Predictions Group D World Cup 2018 Russia

The World Cup Football in Russia has started this month. And we are on top of the excitement. On our website we are analysing every game during the tournament. And we give you upfront predictions and betting tips. Keep an eye on our website when you want to get the best betting tips for matches and tournament bets. And when you want to place a bet at an online betting website we have interesting welcome bonuses for you. At the right side of this website you see the top 5 online betting websites. They all give you an interesting bonus when you start betting at the website. with the welcome bonus you can simply double your betting budget. On this page you find predictions for group D at the World cup 2018 in Russia.

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On this page you find all predictions and betting tips for group D. Group D starts on Saturday 16th of june with a game between Argentina and Iceland. Later that day the other two teams play against eachother in Kalinigrad. Croatia will play against Nigeria at 21:00 CET. Below you find all the important group and team information of this group.

predictions group d world cup 2018 russia betting tips

Standings Group D

During round one Iceland played Argentina and Croatia faced Nigeria. The first match had a very surprising outcome, a draw because of a missed penalty by top striker Messi. During the second match Croatia won (2-0) from Nigeria which was expected.

After the first round it was Croatia who faced Argentina and Nigeria played Iceland. The team from Croatia was to strong for the squad from Argentina and they won 3-0! The team from Nigeria won 2-0 from Iceland which means Croatia will continue to the last 16 round and the other teams will compete in the last match for the second spot in Group D.

During the last round Croatia won from Iceland and Argentine won from Nigeria. Because of this both Croatia and Argentina are through to the next round. Nigeria and Iceland are out of the tournament.


This is what you need to know about Group D

In group D you find Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria. 2 European teams will play against a team from Africa and South America. Group D games are played in Moscow, Kalinigrad, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, St Petersburg and Rostov on Don. As you can see every game is played at a different city in a different stadium. This means the teams have to travel between every game. One team needs to travel more then the other because Russia is a very big country. the question is: Who will cope best with all the travelling? Players from South America and Africa are used to travelling. So Argentina and Nigeria have a slightly advantage with this.

Argentina is favorite in this group because they have the best squad. And they have Lionel Messi in their team. But when we look at results from the last major tournaments Argentina haven’t had any good results. They always got eliminated before the semi finals. It looks like Messi is much better when he plays for Barcelona. But can he do his tricks this year in Russia? we predict a tight finish between Argentina and Croatia in this group. Iceland and Nigeria are good teams but they are not as good as the ither two teams in this group. Iceland plays at a World Cup for the first time in their history. And they are the smallest country that plays at this tournament. They have a huge group of supporters which can help them get a result against Nigeria or Croatia.

I personally love Croatia. A team with some outstanding talented players. Players like Modric and Rakitic have a lot of individual qualities. And with Madzukic as a striker they have a lot of potential goals in their team. Nigeria is the unknown team in this group. They lost 4 of their last 6 games. So they don’t have a good round of results recently.

The teams in group D – Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

Nigeria is the unknown team in this group. The Super eagles have a decent squad but they lost 4 of the last 6 games. Their qualification for this World Cup was impressive. They did not lose any of their games and ended first in a group with Zambia, Cameroon, and Algeria. During the African Cup of Nations this year they ended runners up behind Morocco. They lost 4-0 in the finals but a second place is a very good result for Nigeria.

Iceland is the smallest country of all. The only have around 300.000 inhabitants. That makes it very impressive that the team qualified for this tournament. A selection of 25 good football players from such a small amount of people, Impressive! last european Cup they surprised everybody with a good run of games. They reached the knock-out fase in France. Their team spirit and fighting mentality can bring them some nice results in this group D.

Croatia is one of my favorite teams. I am going to watch this team because my own team (Netherlands) did not qualify. Croatia has a solid team with outstanding players like Modric, Perisic, Mandzukic and Rakitic. They all play at the best clubs in Europe. Their midfield is full of amazing players and they can score a lot of goals. They must compete for the first 2 places in group D.

Argentina is the favorite to win this group. But with recent results I am not that sure that they will win this group. It looks like Argentina is nervous when they enter a major tournament. They have one of the best squads in the world and they are one of the biggest football countries. But at major World cups they seem to be failing all the time.

