This means that in total you might have to wait 3 days before you receive your winnings in stead of the promoted 24 hours of processing time.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the verification of your account. The offer to be able to create an account in a split second might not always be processed as fast as it is described. Yes, the creation of your profile or account can go quickly, but very often it is the account verification that can take a bit longer, depending on various factors. So in case you started playing after creating your account and you would like to withdrawal your winnings, bear in mind that it sometimes takes up to three business days to be verified and therefore you will not be able to receive your winnings before that verification. Nobody wants to be playing at a fast paying casino and therefore enjoy the possibility of receiving your money fast only to be waiting for his or her account to be verified. Therefore make sure what the terms and conditions of the specific casino you would like to play on indicate regarding this manner.

A third thing that is important to realize when playing at fast paying casinos is the fact that most online casinos use the same pay-out method as the deposit method that is used by the player. This means it might vary when the withdrawal will be fulfilled due to different aspects such as the country or location where the player is requesting the withdrawal from or the day and time of the withdrawal request.

A summary of the important things to keep in mind when it comes to fast paying casinos;

  1. Check the terms and conditions for pending time;
  2. Account verification might take a while;
  3. Pay-out method can depend on your deposit method;
  4. Are payment methods clearly listed?;
  5. Is information given about withdrawal time in the terms and conditions?;
  6. Are there withdrawal or deposit limits?;

Choice of payment methods

As earlier mentioned, the payment method you choose to use can have big influence on the time your withdrawal takes to process. A casino can process winnings fast, but it can be your payment provider that prevents you from receiving your winnings as fast as you would like. It can sometimes take multiple days before the funds are added to your bank account. We have made a list of different popular payment providers and will give a brief explanation about each one of them. The following providers will be explained;


This is one of the most preferred payment methods at online casinos. Neteller is an e-wallet (or simply called an electronic wallet). A user can store his or her money for future online transactions on e-wallets. e-wallets consist out of two parts, the information and the software. The information contains the details provided by the user such as their shipping address, payment method, debit or credit card details, the users name etc. The software gives security and encryption of the data and stores personal information. Many players like to use Neteller because you directly receive your winnings after the winnings are processed by the casino. People also like Neteller because there is usually no fee involved when receiving withdrawals using this payment method.


This internet banking e-wallet is especially popular in the European region of Scandinavia. What an e-wallet exactly is can be found in the text above about Neteller. Withdrawals to Trustly are also known to be processed quickly but as mentioned before in the section of Things to keep in mind when it comes to fast withdrawal casinos it is depends on the pending time of your bank.


Works quite similar as Neteller, which makes sense being its sister company. They are both e-wallets. Withdrawals arrive instantly after they are processed by the operator and therefore Skrill is used by a lot of online casinos. The fact that Skrill does not have any fee on the withdrawals at most casinos is also something appealing to players.

Credit and debit cards

Probably the most common payment methods for everybody and also the most common way to make withdrawals and deposits at casinos. The disadvantage of this payment method is the speed in which the withdrawal process is completed. Since the casino might send out your winnings directly but the time it takes to actually receive those winnings depends on the bank you want your winnings to be transferred to. For the pay-out to be completed takes between 12 to 48 hours on average.


This payment method is one that is increasing rapidly in popularity. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are used more and more on different online casinos. Usually bitcoins withdrawals to your BTC wallet (Bitcoin wallet) are realized without fee, or with a maximum fee of 2% and are processed directly.

Bitcoin is one of the fastest ways to withdrawal at online casinos

An example of some fast paying casinos

Of course all casinos try to offer the best service for its players and part of that best service are fast withdrawal payments. To decrease the pending time or process time of the withdrawals a specific use of a payment method can be recommended, since some payments methods are faster than others (see chapter choice of payment method). Casinos adjust to fast withdrawal methods in order to keep its players satisfied. Since players do not want to wait long before their withdrawal is realized, for them to be able to put use to their winnings. The list of casinos fastest withdrawal casinos is long but we will give a brief explanation about the following two casinos;

  • Fastest withdrawal Pay ‘n Play casino – Pronto casino
  • Fastest withdrawal online casino – Johnny Jackpot

Fastest paying Pay ‘n Play casino – Pronto casino

Pronto casino is one of those casinos that offers exactly what this article is about; the option to get fast withdrawals. Pronto casino is a Pay ‘n Play casino, which means you can play comfortably by making a money deposit only. There is no need to create a profile where you sometimes have to fill in all your personal details. As a new player at a casino for the first time, we can understand that sometimes you might feel unsure whether you want to share all that personal information like your address, phone number and other details from the get go.  But you also want to have the possibility to earn real money when you are looking for online casinos to play on. Pay ‘n Play casinos offer you that possibility by remembering a player by its BankID. The BankID is enough to log in and to make sure a player is of age to legitimacy play on an online casino.
By playing on a Pay ‘n Play casino you can rest assured that the money is directly added to you bank account. Withdrawals and deposits generally speaking have no delays. Just a few seconds after you made a money deposit or withdrawal you can check on your profile of the casino or on your bank account that the money has been added.

