Since the early 2000’s it is possible to bet on sports through the internet. Big companies like, Betvictor and Bethard opened an online bookmaker shop. And these companies made it easy to bet on over 50 different sports while sitting in the comfort of your own house. Online bookmakers make it much easier to bet on sports because there is no need to leave your house any more. You can now bet on a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection. In Europe Football is the most popular sport to bet on. But there are more and more people who decide to bet on tennis or on sports like basketball and baseball. And the major sport events like tennis grand slams, the olympics, world cups and the horse races are very popular.

On this page I am going to explain you a bit more about the betting options at tennis events and tournaments. Read this post and you learn how to bet on tennis. And you learn how you can increase your chances of winning with betting on tennis.

This is why betting on tennis is getting very popular

Tennis is not the most popular sport. But it’s popularity is growing the last few years. More and more people decide to start playing tennis at a local club or with friends. And with more people playing thennis the popularity of tennis on TV is also growing. TV Channels decide to broadcast more live events. They do not only broadcast the 4 Grand Slam tournaments any more. Smaller ATP tournaments and Future 500 tournaments are also live broadcasted on the Sport channels.

People now have access to more live games. Tennis is a great game to watch live on television because it is full of action from start to end. Big Stars like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal make the sport extra popular. Fanatic tennis lovers support either Federer or Nadal. And this is food for bets. A lot of people who watch tennis decide to bet on tennis before or during the game they are going to watch. Tennis does not have as many betting options as footbal but there is enough to bet on. Live betting on tennis is getting more popular because it gives you an extra thrill while you are watching a certain game or tournament.

You can bet on who wins the next game or set. And it is also possible to bet on an Ace or on Double faults during the game. In my opinion it is nice to and exciting to bet on a game while you are watching. Simply bet a small amount of money and the game gets more interesting. And when you are lucky your favorite player wins and in the meantime you win some money.

bet on tennis grand slam

Websites where you can bet on tennis matches and tournaments

there are hundreds of online betting companies where you can bet on tennis. Open google and type in “Bet on tennis” and you will see a huge amount of search results. I can imagine that you have no idea which bookmakers are the best and which ones you must avoid. We make things a bit easier for you. On our website we made a selection of reliable bookmakers. And we selected the bookmakers that offer you interesting welcome bonuses. We recommend you to join a bookmaker that offers you a welcome bonus because most bonuses double your first deposit. And with double money you have more chance of hitting a winning bet on tennis.

In the underneath table you find a selection of reliable online bookmakers. Keep notice that you only play at reliable and safe websites. There are unreliable ones around and you must avoid them because they can cost you money. Rogue bookmakers have unrealistic terms and conditions and they have pay out limits. So only deposit real money at the reliable bookmakers from our website.

All online bookmakers with betting on tennis in the underneath table are safe and they all offer you a nice welcome bonus. You can collect the available bonuses when you join the bookmaker (Click the play button behind the bookmaker of your choice).

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At what kind of places can you bet on Tennis events?

There are millions of people across the world betting on tennis events and matches. They do not only bet online because there are a few more places where you can bet on tennis events. Of course online betting is the easiest and fastest way to place a bet on a tennis match. Online betting is also the fastest growing place for tennis betting. Offline land-based betting offices all see a decrease in betting the last few years because people move to the internet and to mobile apps. Underneath you find an overview of places where you can bet on tennis events and matches.

  • Online or at mobile apps – On websites and at mobile apps it is very easy to place bets. Place pre match bets or place live bets during the game. You can watch a game, analyse the game and place bets while you are watching. You only need an internet connection and a computer or a mobile device with an internet browser. It is very easy to transfer money in to your betting account. And within a few minutes you are up and running at an online bookmaker.
  • Offline land-based betting offices – Across the world there are thousands of betting offices. In countries like England and Germany you find betting offices at every city or village. You simply enter the betting office and you can place your bets at the client desk. Betting offices also offer you digital betting options. At the Betting offices you always receive a printed bet slip with your bets on it. It is not possible to place live bets at the land-based betting offices. You can bet with cash money or with your credit card at the betting offices.
  • In tennis Stadium or at the tennis event – When you visit a tennis match or an event in certain countries you can bet at that place. There are bookmakers that have sponsorships with events or with tournaments. In the stadium or at the ground of the event you can place bets at small desks. Simply visit a desk with an employee and place your bet. After the match or the event you can visit the employee again and cash out when you have a winning bet.
  • Play at illegal local bookmakers – When there is money involved there are illegal things going on. There are a lot of “illegal bookmakers” around. In most cases this are local bookmakers that accept bets through phone or whatsapp. The local bookmakers often work with middlemen. those middlemen accept the bets and they push the bet forward to the real bookmaker. In most cases the illegal local bookmakers have better odds compared with the legal online bookmakers. But it is always unsure if you receive your money when you win.
  • Bet with friends – Watch a game with friends and put some money on the result. Everybody predicts a winning score and the one with the correct score wins all the money from the others. When nobody predicts the correct score you can decide to bet on a new game or you can split the prize pool.


land based betting office bet on tennis at william hill

How to start with betting on tennis matches and tournaments

It is super easy to start betting on tennis matches and tournaments. When you follow underneath steps you are up and running within a few minutes. And don’t forget to collect the available bonuses when you start betting on sports.