I predict the following standing in group D: Croatia, Argentina, Nigeria, Iceland

group d world cup 2018 croatia argentina nigeria iceland

Predictions group D – Results and standings in this group

Most people predict Argentina as group winners. But I think they will start slow again as they always do. That is when Croatia can profit and get a result against Argentina in the 2nd game. Croatia is a decent team that can collect 6 or 7 points in this group. I think Iceland is a good squad but a bit to weak to compete with the likes of Lionel Messi, Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic. Iceland will end 3rd or 4th in this group. A key game in this group is the game between Iceland and Nigeria. The team that wins this game can grab a bit of positive energy for the last group stage game. And this positive vibe can maybe help them collect another result. Personally I am looking forward to Argentina – Croatia because players of Real Madrid and Barcelona are playing against each other.

Nigeria needs a result in their first game against Croatia if they want to qualify for the 2nd round. A win or a draw against Croatia can lift them in to a positive vibe for the remaining games. But I think Croatia is to good for Nigeria.

Tip: Croatia will beat Argentina in the second game of this group

Our group D predictions and the best Odds

  1. Croatia – Odds for group winner – 3.20 Bet now!
  2. Argentina – Odds for Argentina to be eliminated in group – 5.50  Bet now!
  3. Nigeria2.50
  4. Iceland

How far will the teams from group D get in Russia?

Croatia or Argentina will win this group. The first two teams of group D will play against the first two teams from group C (Predictions Group C France and Denmark). So they will play against Denmark or France. When Croatia wins the group they will play against Denmark and they can win that game. After that game the schedule is open. Croatia can simply reach the quarter or semi finals this toutnament. Argentina will probably lose against France because France is a much better team at the moment. That means Argentina will be eliminated in the second round stage of the tournament. These predictions give a few interesting odds to bet on at one of our betting partners.

Betting tips for elimination stage teams from group D

  • Croatia will reach the semi finals – Odds 12.00
  • Argentina will be eliminated in the second round – Odds 3.00


Bet on group D

Matches in group D – our predictions – The best odds

All matches in group D are played in different cities and in different stadiums. There are 6 games in this group. In the first round Argentina starts against Iceland in Moscow and Croatia has to play Nigeria in Kalinigrad. This is a vital game for Iceland and Nigeria because a good result can lift their vibe for the next game against eachother. A good result for one of the outsiders in the first games can mass up the predictions of this group.

The games in this group are played in the following cities: Moscow, Kalinigrad, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, St Petersburg and Rostov on Don. So a lot of travelling for all teams between their games. Below you find our full match predictions for each game. We start with the first two games. When the first two games ended we add the predictions and betting tips of the next two games to this page. You can use the predictions when you want to bet on the games in group D.

Iceland – Croatia – 26th June – Rostov-on-Don – 20:00 CET (Result 1-2)

iceland croatia best betting tips world cup

A must win game for Iceland. And when Iceland must win they have to play attacking football. They cannot play attacking football. Iceland is well known about their great team organisation and their defending qualities. Croatia is already qualified and are also Group winners of group D. They will probably safe a few players for their next round game against Denmark, Australia or France. I cannot see Iceland win this game because Croatia is simply to good for Iceland.

Croatia won’t give everything but I still see them win this game with 1-0 or 2-0. And Mandzukic would want to score his first goal.

Bet on Iceland – Croatia

At Bethard and RedBet there are a few interesting bets available for this game. Craotia has got high odds because they are already group winners. And there is no need to give everything in this game.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Iceland – Croatia

Croatia to win 2-0 – Odds 9.50
Croatia to win – Odds 2.10

Madzukic to score – Odds 6.50
Perisic to score – Odds 8.00

Our score prediction – 0-2 Croatia (Mandzukic to score)

Bet on this Match!

Result Iceland – Croatia (1-2 Croatia)

A very important game for Iceland because they needed to win this game. Croatia started with 9 different players in their first eleven. They where already qualified as first in this group. there was no need to risk injuries. Iceland couldn’t profit from the changes. They tried to score a goal and they did score 1 goal but it was not enough because Croatia scored 2 goals. Iceland where the better team for a share in the game. But Croatia looks so solid and has so much confidence.

After 90 mintes Croatia won this game 2-1 and the finished the group in first place with 3 wins and they only conceeded 1 goal in those 3 games. Iceland started with a great point against Argentina but lost the other two games and finished 4th in the group. Perisic scored one of the Croatian goals and that was perfect for our bets.

