Once you visit an online casino or have been visiting an online casino you will see there are a lot of different payment options. These options vary in different casinos and countries. Most online casinos offer you multiple payment methods to choose from. Most casinos offer you the standard options like credit card, VISA, direct debit or bank wire. But more and more casinos offer you extra payment options and options that are famous in the country you live in.

On this page we will explain the most common payment methods. Keep norice that all casinos mentioned on our website are safe, secure and fair. So all payment options you use in these casinos are safe and your data will be used through a secure data connection. If you want to read more information about a certain payment option please click on the link or image of the payment method.

Most common payment options

On this page we will give you more information about the following payment options at online casinos.

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Type of payment: Credit Card

MasterCard is a credit card. You can use MasterCard for both online as offline payments. MasterCard is accepted in almost every online casino and also in landbased casinos. This is one of the most used payment options at online casinos. MasterCard is accepted in more than 210 countries and add over 25 million companies. Your Master Card is linked to your personal or company bank account. The bank guarantees your payment to the online casino after you have made a payment. You have a monthly credit on your Master Card, if there is no money on your bank account but you still have credit on the MasterCard you could still make a deposit.

To make a deposit at an online casino you would need the 16 digit number at the front side of the credit card, your full name, the expiry date of the card and the 3 digit CVV code at the back of the card. Deposiots with a MasterCard will be visible directly in your casino account.


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Type of payment: Credit Card

VISA is a little bit the same as the MasterCard. So your VISA is also linked to your bank account. Also at VISA you take a loan from your bank that you have to repay after a certain period with the money on your bank account. Most of the times you pay your debts once a month. So also with VISA you can spend money you actually don’t have. VISA is accepted at almost every point where you can pay with MasterCard. So you can pay with VISA in more than 220 countries and at up to 220 million sales points.

Most online casinos offer you the option to pay with VISA. On most payment pages you have to choose credit card payment and than VISA will appear. Select VIA and fill in your card number, your name (as written on the VISA card), expiry date and the 3 digit CVC security code. All payments with VISA will be added to your casino account directly. So you can start playing within a minute.


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Bank Transfer (Wire transfer)

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Type of payment: Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer or the so called Wire Transfer is one of the oldest and most trusted payment option. And we think bank transfer is one of the most used options across the world. This payment option does exactly what the name says. You transfer money from your bank to another bank. Early days you did bank transfers by using a paper. This paper you delivered at your local bank. The bank processed the bank transfer forms and your money was transfered from your account to the account of somenone else. During the time this transfer was moved online. At the present you just login on your desktop or your mobile device and you transfer money to another bank account.

Most online casinos offer you the option to use bank transfer. To start a bank transfer you go to the casino bank and you choose Bank Transfer/ Wire Transfer. Choose the amount you want to transfer and proces the payment. To proces you have to copy the bank details of the casino into your  bank transfer form. Normally after 2-5 days your transfer will be confirmed. After you have received a confirmation of the casino your money is available in your casino account.


Skrill (Mobeybookers)

Type of Payment: E-wallet

Skrill is a company based in the UK. It started in 2001 under the name Moneybookers. Skrill claims to have over 36 million clients worldwide. Their service is available in 200 countries. Payments can be made in 40 different currancies. Over 150.000 webshops accept Skrill. Skrill is an E-wallet in which you can upload money. The available money can be used to make online payments. You can only use money that is available. So it is not a loan construction like MasterCard and VISA. Opnening a Skrill account is very easy, you only need a valid e-mailadres. Your account will be opened and active within 5 minutes.

The majority of online casinos have the Skrill payment option build in their casino. I think Skrill is the easiest payment option to use. You can upload/ deposit within a second. Choose Skrill as payment method, Skrill popup will be opened. Fill in your password and  your deposit is available in your casino account. Also withdrawing with Skrill is perfect at online casinos. within a few hours you have got your winnings on your Skrill account.


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Type of Payment: E-Wallet

Neteller is a company that works a little bit the same as Skrill as mentioned above. Neteller also works with e-wallet system.

