WMS Gaming
Williams Interactive (WMS) is known to be one of the renowned slot machines developer, casino software management providers and lottery terminal manufacturer. WMS also does a great job in providing online casino operators with mobile games and online games. The company has its base in Chicago, Illinois. WMS Gaming is a subsidiary of WMS Industries which was wholly owned by Scientific Games Corporation in 2013.

WMS got into the slot machine development industry in 1994, and this saw them launch their first hit slot game called Reel ‘em In which is a multi-line multi-coin secondary bonus video slot. This slot was followed up with similar games which included Filthy Rich, Boom and Jackpot Party.

In 2001, WMS Gaming had introduced the Monopoly themed series of participation slots. From this time, WMS Gaming has continued to get its licenses to develop gaming machines which are influenced by renowned brands.

Williams Interactive is known for their quality gaming equipment for many years. Some of the products that have been developed by the company for many years have done a great job in transforming the gambling industry and its trends. The industry has moved from mechanical slots to games that are designed with intellectual properties that are different. The technology WMS uses in deciding the payouts is different compared to what other companies are using.


When you closely look at some of the products that have been designed by WMS, you will realise of the changing demographics. This reflects the ever-changing trends in the world of gambling.

The reason why WMS has specialised in the development of slot games is that these games are appealing to the young and old alike. Williams Interactive has capitalised on this, and it’s the reason they are developing new machine games that are exciting with quality graphics and sound for the best gambling experiences.

WMS slots catalogue constitutes of G+ series which is a set of video slots, mechanical reels, poker games, community Gaming Network of slots and video lottery terminals.

From 2010, WMS Gaming started offering gaming products to people over the age of 18 years in the UK. After one year, USA players were able to access the WMS games as well. The company went ahead to collaborate with Large Animal Games (LAG), and this made it possible for WMS to come up with slots that have themes of cruise ships. One of the game’s bearing this theme is a hit on Facebook and is known as Lucky Cruise.

Players who play the Lucky Cruise slot can enlist their Facebook friends and request for help, as well as, collect lucky charms which are the prizes offered in the game in place of cash. When you play this game, you will have a similar experience to that of playing an online slot game. One aspect of this game that makes it exciting and suitable for free play is that it makes use of a technology known as light strategy component.

In 2012, WMS went through a rough patch after they had a decline in their revenue from the industry. This made the company spread their wings and ventured into the mobile gaming arena. They started the development of mobile platforms and built on growing their offering into the world of online gaming.


Over the past few years, WMS has developed impressive gaming technologies. One of these technologies is the transmissive reels. This is a gaming platform that has video animations that are emerging from the mechanical reels. With the introduction of this unique feature, it took the world of gaming to new levels.

From the time WMS has been in existence, they have come up with some interesting platforms over the years. One of the platforms is the CPU-NXT2 which puts together almost 2GB of RAM, 40GB hard drive, 3D ATI graphics card and IV class Intel Pentium processor. This platform has been used to run a massive number of games.

The latest platform by WMS which is the CPU-NXT3 was established in 2012, and it would be used in cabinets and participation games. BlueBird2 is one of the company’s finest inventions. This technology includes a HD display on a dual 22-inch wide screen, Bose speakers, an illuminated printer and a bill acceptor.

Another gaming cabinet that has been developed of late by WMS is the Gamefield XD and Blade (2013).


Scientific Gaming in 2013 agreed to acquire WMS Gaming at a price of $1.5 billion. This was termed to be one of the greatest deals in leisure and recreational products.

This collaboration has been over the years used to draw on each of the organisation’s strengths and to offer enhanced capabilities, content and systems. The merged company will offer a broader portfolio of services and products to their customers and provide them with expanded opportunities in the distribution of long-term value to the shareholders.


Scientific Games is a leader in the developing innovative global lottery. From the time when we started with the breakthrough technology that established the first secure instant lottery, the company has advanced their games, programs, marketing research and security to more than 300 customers in 6 continents in the past 40 years.

Lotteries and gaming organisations that perform incredibly in their industries are in partnership with Scientific Games for customised programs, managed services and game content. All these products play a major role in offering exciting ways and providing solutions for the traditional and interactive channels for the generation of revenue.


WMS has a lot of online games that range from table games, card games, video poker, live casino games to slot games.

With their slot games, they have a myriad of them, and they come in different reels, betting range, rows, themes and bonus games. There is something for everyone to suit your taste and budget. If you want a jackpot slot, plenty of them might change your life.

You can play these Williams Interactive slots from your tablets, smartphones or desktop computers. The slots are available for free play if you would want to have an experience of the game before you played for real money.

Some of the most popular slot games include Zeus 3, Amazon Queen, Spartacus, Fire Queen, Raging Rhino, Montezuma, Buffalo Spirit, Lacelot and King of Pop in a myriad of more.
These slots will give you better chances of making more wins with their unique Hot Hot Penny feature which you would not find in other competing software companies.


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