May 24, 2021

Is Bethard reliable and safe?

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Is Bethard reliable and safe?

Bethard is an online gambling and betting website. The company started the website in 2014 and they have 2 licenses. Bethard has a UK Gambling license and a Maltese license. At Bethard you can play a wide variety of online casino games. And you can bet on all major sport events and. Bethard offers live betting, virtual sports and an interesting amount of live casino games. In total you find over 1.500 different casino games at the website of Bethard. And you can bet on over 50 different sports. Bethard offers a portfolio of reliable games. Games are powered by NetEnt, Quickspin, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil, Nyx and Endorphina. I can understand that you ask yourself the question. Is Bethard reliable and safe? On this page I am going to show you all our test results.

On this page you find every detail of Bethard Casino and Sports betting. You will find all the test results and the safety report. We are going to show you how reliable and safe Bethard really is. We need to do these reliability tests because we only add legit and safe online casinos to our website. Our test period is around 2 weeks. A few members of our team test the website, the product, the games, payment options, bonuses and customer support. After the test period we gather all results and we add it to one Bethard review.

Now it is time to show you the first important results of our tests at Bethard casino. After all the tests we know the answer on the important question; Is Bethard reliable and safe?

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Is Bethard reliable and Safe? This is how we check the reliability of an online casino

We look at a few criteria when we check the reliability of an online casino or a website with sports betting. In our opinion these are the most important criteria. And we only add a casino to our white list when it scores a positive rate on all criteria. Below you find the criteria and how we rate the criteria.

  • We screen the website and we check the available licenses
  • On the website and in the internet browser we check if the casino has a secured connection
  • We search the internet for reviews. Are there any negative reviews or complaints from players?
  • Does the casino offer an easy sign up procedure? We sign up at the website and we make a few deposits
  • What kind of bonuses does the website offer their players and new players?
  • We check the available games. Are they supplied by reliable game companies?
  • Are there any strange bonus terms? Does the casino offer unreliable cash out terms and conditions?
  • Is there a good customer support desk available for questions and complaints?

is bethard reliable and safe

Bethard has 2 active licenses (UK And Malta)

When you open the website of Bethard you see a well-designed website. The Bethard website is dark and yellow themed and has an easy to navigate menu. On top of the website you find the menu with the most important pages for players. The website gives me a warm feeling and with all the Zlatan graphics is feels like a reliable website. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the share holders of Bethard. When you scroll down to the bottom of the website you find a footer text. In this text you see the active licences of the company.

Bethard shows two licenses in the footer. The UKGC and the MGA licenses. The first one is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission license and the second one is the Maltese Gaming Authority license. With the UKGC license the company can target players from the UK. That means that people from the United Kingdom can play at Bethard. The MGA license is a more general one. It is a reliable license for the most European countries.

We checked the status of both licenses. You can check this status at the website of the commissions. Use the license number of Bethard and you will see that both licenses are active. This means that the licenses are legit. Is Bethard reliable and safe with licenses? Yes they are.

Both gambling commissions frequently check the websites they have given licenses to. When a casino does something wrong they can lose their license.

Open Bethard and check out the casino and sports betting website.

The website has a 128 Bit SSL secured data connection

Security and privacy is a very important issue nowadays. Every week you read horror stories of companies using your data or leaking your data. When you share your data with a company you want that company to store your data at a safe and secured location. And you don’t want them to leak the data. You don’t want the company to share your data with other companies. When you want to play at an online casino you must share some data because the casino needs to check if you are 18 years or older. Casinos also need to verify your address and your bank account before they can pay you your winnings. This is a normal procedure.

