Why online casinos are better than real casinos

I think everybody knows the traditional casinos in their country and in places like Las Vegas and Macau. A casino with brick walls, real casino tables and real human employees. At land-based casinos you can play a lot of different casino games with real money. But now you can also play casino games on the internet. You can actually play the same games now at online casinos but while sitting at home or when you are travelling. In this blog I am going to explain you why online casinos are better than real casinos. And I am going to give you some tips and tricks to collect free play money for online casinos.

Keep notice that you need to be 18 years or older to enter both online and land-based casinos. In Las Vegas you need to be 21 years or older to enter the casinos. In the US you need to be older than 21 to drink alcohol and watch strip shows. And at traditional casinos in Las Vegas there are a lot of bars and strip shows. So stay at home and play at online casinos when you are between 18 and 21 because it has no sense to visit a casino in the US. In Europe you can enter real casinos when you are 18 years or older.

why online casinos are better than real casinos

The Strip in Las Vegas – A sboulevard full of real casinos with amazing shows!


What are online casinos?

An online casino is a casino that operates online over internet. Most online casinos only offer casino games on the internet. Online casinos do not have land-based casinos with brick walls. An online casino is a website where you can play traditional and new casino games. You can play at the online casinos with real money or for fun. It is very simple to join an online casino because it is free of charge and you can do the registration yourself. At online casinos you can simply navigate through the available casino games and choose a game you want to play.

When you want to play with real money at online casinos you need to make a deposit first. Making an online deposit is very safe when you join reliable online casinos. Online casinos offer you the same kind of games as land-based casinos. And they offer you even more games because they offer huge portfolios of online slot games. At the majority of online casinos you find table games, slot machines, poker games, card games, jackpot games, scratchcards and bingo games. Around 80% of the reliable online casinos also offers live casino games. And when you like to bet on sports you can also join online casinos because 50% of the casinos also offers a sports betting section.

Recommended online casino – Videoslots

I am going to give you my favorite online casino bBefore I am going to give you all reasons why you should prefer an online casino above land-based casinos. My favorite online casino is Videoslots. This onine casino is very reliable and it is the biggest online casino you will find. Videoslots offers over 3.500 online casino games and is available in a lot of countries. They are very popular in countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Finland, Japan and Sweden. With the available Videoslots bonuses you can collect wager free spins and 100% extra play money when you join the casino. 

Videoslots has 24/7 live support available at the casino. When you have a question, an issue or a technical problem you can open live chat. A friendly customer support employee will help you within a few minutes. Loyal players get a lot of rewards while playing at Videoslots. Every Friday you get a weekend booster and on Monday you receive cashback. While you are playing you earn loyalty points. Every time you go up a level at the loyalty program you receive a free reward. And you can also earn free spins on the jackpot wheel. You can win up to €200.000 on this jackpot wheel. 

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What are real land-based casinos?

Land-based casinos are casinos with brick walls and real employees. At real casinos you find the classic table games with real human dealers behind the tables. Real casinos are famous because they are a good day out. Groups of friends and families are visiting land-based casinos now and then. Visiting a land-based casinos is not only focussed on gambling because it is an experience and a day out with drinks and fun. At real casinos you need to register at the desk before you can enter. It is important to take your identification with you. Without identification you are not able to enter the casino.

Land-based casinos are available in all kinds of sizes. In cities across the world you find small casinos with machines and roulette tables (without dealers). In my opinion these casinos are arcade rooms and not real casinos. At real casinos you have employees and real tables with real professional dealers. And real casinos have bars and entertainment available.

At real casinos you can play with real money only. It is not possible to play with free chips or in free play mode.

online casinos better than real casinos

This is a live casino table at Betvictor online casino. The real casino experience while sitting in the comfort of your own house.


Why are online casinos are better than real casinos?

The last few years we visited hundreds of different casinos. We travelled across the world for business and conferences. At every place we travel to we try to visit a real casino because we love to compare casinos. And of course we like to gamble a bit when we are travelling. We also tried a lot of different online casinos in the past 4 years. We started playing at online casinos 4 years ago and we thought “Why not share our experiences with people all over the world”. On this website we share our opinion and reviews with you as an interested visitor. As regular players we also have an opinion about online casinos and land-based casinos.

