Predictions Group F World Cup 2018 Russia

In Russia the World Cup football is the main event this Summer. The best 32 countries of the world travel to Russia. They are going to compete against each other for the famous World Cup. Only one team of the 32 can win this event. Who is going to be? On our website we are going to analyse every match and every team. And we are going to give you the best predictions and betting tips for this World Cup. For this event we partnered up with a few reliable online betting websites. We made a few nice bonus deals for our visitors. You can claim those bonuses when you start betting on the World Cup 2018 in Russia. On this page I am going to tell you everything you need to know about group F. You find an overview of predictions for group F and the best betting tips.

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predictions group f world cup 2018 russia betting tips

Standings Group F

During the first match Germany surprisingly lost against Mexico (0-1). Sweden took three points against Korea (1-0). Because of this both Mexico and Sweden are leaders in Group F. The next match between Germany and Sweden will be very important for the current Wold Champion (Germany). Mexico will play Korea in round two of three.

During the second round Korea lost against Mexico. Because of this Mexico stays the group leader with a total of sic points. Germany played against Sweden and they made a very important winning goal in the last seconds of the match. Because of this the battle for the second place will come down to the last match.

Sweden and Mexico will continue to the last 16. Germany and Korea are out of the tournament after a victory of Korea over Germany.

Korea Republic31203

Important information of Group F

In group F we find 2 teams from Europe, 1 from Asia and 1 from central America. Group head and favorites are Germany and the other teams are Mexico, Sweden and Korea Republic. All games are played in different cities and stadiums. The games in group F are played in: Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg and Kazan. The first games in the group are Germany – Mexico and Sweden – South Korea. Germany plays against Mexico in Moscow on Sunday june 17th. One day later Sweden plays against South Korea in Nizhny Novgorod. This could be a vital game in this group because Sweden and South Korea can compete for second place in this group with Mexico. A win in the first game can lift the team to a good tournament.

Germany is the top favorite in this group. I predict an easy group stage for Germany because they have by far the best squad. The can loose one or two points but they will end first in their group. Second spot in this group is fully open because the other 3 teams are bit of the same strength. They can all get a result against each other. How can Sweden play without super star Zlatan Ibrahimovic? And can South Korea surprise their nation with some great results? Mexico is a decent team and they had a good qualification for this World Cup. they won their group and qualified relative simply.

I am Dutch but I still love the Germany football mentality. Never think you can win against Germany because in the end you will always loose. Germany has a few great players but their game spirit and mentality will bring them some great results this tournament. the first two of this group play the first two from group E in the second round of the tournament.

The teams in group F – Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea

In my opinion South Korea is the under dog in this group. Nobody expects anything from this team . Maybe their nation does. But other people don’t think they can reach the second round. Maybe they can profit from their under dog role and the fact that nobody knows the players. With a bit of luck they can get a result against Sweden and Mexico.

Mexico is the team that is going to compete for second place in the group with Sweden. Mexico had a decent qualification. The team played 10 games and they only lost one of them. They only lost against Honduras but that was after Mexico was qualified for the World Cup. It was their last qualification game. Mexico played a few friendly games before this tournament. They won against Bosnia, Scotland and Iceland. But they lost against Denmark and Croatia.

Sweden qualified for this World Cup by beating Italy in a play off game. This was an amazing result and it probably lifted their confidence. Sweden now has a lot of confidence going in to a group with some though teams to beat. A good result in their first game against South Korea can get them in pole position for the second qualification spot in this group. This tournament Sweden plays without their super star Zlatan. Zlatan is to busy scoring goals in America and running his new company Bethard.

Germany is the top favorite in this group and in the tournament. In this group they start with the toughest game against Mexico. When they get a result in this game they will fly through this group and end first with 9 points. We expect a lot from Germany because they have a solid team and an amazing team mentality. I am looking forward to the games because Germany plays some super attractive football and they can grow in a tournament as no other team can. And Germany is the current World Cup because they won the World Cup 2014 in Brazil with some amazing football.

I predict the following standing in group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

predictions group f world cup 2018 russia germany sweden mexico south korea

Predictions group F – How will things go in group F?

I am not telling lies when I say that everybody thinks that Germany will end first in this group. It is harder to predict the second placed team in this group. In my opinion all 3 teams can qualify for the second round. Mexico are favorites to qualify but Sweden and South Korea have decent squads. Sweden is in form and beat Italy in their play off game before this tournament. the vital games in this group are Sweden – South Korea and Sweden – Mexico. When Sweden can start with a solid win against South Korea their confidence can get a huge boost. And when Germany wins against Mexico they will have a 3 point lead over Mexico. The next game between Sweden and Mexico is a must win game for Maxico in that case. This could be in the advantage of Sweden.

