March 23, 2023

Wagmi Casino – 100% Up to €10,000 on your first deposit

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Wagmi Casino – 100% Up to €10,000 on your first deposit

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A breath of fresh air has arrived: Wagmi Casino. Wagmi is a brand new crypto casino where you can find whatever you need, including two bizarre welcome offers. In addition, Wagmi has a huge selection of games. According to the casino itself, it has over 5,000 games to play. Wagmi partners with many leading brands in the gaming industry. So at this casino you can expect the best and latest games, including live dealer games.

While the number of crypto casinos in the gambling industry has increased recent years, not all of them have integrated NFTs. Why wouldn’t they? That is exactly what Wagmi Casino thought. The casino set out to change that with its NFT-centric, crypto gaming platform. This means you expect a lot of games with NFT Promotions.


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Wagmi Welcome Package

We don’t know everything about the casino or what to expect, but we know for sure that they  have great welcoming offers. Indeed they have two welcoming offers. If you choose to claim welcome offer 1, you can get 100% up to €10,000 on your first deposit. Besides that you can maximize your first 4 and claim up to €30,000. With offer two you can get 15% cashback + 140 Free Spins for seven days every day.

Let’s start with the Honeymoon Match Bonus – 100% Up To €10,000 with first deposit

The honeymoon match bonus is a deposit and receive. In total you can get an amount of €30,000 with 4 deposits.

  1. 100% bonus money on your first deposit up to €10,000.
  2. 50% bonus money on your second deposit up to €7,500.
  3. 50% bonus money on your third deposit up to €7,500.
  4. 50% bonus money on your fourth deposit up to €5,000.

If you combine these first four deposits you can get up to €30,000 bonus money.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Before claiming a bonus it comes in handy to know the ins- and outs of the bonus. That is why we have stated the most important bonus terms and conditions below.

  • A minimum deposit of €30 is required to receive the bonus
  • The wagering requirement is forty times.
  • Each bonus that is part of the welcome package is valid for seven days.
  • Each bet above €6 will not contribute towards the wagering requirement. Also bets on live or table games will be excluded from contributing to the wagering requirement.
  • Slot games will contribute to your wagering requirements


Or claim the Honeymoon Cashback and Spins – claim 15 percent cashback every day for seven days plus 140 Free Spins

Deposit €30 and receive 20 Free Spins plus 15% cashback every day, for seven days, with zero wagering requirements.

How does it work?

We understand that you get very excited when you see that €30,000 bonus money can be claimed with the first bonus offer, but the second offer is also worth listening to. With this bonus you can claim 15 percent cashback every single day for one week. So if you spend a €1000 in one week or even day, you can get €150 back. This means that you can wager with €1000 and get the potential prize money as if you were playing with €1000, but actually you are playing with €850,-. How bizarre is that?

On top of that you get 20 Free Spins. These free spins can be used on the slot Wanted Dead or a Wild. “Plus, if you’re lucky, win 120 extra spins on top” that’s what Wagmi Casino says, but we discovered that somehow you can get those 120 free spins. Here’s how it works: Wagmi Casino gives you 20 free spins for every day you make a deposit. So if you make a deposit every day for seven days, you get 20 x 7 = 120 free spins. If you forgot to make a deposit on, say, the fifth day, there’s no problem. You can just do it again the next day, you will only get 20 spins less.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

The bonus terms of this bonus is something you should be aware of. Of course, not all of them are equally important. Usually a casino makes a very long list of bonus terms so you don’t know where to look. Of course we, at, know all about those bonus terms and which ones are important. We have listed the most important ones for you.

  • A minimum deposit of €30 is required to claim 20 free spins and unlock the 15% cashback (this is immediately available for seven days).
  • The following days another €30 is required to receive the 20 daily free spins.
  • Cashback is based on a players net losses. The net losses are calculated as following: winnings – bonuses – bets = Net losses.
  • Bets on Table Games and Live will not contribute towards the cashback.
  • Minimum amount of cashback that can be credited is €10 and the maximum amount that can be credited is €1,000.
  • Each bonus of this welcome package is valid for seven days.
  • The free spins are only available for 24 hours
  • The winnings from the free spins have to be wagered 15 times before you can withdraw the winnings.


On which games can I use the 140 Free Spins.

Every day, for seven days, you can claim an optional 20 Free Spins. These 20 Free Spins per day are available for 24 hours. And each 20 free spins is available for different games.