Pronto casino is one of the fastest withdrawal casinos due to the fact that they work with Trustly. Trustly is explained previously under the choice of payment topic. Trustly makes use of bank identification to give its users safety and less personal details have to be shared since you do not have to verify by clicking on an email or text message. Since the transfers are done tax free, you will have your winnings added to your bank account in no time and on top of that without any fees involved. Unfortunately for people from other countries, Pay ‘n Play casinos are currently only available in Germany, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands. They are only available in those four countries because the Pay ‘n Play casinos have to be connected to Trustly by having instant payment methods.

Fastest paying Pay ‘n Play casino – Pronto casino

Fastest withdrawal online casino – Jonny Jackpot

Jonny Jackpot is another online casino with fast withdrawal options. Although this casino does not use the Pay ‘n Play method. They promise their average pay out time to be between 2 hours and 62 hours after you have requested a withdrawal. Reading their terms and conditions it shows that your withdrawal request can remain pending between one to two days. After the pending request has been approved, it is immediately processed but can still take up to a maximum of three working days to be added onto your account. Keep in mind that the time it takes for a withdrawal to be completed after approval completely depends on the withdrawal method that has been chosen. This means that on the online casino of Jonny Jackpot you never have to wait more than three days until your money is added to your bank account.

Why would you play at a fast withdrawal casino?

The main reason for all players to choose to play on an fast withdrawal casino is the possibility to receive their winnings as soon as possible. This way you can enjoy the money that you have won playing on any online casino and use it for other causes or to later on make another deposit on the same, or another casino if you did not like the experience on that specific casino. Another important reason is the fact that most fastest withdrawal casinos are also the ones that are most reputable. Players will be treated with respect as a valuable player and the casino will be fair. Mostly hast withdrawal casinos also have special and interesting promotions as they are very innovative and keep adding things to their website to stay up to date for its players. We made a summary of some other advantages of playing on a fast withdrawal casino so you can see if your points of interest match in order to make the decision to start playing on the fastest withdrawal casino websites. Advantages of some of the fast withdrawal casinos are;

  1. No account needed
  2. No sharing of personal information like phone number / address
  3. Log into your account using BankID
  4. Trustworthy payment methods (such as Trustly)
  5. Innovative casinos, offer modern techniques
  6. Winnings are (mostly) directly added to your bank account
  7. Ability to use your winnings on other purposes quickly

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

”Which are the best fastest paying casinos?”

This mostly depends on the players themselves. By using different bank options the pay out time can vary. Speed can be a decisive factor for people to choose on which fast paying casino to play. In stead of fast paying casinos some casinos are therefore called instant withdrawal casinos.
There are several operators where withdrawals can be processed in a few hours or even minutes. The fastest methods use e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill. The winnings can be received while taking a break from playing. So when you get back your winnings are added to your account and you are ready to keep on playing.

”What is an e-wallet?”

Simply spoken it is just an electronic wallet. Some services allow you to fund an electronic account using your credit card or bank deposit. After that you can receive and send money online with your e-wallet. To use the e-wallet online you enter the details of your e-wallet account in the cashier and leave the ones of your credit card aside. Being able to deposit online on multiple sites without having to use your credit card details is showing to be a popular service for many online casinos. Some of most used e-wallets are Skrill, Revolut, MuchBetter and Neteller.

”Will I receive my withdrawal via the same method as my deposit?”

To answer this question it is important to read the terms and conditions of the casino you would like to place the deposit on because this depends on the restrictions that apply to the specific deposit method that you would like to use. Most casinos offer withdrawals back the same method as the deposit. If you are not sure or you feel like you did not get any wiser from reading the terms and conditions we recommend you to get in touch with the customer support to clarify your doubts. This way you can decide which deposit method you would like to use.

”How long does it take for a withdrawal to be processed?”

This completely depends on the casino. Some of the fastest casinos can already process the winnings in a few minutes but others can take up to 48 hours. There are casinos that even take longer but we do not consider those casinos to be part of the fastest withdrawal casinos.

”Will it cost me more to get a faster pay-out?”

No it will not. The specific withdrawal method used is normally the indicator of the payment speed that determines how fast (or slow) your withdrawal is being transferred onto your account. Some methods may have fees but these fees will be standard throughout the online casino that offers the specific methods.

”Do larger withdrawals take more time than smaller withdrawals?”

Sometimes the possibility is there that KYC (Know your customer) documents are requested for larger withdrawal amounts and that your withdrawal therefore takes longer to process. These KYC documents reassure the casino that the money is being paid to the rightful winner. The same counts for big jackpot winners, since they usually have a review period to make sure the authenticity of the win.

”How do I withdraw my winnings?”

The first step to withdraw your winnings is logging in to your account, accessing the cashier and choosing the amount of money you would like to withdraw and the method you would like to use. Make sure to know the different withdrawal methods that are offered by the casino you would like to get the withdrawal from and also the requirements they have for you in order to ensure a fast and efficient process of your winnings. As mentioned before, some casinos might ask you to send in KYC documents. This is nothing for you to worry about since those KYC documents are part of standard procedures. If asked for those documents you mostly have to send a copy of your ID card, or a copy of your credit or debit card that you have used.

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