Predictions Group H World Cup 2018 Russia

The World Cup in Russia has started. And there are 32 teams present in Russia this year. They are playing in 8 groups of 4 teams. On our website we preview every single game. And we start with a preview of every group, the teams and the players. Every group has his own page on our website. On every page you find the best betting predictions and interesting betting tips. Every day you find new betting tips and game previews at the right side of our website. We work with reliable sports betting websites and we made a few interesting deals with them. When you join our preferred sports betting websites you receive free bets, free play money or free money on deposit. On this page you find the predictions for group H during this World Cup football in Russia.

We preview everything you need to know and every week we add new match predictions and betting tips to this page. Every match has his own preview, predictions and the best betting tips. And we recommend you to use these tips because it can increase your winnings when you bet on the World Cup matches. Our preferred betting partners are Bethard and Betvictor. Now it is time to tell you a bit more about Group H in Russia.

predictions group H world cup 2018 russia betting tips

Standings Group H

During the first round Colombia played Japan and Senegal played Poland. Japan won its first match against Colombia because of an early red card for Colombia. Senegal managed to win against Poland since the Polish players played a fairly poor game. Both Senegal and Senegal are the current group leaders.

During the second round of matches Japan played Senegal, and the game ended in 2-2. After this match Colombia played Poland and they won 0-3. Because of this Poland will be out of the tournament after the group stage. The other teams will compete during the last round for spot one and two in Group H.

During the last round Senegal lost against Colombia and Poland won from Japan. Colombia is the group winner and Japan is placed second due to fair play rules (Senegal had 6 yellow card and Japan 4).


Interesting information about Group H

In group H we find a mix of continents. There is a team from Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. And if we have a closer look at the teams we can conclude that there are no real favorites. In this group every team can beat the other teams. The countries in this group are not the most interesting ones but I think this could be the most interesting group in Russia. Results can go either way in every game. It is going to be a real battle between the continents. All different kinds of play styles. Poland is a decent team, Colombia loves to attack, Senegal are a strong physical team and Japan is a team drilled with quick players. This is going to be a very interesting group. When you know that the favorites in other groups failed to impress, this group can surprise.

All matches in this group are played in different stadiums and cities. There are 6 games and they are scheduled in: Moscow, Saransk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Volgograd and Samara. In this group there are no real favorites so it is hard to tell which games will be the key games. I personally think that Poland and Colombia are favorites to qualify. That would mean that the game between Poland and Colombia is one of the key games. And the game between Senegal and Japan is also a key game.

This group starts with a game between Poland and Senegal and Colombia – Japan. This could be a vital first round. A win for either of the teams will lift their confidence and could give them the extra mentality they need to survive this group.

The teams in group H – Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

There are no real favorites. But in my opinion Colombia is one of the teams to qualify in this group. They have a strong squad and they play attacking football. This could help them get a result in though games. Colombia qualified for the World Cup in 4th place. They finished behind Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. They played 18 games and lost 5 of them. Their friendly run is a bit up and down. They beat France with 3-2 but they drew against Australia and Egypt.

Poland is the other favorite team to promote in this group. This team had a pretty easy qualification. Poland only lost one of their games during the qualification for this world cup. They finished on top above Denmark, Montenegro and Romania. With the striking force of Lewandovski Poland can score a lot of goals against weaker opponents. The friendly games before this tournament where decent. Poland beat South Korea and Kithuania. But they lost against Nigeria. I predict that Poland will finish first or second in group H.

Senegal is a relative unknown team for me. I haven’t seen them play in the last 4 years. Senegal had a simple qualification group with Burkina Faso, Cape Verde and South Africa. They didn’t lose any of their games during the qualification. Before this tournament they played 5 friendly games. They won 1 (South Korea), drew 3 (Bisnia, Luxembourg, Uzbekistan) and lost 1 (Croatia). Not the best run if we look at their opponents.

Japan is a decent team and they have a few talented players. But they don’t have a good run of recent games. Japan played 5 friendly games. They only won 1 of those games (Paraguay). They lost against Ghana, Switzerland, Ukraine and they played 1-1 against Mali. Their qualification was pretty good. They played 10 games in a group with Saudi Arabia, Australia, Emirates, Irak and Thailand. Japan finished first in this group with only 2 defeats.

A hard to predict group and that makes group H very interesting for online bookmakers and people that love sports betting.

I predict the following standing in group H: Colombia, Poland, Senegal, Japan

betting tips group h world cup russia 2018

Predictions group H – Who will win the group without favorites?

