Best Betting Tips for Sports and online Casinos

Sports betting and online casino games are very popular at the moment. Most young people that reach the age of 18 are excited because they reached the legal gambling age. I can remember myself when I was 17 years old. Telling my friends and parents “When I become 18 I go the the casino straight away”. And so I did. On my birthday me and my dad went to the Holland Casino in Zandvoort. It was exciting and a lot of fun. And the weekend after my birthday I started betting on sports at our local betting shop. In 1998 (the year I got 18) it was not possible to bet or gamble online. The internet just started in that period and there were no websites with Best Betting tips or background information of casinos and sports events. Nowadays you can bet online and play online casino games at hundreds of websites. And we like to give you the best betting tips for sports and online casino games.

On this page we are going to give you general betting tips to increase your winning chances at sports betting websites and at online casinos. Of course we can’t guarantee you any winnings but our tips can help you increase your chances.

best betting tips for sports betting online casino games

General betting Tips for Sports and Casino

I will start with the best betting tips for both casino and sports betting. A bit further down this page I will give the best tips for each different category. These tips are based on online gambling in general. And the tips can help you increase your winnings and they are important for safe and reliable online gambling. When you follow these tips you can be sure that you are gambling at a reliable place and that you are a responsible gambler.

1. Only gamble and play at reliable websites

Before you start gambling on the internet it is important to choose a reliable betting website or a safe online casino. A little bit of research on the internet teaches us that there are thousands of websites with gambling options. There are hundreds of websites that offer you sports betting options and thousands of websites that offer you online casino games. But which one should you choose? That is a very important question because there are a lot of unreliable websites and companies. These websites look reliable and it looks like they offer real games under an active license. But this is not always the case.

A bit of research shows us that there are loads of unreliable websites. You must avoid them. It is very easy to avoid them because we did the hard work for you. We selected the betting websites and online casinos that are 100% reliable. We play at new websites every day and when we think that a website is unreliable we don’t add it to our website. On this website you only find websites that are tested for at least a month by 5 or more casino experts.

Below you find the best websites that offer casino games and sports betting options.

Betway CasinoBetway100% up to €250Perfect online casino-Casumo Casino
lv bet casinoLV Bet100% up to €125Perfect online casino-LV Bet Casino
Spin CasinoSpin Sports100% Up to €200Perfect online casino-Spin Casino
888Sports888SportsBet €10 Get €40 BonusPerfect online casino-888Sports
18Bet Sportsbook18Bet100% up to €100Perfect online casino-18Bet Sports Betting
Betzest SportsbookBetzest€5 Free
100% up to €200
Perfect online casino-Betzest Sportsbook
Bethard CasinoBethard 100% up to €50Perfect online casino-Bethard Casino
BetiveBetive-Perfect online casino-Betive
BetVictor CasinoBetVictor Bet £/€5 Get £/€30 Perfect online casino-BetVictor Casino

2. Decide how much money you would like to spend

When you decide you want to gamble on the internet it is important to settle a budget. People that visit land-based casinos often take a certain amount of money with them. When they lose that money they stop gambling. They don’t take their credit cards or bank cards with them because they only want to lose the budget they settled for them self. At an online casino this is much harder because it is very easy to transfer money to your casino account. Online casinos offer multiple payment options and a few of them are one click options. Within a few seconds you are able to transfer money to the casino or bookmaker.

It is very important to start with a certain budget. Decide how much money you can spend and want to spend. Don’t play with money you need for your daily life. Only play with money you can miss. Transfer this amount of money to the casino. You can settle a deposit limit at every online casino or betting website. This is a very good way to stay within your budget. Settle a monthly or weekly deposit limit and you are good to go.

The big advantage of online casinos is the fact that you can bet or play with low stakes. At land-based casinos stakes at casino tables start at €5 or higher. Table games at online casinos start at €0,50 per game. At online casinos you can play a bit longer with your budget.

3. Be patient and take winnings now and then

When online gambling is new for you it is smart to be patient. Don’t think you will win a lot of money in a short period. Deposit an amount of money to the casino or betting website and start playing a few games with low stakes. There are so many options to bet on and there are thousands of online casino games. First try to find out what kind of games you like or on which sports you like to bet. Be patient and bet with low stakes at the beginning. This is the way to learn how online gambling works. And it gives you the opportunity to play more games within the same budget. You can find out what kind of games you like. Or you can find out what kind of bets you like to place and at what sports you are good at.

