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We visited Sigma and we were nominated for the Videoslots Awards

Last week our team visited the Island of Malta. The Island hosted this years Sigma Convention. Sigma is the biggest iGaming event of the world. Over 12.000 people visited this event in Malta. The event started at the 27th of November with a pre registration event and a iGaming football tournament. We decided to travel ..

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Best Online Casinos for Tablet

What are the best online casinos for tablet? Find the best real money casinos for your tablet In 2018 almost every household has a tablet. And there are a lot of real money casinos that offer a tablet casino. You can enjoy the best casino games on a tablet with an internet connection. With a ..

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Are online casinos reliable?

Ask random people on the street about casinos and online casinos. Or when you talk about online casinos with friends or family, they all ask you about the reliability. Are Online casinos reliable? This is probably the most important question when people talk about slot machines and online casino games. We did a bit of ..

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Must do at online Casinos

Online gambling is getting more and more popular. Land-Based casinos are very popular but online casinos are starting to win the battle. More people are starting to trust online casinos. Playing at an online casino is much easier than playing at a land-based casino. You don’t have to travel to a casino and you can ..

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Biggest Myths about Online Casinos and Gambling

Ask a random person on the street about online casinos and gambling and the majority will think it is a scam and not reliable. The mind-set of the average person is still negative when we talk about online casinos. The majority still thinks that online casinos are super unreliable and you always lose your money. ..

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Best Sports Betting Brazil

Sports betting is very popular in Brazil. Loads of Brazilians bet on sports every week. Brazilians are sport lovers and they love to bet on the sports while they are watching. Families and friends visit local sports events or they watch live games and events together at publib places. In the Brazilian cities there are ..

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Best online casinos Brazil

Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world. A country with over 220 million inhabitants. It is famous because of their amazing beaches, Carnival, the samba and their football. But Brazil is not very famous for its online betting and gambling policy. At the moment there is no online gambling policy or legalisation ..

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Discover SlotsMillion Virtual Reality and 3D Online Casino

For people who want to try something different and new SlotsMillion has something, the Virtual Reality (3D) Casino. In SlotsMillion Virtual Reality Casino you can play your favourite games while relaxing in your own private casino. Simply put on your Oculus Rift Goggles and experience this brand new way of online gambling. When you don’t ..

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