May 6, 2024

Free Scratchcard (No Deposit Needed) – Win up to €1.000.000

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Free Scratchcard (No Deposit Needed) – Win up to €1.000.000

Scratchcards are instant win games. You can buy a scratchcard in a local shop or at a betting shop. But now you can also buy them online. But why buy them when you can get a free scratchcard or maybe a few scratchcards for free?

The scratchcard is free. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win real money with it. We have arranged a few special deals with reliable online casinos. is here to help you! We arranged a few amazing bonuses at online casinos with scratchcards. You only have to register an account and within a few minutes you can open your first scratchcard. Maybe you are one of the lucky players. You can walk away with serious wins on a single card.

Online Casinos with a Free Scratchcard

CasiGo CasinoCasiGo€0,20 - €100€1.000.000200% Bonus
+ 100 Spins
Boo CasinoBoo Casino€0,10 - €100€1.000.000€5 Free
+ 100% Bonus
Boo Casino
Casilando casinoCasilando€0,20 - €100€1.000.00050 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Casilando casino
BCasinobCasino€0,10 - €100€1.000.000€5 Free
+ 100% Bonus
B Casino
Playluck CasinoPlayluck€0,50 - €50€250.00050 Free Spins
+ 100% Bonus
Playgrand CasinoPlaygrand€0,20 - €100€1.000.00050 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Playgrand Casino
Slot Planet CasinoSlot Planet €0,20 - €100€1.000.00050 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Slot Planet Casino
Dealers CasinoDealers Casino€0,50 - €10€250.000100% Bonus up to €200Dealers casino
Lanadas CasinoLanadas€0,50 - €50€250.000100% Bonus up to €200
+50 Free Spins
Barbados casinoBarbados€0,50 - €10€250.000100% Bonus
+ 100 Free Spins
Barbados casino
LeoVegas CasinoLeoVegas€0,10 - €100€500.00050 Free Spins
100% Bonus
LeoVegas Casino

What is a free scratchcard?

Everybody knows the scratchcards that you can buy in shops or at small kiosks. A scratchcard is a card with hidden fields. When you open the fields you find symbols or amounts. After you revealed all fields you can see if you won a prize or not. Online scratchcards are the virtual version of these popular scratchcards. Prizes vary from a free scratchcard up to a million Euro. It is fun to buy a scratchcard with some friends or family. Scratchcards are also a great gift at a party, a special occasion or a birthday. But now you can also get and buy them online!

Worldwide you can buy scratchcards and you can win huge amounts of money with them. You always have to buy them. You never get a free scratchcard at a shop or kiosk. Online you can get free scratchcards. Casinos can give you free scratchcards on registration or they can give you an amount of free play money. You can use that money and buy scratchcards. At online casinos you can also get free spins. With the free spins winnings you can also buy a free scratchcard.

Not all online casinos offer you scratchcards. There are a few reliable online casinos that have a nice selection of scratchcards. An online scratchcard is exactly the same as a scratchcard you buy in a shop. The biggest difference is the fact that online you scratch with your mouse and not with a coin or your Fingernail.

When you win money with your online scratchcard you can withdraw this money to your bank account or you can use the winnings to buy more scratchcards. Of course you can also use your winnings and play online casino games at the casino.

What can I win?

  • Free Scratchcards
  • Money prizes
  • Gifts
  • Casino Bonuses
  • Casino Chips or Free Money


Pros & Cons Free Scratchcards


  • Win Real Money
  • No Need To go to a shop
  • No Risk
  • Try Online Casinos
  • Instant Wins
  • 1 Out of 3 is a winning card


  • Addictive
  • Wagering on winnings
  • Possible Cashout limits


Free Scratchcard – How can I claim them?

As mentioned before you can claim or win free scratchcards at online casinos. At the moment there are only a few online casinos with a scratchcard portfolio. You find them in the table above. Not all casinos listed in this table offer you free scratchcards. Only a few of them do. In this paragraph I am going to tell you how you can gather free cards at online casinos. There are a few tips & tricks. With these tips you can gather scratchcards even when a casino doesn’t offer free cards.

Free card on registration

There are online casinos that offer you a free scratchcard on registration. At these casinos you only have to open an account. After you finished your registration you find the free scratchcard in your account. You can activate the scratchcard and open it. Within a few seconds you know if the scratchcard is a winning card or not.