Neteller was founded in 1999 and is owned and operated by Optimal Payments PLC. In 2004 the company moved their headquarters from canada to the Isle of Man. Neteller always has to keep it’s customer funds in seperated trust accounts. To be able to pay their customers when they decide to claim all their money. Neteller is available in 200 countries and has millions of accountholders. In 2000 Neteller cobered 80% of money transactions between players and online casinos.


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Recent Added Payment Options

Mister Cash Bancontact

Mister Cash Bancontact

Bancontact Mister Cash is simply referred to as Bancontact. This is a payment system developed by Belgian Banks in 1979. When it all started, Bancontact and Mister Cash were two separate entities that were incompatible.  2006 saw Bancontact Mister Cash launch their services to online users. This opened new doors to online casino punters who


Giropay is a payment system used for direct online bank transactions. The company is based in Germany and serves German savings banks, credit unions and postbanks since 2006. This system boasts of more than 17 million clients and serves more than 1500 Austrian and German banks. With more than 1 million transactions in a month,


PayPal is an online payment system used in facilitating online payments to other account holders and online stores. Using this payment system is pretty easy, all you need is an email address and a funding method for the account; this can be a credit card or bank account. The company was established in 1998 and was


As the name suggests, this is an ideal online banking system to handle all your online payment needs. It is a Dutch company run by Currence which is an organization that was formed by 8 major banks in Netherlands. Currence is not only known for iDeal, they also have other brands in the banking sector


Trustly was formerly known as InstantBank; it is owned by a Swedish firm called Trustly Group AB with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was established in 2008 and has its operations licensed by the Swedish Financial Services Authority. This payment method has collaborated with 42 banks in more than 7 countries in Europe.


Sofort Banking was established in 2005 as an instant payment service. It was initially known as Payment network but in 2012 was rebranded to Sofort AG. It is the one of the top payment options in Germany and punters in this country find it convenient and easy to use when funding their online casino accounts.


Entropay is a Virtual Visa Card payment system used to facilitate online payments. This method is presented in the form of a Virtual Visa. This is an independent entity but can be considered as subsidiary of Visa Credit card Company. It is a company owned by Ixaris Systems Limited. This is a London based company that


ClickandBuy is a payment system established in 1999 in Cologne, Germany under the ClickandBuy International Limited Company. The company now has its headquarters in London England. This prompted them to meet all requirements stipulated by the UK Financial service Authority (FSA), as well as, the Bank of England. 2010 saw the company bought by Deutsche


Ukash was established in 2005 in the United Kingdom as a financial institution that facilitates online payments without problems anonymously. The service is available in more than 60 countries, payments are accepted as payment options in multiple online stores and online casinos. How does the system work? The system operates on a unique technology known


Click2Pay is a worldwide preferred online payment system that has been embraced by online casino punters. Payments done through Click2Pay are instantly executed. This payment system is accessible in more than 180 countries across the globe. When opening an account, you need to connect it to a feeding or funding account which is your normal


Paysafecard is a preferred payment option for many ‘cybernauts’ around the world. This form of payments is accepted in many online casinos and in online stores. The company has its headquarters based in Vienna, Austria and has spread in more than 37 countries after its establishment in 2000. The company claims to be serving in

Bank Transfer

This payment method is also referred to as wire transfer. This is one of the oldest payment methods and has been the most used methods even with the establishment of new payment methods. As the name suggests, the system transfers money from one bank to another. This method started in the ancient times when people



Most of the casinos accepting Neteller are top of the crème casinos thus guaranteeing unrivalled online casinos experience. It is used by many people around the globe in performing their online purchases and in making deposits and cash outs in online casinos. Neteller serves as a great and unique alternative to using credit cards, debit


Visa offer financial institutions with payments products that are branded by them these products are used in offering credit, prepaid, cash access programs and prepaid cards. What Visa does is similar to what MasterCard offers. Visa is accepted in millions of outlets and other point of sales around the globe. Apart from making payments both


MasterCard is a big brand that is globally recognized in offering payment solutions both offline and online. The Card was first brought to life under the name Master Charge and was to serve as a competitor to the then credit card provider; Bank of America. Right now it is huge around the world and its major