In this group we predict an easy group stage for Germany. They will probably collect 7 or 9 points in the 3 games. After the match between Mexico and Sweden I think Mexico will be second in the group and will qualify for the second round. Sweden will end third and South Korea could gather a few points but they will finish bottom of the group.

Tip: Mexico will beat Sweden in their match

Our group F predictions and interesting betting odds

  1. Germany – Odds for group winner – 1.33 Bet now!
  2. Mexico – Odds for Mexico to qualify – 1.83 Bet now!
  3. Sweden – Odds for Sweden to qualify – 2.70
  4. South Korea

How far will Germany and Mexico reach this tournament?

Germany and Mexico will qualify for the second round, the last 16 knock out fase. But how far will they go? Germany will play Serbia or Switzerland in the second round. They will win this game and proceed to the quarter finals. From there the schedule is open and Germany can reach to the finals. And they will do in my opinion. So you can bet on Germany to reach the finals. At Bethard you receive 3.25 times your bet amount when Germany reaches the finals. For Mexico the tournament will be over after the first round because they play against Brazil. Brazil will beat Mexico easily and will proceed to the quarter finals.

Our elimination betting tips for group F

  • Mexico will be eliminated in the second round – Odds 2.80
  • Germany to reach the finals – Odds 3.25


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Matches in group F – our predictions – Betting tips

There are 6 games in Group F and they are all played in different cities. In this group they teams don’t fly to Kalinigrad. So their travelling is not further than teams from other groups. there are a few interesting matches in this group. How can Mexico hold on to Germany in their first game? And can South Korea surprise Sweden and Mexico? How does Sweden play without Zlatan in their team? Below you find our verdict and predictions for every game in this group. And we also added some nice betting tips.

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South Korea – Germany – 27th June – Kazan – 16:00 CET 

south korea germany best betting predictions

A very important game for Germany because they have to win. Germany are favorites in this group and last game they where almost out of the tournament. They won 2-1 in the dying seconds against Sweden and kept their dreams alive. South Korea only has a small chance left. They have to win against Germany and Mexico must win against Sweden. But this chance is very very small. Germany are facing a must win game again. And when the Germans have to win, they win.

Germany will probably win 2-0 or 3-0 and qualify for the next round.

Bet on South Korea – Germany

Interesting bets and the Odds for South Korea – Germany

Germany to win 2-0 – Odds 7.50
Germany to win 3-0 – Odds 8.25

Germany scores in both halves – Odds 1.75
Kroos to score – Odds 13.00
Werner to hit the woodwork – Odds 6.50

Our score prediction – 0-3 Germany (Score in both halves)

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mexico sweden best betting tips world cup

A must win game for Sweden. And a draw will secure qualification for Mexico. A draw could also be enough for Sweden when Germany loses against South Korea. Germany won’t lose against South Korea, so Sweden must get a win against Mexico. And a Swedisch win could eliminate Mexico when Germany wins their match. A great end of a great group. And I think Mexico will held on to a draw a qualify together with Germany.

Bet on Mexico – Sweden

Interesting bets and the Odds for Mexico – Sweden

Draw – Odds 3.40
Correct score 1-1 – Odds 6.35

Draw half time and full time – Odds 4.80
Hernandez to score – Odds 6.50

Our score prediction – 1-1 (Hernandez to score)

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Germany – Sweden – 23th June – Sochi – 17:00 CET (Result 2-1)

germany sweden predictions best betting tips world cup

A very very important game for Germany. Germany needs a win in this game because they lost their first game against Mexico. Sweden won their first game so they are on top of this group. A draw will be a very good result for Sweden. I think Germany will go full power in Sochi and Sweden can’t cope with that power. The squad of Germany is much better than the Swedish squad. Sweden will try to play on a draw but I think Germany will score and early goal to open up the game.

Bet on Germany – Sweden

this is a very interesting game to bet on because Germany have to win. There are interesting odds available at Bethard. Sweden is favorite now in this group to qualify for the second round. But a German win can change the whole group and the standings. We recommend you to place a few bets on this game because it makes this game even more interesting.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Germany – Sweden

Germany to win 2-0 – Odds 7.50
Germany scores in both halves – Odds 2.50
Draxler to score – Odds 8.50
Werner to hit the woodwork – Odds 7.00

Our score prediction – 2-0 Germany (Score in both halves)

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Result Germany – Sweden  (2-1 Germany)

What a crazy game this was! Germany was dropped out of the tournament till 1 minute before the end. In the 94th Minute Tony Kroos made a stunning free kick in the far corner. This goal gave Germany the 2-1 wion they needed against Sweden. Sweden started the game very well and in the 32′ minute Toivonen scored an amazing goal to make it 1-0 Sweden. At that moment Germany was death and burried. They had to score two goals to stay in the tournament.