We always recommend new players to cash out winnings now and then. When you win an amount of money withdraw this money from the website. We recommend players to withdraw winnings when they won 5 times their budget. So when you deposit €25, we recommend you to make a €125 withdraw when you have that amount of money in your casino balance. It gives a good feeling when you withdraw winnings. And you can check how fast the casino pays you your winnings. This is important to know when you win larger sums of money in the future.

4. Use a welcome bonus and collect more money to play with

The biggest advantages of online gambling are the available bonuses and the easy way to access a casino. You only need an internet connection and a device with an internet browser. Simply open the casino or betting website, register a free account and start playing. This is much easier than a land-based casino because you can play at any place at any time. There is no need to leave your house or office. And at land-based casinos you never receive a welcome bonus or deposit bonus. Online casinos do give you interesting bonuses. You receive a welcome bonus when you decide to join a casino. With the welcome bonus you are able to collect an extra amount of money on top of your deposit amount.

When you change money at a land-based casino you never receive extra money from the casino. Online casino do give you extra money. They give you extra money on top of the amount you deposit. There are casinos that give you 200% welcome bonus or even higher. Our favourite casino is 21Casino because they give you an unlimited 121% bonus. That means they give you 121% extra money on top of the deposit you make.

Use a welcome bonus when you want to increase the chances of winning money. You receive more money on the same deposit amount and with more money you can play more games or you can place more different bets.

best betting tips take bonus to collect more play money

Best Betting Tips for Sports Betting

When you want to bet on sports you will be interested in the best betting tips we are going to give you now. Sports betting is fun and it is exciting. Betting on sports makes watching sports a lot more fun and it gives an extra thrill. You can bet on your favourite team or favourite players. Or you can bet against your favourite team. When your team wins you are happy and when they lose you win some money. With our betting tips for sports you can increase your winning chances but we can’t guarantee you winnings.

1. Only bet on single matches or events

This first tip is one that you don’t see very often. Most players who bet on sports bet on multiple games or events in one bet. We recommend every player to bet on single events. the more bets you add to a bet the lower the chance you win that bet. Of course you can win more when you add more bets to a bet. But it is harder to win the bet because you have more chances of losing the total bet. Let me give you an example.

You want to bet on the following games:

Ajax – PSV – odds 2,20
Arsenal – Chelsea – odds 2,10
Barcelona – Real Madrid – odds 2,20

When you add Ajax, Arsenal and Barcelona to one bet your odds are 2,20 x 2,10 x 2,20 = 10.164. So you can win 10.164 times your bet amount. But when one of the 3 teams doesn’t win you don’t win the bet. In every game you have 1 out of 3 chance that you have the good winner (Win, Lose or Draw). And every prediction you add to this bet your winning chance decreases with 2/3th. So you have a 1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 = 1/9 chance to win this bet.

We recommend you to bet on singles. When you bet on singles you have 33% chance of winning the bet. Your team can win, lose or draw. And when you choose a win you have 33% that your team will win. This chance is much higher then the chance you win a bet with more then one result.

2. Try a few simple bets first

We recommend new players to try a few simple bets first. When you open a free account at a sports betting website you will see thousands of betting options. On a simple football match there are over 100 betting options available. You can bet on results, goal scorers, cards, injuries and corners. But you can also predict how a game will go. You can bet on first goal scorer, number of corners and assists in one bet. When you are new to online betting we recommend you to choose a match you are going to watch. A match between teams you know something about. A bit of knowledge can help you increase your winning chances.

When you have chosen a game you like to bet on we recommend you to choose a simple bet first. Bet on who is going to win the game or on the team that is going to score first. You can also bet on the amount of goals you think the teams are going to score. Than bet on over/ under a certain amount of goals. These are relative simple bets and it is fun to place these bets when you are planning to watch the game.

After you placed a few simple bets you can continue with more difficult bets. First choose a few simple bets, win some money and get used to online betting. Learn how things work before you lose a lot of money on difficult bets.

best betting tips sports and free bet money

Bet €/$ Free at Betzest Sports betting!

3. Follow tipster websites and tipsters on social media

On the internet you find a few interesting websites with betting tips. We are one of those websites. We give our visitors the best betting tips and predictions for major sport events. On our website you find betting tips for football, golf, tennis, darts, Formula 1, cycling and other events. We don’t add predictions for single football matches. For tips and predictions on football matches we refer you to other tipster websites. Or you can follow certain tipster websites on social media.

Tipster websites give you a lot of information on certain events. You can read background information and you can see if there are injuries or other criteria that can influence the result of the event. There are a few very good guys on social media that give very good betting tips. Simply follow them and increase your winning chances.