Iceland – Croatia 1-2
53′ Milan Badelj 0-1
76′ Siggurdson (pen)  1-1
84′ Ivan Perisic 1-2


Nigeria – Argentina – 26th June – St Petersburg – 20:00 CET (Result 1-2)

nigeria argentina best betting predictions and tips

A must win game for Argentina. Nigeria could have enough with a draw. Argentina is playing rubbish but they still have a chance to qualify for the second round. When they win against Nigeria and Iceland doesn’t win they will be qualified for the next round and they will play number 1 from group C. It is time for Messi to stand up. The believe in their coach is gone but the players must get a result for theirselves and for their nation. It would be a disaster when Argentina gets eliminated in a group with Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria.

Nigeria played a great game against Iceland. And they have really strong players. When they go full power in to this game and keep Messi in control they could get a result against Argentina. The first 20 minutes of this game are going to be very important for both teams. When Argentina scores an early goal the game will be fully open. I think Argentina will still qualify for the next round. With a win over Nigeria and Croatia will beat Iceland.

Bet on Nigeria – Argentina

Argentina is full of problems at the moment and they have no confidence in their coack any more. This could lead to another bad result. But can the players keep their heads up for their nation? Bethard thinks Argentina will win because the bookmaker says Argentina is favorites. A bet on Nigeria is very interesting. Below you find a few interesting odds at our betting partner Bethard.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Nigeria – Argentina

Draw – Odds 4.00
Argentina to win 2-0 – Odds 7.75

Aguero to score – Odds 5.50
Messi to hit the woodwork – Odds 8.00
Argentina to qualify – Odds 1.80

Our score prediction – 0-2 Argentina (Aguero to score, Argentina to qualify)

Bet on this Match!

Result Nigeria – Argentina (1-2 Argentina)

This was an epic game. Argentina needed a win to qualify for the next round. After 14 minutes Lionel Messi made it 1-0 and Argentina was in pole postion for qualification. But 6 minutes after half time Nigeria got a penalty. The VAR decided that Macherano made a mistake and fouled the striker of Nigeria. Viktor Moses made it 1-1 from the spot. Now Nigeria was qualified for the next round. Argentina made a few substitutions and started attacking. They kept on pressuring the defenders of Nigeria. It didn’t look like Argentina would score a winning goal. But in the 86th minute Marcos Roja shot the ball in the far corner and made it 1-2. Now Argentina was through to the next round.

We won 2 of our 5 bets. The best bet was the Messi hit the woorwork bet. Messi hitted a free kick on the woordwork in the first half.

Nigeria – Argentina 1-2
14′ Lionel Messi 0-1
51′ Viktor Moses (pen) 1-1
86′ Marcos Roja 1-2


Results group D World Cup

We give you a prediction and some betting tips of every single game on this world cup. And afterwards we analyse the game and the bets. Underneath you find all analyses and results of every game played in group D. We also show you the bets we won and the ones we lost. You can use our predictions for upcoming games and increase your winning chances.

Argentina – Croatia – 21st June – Nizhny Novgorod – 20:00 CET (Result 0-3)

argentina croatia predictions betting tips world cup

For Argentina this is a do or die game. They start the game with 1 point from their first game. Argentina played 1-1 against Iceland and Messi missed a penalty. Croatia is group leader with 3 points. They beat Nigeria 2-0 in their first game in Russia. Croatia played a decent and solid game against Nigeria. They booked an easy victory and this could help them in their next game against Argentina. For Argentina this is a game they cannot lose. When they lose this game and Iceland beats Nigeria it will be very hard for Argentina to qualify.

I personally like the Croatian team . Their players in midfield are super creative and they have a few good strikers. The midfield could make the difference today. When players like Modric, Rakitic and Perisic play a good game they can get a result against Argentina. For Croatia a draw would be a good result and a win would be amazing. With a win they will qualify for the second round.

I predict a though game for Argentina. When Croatia plays a decent game they can keep Argentina at a draw. So I think this game will end in 1-1 or 2-2. Both teams will score and Mandzukic will be one of the goalscorers.

Bet on Argentina – Croatia

This is an interesting game to bet on because the odds are very high. Both teams are equal to eachother. When you look at the odds at Bethard Sports betting you can find some interesting bets to play. We selected the best for you below.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Argentina – Croatia

Draw at both halves – Odds 4.65
Final score 1-1 – Odds 6.30

Final score 2-2 – Odds 15.75
Argentina to win – Odds 2.20
Madzukic to score a header – Odds 8.00
Messi to hit the woodwork – Odds 10.00

Our score prediction – 1-1 (Both teams to score, Mandzukic to score)

Bet on this Match!