Germany played a pretty good second half. Probably the best 30 minutes of the tournament and straight after half time Marco Reus made it 1-1. Germany where back in the game and had everything to play for. J. Boateng received a yellow card in the 71′ minute. An important booking because 11 minutes later he received his second yellow card. Germany had to continue the game with 10 men and they still had to score 1 extra goal. In the 94th minute they received a free kick at the left side of the box and Toni Kroos managed to hit the target in the far corner. An insane goal and a very important one for Germany and Sweden. Germany now has everything in their own hands. A win against South Korea will get them in the second round.

We won 1 of our bets. Timo Werner hit the woodwork. we made a €30 win on this game.

Germany – Sweden 2-1
32′ Ola Toivonen 0-1
48′ Marco Reus 1-1
94′ Toni Kroos 2-1


South Korea – Mexico – 23th June – Rostov-on-Don – 17:00 CET (Result 1-2)

south korea mexico predictions best betting tips world cup

In Rostov-on-Don South Korea plays a very important game against Mexico. Mexico are the leaders in this group. They managed to upset the Germans and won 1-0 in their opening game against the current World Champions. There is no need for Mexico to win this game. But when they win the game they will be qualified after two games. Mexico played a very good game against Germany. They played attacking football and their defence looked very solid. The Germans couldn’t create big chances. Mexico was the deserved winner.

South Korea played against Sweden in their first game. They played a very bad game and they did not create any good chance. If we look at the first matches this game would be an easy one for Mexico. South korea will start attacking and Mexico can score from the counter attack. Mexico simply is the better team in this game and they must win with at least 1 or 2 goals.

Bet on South Korea – Mexico

Lets start and place some bets on this game between South Korea and Mexico. We think Mexico will win 2-0 and Mexico will score in both halves. One of the goals will be score by Chicarito (Hernandez). Mexico will keep a clean sheet and they will qualify for the second round in group F

Interesting bets and the Odds for South Korea – Mexico

Mexico to win 2-0 – Odds 7.25
Mexico scores in both halves – Odds 3.05
Hernandez to score – Odds 5.50
Mexico half time + Full time – Odds 2.45

Our score prediction – 0-2 Mexico (Scores in both halves, Hernandez scores a goal)

Bet on this Match!

Result South Korea – Mexico (1-2 Mexico)

Another great game for Mexico. A simple win over South Korea. Mexico are qualified now for the second round in this group. In the first half Mexico played very good. South Korea wasn’t bad either. It was an interesting game because it was the last chance for South Korea. After 26 minutes Mexico received a penalty. And Carlos Vela made it 1-0 Mexico. Mexico won the first half. Which was important for our bets.

In the second half Mexico continued playing good football. They attacked well and created a lot of chances. After 66 minutes Hernandez scored his first goal of the tournament. He made it 0-2 and we won 2 of our bets. Mexico to score in both halves and Hernandez to score. The other bet lookad correct also but in the last minute South Korea made it 2-1 with a shot from W. Jung. We lost our exact score bet but we won the other 3 bets.

South Korea – Mexico 1-2
26′ Carlos Vela 0-1
66′ Javier Hernandez 0-2
90′ W. Jung 1-2


Results group F and betting results group F

Every day we predict games and we give you betting tips. On this page you find the best betting tips for Group F during the World cup in Russia. Below you find all the results of our betting tips and a short match review of every game in this group.

Germany – Mexico – 17th June – Moscow – 17:00 CET (Result 0-1)

germany mexico predictions betting tips

Group F starts with a game between the two favorites in this group. Germany will play Mexico in Moscow. They will play in front of 80.000 people in the Luzhniki Stadium. A lot of German will travel to Moscow and they will support their team. Germany is the better team with players like Ozil, Muller, Kroos, Reus and Draxler. All their players play at major teams in the biggest European competitions. Germany has a very good team mentality and they can grow in a tournament. Normally they start slow. But when they are getting results they can demolish their competitors.

Mexico is not good enough to win against Germany but maybe they can get a draw from this game. Germany always starts slow at a tournament. If they have a chance to win against Germany it is in the first game. We predict a simple win for Germany. They will score a goal in the first half and at the end of the game they score a second and maybe a third goal. Timo werner will be one of the players to score a goal during this game.