4. Place live bets while watching sports events

All reliable bookmakers and betting websites offer live betting. Live betting is very popular because you can bet on an event while watching that event. You can bet on stuff while watching a football match of your favourite team. Live betting is super fun and it makes watching the game more exciting. But best of all it can increase your winning chances because you are actually watching the game. When you watch a football game you see which team is better and when you watch a tennis or darts game you see which player is better. You can use this information at live betting. When a certain team or players is losing but they play better, you can still bet on it or him to win. You get interesting odds and with relative low stakes you can win an interesting amount of money.

best betting tips online casinos

Best Betting tips at online casinos

When you want to play online casino games you can use the upcoming casino tips. An online casino is very interesting because you can play the best casino games while sitting in the comfort of your own house. There is no need to travel to a land-based casino. Now you can play all casino games on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. And we have a few interesting tips for you. We are playing at reliable online casinos every day and we know exactly how you can increase your winnings at online casinos.

1. Collect no deposit bonuses

There are online casino where you receive free money when you register a free account. It is interesting to give it a try at these casinos because it is a free chance to win some money. You open the casino, register a free account and the casino adds free money in your account. This is called a no deposit bonus. With the free money you can play a few of the available games. And when you win money you can withdraw it to your bank account or you can use it to play more online casino games.

We selected a few casino that offer you €5 free play money when you decide to join them. Below you find reliable casinos with a no deposit bonus.

One casinoOne CasinoSPECIAL OFFER;
€10,- Free
Perfect online casino-One casino
Boo CasinoBoo Casino€ 5,- Free Cash
Perfect online casino-Boo Casino
BCasinobCasino€ 5,- Free Cash
Perfect online casino-B Casino
Kajot CasinoKajot€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casino-Kajot casino
Betzest CasinoBetzest€ 5,- Free
100% Bonus
Good online casino-Betzest Casino
Energy CasinoEnergy Casino€ 5,- Free Cash
Perfect online casino-Energy casino
Campeon casinoCampeon€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casino-Campeon Casino
ls bet casinoLSBet€ 5,- Free CashGood online casinoBBCasinos5LS Bet casino
LuckyDino casinoLuckyDino€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casino-LuckyDino casino
lv bet casinoLV Bet€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casino-LV Bet Casino
Karamba CasinoKaramba€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casinoBBC5Karamba Casino

2. Play games with the highest RTP (Return to player value)

At online casinos the return to player value at a lot of games is much higher then at land-based casinos. We recommend you to play the games with the highest return to player value. In that case you increase your winning chances.

Play these games to get the highest return on your money

  1. Video Poker (99,56%)
  2. BlackJack (99,50%)
  3. Pontoon (99,29%)
  4. VideoSlots (99%)
  5. Baccarat  (98,98%)

3. Start playing games with low stakes

We recommend online casino players to play with low stakes. When you play with low stakes you can play longer with your budget. And the longer you play the higher the chance you hit a few big wins. At Video Slot games you can hit super big wins with low stakes. Sometimes you can win up to 32.000x your bet amount. Of course you win more when you play with higher stakes. But when you play with higher stakes your budget will be gone much quicker. Give the games a chance and try them with bet levels between €0,20 and €1,00 per game/ spin.

When you hit a big win and you win 10.000 times your bet amount you will win €5.000 with one spin when your bet level is €0,50 per spin. This is very interesting. And you have double the amount of spins available when you play with €0,50 per spin instead of €1,00 per spin.

Reliable and safe online Casinos we recommend

We mentioned it before. But it is important to play at reliable websites. On our website you only find reliable casino websites. We tested them for a long time before we added them to our website. And we can guarantee you that the casinos we promote are reliable and player friendly. In the table below we selected the top 10 of recommended online casinos. It is 100% safe to deposit money at these casinos and they have fair terms and conditions.

Videoslots casinoVideoslots
T&C Apply
11 Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino-
Unique CasinoUnique Casino€10 Free
100% + 20 Spins
Perfect online casino€10 Free
Cookie  CasinoCookie Casino50 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free Spins
Slotwolf CasinoSlotwolf50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free Spins
Slot Hunter CasinoSlot Hunter20 Free Spins
200% Bonus
Perfect online casino20 Free Spins
Caxino CasinoCaxino Casino€200,- Bonus
100 Free Spins
Perfect online casino-
N1 CasinoN1 Casino25 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino25 Free Spins
Jonny Jackpot CasinoJonny Jackpot100 Bonus Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino-
BetAmo CasinoBetAmo50 Free Spins
2x 100% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free Spins
Wildz CasinoWildz Casino€500,- Bonus
200 Free Spins
Perfect online casino-
Playgrand CasinoPlaygrand50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free Spins


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