How to win Free Spins with the Battle of Slots at Videoslots?

At Videoslots Casino you can enter the unique ‘’Battle of Slots’’ environment. With this special feature you will be able to compete with other players for cash and free spins bonuses. Simply click the red ‘’Battle of Slots’’ tab in the right of your screen to open the lobby. Once you did this you will be able to join free and payed tournament. In this article I will explain what the Battle of Slots is, what kind of battles you can join and how you can win Free Spins while competing in Freerolls. I you have any question don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Ready to try out the Battle of Slots at Videoslots Casino? Then register you free account on this page!

What is the Battle of Slots?

The Battle of Slots is a unique social casino experience at With this unique feature you can compete with other players in tournaments that pay out free spins and cash prizes. Depending on how much you played at you can join free tournaments (freerolls) or payed tournaments (Sit n Go Games). Below we will explain every type of battle;

  1. Jackpot Games; Play Jackpot Games together with friends or other members of Videoslots Casino to increase the chance of hitting a Jackpot. It looks like this feature is not available at the moment.
  2. Sit & Go Games; Pay a buy-in to join a tournament with other Videoslots members. The game start when all spots are taken. All buy-ins will go into a prize pool which will be awarded to players with the highest score. The tournament stops when everyone has finished their spins or the time runs out.
  3. Guaranteed Prize; Compete with other players to reach the highest score. The tournament will stop after a certain amount of time. The tournament will have a guaranteed prize pool which will be awarded after the tournament ends. Most of the times the winners take between 30% and 40% of the prize pool. The higher the buy-in, and the more players, the higher the prize!
  4. Freeroll; When you wager enough money while playing at you will get access to the Battle of Slots Freerolls. It is also possible to get access to this feature by filling in a voucher code Videoslots has emailed you. During the tournament you will compete with hundreds of other players for a prize pool of thousands of free spins.

Below I will explain how to join and compete I all these different battle types.

Battle of Slots

Join a Jackpot Chase Battle

During a Jackpot Chase you will join other players in the hunt for a Jackpot. In some Jackpot Chases all the winnings will be shared with all the players equally. In other Jackpot Chases there will be a pre-set ladder which can differ from Battle to Battle. At the moment there are no Jackpot Chases available. When they arrive back in the Battle of Slots lobby we will let you know!

Join a Sit & Go

A Sit & Go tournament start when the battle is full. This moment is reached men enough participants have registered and payed the buy-in fee. Since most Sit & Go tournaments only hold between two and five players these tournaments are great for players that want a short but exciting gambling experience. Most of the Sit & Go tournaments only last 20 minutes. Depending on the buy-in and amount of players you can win some nice cash prizes will competing in Sit & Go tournaments.

Join a buy-in tournament for high guaranteed prizes!

While playing at Videoslots you can join payed battles to win high cash prizes. Simply open the ‘’Battle of Slots’’ area and have a look at the available battles. Based on a few factors you can decide to join one of the tournaments. Personally I will have a look at;

  1. Game; I only join a tournament if I like the game. Especially when you need to play like 100 spins it is important you like the game.
  2. Buy-in; You can join tournaments with a buy-in from a low as €1,- and up to €100,-. Depending on your budget you can choose to join a tournament you like.
  3. Enrolled players; I always like to join a tournament with a lot of players. The more players, the higher the prize pool!
  4. Time; How much time is remaining? If the battle almost over? Then I don’t risk the chance of not making it in time.
  5. Scores; Are there already a few players with amazing scores? Then I will skip the tournament. When I see a lot of scores I can beat then I will join the tournament.

Today I joined a Battle on the game ‘’Rich Wilde and the Pearl of India’’. The buy-in was €5,- and the guaranteed prize pool was €150,-. When I started already 28 players joined the Battle. The winner of the tournament will win 37% of the prize pool, which is a minimum of €55,-. Besides the number one the other top 5 players will also receive a cash prize between €15,- and €36,-. During the Battle I had 100 spins on a €0,20 bet to reach the highest score. During my first spins I got pretty lucky and I landed some decent winnings. But the most important I to hit one of more bonus features. Let’s hope I get lucky!

Pearl of India Battle of Slots

Final Result of my ‘’Battle of Slots’’

To get into the top 5 I need to reach a minimum score of €22,54 with a total balance of €20,00. During my first 50 spins I reached a total score of €12,64, which was promising. Let’s hope I can land a bonus quickly to as least win back my buy-in! After my first 75 spins I had a total score of €16,73. It isn’t going the right way. Its good I only need to land three more bonus symbols to get into one of the bonus features. With only 2 spins left I landed my 25th bonus symbol. Which got me into one of the bonus features. Sadly I only won €2,20 with the bonus feature. Which isn’t enough to get into the top 5. All with all I ended with a final score of €20,29. Which means I don’t win any money.