Result Argentina – Croatia (0-3 Croatia)

This game was one of the best games I have seen this tournament. Croatia over played Argentina on every inch of the field. Did Messi play? We haven’t seen anything of Lionel Messi in this game. The Croatian midfielders where far the best I have seen this tournament. Modric, Rakitic and Perisic over classed every player of Argentina. In the first half Croatia was much better but they couldn’t score a goal. Straight after half time Ante Rebic scored after a mistake from Caballero. An amazing goal in the 53th minute.

After the 1-0 Croatia kept on playing pressure football. And in the 80th minute they made it 2-0. Luka Modric came from midfield and scored an amazing goal from outside the box. A totally deserved 2-0 lead for Croatia. And it wasn’t enough for Argentina because Croatia went on and even scored a third goal in the 90th minute. Ivan Rakitic scored a nice goal and made the final score 3-0 for Croatia.

The referee gave 3 Argentina players (Mercado, Otamendi and Acuna) a yellow card. Otamendi should have had a red card because he hit Mordic on purpose. Craotia received 4 yellow cards (Ante Rebic, Mandzukic, Vrsaljko and Brozovic).

Argentina has a hell of job to get through now. They need a win over Nigeria and the other games have to go their way. Else they are out of this World Cup.

Argentina – Croatia 0-3
53′ Ante Rebic 0-1
80′ Luka Modric 0-2
90′ Ivan Rakitic 0-3


Nigeria – Iceland – 22th June – Volgograd – 17:00 CET (Result 2-0)

nigeria iceland predictions betting tips world cup

For both teams this is the most important game because on paper this are the weakest teams in the group. A win in this game can give the teams confidence and it can help the team to get closer to second place in the group. Iceland have some confidence after they held Argentina to a draw in their first game. Iceland is a team that has an amazing team spirit and defence. I think they will start focussing on defence again against Nigeria. Nigeria needs a win to stay in the running for qualification. They must attack and score goals. This is perfect for Iceland because they can try to score on the counter attack.

A win for Iceland will bring them in pole position for qualification for the second round in Russia. And we think they can manage this. Iceland is the smallest country that plays at this tournament but their top sport mentality is amazing. Iceland will win this game with 1 goal difference. The goal will be scored in the second half from a counter attack.

Bet on Nigeria – Iceland

At our betting partners you can place a few free bets on this game. Simply open a betting account at RedBet or BetVictor and deposit at least €25. After you made the deposit you receive a few free bets from the betting website. There are interesting odds for this game because the teams are the same strength and they can both win this game.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Nigeria – Iceland

Draw at half time, Iceland to win – Odds 5.45
Exact score 0-1 – Odds 7.00
Finnbogason to score from outside the box – Odds 11.00
Exact score score half time – Odds 2.30

Our score prediction – 0-1 Iceland (2nd Half goal)

Bet on this Match!

Result Nigeria – Iceland (2-0 Nigeria)

Another surprise in group D. This group is trying to be the most surprising groups of all. Iceland played a good game against Argentina and Nigeria created nothing againt Croatia. And in this game it was the other way around. Nigeria was the better team. The first half was one of the most boring halves in this tournament. Both teams did not create 1 chance. And there was only 1 yellow card for Nigeria (Brian Idowu).

After half time Nigeria started to play much better. Ahmed Musa claimed the role of match winner. He was playing very good in the second half. Constantly threating the Iceland defenders. With a nice touch and great volley Musa made it 1-0 in the 49th minute. And in the 75th minute he started a solo outside the box. Came in the box and passed players and goalkeeper. He simply shot the ball in the net and made it 2-0. Game over! In the 83th minute Iceland received a penalty but Sigurdsson missed the penalty.

This game was very bad for our betting balance. We lost all 4 bets and we lost €40.

Nigeria – Iceland 2-0
49′ Ahmed Musa 1-0
75′ Ahmed Musa 2-0


Argentina – Iceland – 16th June – Moscow – 15:00 CET (Result 1-1)

argentina iceland predictions betting tips group d world cup

The first game in this group is between Argentina and Iceland. What can Argentina do after a bad qualification and a even worse last World Cup. The pressur is very high on players like Messi. The whole nation looks at Messi because they think he can bring some magic to this team. All pressure is on this little player. Iceland has absolutly no pressure because they are already excited that they qualified for this tournament. Iceland can actualy get a result against Argentina because they have a great team spirit and Argentina always starts slow at a tournament.