  1. Open an online bookmaker or a reliable casino with sports betting. You find the best bookmakers in the table on this page
  2. Join the bookmaker of your choice for free and fill in your personal details
  3. First use your free bets or free play money when a website offers you one
  4. Open the banking section or click the deposit button so you can transfer money to your betting account
  5. Choose a payment method and your deposit amount
  6. Claim the available bonuses
  7. Finish the first real money deposit
  8. Now you are ready to bet on tennis
  9. Place a few small bets and see if you are lucky

All Tennis betting options you can choose from

At land-based betting offices you can only place relative simple bets on tennis events. But when you join an online bookmaker you can place a huge amount of different bets. You can bet on the tennis event or you can bet on a single match. In the upcoming paragraphs I am going to show you all online betting options. And you will also find a number of betting tips. For the explanation of the tennis bets we use the underneath game between Naomi Broady and Carol Zhao.

bet on tennis match online

Match Betting – Match

The most easy bet on a tennis match is the “Match Bet”. Predict the winner of the game and put some money on this winner. In this example you can see that Naomi Broady is the favorite to win this game. When you bet €10 on Naomi Broady you can win €10 x 1.667 = €16,67. But when you think Carol Zhao is going to win the game you can win €22 with a €10 bet.

This bet is a match bet and you receive your winnings after the match is finished.

Set Betting – Match

set betting match tennis

You can get increased odds when you decide to bet on the set scores during a tennis match. Predict the winner and the number of sets each player wins. In this example you can see that Naomi Broady is favorite to win the match with 2-0. when you bet €10 on that result you win €25 when Naomi Broady wins 2-0. You receive 4.5 times your bet amount when you predict Carol Zhao to win 2-1 in sets.

Woman tennis matches are always decided in a best of 3 sets. But it is harder to bet on matches between two men because they play best of five sets at most tournaments. It is harder to predict the outcome of a 5 set match than a 3 set match.

Total Games under/ over – Match

Predict how many games the players will play during this match. The bookmaker settles an amount and you can predict Over or Under. When a bookmaker thinks there will be 21 games, you can predict over or under 21.5 games. Odds for these kind of bets are normally close to each other because the chances are even.

To Win a Set Yes/ No – Match

When a favorite plays against an underdog it could be very interesting to bet on the underdog to win a set. At a game between two male tennis players the underdog needs to win 1 set of the 5 sets. Odds on underdog players are normally very interesting. And not all favorite players start games perfectly. This is an interesting bet because you know the result very quick. Imagine a qualifier playing Roger Federer. Normally you would say federer will win this match in 3 sets (3-0). But it often happens that the qualifier is so excited that he plays very good in the first set. When you bet on him to win 1 set you can simply triple your bet amount.

Current Set scores – Set

set scores bet on tennis

I love to bet on set scores. This is probably the hardest bet you can choose during a tennis match. It is interesting because you can get high odds with this bet. When you think Naomi Broady is going to win the first set 7-5 you receive 13 times your bet amount. So when you bet €10 you receive €10 x 13 = €130 in your betting balance after the game. You can also choose 2 different scores and still make a winning. You have 2 chances on a correct score.

Total Sets – Match

Predict how many sets the players are going to play during the game. This bet is harder to predict at the games with male players involved because they can play a maximum of 5 sets. Women can only play a maximum of 3 sets, so this is easier to predict

Tie Break yes/ no – match

You can bet on a tie break Yes or no. When you are sure a set in this match is going to end in a tie break you can put money on yes. Normally the odds on “Yes” are higher then the odds on “No”. The majority of sets does not end in a tie break.

Odd/ Even Total Games – Match

Is the total amount of games during the game odd or even? When a game ends in 6-2 6-2 the total amount of games is 16. So in that case the result of this bet is Even. Odds for this bet are normally 50/50 because it is impossible to predict this. It is pure luck when you win this bet.

Live Betting on Tennis

Above I showed you all possible pre match bets on tennis matches. But in my opinion Tennis is the perfect game to try some live betting. When you watch a game you can have a feeling about the upcoming games and sets. With live betting you can predict which player wins the next game or the next set. You can also bet on the player that is going to win the game. Live betting on tennis is interesting because you get an extra thrill while you are watching the game in the stadium or on the Television.

most bookmakers offer a great selection of live tennis betting options. Join a bookmaker today and start betting on your favorite tennis matches and events.

Betting Tips – Increase your winning chances

We can never guarantee any winnings! Tennis matches are unpredictable because everything can happen during a game. A player can get injured or a certain player can have a realy bad day. But there are a few tips that can increase your winning chances.

  • Only play at reliable bookmakers with average odds. All bookmakers on our website are 100% reliable

  • Please only bet on tennis with money you can miss. Do not use money you need for daily life

  • Try not to get emotional attracted while betting. Avoid emotional gambling and betting. Your favorite player will not always win.

  • Collect extra money with the available welcome bonuses. With more money you can place more bets.

  • Be a patience player. Cash out small winnings and don’t try to hit the jackpot on a single bet. Choose low odds to increase your winnings

  • Bet on players you know or follow. The more you know about a player the higher the chances you know the result

  • Start with a few simple bets with low stakes. Get the feeling before you start betting on harder bets

  • Try to bet on live games. It is easier to predict a result or a set winner when you are watching a game

  • Follow online tipsters. Tipsters are guys who follow events and sports and they tweet or post about these events on social media. Those tipsters know exactly if a player is in form

  • Start with small and simple bets

  • Only place single bets. Never try to accumulate your winnings by adding extra bets to your betslip. The more bets in one betslip the lower the chance you win this bet


Bet on Tennis now and collect your bonuses

Are you ready to give it a try? Great! On our website you can find the best bookmakers with the best bonuses. Some of them even offer you an amount of free play money. And with our betting tips you can use the bonuses to win on your bets.

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