Day 1
Use 20 Free Spins on Wanted Dead or a Wild

Day 2
Use 20 Free Spins on Rotten

Day 3
Use 20 Free Spins on Dork Unit

Day 4
Use 20 Free Spins on Hand of Anubis

Day 5
Use 20 Free Spins on RIP City

Day 6
Use 20 Free Spins on Chaos Crew

Day 7
Use 20 Free Spins on Joker Bombs

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Wagmi NFT Utilities – Other Bonuses and Promotions

Most online casino’s have a sections in their menu called ‘promotions’. At Wagmi casino, things are a little different. Their ‘promotions’ section is called NFT Utilities. Owning one of Wagmi’s NFTs gives you a wide range of utility items. These items unlock access to great benefits.


How does it work?

Make sure you become owner of one of the five Wagmi NFTs. Each NFT gives you different bonuses and perks.

Wagmi Genesis Black NFT- Monthly Cash Boost

The Wagmi Genesis Black NFT will give you a monthly €500 worth of bonus cash. And that is for a lifetime!

  • Type NFT: Black
  • Total: 25
  • To be minted: 8
  • Lucky symbols are 7, Cat, Clover, Diamond and Horseshoe.


Wagmi Genesis Gold NFT – Weekly Reload Bonus

The Wagmi Genesis Gold NFT gives you a weekly deposit bonus. This deposit bonus exists of a match bonus from 100% up to €500.

  • Type NFT: Gold
  • Total: 200
  • To be minted: 160
  • Lucky symbols are 7, cat, Clover, Diamond and Horseshoe.


Wagmi Genesis Silver NFT – Weekly Free Spins

The Wagmi Genesis Silver NFT gives you a weekly free spins. For a lifetime you receive 25 Free Spins per week. Each spin is worth €2.

  • Type: Silver
  • Total: 400
  • To be minted: 360
  • Lucky symbols are 7, cat, Clover, Diamond and Horseshoe.


Wagmi Genesis Bronze NFT – Daily Booster

The Wagmi Genesis Bronze NFT gives you a daily cashback. Every single day you receive 5% cashback over your losses. And also this bonus is for a lifetime when owning the Bronze NFT.

  • Type: Bronze
  • Total: 600
  • To be minted: 560
  • Lucky symbols are 7, cat, Clover, Diamond and Horseshoe.


Wagmi Genesis Green NFT – Weekly Reload Bonus

Last but not least is the Wagmi Genesis Green NFT. This NFT gives you a weekly reload bonus. The reload bonus exists out of a deposit bonus: deposit €10 and play with €50. Imagine that you can, when only depositing €10, receive €40 for free, every week, for the rest of your life.

  • Type: Green
  • Total: 798
  • To be minted: 760
  • Lucky symbols are 7, Cat, Clover, Diamond, and Horseshoe.


Wagmi Casino Games

Perhaps a good selection of games, along with bonus offers, is the most important thing a live casino can have. If a casino has great bonus offers, but only a few good games, chances are high you will get bored within a second. That is why we only review casino’s with a decent selection of games. Since we have reviewed Wagmi Casino, you can assume that they have a good range of games. But what criteria do we follow when reviewing the game selection of a casino?

We pay attention to the types of games a casino offers, such as slots and table games, and whether there is a lot of variety. We also look at the game providers the casino works with. Lots of game providers, means lots of variety. But in addition, it is important that these game providers also make high-quality games. And finally, we look at whether a casino offers a Live Casino and Sports betting.

Games that Wagmi Casino offers:

  • Slots
  • Videoslots
  • Table Games
  • Crash Games
  • Feature Buy-in games


Wagmi Live Casino

Almost every casino has a Live Casino. Live Casino’s are extremely popular under the online gamblers. Most of us have been to land based casino’s at least once. A live casino comes close to the experience of a land based casino. You play table games with real live dealers and against or with other players. A few popular live casino games are Roulette and Blackjack. Fortunately Wagmi Casino has both and some other live casino games. We listed all the live casino games Wagmi has below:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Baccarat & Sic Bo
  • Live Poker
  • Game Shows
  • Much more


Wagmi Game Providers

  • Pragmatic Play
  • Hacksaw Gaming
  • Relax Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • OneTouch
  • Push Gaming
  • Revolver Gaming
  • Evo Play
  • BGaming
  • Caleta
  • Thunderkick


Wagmi Casino Sports betting

At the moment Wagmi Casino is not offering sports betting. If they are planning to offer sports betting we will update it immediately.