Let me start by saying I like both online and real casinos. But I preffer online casinos because online casinos are better than real casinos in my opinion. And underneath I will tell you exactly why I think online casinos are better than real casinos.

  • There is no need to travel at online casinos

When you want to play casino games at a real casino you need to travel a bit. Most people do not life within 30 minutes from a land-based casino. So you probably have to dress up, leave your house and travel a bit in order to play casino games. At an online casino there is no need to dress yourself up and leave your house. You only need an internet connection and a device with an internet browser (computer, notebook, tablet, mobile phone or smart tv). When you are 18 years or older, and you are living in a country that is not restricted for online casinos, you can join online casinos. Simply open one of the casinos on our website and register a free account all from the comfort of your own house. You can make a real money deposit when you have a credit card, E-Wallet or bank account. Within a few minutes you are up and running at an online casino. Visiting a land-based casino will probably take over 1 hour or more.

  • More casino games available at online casino

Land-based casinos offer you a decent amount of games. But when you enter an online casino you will be surprised because most online casinos offer over 1.000 different games. And online casinos offer you games you are never going to find at real casinos. Online you can play a huge amount of video slot machines. There are over 20 popular game suppliers. These suppliers build new casino games every week and online casinos add those games to their portfolio. Most of the suppliers only build online games. They do not realize slot machines for the games. So land-based casinos do not receive a machine with those games on it. Every week online casinos add new games to their portfolio and at most casinos you get a number of free spins to try the new games.

  • At online casinos you can play with lower stakes per bet or per spin

Land-Based casinos have high costs and they have a lot of employees. For real casinos it is not interesting or realistic to accept low stakes at table games. In the average land-based casino the minimum stakes at roulette are €1,00. And at BlackJack the average minimum stake is around €5,00 per hand/ game. When you decide to join an online casino you can start playing blackjack with €0,50 per hand or €0,10 per bet at Roulette. So when you do not want to lose a lot of money in a short period we recommend you to try classic casino games at online casinos. Slots and video slot machines have the same stakes at both online and real casinos. So when you want to play slots games with low stakes it doesn’t matter where you play.

  • Online Casinos also offer real table games with human dealers behind it

People love to play at land-based casinos because they can play at real tables where they can see a dealer shuffle cards or spin the roulette wheel. At an online casino you can have the feeling that the outcome of a game can be manipulated. But this has changed since online casinos offer live casino games. Live casino games are very popular online because you have a camera connection with a real casino. On your screen, tablet or smartphone you see a real table standing in a land-based casino. Behind the table you see a real human dealer. This dealer is standing at a real casino and he or she shuffles your cards or spins the roulette wheel. At the casino there are also players playing on that table. The online casino can’t manipulate the outcome because all tables are checked all the time.

At online casinos you can play the following live casino games

  • Roulette (multiple variants)
  • Blackjack (Multiple variants)
  • Poker, all variants
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Dream Catcher
  • Live Monopoly
  • Football Studio
  • Deal or No deal


Online casinos often have live casino games developed by Evolution Gaming and NetEnt live. These games are also available at the actual casinos. Now online casinos offer the same games as land-based casinos there is no need to visit a land-based casino anymore. 

  • Online casinos have no waiting lists at live casino tables

If you visit a land-based casino and you want to play at casino tables you could have a problem. Sometimes casino tables are full. Normally at popular times (evenings/ weekends) all tables are full. There is no place for you to sit at a table and play your favorite game. I find this very disturbing because I want to play when I travelled to a casino. At online casinos you do not have this problem because they offer multiple live tables. And I have never seen all tables occupied. when a table is full you can always open a new table at the live casino section of online casinos. I think this is one of the biggest advantages. this is the main reason why online casinos are better than real casinos.

  • All players over 18 years are accepted at online casinos

There are a few countries where the minimum age to enter real casinos is 21+. So when you are 18, 19 or 20 years you cannot enter those land-based casinos. Online casinos do accept you when you are 18 years or older.

  • You can play at online casinos 24 hours a day

An online casino is always open. It doesn’t matter when you want to play. Simply open your preferred online casino and start playing at any time of the day. Most land-based casinos have limited opening hours. So it is not possible to play at real casinos at any time of the day. This is a huge advantage of online casinos because it gives you the chance to play when you are waiting or when you have nothing to do.