It is very easy to do a first security check. Open the Bethard website with a reliable internet browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer). In the address bar of the website you can see if the connection is secured or not. When the connection is green your connection is secured. Don’t share your personal data with an unsecured connection. When the colour of the adress bar is red the connection is not safe. Bethard offers a secured 128 Bit ssl connection. So on this criteria Bethard has a positive score. And I can say that Bethard is reliable and safe when it comes to data security.

bethard reliable and safe online casino sports betting

Join Bethard Casino or Sports Betting and receive a few interesting welcome bonuses


Compare reviews of Bethard on different casino review websites

We are not the only website that writes about online casinos. You probably found us through google or a different search engine. So you are looking for more information about Bethard. That is exactly what you need to do before you start playing at an online casino. Do some research and check if a casino is reliable and safe. A little bit of research can help you making a good choice. And it can save you a lot of money and problems. So it is very smart to do some research on google and on other casino review websites.

There are a few websites with reviews of real players. At those websites players can leave complaints and positive experiences. When you find a lot of negative reviews and complaints about a certain casino you know you must avoid that casino.

When we do a bit of research for Bethard we find a few negative reviews. But the majority of the reviews is positive. And we do not see a lot of complaints from players. The opinion of real players is very important because it gives a reliable view of the casino and the product. We are very positive about Bethard and so are most of the players. That are reasons why we added Bethard to our list of recommended online casino websites.

Registration at Bethard is easy and safe

It is not possible to play at online casinos or sports betting websites without registration. You always need to sign up or register a free account before you can play. You need a registration because an online casino needs to verify your age and your address. It is not possible to play with real money without sharing your data with the casino. this is a very normal procedure. When you go to a land-based casino you also need to identify yourself before you can enter the casino.

At an online casino website you find a registration form. You must fill in your own data (don’t use fake data). Bethard has a 4 step registration process. Each step is very easy. All steps are safe because the registration is on a secured data connection. At step 2 you must confirm your age. This is very important. There are casinos without an age verification. Please avoid those casinos. The age verification makes it possible to play legal online casino games.

Bethard is a compliant website and they ask you to confirm your account details. You can only play with real money when you verified your details. So, Is Bethard reliable and safe? Yes the registration is very reliable and safe.

Click here to open Bethard and register your free account today. You receive 25 free spins + 200% welcome bonus when you join Bethard.

is bethard safe and reliable? payment options

There are multiple reliable payment methods available

You can’t play online casino games with real money without making a real money deposit. Before you can start playing you must make a money transfer. You must transfer money from your bank account, credit card, E-Wallet or prepaid card to the casino. Reliable online casinos always offer you a few different payment methods. The reliable casinos normally offer you credit card, bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Sofort, iDeal, PayPal, Paysafecard, Trustly and VISA. It is very important to check the payment methods before you start playing because it has no use to register at a casino when you can’t transfer money to the casino.

Most online casinos work with a third party payment solution. A company that arranges all the payments and withdrawals for the casino. When you make a deposit to the casino you actually pay the payment solution company. That company informs the casino that you made a payment. The casino adds the money to your casino balance. Normally this process only takes a few seconds. A few seconds after you made the payment you see your money in your casino balance.

We recommend casinos that work with a third party payment solution because it is a very safe solution. These companies only focus on payments and the process. It is their main product and they are very serious with security and data protection. The casino has to focus on their own product and not on payment optimisation. Every time you make a payment to the casino, the casino pays a small fee to the payment solution company.

Deposits and withdrawals at Bethard are free for players. Bethard takes care of all the transaction fees. This is important. There are a few online casinos that ask transaction fees to their players. Bethard doesn’t.

Withdraw your money within a few hours

Of course you want to win money when you join an online casino. And when you win money you want to cash out as soon as possible. When you play at a land-based casino you can collect your money instantly. You go to the cashier and you change your chips for real money. At an online casino this is a bit different. You also visit the cashier but you don’t change your chips. First you must verify your account (proof of address). Verification is a normal procedure for online casinos. They need to do this to be reliable and legit. After that you choose your preferred cash out method. You can choose withdrawal methods like E-Wallets, Credit Card or Bank transfer. Request a payout and choose your withdrawal method.