A very interesting group to bet on because there are no favorites. No favorites means that the odds in this group are very close. Higher odds can mean higher winnings when you choose the correct teams. We think the first games in this group will be the most important ones. 3 Points after the first game could be vital for team spirit and mentality. When a group has teams that are equal to eachother a first mental win could make the difference.

I think Poland will beat Senegal and Colombia will beat Japan. That would bring both Colombia and Poland in pole position for qualification in this group. In the second game Colombia and Poland play against eachother in Kazan. One of them could qualify in this game. There are a fww interesting betting options for this group. We will bet a few Euro on the least favorite teams to qualify. On both Japan and Senegal we bet €25 for qualification. In this group it can go any way, so why not this way? Grab a good odds and hit a big win when we are lucky. Choose 2 of underneath bets. When you win one of them you already win money.

Tip: Bet on Senegal and Japan to qualify (interesting odds). If one of the qualifies you win money!

Our group H predictions and interesting betting odds

  1. Poland – Odds for group winner – 2.75 Bet now!
  2. Colombia – Odds for group winner – 2.20 Bet now!
  3. Senegal – Oddsto qualify – 2.20
  4. Japan – Odds to qualify – 3.10

when will the teams from group H be eliminated in this tournament?

The first two teams of group H will play against Belgium or England from group G. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter which teams from group H will qualify. Both of them will lose their game in the second round. Belgium and England are to strong for both teams. That means that the teams from group H both will be eliminated in the second round. You can bet on this at Bethard and grab a few interesting odds. When you never played at Bethard before you receive 100% extra play money on top of your first deposit.

Our elimination betting tips for group H

  • Poland will be eliminated in the second round – Odds 2.50
  • Colombia will lose in the second round – Odds 2.25


Bet on group H

Matches in group H – our predictions – Betting tips

There are 6 games in group H. Underneath you find a prediction and interesting betting tips for every game in this group. You find the first two games now. And after every game we add the new games. For us it is a bit easier to predict the games when we have seen the first games of Group H. Group H is a hard group to predict but that is very interesting for the odds. The odds in this group are the best of all the available groups.

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Senegal – Colombia – 28th June – Samara – 16:00 CET

senegal colombia best betting tips and predictions

A very important game for both teams. Both teams are not qualified for the next round. Senegal needs at least a draw against Colombia. Colombia needs a win. When they draw or lose they are out of the tournament when Japan gets a result in the other game. Colombia is the better team on paper but Senegal is playing a pretty good tournament till now. But when we look at the bookmakers we see that Colombia is the favorite to win this game. The odds on a draw or a Senegal win are very high. I personally think Colombia will win this game. They where unlucky against Japan but they played strong against Poland.

Colombia can win this game with 1 or 2 goals. I predict a 2-0 win for Colombia and goals from Falcao and James. Colombia will score in both halves. Senegal will be out of the tournament after this game.

Bet on Senegal – Colombia

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Senegal – Colombia

Colombia to win 2-0 – Odds 8.50
Falcao to score first – Odds 4.75
Colombia scores in both halves – Odds 2.90
Colombia to win with two goals – Odds 5.00

Our score prediction – 0-2 Colombia (score in both halves)

Bet on this Match!


Japan – Poland – 28th June – Volgograd – 16:00 CET

japan poland betting tips predictions

This is a very important game for Japan because they can qualify for the second round. It is in their own hands. A draw will get them through to the next round. And they play against Poland. Poland has nothing to play for because they lost their first two matches. Poland has no pressure any more and Japan needs at least a draw. This could be an open game that can go either way. Poland is better then they played the last few games. Poland could upset this group by getting a result against Japan.

Japan has everything in their own hands. It is interesting to see if they want to score a goal. Or if they want to hold on to a draw. I think Japan will attack to force the important goal. And Poland could profit in the counter attack. In the end the game will end in a draw and Japan will get qualified.

Bet on Japan – Poland

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Japan – Poland

Draw 0-0 – Odds 9.00
Draw – Odds 3.20
Under 1.5 goals- Odds 3.10
Draw half time, draw full time – Odds 4.85

Our score prediction – 1-1 (Draw half time and full time)

Bet on this Match!


Japan – Senegal – 24th June – Ekaterinburg – 17:00 CET (Result 2-2)

japan senegal best betting tips world cup

These 2 teams surprised their opponents in the first game. Both teams are now in first place in this group. Both teams won 2-1 in their first game and they can now decide which team will qualify for the next round. The team that wins this game will qualify for the next round. But a draw is also a good result for both teams. I think Senegal is the better team. I have seen both games and Japan where lucky with an early penalty and red card against Colombia.