If you like you can sometimes pay a re-buy to re-enter the battle with the purpose of improving your score. Good luck and have fun with your upcoming tournaments!

Final Score Battle of Slots Videoslots

Join a free tournament (Freeroll) to win Free Spins with the Battle of Slots

As a Videoslots member you will also be able to join free Battle of Slots tournament. During these freerolls there are thousands of Free Spins to be won. You can only join freerolls when you reached the requirements to register. This means you will need to wager a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time. During most of the days of the week Videoslots holds between 8 and 10 Freerolls per day. Depending on the time and game Videoslots gives away between 2.000 and 4.000 Free Spins per tournament!

At the moment of writing I can join a freeroll on the game Fruit Warp (Thunderkick). Already 510 players enrolled and I will do the same! To join a tournament simply open the Battle of Slots area and click ‘’Register’’ on the tournament you want to join. Once you did that you will see the tournament details and click ‘’Register’’ again to continue. After that ‘’Start Battle’’ to open the tournament right away.

When the game opened you will see the battle information. The most important is to look how much spins you have and at which bet amount. Click ‘’Ok’’ to continue. After that change the bet amount to the right amount (most of the times €0,10 or €0,20). After you did this you can start spinning! Most of the times I use autoplay since its easier than clicking 100 times.

Fruit Warp Freeroll during the Battle of Slots

How to win Free Spins with the Freeroll?

After joining a tournament you will be able to play to reach a decent score. And once the tournament has finished Videoslots Casino will award players Free Spins based on their spot on the leader board. Most of the times the number one receives 100 Free Spins. The other players most of the times win around;

  1. 75 Free Spins for place 2
  2. 50 Free Spins for place 3
  3. 25 Free Spins for place 4 to 21
  4. 20 Free Spin for place 22 to 51
  5. Etc.

Sometimes you will even receive some (5) free spins by only reaching place 250 or 275 on the leader board. And you know what’s great? All the rewards during the Battle of Slots are wager free. This means all money you win during your free spins will be added to your real money balance. Which you can cash out at any moment!

By playing the freerolls on a regular basis you can win a lot of free spins. You just need some luck to get in the top spots of the leader board. I had a few times where I won 20 free spins on a game. And while playing them I landed a big win. With the budget that I won during my free spins I won even more money on other games in the casino. In the end I cashed out more than €200,- simply by playing the freerolls at Videoslots!

Activate your Battle of Slots Rewards

Activating the Free Spins you have won during the Battle of Slots

You can activate your rewards by clicking ‘’My profile’’. After that have a look at the ‘’My rewards’’ section to see if you have any rewards left. At the moment I have four rewards waiting for me. Three of those are from the Battle of Slots. By clicking on the reward you can activate them. After you did this the slot will open where you can play your free rounds on. All money you win during your free spins will be added to your real money balance. You can withdrawal this balance of use it on other games in the casino. Good luck and have fun with your rewards at Videoslots Casino!

Free Spins during Freeroll Reward

What I won with my Free Spins from the freeroll tournaments

Today I first activated 5 free spins on the ‘’Pearl of India’’ slot by Play’n Go. I wasn’t lucky at all I won nothing. I continued and activated my reward of 5 free spins on ‘’Secret of the Stones’’ by NetEnt. I pressed spin and landed the Free Spins Bonus on my first go. That’s lucky! And with a €0,25 bet it can be pretty interesting too. In the end I played 14 Free Spins with extra Wilds. During these free spins I did land some decent winnings. All with all I won €7,55 with my Free Spins bonus! This money will go straight to my real money balance which I can cash out or use on other games. After this bonus I won only one small prize. I continued by activating my 5 Free Spins on Wizard of Gems by Play’n Go. The spins are on a €0,20 bet level which could earn me some money. I must say I got pretty lucky, I had a few good spins and one with a x5 multiplier. And it got even crazier. On my last spin I won another bonus round. During my free spins I wasn’t really lucky but I won €2,72 with 10 Free Spins.

All with all I won around €10,00 with my free spins from the Battle of Slots Freerolls. A nice amount that I can use in the casino! Maybe I get even luckier and win more money in the casino. And when I am not lucky, I will just enter another Freeroll at Videoslots!

Winnings Free Spins Secret of the Stones NetEnt

Mobile Playing

Although it is no problem gambling at Videoslots on mobile you cannot really enter the Battle of Slots while on your smartphone. Because of this Videoslots recommend playing Battles on desktop and laptop only. Although this is the case I know it is sometimes possible to play on your smartphone while using Chrome. Simply open the browser and choose in your browser options for ‘’Show desktop version’’. When you do this it is sometimes possible to play Freerolls while on your smartphone.

Open Battle of Slots on Smartphone

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