Bet on Wimbledon – Tips and Predictions

Every year in July in London the best tennis players of the world come together. On the holy grass of Wimbledon they play the best tennis games. Everybody wants to win Wimbledon because it s the most famous Grand Slam of the season. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament of the world and it is the biggest tournament on real grass. At Wimbledon players need to wear white clothes because that is required if you want to play at Wimbledon. Wimbledon is a classic and traditional tournament and they have some rules. Every year a lot of people watch Wimbledon and it is also possible to Bet on Wimbledon. On this page we tell you all about Wimbledon and each year we give you our predictions and the best betting tips.

Bet on Wimbledon at online betting websites

Since a few years it is possible to bet on Wimbledon. Online betting websites now offer a lot of tournament bets and match bets. It is also possible to place live bets during the games at Wimbledon. Tennis is a very interesting game to bet on because during a game a lot happens. And Wimbledon is extra interesting because all games are broadcasted live on international TV. You can watch a game on TV and place some bets before or during the game. It makes watching Wimbledon even better. And when you use our betting tips and predictions you can increase your winning chances.

On this page you find our predictions and our best betting tips for Wimbledon. And when you want to place a few bets during the tournament you can use one of the available welcome bonuses at our betting partners. Below you find an overview with reliable and recommended betting websites. We tested them all on security and reliability. we made interesting deals with the betting websites. You can collect free bets or free play money when you start playing at one of them. In the table you can exactly see what kind of bonus you can collect when you join a betting website. We recommend Bethard and Betvictor as the best betting partners.

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bet on wimbledon tennis betting tips

Wimbledon 2018 – Predictions

When we look at Wimbledon 2018 we see a few interesting things at the bookmakers. Yet again Grass master Roger Federer is favorite to win the tournament. He is playing decent tennis the last few grass tournaments and the bookmakers think he is in form for the main event in London. Last year Roger Fereder managed to win his 8th Wimbledon trophee and everubody around the legend had tears in their eyes because this was a legendary achievement.

Federe won Wimbledon 2017 without losing a set and he is only the second player that achieved this. this year he will turn 337 so last years achievement was an outstanding one. And everybody must admit that Federer is the best ever grass player. In my opinion Federer is one of the favorites but he is approaching the end of his career. Can he win Wimbledon again? I think he can’t but the bookmakers do think he can.

I recommend to bet on a few other players. A few outsiders. When you bet on the outsiders you will get the best odds. Underneath you find the actual odds for the Wimbledon winners at our preferred betting partner Bethard. When you wanna bet on the winner of Wimbledon you can click the Bet now button or the odds behind the player you wanna bet on.

Bet on Gentlemens’ Winner of Wimbledon 2018 – Top 10 Odds

  • Roger Federer – Odds 2.75
  • Novak Djokovic – Odds 6.00
  • Rafael Nadal – Odds 8.00
  • Marin Cilic – Odds 8.00
  • Alexander Zverev – Odds 15.00
  • Andy Murray – Odds 17.00
  • Nick Kyrgios – Odds 17.00
  • Milos Raonic – Odds 19.00
  • Juan Martin Del Potro – Odds 21.00
  • Grigor Dimitrov – Odds 26.00
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Bet on Ladies’ Winner of Wimbledon 2018 – Top 10 Odds

  • Petra Kvitova – Odds 5.50
  • Serena Williams – Odds 7.00
  • Garbine Muguruza – Odds 8.00
  • Angelique Kerber – Odds 12.00
  • Simona Halep – Odds 13.00
  • Sloane Stephens – Odds 15.00
  • Karolina Pliskova – Odds 15.00
  • Madision Keys – Odds 17.00
  • Maria Sharapova – Odds 17.00
  • Elina Svitolina – Odds 21.00

Betting tips and interesting Odds Wimbledon 2018

I would bet on an outsider this year because Roger Federer is approaching the end of his career. Federer is the top favorite to win this edition of Wimbledon but I think it will be very hard for him. His body could bother him when he has to play a few five set matches. If we look at the odds for outsiders we see a few interesting odds. You could bet a relative small amount on a few outsiders to spread your chances. With odds of 10.00 or higher you can choose 9 players from those outsiders. When one of them wins you win money. You increase your winning chances when you bet relative low amounts on more players. But of course your winnings will be lower when you choose more players.