Senegal played a very good game against Poland and they did surprise me a lot. After seeing the first two games in think Senegal will win this game or maybe Japan can keep them on a draw.

Bet on Japan – Senegal

In Japan a lot of people will bet on Japan. This is interesting because this will lift up the odds for Senegal. And I think Senegal will win this game with 1 goal. It is not going to be an interesting or good game. But a few bets on this game can make it a lot more interesting.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Japan – Senegal

Senegal to win 1-0 – Odds 6.30
Draw – Odds 3.05
Under 1.5 goals- Odds 2.55
Draw half time, Senegal to win – Odds 4.95

Our score prediction – 1-0 Senegal (draw half time, Senegal to win)

Bet on this Match!

Result Japan – Senegal (2-2)

Both teams started this game with 3 points from their first game. Another win would give them a qualification for the second round. Both teams started very good and both teams decided to attack the other goal. They both wanted to win this game. A great game to watch with goals on both sides. After 11 minutes Senegal opened the game with a goal scored by Sadio Mane. 10 Minutes before half time Japan made it 1-1 after a goal from Takashi Inui. A fair half time score and everything to play for in the second half.

Both teams continued playing for a win and Senegal was the first to score another goal. A nice goal by Moussa Wague made it 1-2 in the 71′ minute. 7 Minutes later Japan equalized again with a K. Honda goal. This was the last goal of the match and both teams got a point. After two games both teams now have 4 points. And one of them (or both) will qualify for the second round.

We only won one of our bets during this game. We lost a smal amount of money but we saw a very attractive game.

Japan – Senegal 2-2
11′ Sadio Mane 0-1
34′ Takashi Inui 1-1
71′ Moussa Wague 1-2
78′ K. Honda 2-2


Poland – Colombia – 24th June – Kazan – 20:00 CET (Result 0-3)

poland colombia best betting tips world cup

A very important game for both Poland and Colombia. Both teams lost their first game. These teams where favorites to qualify in this group. So this group is now going the other way. Only a win counts for both of these teams. They need 3 points. This means both teams need to start attacking to score a goal. We predict that this will be an open game with goals on both ends. The strikers of colombia are world class and so is the striker of Poland.

An early goal can open this game and make it extra spectacular. I think Colombia is the stronger team with the better players. Poland looked rubbish in their first game. Colombia played better then Japan with 10 men. Colombia will win this game and there are going to be more than 2.5 goals in this game. Radamel Falcao will score one of the goals.

Bet on Poland – Colombia

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Poland – Colombia

Falcao to score – Odds 5.00
Over 2.5 goals- Odds 2.15
Colombia to win 1-2 – Odds 10.50
Colombia to win 0-2 – Odds 10.00
Colombia to win – Odds 2.20

Our score prediction – 0-2 Colombia (Falcao Scores)

Bet on this Match!

Result Poland – Colombia (3-0 Colombia)

A must win game for both teams because they both lost their first game. Colombia lost with 10 men against Japan but they played a great game. Poland lost against Senegal in a very bad game. In this game Colombia was the favorite to win the game. And they did. They managed to score 3 goals and collected the 3 points. Poland was nowhere. They didn’t create any chance during the whole game. Colombia was the much better team and just before half time they showed that with a goal. In the 40′ Minute Yerry Mina made it 1-0 for Colombia. Now Poland had to go even more forward but they just had a lack of creativity on their midfield.

After half time Colombia made it 2-0 and 3-0 in 5 minutes time. Falcao made it 2-0 in the 70th minute and Cuadrado made it 3-0 in the 75th minute. A great win for Colombia and a few great wins from our bets. We had 3 out of 5 bets good. And we won over 550 during this game.

Poland – Colombia 0-3
40′ Yerry Mina 0-1
70′ Radamel Falcao 0-2
75′ Juan Cuadrado 0-3


Poland – Senegal – 19th June – Moscow – 17:00 CET (Result 1-2)

poland senegal predictions betting tips world cup

This group starts with a game between Europe and Africa. Poland plays against Senegal in Moscow. They play in the stadium of Spartak Moscow and the stadium will be packed with Polish and supporters from Senegal. We are looking forward to this game because we don’t have a good view on Senegal at the moment. Are they good? Can they beat a strong European squad like Poland?