  • Video Slot machines at online casinos have a higher return to player rate

Both online and offline casinos offer you a number of slot machines and video slot games. But there is a big difference between both platforms. When you play video slot games at online casinos you have a much higher return to player rate. This means that video slot games at online casinos payoutr more money. At online casinos the return to player rate can go up to 94-96%. While land-based casinos have a return to player rate between 88-92%. This means that video slots at online casinos payout €0,94 – €0,96 for every €1,00 you play at the game. Online casinos offer higher return to player rates because they do not have high overhead costs and they don’t have a huge amount of employees that receive wages.

  • Try casino games before you start playing with real money

When you enter a land-based casino you find a lot of different casino games. You can play them with real money or with chips you bought with real money. There are no options to try the games in fun mode first. You always need to start playing with real money. At online casinos most games have a fun mode. In the fun mode you receive some free chips, With the fee chips you can tst the game before you start playing with real money. The fun mode is perfect because you can see if you like a certain game before you start playing with your own money.

  • Receive interesting bonuses and free play money at online casinos

Online casinos offer interesting welcome bonuses when you decide to join them. I have never seen a free play money or interesting welcome bonus at a land-based casino. Online casinos can give you an amount of free play money (in underneath table you find casinos that give you €10 free money when you join them). A real casino cannot give you free money because they will lose a lot of money when they do. Online casinos can give you free money because they require wagering. Before you can cashout this money you need to wager it a certain amount of times.

Online casinos also offer you deposit bonuses. On your first deposit you can simply triple your deposit amount. Casinos like Dunder and Lapalingo give you 200% extra on top of your deposit amount. At a real casino you will never get triple money when you change money for chips. Real casinos cannot request wagering requirements from you because you can do everything you want with chips or money you receive from a cashier.

Unique CasinoUnique Casino€10,- Free Cash +
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino-
Vegas Plus online CasinoVegasPlus€10,- Free CashPerfect online casino-
One casinoOne Casino€10,- Free CashPerfect online casino-
Machance CasinoMachance Casino€10,- Free CashPerfect online casino-
Cookie  CasinoCookie Casino€10,- Free
(50 Free Spins)
Perfect online casino-
Casino IntenseCasino Intense€10,- Free
Perfect online casino-
JackpotCity online CasinoJackpotCity€10,- Free (50 Spins)Perfect online casino-

  • Live support and tutorials available while playing

Most online casinos offer you a live support tool. With this support tool you can ask questions or report problems through a chat screen. A customer support employee will talk to you and he or she will answer your question within a few minutes. In the meantime you can continue playing online casino games. Online casinos also offer you tutorials and game guides. In those tutorials and game guides you can read more about the casino or the games you are playing. If you want to learn a game you can use the game guides to get better at a certain game.

  • Online casinos offer multilingual websites and multiple currencies

When you enter a real casino in a certain country you have to speak English or the local language. At online casinos you probably find a button to change the language of the website. You can play online casino games in your own language. The majority of online casinos offer multilingual possibilities. On top of that it is possible to play in your own currency because online casinos offer multiple currencies most of the time.

  • It is much safer to play at an online casino and you have more privacy

Playing at an online casino is actually safer than at an offline casino. At a land-based casino you could get robbed. When you win a shit load of money and you have to take that money home people can rob you. Playing at the safety of your own house is much better and you also have more privacy. At your own home you have privacy and you can wear the clothes you want to wear. You can also eat and drink whatever you want. At most casinos you need to pay money in order to get food and drinks.

  • At online casinos you have loyalty and VIP programmes 

When you join an online casino you automatically start earning loyalty points. This is interesting because you can use these loyalty points to get rewards at the casino. Every game you play, every deposit you make or every tournament you join you receive loyalty points. Each loyalty program has different levels. The higher you climb up to ladder the better the rewards get. There are a few casinos that give their VIP players crazy rewards. At BetAmo Casino you receive a Lamborghini Urus when you become a king. And at Betchan Casino you earn yourself a Porsche 911 Carrera when you reach the highest level of the loyalty program.

betchan loyalty program earn a porsche 911 carrera

At Betchan Casino you earn yourself a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera when you become a VIP player


Most online casinos give you a number of free spins and real money when you climb up the loyalty ladder. This is one of the reasons why online casinos are better than land-based casinos. At land-based casinos you don’t have these generous loyalty programmes.