When you bet on one outsider you will win a huge amount of money when your player wins. But your chances decrease when you focus your money on one single player. You only have a 1 out of 128 chance that your player will win.

Recommended tournament bets and outsiders

the most interesting outsider in the top 10 odds is Alexander Zverev. Zverev is an in form player and he won 5 ATP titles in 2017. He is a young player, he is fit and he is playing very well on grass. With his big serve and great movement he is a great grass player for the future. When you place a bet on Zverev you receive 15 times your bet amount when this player wins Wimbledon 2018.

Alexander Zverev – Odds 15.00  Bet now!

Other outsiders this year are Marin Cilic and Milos Raonic. Raonic is the perfect grass player with his hard hitters and his amazing serve. He is capable of winning every tournament but he is not always steady. He can lose his tempre and lose games he supose to win. when he can keep his head on his game and when he can keep his focus on tennis he is big chance to reach the semi finals.

Cilic is a steady player and he has a chance of winning every tournament he plays. When he plays on grass he feels well and he can beat every player on the ATP tour.

Milos Raonic – Odds 19.00  Bet now!

Mario Cilic – Odds 8.00  Bet now!

We recommend you to bet €10 on every outsider mentioned above. It will cost you €30 but when you win you win at least €80 or more. When Raonic wins you win €190.

Betting tips outsider Ladies’ Singles 2018

When we look at the Ladies’  singles tournament at Wimbledon we don’t see a real favorite. The odds are very close to eachother. At the bookmakers Petra Kvitova is favorite with 5.50 times your bet amount. this is double the odds of the Gentlemen’s favorite. This is very interesting because an outsider can easily win this event. And that is very good for the odds and the winning chances. Underneath you find a few of my favorite outsiders for the title and their odds

Simona Halep – Odds 13.00  Bet now!

Madision Keys – Odds 17.00  Bet now!

Angelique Kerber – Odds 12.00  Bet now!

It is smart to bet €10 on each of these outsiders. When one of them wins you earn at least €90. And you have 3 chances of hitting the winning player with this bet. If you want to increase your winning chances you can even add a fourth player to your betslip. This could be Stephens, Pliskova or Wozniacki (odds 26.00).

Exclusive Wimbledon betting bonus

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When you are ready to bet on Wimbledon at Bethard you can open your free account. And with your bonus you can place twice as much bets as normally. Bethard is a reliable betting website that is owned by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan has shares in this company and he is an ambessador of the betting website and their online casino.

Get your stake back when game ends in a tiebreak

At Bethard they have a special offer during Wimbledon. When you bet on matches you can get your stake back when you lose your bet because of a tiebreak. When your player loses the deciding set in a tiebreak and you lose your bet. You receive your stake back. On every bet you can receive your stake back up to a maximum of €30.

So when you bet on a match and you bet €30. Your player loses the match in the 4th set in a tiebreak. You receive your full €30 back from Bethard.

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Match predictions

Just before the start of the tournament we will give you a few interesting match predictions. And we will collect the best odds for those matches from different reliable betting partners. Keep an eye on this page to get the best betting tips and betting bonuses.

Match predictions will follow soon……………………………

wimbledon predictions betting tips


Wimbledon is a yearly tennis tournament in London. The first time Wimbledon was organised was in 1877. The tournament is held at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Wimbledon hosts 128 players per gender and 64 double players per gender. And there are also 48 mixed double couples. At the first edition of Wimbledon there where only Male participants. In 1884 the tournament for doubled and ladies was edit to the tournament schedule. In 1905 the first non British player won Wimbledon. All the editions before where won by a British player. The American May Sutton was the first ever player from outside the UK to win Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is the grand slam with the highest prize pool. There is over 25 million euro in prize money available. That is one of the reasons why every tennis player wants to qualify for Wimbledon. When you lose the first round you already receive over €20.000. the tournament always starts on the monday 5 weeks before the first monday of August. There are a lot of traditions at Wimbledon. One of them is “Middle Sunday”. The first sunday of the tournament there are no games scheduled. And monday is Strawberry with cream day at all courts of the tournament.