Bethard pays your money within a few hours when you use an E-Wallet like Skrill or Neteller. When you choose Credit Card or Bank transfer it can take up to 48 hours before you receive your money. Bethard does not have any payout limits. This is a very positive thing. There are casinos that have a maximum payout limit of €5.000 a month. Can you imagine winning a 1 million jackpot? It takes 200 months to receive all the money from that casino. At Bethard you can win a huge jackpot and cash that jackpot out within a few days.

zlatan ibrahimovic challenge at bethard casino

Play online casino with 200% Bonus money or Bet on Sports with double money

At every online casino or sports betting website you receive welcome bonuses. Bethard offers you a few different bonuses. Are the bonuses at Bethard reliable and Fair? Yes i think they are. Bethard offers you the following bonuses.

Casino Bonus Bethard

  • 25 Free Spins on registration (no deposit needed)
  • 200% Bonus on top of the first deposit
  • 25 Wager free spins on top of your first deposit


Sports betting bonus

  • 100% Bonus up to €125


You can decide which bonus you use at Bethard. When you want to start playing casino games you must claim the casino bonus. If you fancy some sports betting you can double your first deposit with the Sports Betting bonus. Both bonuses have fair bonus terms. You must wager the 25 free spins on registration 40 times before you can withdraw your winnings. Other casinos have wagering up to 99 times at free spins.

When you use the Bethard casino bonus you must wager the bonus amount 40 times before you can withdraw the bonus money. You can withdraw the cash money at any time. This is a fair bonus term because most other casinos have wagering on both bonus and deposit money.

At Sports betting you must wager the bonus amount 14 times before you are able to withdraw the winnings. This is an average and fair requirement.

Only games from reliable and regulated game suppliers

At Bethard casino you can only play games that are developed by regulated gaming companies. The casino does not have hand-made games. All games are built by regulated companies. Games from those companies are checked by the international gambling commissions. Casinos can only use the games when the games are 100% fair and reliable. Bethard uses the games from the following suppliers

  • Netent
  • Microgaming
  • Thunderkick
  • Quickspin
  • Nyx
  • Endorphina
  • Evolution Gaming
  • YggDrasil
  • iSoftGaming
  • SB Tech


Bethard pays a fee for every time a player uses a game. So the better the game, the more players and the more money the game suppliers will earn. For game suppliers it is very important to develop great games.

Is Bethard reliable and safe when we look at the games? Yes they are 100% reliable. And their games are also 100% fair to their players.

Play bethard on a mobile phone or tablet

Play bethard on a mobile phone or tablet

Play at Bethard with a computer, tablet or a mobile phone

In the image above you can see a few screensjots of the Bethard mobile website. Bethard casino and sports betting is developed for multiple devices. You can play casino games at Bethard on a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone or on a Smart TV. It doesn’t matter where you are. You only need an internet connection and a device with an internet browser. Bethard offers a very good mobile website and a mobile app. With amazing graphics and fast loading pages you can enjoy the excitement when and where you want.

At the mobile casino you can play every game that is optimised for mobile use. You can also bet on evety sports event. The mobile website is very reliable and safe because it has a secured data connection.

Do you have a question? Open Bethard live chat and receive an answer within a few seconds

Of course we hope you don’t have any problems or questions when you are playing. But it is possible that a problem occurs. Or maybe you have a question about a bonus or a game. In that case you want a solid customer support desk. I love to have a quick answer for my questions or problems. Since a few years there is a live chat support tool at a lot of online casinos. Bethard also offers a live chat solution. Simply open the live chat tool when you want to chat with an employee. Within a few seconds you are chatting with an employee. And normally this employee answers your questions within a few minutes. A perfect tool and super player friendly.

Bethard offers 24 hours 7 days a week live chat support. And they also offer the support in multiple languages. A good reliable service is very important and it gives us a safe feeling.

Conclusion – Is Bethard reliable and Safe? Yes, they are!

Bethard scores a positive rate at every criteria we tested. The conclusion is very simple. Bethard is a solid and reliable company. They offer player friendly terms and conditions and the games on the website are fair and reliable. The website is very safe and your data will only be used by Bethard. Bethard will never give your data to a third party company.

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