I think Poland can beat Senegal when they can reach their striker Lewandovski. This is not going to be a game with a lot of goals because both teams have a pretty decent defence. 1 Goal in this game will probably make the difference. The team that scores first will win this game. I bet on 1-0 for Poland witha goal from Lewandovski.

Bet on Poland – Senegal

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Poland – Senegal

Poland to win 1-0 – Odds 6.30
Lewandovski to score – Odds 3.65
Under 1.5 goals- Odds 2.55
Draw half time, Poland to win – Odds 4.90

Our score prediction – 1-0 Poland (Lewandovski scores)

Bet on this Match!

Result Poland – Senegal (1-2 Senegal)

Poland started this group very bad with a 1-2 loss over Senegal. Senegal surprised me because they played a very decent game. Their players where a collective and they fighted for every inch on the field. With Sadio Mane as a quick striker they constantly pressured the Polish defenders. Senegal used their power with their big players by winning a lot of duels. Poland couldn’t get any grip over the big players and lost on every inch of the field. After 37 minutes Senegal shot on goal and the ball was reflected from T. Cionek. 1-0 Senegal because the ball went in Poland’s own goal. The perfect end of a decent first half of Senegal.

After the break Poland played a bit better. But still Senegal was the better team on the field. The Poland strikers Lewandovski and Milik couldn’t find each other and where not able to create any chances. In the 59th minute a player from Senegal was out of the field with an injury. But exactly at the moment Poland lost the ball in their midfield, the referee let this player back in the field. A Polish midfielder shot the ball back in defence, not knowing this player was there. Mbaye Niang interupted the bal and passed Szczesny and scored an easy 2-0. 4 Minutes before the end of the game Poland managed to score a beautiful header. Krychowiak made it 2-1 but Poland wasn’t capable to make it 2-2 in the remaining 4 minutes.

The referee gave 3 yellow cards. Poland (G. Krychowiak) received 1 booking and Senegal (Salif Sane, I. Gana Gueye) received 2 bookings. This was a very bad game for our predictions. We lost all our bets and it costed us €50.

Poland – Senegal 1-2
37′ T. Cionek (og) 0-1
60′ Mbaye Niang 0-2
86’Krychowiak 1-2


Colombia – Japan – 19th June – Saransk – 20:00 CET (Result 1-2)

colombia japan predictions betting tips world cup

A game between South America and Asia played in Europe. In Saransk Colombia and Japan play eachother in a vital first game in group H. Colombia is favorite in this game. But can Japan use their under dog role and get a result? I think this is going to be a tight game. Colombia is favorite and they play attacking football. An early goal can seal this game. But who will score this goal? Colombia while attacking? Or Japan in the counter attack?

Of course we are going to place a few bet on this game. We think Colombia will score an early goal and will seal the game in the second half. This will result in a 2 goal win for Colombia and they score a goal in both halves.

Bet on Colombia – Japan

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Colombia – Japan

Colombia to win  – Odds 1.68
Colombia to score in both halves – Odds 3.25
2-0 Exact score for Colombia – Odds 7.00
James Rodriquez to score – Odds 6.00

Our score prediction – 2-0 Colombia (James to score)

Bet on this Match!

Result Colombia – Japan (1-2 Japan)

This game started very dramatically. After 3 minutes D. Sanchez made a mistake and his team mate C. Sanchez had to restore this foul. He blocked a shot with his hands in the box. The referee saw it and gave a penalty and a red card. The perfect start for Japan. S. Kagawa scored the penalty and made it 1-0 Japan. After the 1-0 Colombia started to play better. Colombia has the better team and they played better. Even with 10 men they played better than Japan. They created a few chances but couldn’t score before the 39th minute. In the 39th minute a smart taken free kick went in the goal. The Japanese keeper tried to keep the ball out and continue the game but the line technology system had noticed that the ball was passed the goal line. Goal Juan Quintero, 1-1 at half time.

After half time Colombia played pretty good but Japan defended much better than the first half. Colombia got a few minor chances but they couldn’t hit the target. Japan looked more solid during the game and after 73 minutes the Japanese managed to score a header. Yugha Osako won in the air and scored a great header in the far corner. 2-1 Japan and the final hit for Colombia. After the 1-2 Colombia didn’t manage to create any chances. A nice start for Japan and a bad start for Colombia. The next 2 games in this group will be very interesting.

We lost all our bets on this game so we lost €40 again. This day is getting worse every game.

Colombia – Japan 1-2
6′ S. Kagawa (pen) 0-1
39′ Juan Quintero 1-1
73′ Yuya Osako 1-2

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