At casinos with a scratchcard on registration you receive 1 scratchcard. In most cases you have to wager the money you won with the scratchcard. You are not allowed to withdraw the winnings before you wagered your winnings. Average wagering on free scratchcards is 25-50 times the winnings.

At the moment you receive a free scratchcard at One Casino.

Use free play money to buy scratchcards

On you also find a number of casinos that give away free play money. You receive an amount of money when you register an account at these casinos. There is no deposit needed to collect this money. With this money you can buy scratchcards. It sounds like you have to buy them. But you actually receive them for free because the money you get from the casino is free. This is a so-called no deposit bonus.

Casinos we work with offer our visitors €5 Free or €10 free on registration. With the free play money you can buy multiple scratchcards. Or you can buy 1 expansive one. When you buy smaller prized cards you can try more cards. You can spread your chances and try different cards. When you buy a more expansive card you have 1 chance. But when you win you can win big.

It is up to you what you do with your free play money. We recommend you to buy a few small cards and also play a few casino games with your money.

When you want to receive free play money I recommend you to try bCasino or Boo Casino. At these online casinos you receive €5 free on registration.

Play with free spins and use your winnings for scratchcards

We have another trick to get free scratchcards. We have a huge amount of free spins bonuses available. You receive free spins when you open an account at an online casino. With the free spins you can’t buy a free scratchcard. But you can win real money with the spins. With these winnings you can buy a scratchcard. Yes you have to buy the card. But you buy it with the money you won with your free spins. You did not have to pay for the scratchcard. And you didn’t have to make a real money deposit to get the scratchcard.

How does this work?

Open an account at a casino with a free spins bonus. Use your free spins on a qualified slot. When you hit a winning spin you win money. After using all free spins you receve all your winnings in your casino account. With this money you can now buy a scratchcard. The more you won with the free spins the more free scratchcards you can buy.

Recommended casinos


Make a deposit and use your bonus money

There is another trick to get a serious amount of free scratchcards at online casinos. When you use this trick you do have to deposit real money. But you can withdraw that money after you bought the scratchcards.

Online casinos offer deposit bonuses. When you make a deposit you receive an amount of bonus money on top of your deposit amount. With the bonus money you can buy a free scratchcard (or a few scratchcards). When you used the bonus money you can also use your deposit money. Or you can withdraw the deposit amount. When you decide to use a non-sticky bonus you can simply withdraw the money you have deposited.

At online casinos you can get 100% – 200% bonus on top of your deposit amount. At CasiGo you receive 200% extra from the casino. Casinos like N1 Casino and Slothunter give you 150% bonus. These 2 casinos also give you a number of free spins on registration. You can collect both bonuses and gather more free scratchards.

How does a scratchcard work and looks like?

An online scratch card is exactly the same as a scratchcard that you buy in a shop. Before you can buy a scratchcard online you need to register a free account at one of the online casinos with scratchcards. In the following paragraph you find casinos that offer you a portfolio of online scratchcards. After you registered a free account at one of the scratch card casinos you have to make a first real money deposit. Deposit an amount of money you want to spent on scratchcards or other online casino games.

Open the scratchcard section of the online casino and check out the available cards. As you will see, every scratchcard has his own theme and his own price. Every available scratchcard has an own payout table and jackpot. The higher the price the higher your pay-outs are.

After you bought a scratchcard it is time to start scratching. Scratching is super simple because you only have to use your mouse. Move your mouse over the scratchcard and hold the button while scratching. Most of the times you can fully open the scratchcard when you double click on the scratchcard. This is the quickest way of checking your winnings, but in my opinion it is more exciting to scratch the card open with your mouse.

scratch cards at online casinos

After you opened your scratch card you see if you have a winning one or not. If you win the winning amount will

be added to your casino balance directly. With your winnings you can buy new scratchcards or you can use the money at other online casino games at the casino.

Why Play at casinos listed on

  • All Casinos are tested and reviewed
  • We arrange free scratchards for our visitors
  • Win money without making a real money deposit
  • 500+ Online Casinos available
  • Up to date free scratchcard offers
  • Only casinos with a valid license


Can I get a free scratchcard at an online casino?

Yes you can! We have gathered online casinos where you can get free cards. With our tips & tricks you can collect scratchcards and win real money.

Can I win real money with online scratchcards?

Yes you can win real money when you use a free scratchcard.

Do all online casinos offer a portfolio of scratchcards?

No, not all online casinos have scratchcards at their casino. We have selected the ones who offer scratchcards. You find them in the table at the top of this page.

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