I predict a heavy game for Argentina against a defending Iceland team. But they will win this game through a second half goal by Messi. Probably a free kick or a shot from outside the box. My predictions for this game are Argentina to win with 1 goal difference.

Bet on Argentina – Iceland

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Argentina – Iceland

Argentina to win 1-0 – Odds 5.85
Argentina to draw first half and win 2nd half – Odds 3.65
Messi to score first goal – Odds 3.20
Messi to score from outside the box – Odds 6.00
Iceland to get a draw – Odds 4.90

Our score prediction – 1-0 Argentina (2nd half goal)

Bet on this Match!

Result Argentina – Iceland (1-1)

Le me start with a celebration to Iceland. What a result. The first ever World Cup for Iceland and they manage to draw against one of the favorites. An amazing team performance. In our prediction we talked about the great team mentality of Iceland. This is exactly what they did against Argentina. They defended like the best and only needed to conceed a goal in the 19th minute. A grat move from Aguero and a fast shot in the goal was to much for the Iceland keeper. 1-0 Sergio Aguero. Argetina couldn’t celebrate for long because 4 minutes later Alfred Finnbogason made it 1-0. The first ever Iceland goal on a World Cup and a very important one.

In the second half Argentina presserd up and they created a few chances but Iceland was in control at the defence. Their keeper had a very good form and stopped a penalty from Lionel Messi in the 64th minute. It looks like big events with Argentina are not made for Lionel Messi.

We only won one of our bets. The last bet we put €10 on a draw for Iceland. We won 10 x 4.90 is €49. All other bets where wrong because Iceland defended like a team. I am very curious how far Iceland can get this tournament.

Argentina – Iceland 1-1
19′ Sergio Aguero 1-0
23′ Alfred Finnbogason 1-1
64′ Lionel Messi (missed penalty)


Croatia – Nigeria – 16th june – Kalinigrad – 21:00 CET (Result 2-0)

croatia nigeria predictions betting tips world cup 2018 russia

A vital game for both Nigeria and Croatia. Of course the first game is always an important game. But this one is very important because a good result for Nigeria can lift their vibes. Nigeria is not one of the favorites in this group. A result can give them a kick start in this group. Croatia is the much better team with better players. Nigeria had a bad run before this tournament. They lost 4 out of their last 6 games. Another defeat in this game will drop their spirit. Croatia knows Nigeria has a bad recent streak and needs to kill the game in a early stage.

Straight from the start of the game the amazing midfielders of Croatia must take the game in their hands. An early goal will get them the result they need. And when they score an early goal they will probably score one or two more goals in the game. I predict a win for Croatia with goals in the first half and second half. One of the goals will be scored by Mandzukic.

Nigeria can get frustrated (as they did in the African cup of nation finale) and grab a red card during this game.

Bet on Croatia – Nigeria

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Croatia – Nigeria

Croatia to win with two goals or more – Odds 4.75
Croatia to score in both halves – Odds 3.15
Mandzukic to score – Odds 5.30
Over 2.5 goals in the game – Odds 2.25
Croatia to win both halves – Odds 1.41
Nigeria to receive a red card – Odds 3.20

Our score prediction – 2-0 Croatia (Score in both halves)

Bet on this Match!

Result Croatia – Nigeria (2-0 Croatia)

Our first correct score this tournament. And an amazing win on our bets. Croatia is one of our favorite teams. And we think they can get far in this tournament. Today they played against Nigeria. The Nigeria team played very weak and couln’t create a single chance. Solid defending by Croatia. A first half own goal from Oghenekaro Etebo made it 1-0 for Croatia. And a goal in the first half (perfect for our bets). In the first half Croatia played a decent game but they where not playing as good as they can. the first 20 minutes in the second half where pretty boring. Croatia had no need to score and Nigeria couldn’t make a difference.

In the 70th minute there was a foul and Croatia received a penalty from the referee. Luka Modric scored the penalty and made it 2-0. A second half goal (again good for our bets). During the game the referee booked 3 players. 2 Players from Croatia (Ivan Rakitic and Marcelo Brozovic) and 1 from Nigeria (William Troost-Ekong) received a yellow card.

For us this was a perfect bet because we won 3 interesting bets with a few good odds. We predicted a goal in both halves by Croatia. And we thought Croatia would win with 2 goals or more. We also predicted the correct score for this game.

Croatia – Nigeria 2-0
32′ Oghenekaro Etebo (og)  1-0
71′ Luka Modric (Pen) 2-0

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