Bet on Germany – Mexico

If you want to place a few bets on this game we recommend you to register at one of the available betting websites. At the right side of this website you find an overview with betting websites. When you join one or two of them you receive an interesting welcome bonus. with the bonuses you can double your first deposit amount. If you want to test a free bet we recommend you to join LVBet because they give you a 5 free bet on sign up. We found the following interesting bets for you for the Germany – Mexico game.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Germany – Mexico

Germany to win 2-0 – Odds 7.50
Germany to win 3-0 – Odds 11.25
Timo Werner to score – Odds 4.75
Germany to win by 2 goals – Odds 4.20
Germany to score in both halves – Odds 2.35

Our score prediction – 2-0 Germany (Scores in both halves, Werner scores)

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Result Germany – Mexico (0-1 Mexico)

A big surprise in Group F. Mexico beat Germany in their opening game in Moscow. Germany is the current World Champion and they are among the favorites to win this tournament. Are they still among those favorites after this game? I don’t think so because they played a really bad game. Germany is not in a good form and their defence looks weak and slow. Mexico had counter attacks all the time. With a bit of pace Mexico could have won 3-0 or 4-0. But they missed a lot of chances during the game. The first half was all Mexico and after 35 minutes Hirving Lozano scored a superb goal. He made it 1-0 and that was absolutly in line with the game. Before half time Mexico got a few chances to make it 2-0 but they missed them.

After half time Germany played a bit better. They tried to attack and tried to force an equaliser. But in the end they did not manage to create real chances. A few shots and a shot on the post where the only attacking moves from Germany. At full time Mexico got a deserved win.

the referee booked four players during the game. 2 Players from Germany got a yellow card (T. Mueller, M. Hummels) and two players from Mexico got booked (Hector Moreno, Hector Herrera).

We lost all our bets because we put all our cards on Germany this game. A great surprise but a well deserved win for the Mexicans. Lets see how this continues in group F.


Sweden – South Korea – 18th june – Nizhny Novgorod – 14:00 CET (Result 1-0)

sweden south korea predictions betting tips

For Sweden this is the perfect start to the tournament. On paper South Korea is the worst team in this group. And Sweden must get a result to get above Mexico after the first round of games. Sweden plays against South Korea in Nizhny Novgorod in the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium. This stadium has a capacity of 45.000 and is brand new. The stadium is build for this tournament. I think a lot of Swedish people will travel to Nizhny Novgorod because they love to travel and follow their team. The stadium will be packed with Yellow and Blue.

South Korea needs a result from this game if they want to have a chance to reach the elimination round. This is for both teams a do or die game to start with. Sweden is in a decent form because they beat Italy in their qualification play off. Can they take this vibe in to their game against South Korea? South Korea qualified second in their group behind Iran. This is not an outstanding achievement. And their recent results in friendlies are not very promising. They lost against Northern Ireland, Poland, Bosnia and Senegal.

I predict a 1 or 2-0 win for Sweden. Sweden will keep a clean sheet and they will score in the first half of the game.

Bet on Sweden – South Korea

It is now time to place some bets on this game. When you already have an account you can use that account. When you want to collect some free play money and free bets I recommend you to open a new account at a different online betting website. At the right side of this website you find the best and most reliable bookmakers. After you joined one of the you can collect your bonus and you can start betting on Sweden against South Korea.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Sweden – South Korea

Sweden to win 2-0 – Odds 9.00
Sweden to score in first half – Odds 2.15
Toivonen to score – Odds 4.00
Under 2.5 goals in the game – Odds 1.57
Sweden to keep a clean sheet – Odds 2.30

Our score prediction – 2-0 Sweden (Score in first half)

Bet on this Match!

Result Sweden – South Korea (1-0 Sweden)

Sweden played a decent and solid game. With some organised defending the team didn’t conceed a goal. South Korea was uncappable to make it a hard game. In the first half it was a very slow game. Maybe because of the warm weather but both teams played slow. Only Sweden got a couple of chances. Markus Berg had to score the 1-0 but he missed one on one with the goal keeper. In the first half the referee gave 1 yellow card to a player of South Korea. Shin-Wook Kim received a yellow card in the 13′ minute for a foul.

After half time Sweden started to play a bit better. They tried to get forward more and faster. They got their reward after 64 minutes. A foul from South Korea in the box. The referee didn’t see a penalty but the Video Assistance Referee over ruled the referee and gave a penalty. After the referee looked at the screens he decided to give Sweden a penalty. Alexander Grandqist made it 1-0 from the penaly spot. In the last minute South Korea had a huge chance to make it 1-1 but the attacker missed the goal and this game finished in 1-0.

We only won 2 out of our 5 bets. A small loss during this game.

Sweden – South Korea 1-0
65′ Grandqist 1-0

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