At online casinos VIP players have their own dedicated casino host. You receive special benefits and rewards. This is what you can expect when you become a VIP at an online casino:

  • Dedicated Casino host
  • Better bonuses
  • Invitations for sports events
  • Vacations and business trips
  • Increased withdrawal limits
  • Faster payouts
  • Play new games before other players can play them
  • Receive no deposit bonuses
  • Rewards on top of your deposits


Try online casinos with casino bonuses to collect more free play money

When you prefer online casinos above real casinos I recommend you to use casino bonuses when a casino offers them. The majority of the online casinos on our website have interesting welcome packages available for new players. These bonuses are one of the biggest advantages of online gambling and they make online casinos better than real casinos. With welcome bonuses you can collect extra money to play with. Most casinos double or triple your deposit amount when you join them. So when you want to play with €100 you can deposit this money to the casino. The casino doubles this amount or it triples the amount (depends on the casino you choose). With this money you can play more games or you can play with higher stakes. An offline casino will never give you this opportunity.

We gathered the best casinos for you with the best welcome bonuses. In the underneath table you find our top 10. It is up to you which casino you are going to join.

Videoslots casinoVideoslots
T&C Apply
11 Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino-
Unique CasinoUnique Casino€10 Free
100% + 20 Spins
Perfect online casino€10 Free
Cookie  CasinoCookie Casino50 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free Spins
Slotwolf CasinoSlotwolf50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino-
Slot Hunter CasinoSlot Hunter20 Free Spins
200% Bonus
Perfect online casino20 Free Spins
Caxino CasinoCaxino Casino€200,- Bonus
100 Free Spins
Perfect online casino-
N1 CasinoN1 Casino25 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino25 Free Spins
Jonny Jackpot CasinoJonny Jackpot100 Bonus Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino-
BetAmo CasinoBetAmo50 Free Spins
2x 100% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free Spins
Wildz CasinoWildz Casino€500,- Bonus
200 Free Spins
Perfect online casino-
Playgrand CasinoPlaygrand50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free Spins

Popular Bonus on our website – €10 Free at Unique Casino

In the table above you see 10 popular online casino bonuses. These bonuses are popular among our visitors. But there is one bonus that is extra popular. The majority of our visitors claimed this bonus and is very happy with it. This bonus is a registration bonus and you can collect it at Unique Casino. When you open a free account at Unique Casino you receive €10 free play money in your account. You don’t have to deposit real money when you want to collect the €10 free play money. After you opened an account you verify your email and phone number and within a few seconds you receive €10 play money in your account.

With this bonus you can play real casino games at an online casino. Have you ever received €10 free at a land-based casino? I can’t imagine that because land-based casinos don’t give players free money or bonuses when they play at their casino. Unique Casino does give you the opportunity to try a few games with real money. With the €10 free play money you can play all games and you can win up to €100.

Ready to try €10 free at a reliable online casino? Click here and open a free account at Unique Casino.

Why should you visit a real casino when you can play online?

In this post I told you the reasons why online casinos are better than real casinos. But of course there are also reasons why people prefer real casinos above online casinos. Personally I am more lucky at real casinos. Online I lose money but when I visit a land-based casino I win more often. So that could be a reason to visit land-based casinos. Let me give you a few more reasons why you could prefer a real casino above playing at an online casino.

  1. A land-based casino is a good day out with friends or family
  2. You get the real experience with real people at a real casino
  3. It is easier to stop playing at a land-based casino. You can ask friends to get you out of the casino when you are losing
  4. You can meet people when you are playing at a land-based casino
  5. At land-based casinos you have progressive jackpots at a lot of games.
  6. You can win jackpots while you are visiting a real casino. You do not even have to play a certain game to have a chance

My personal conclusion of Online Vs. Land-Based casinos

I love playing at land-based and online casinos. When somebody asks me to make a choice I would say “Online casinos”. And the main reason is the travelling reason. I am not living close to a land-based casino. It takes me around 1 hour to travel. This is to far when you want to play a few games. With online casinos I can play when and where I want. I love to play casino games in my bed. I play those games on my mobile phone or I use my tablet.

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