Read all about the History of Wimbledon at this Wimbledon Wikipedia page

The Five main events at Wimbledon

At Wimbledon you can bet on 5 main events. It is also possible to bet on the four junior events. There are also a few invitation events but it is not possible to bet on Wimbledon invitation events. The 5 main events are the most popular events to bet on. And most people bet on the Gentlemen’s Singles and Ladies’ Singles because those games are broadcasted on the international television.

Below you find the 5 main events and the number of players (or double teams) for each event.

  • Gentlemen’s Singles – 128 Players
  • Ladies’ Singles – 128 Players
  • Gentlemens’ Doubles – 64 Teams (128 players)
  • Ladies’ Doubles – 64 Teams (128 players)
  • Mixed Doubles – 48 Teams (96 players)


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What are the match formats at the tournament?

At Grandslams the Gentlemens’ Singles and Doubles always are decided by a best of 5 sets. At other tournaments the match formats are best of 3 sets. A player or a team needs to win 3 sets to win the match. Every set can be decided by a tie break except the fifth set of a match. The fifht set has to be decided by a two game lead of one of the players or teams. The other main events during Wimbledon all have a best of 3 match format. And in that case there is no tiebreak in the 3th set of the match.

Every match is an elimination system. When a player or a team loses a game he, she or the team is out of the tournament.

A few Wimbledon traditions

  • Trained Ball Boys and Ball Girls
  • Middle Sunday – First Sunday is a free day at Wimbledon
  • Strawberry with Cream – This is the official food during Wimbledon
  • Monday ladies’ day
  • White is the dress code for all players
  • Men’s and Women’s competitions are calles Gentlemen’s and Ladies’s competitions at Wimbledon
  • The royal box – Filled with people from the Royal family
  • Sponsorhip – Wimbledon has the longest running sponsorship with Slazenger


Prize Money for the 2 main events

At every Grand slam there is an amount of prize money available. Prize money is gathered by sponsors and ticket sales. Every year most games at Wimbledon are sold out and a share of those ticket sales is used for the prize money. And Wimbledon also has a few super loyal sponsors that pay a lot of money to show their brands up and around the courts. All sponsor money is used to pay the players their prize money.

Wimbledon started paying prize money in 1968. The total prize money in that year was £26.150 and the winner of the men’s title earned £2.000. The winner of the women’s title received £750. In 2007 Wimbledon changed their prize money policy. And from 2007 both Men and Women received the same prize money.

Underneath you find the Wimbledon prize money for 2018.

  • Winners – £ 2.200.000
  • Runners-up – £1.100.000
  • Losing semifinalists – £550.000
  • Losing quarterfinalists – £275.000
  • Fourth round losers – £147.000
  • Third round losers – £90.000
  • Second round losers – £57.000
  • First Round losers – £35.000


Records in the History of the tournament

  1. Most Gentlemens’ single titles – Roger Federer (8)
  2. Most consecutive Gentlemens’ single titles – William Renshaw (6)
  3. Winner of most Ladies’ single titles – Martina Navratilova (9)
  4. Winner of most consecutive Ladies’ singles titles – Martina Navratilova (6)
  5. Career match winning men singles – Bjorn Borg 92% – 51-4
  6. Career match winning women singles – Steffi Graf 90% – 75-8
  7. Player with most games in final – Andy Roddick 39 (2009)
  8. Player with lowest ranking winning Wimbledon – Goran Ivanisevic (125th)
  9. Goran Ivanisevic is also the only player that won Wimbledon after receiving a wild card for this tournament

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