Is an online casino a real online casino if it does not offer sports betting? We think not. The majority of gamblers place an occasional bet on a game. At Wagmi Casino, you can bet on every sport and league in the world. Like the NBA, NFL, Wimbledon, Europa League and many more. But also the smaller leagues like the Dutch soccer league ‘eredivisie’. Name it and Wagmi offers it.

Wagmi Crypto Casino

Wagmi is a cryptocurrency casino. This means that it isn’t possible to make any deposit or withdrawal via CreditCard, iDeal, Paypal etcetera. Each payment goes via cryptocurrency. You are probably wondering what Cryptocurrencies Wagmi accepts. Wagmi Casino accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Litecoin, TRX, XRP, USDT.


Wagmi Loyalty Program

A lot of online casino’s work with loyalty programs. A loyalty program is a reward system where you can get a lot of different bonuses and promotions, depending on how much you play at a casino. Wagmi Casino believes that truly loyal players should be rewarded. When leveling up in their loyalty program you will see the bonuses and other benefits really do increase. For example at level 2 you get 4% cashback, but at level 5 you already get 14% cashback. Isn’t that something you want to achieve? Because if you already have made the decision you want to gamble, why not spend your money wisely and get some benefits out of it?

The loyalty program from Wagmi Casino exists out of 12 levels. we don’t know exactly which level gives you which bonus, but we do know how to achieve a certain level.

Level 1 is instant achieved when registering at Wagmi.

Levels 2 – 8. These Levels are achieved when wagered a minimum of €5000. At each level up between 2 and 8, you will receive a higher percentage of daily cashback. Also a lot of other bonuses and rewards are given when leveling up.

Levels 9-12. These levels are a serious god mode. When you achieved one of these levels you become an instant VIP (= Very Important Player). The minimum wagering between levels 9 and 12 go from a minimum of €2,500,000. Just as reaching level 2 – 8, level 9 – 12 gives you a higher percentage of cashback. Rewards and bonuses become bizarre. But these levels give another great privilege. It is called ‘Dedicated Concierge Service’. This service gives you custom programs and rewards based on you and the level you have achieved.

Wagmi Casino VIP Club

The Wagmi Casino VIP Club is simply an extension of the Wagmi Casino Loyalty Program. When you achieved the highest levels of the Loyalty Program (Lvl 9 – 12) you become a VIP (= Very Important Player). This VIP status gives you a lot of benefits and privileges.

What does this VIP status give you and how can I reach this status?

Through the Loyalty Program
A personal Concierge Manager: When you have reached the highest levels of the Loyalty Program, a personal Concierge Manger is assigned to you. This Concierge Manager will help you with everything and gives you personal, custom-made perks and benefits. This can all be discussed with your personal Manager.

Wagmi NFT’s
The Loyalty Program isn’t the only way to reach the VIP status. When you have acquired one of the black or gold NFT tokens, you’ll instantly become VIP. Besides receiving the VIP status you will also receive the perks and benefits that come with it.

Become a remarkable player. Wagmi is always scouting new VIP’s. When Wagmi sees that you are a remarkable, loyal player, chances are high that you receive an invitation to become a VIP.

The VIP Experience

The VIP Experience is an amazing experience. You know a bit what to expect when becoming a VIP, but we’d like to tell you a little more about it.

What does a Concierge Manager do?

In addition to giving you customized perks and benefits, your personal Concierge Manger will also help you where needed. This means that there are no questions asked. Got a problem? No problem. Just report your problem and your manager will fix it for you immediately. If you prefer to communicate via something else than email there are other platforms. Your concierge manager is available via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp and everything you can think of.

Unique offers and promotions

But the Unique offers and promotions are something else. Can you name one casino that gives you a personal Concierge Manager who helps you with everything AND gives you unique offers and promotions. Your manager has the authority to curate any offer and/or promotion for you. He also notifies you when there is a new offer in the VIP Club, so you never miss a thing.

Events and Trips

Soon available.

Wagmi Casino is planning to organize trips and events for their VIP’s. Imagine a great party with other VIP Gamblers and your Concierge Manager. Or a sunny vacation. Wagmi for sure is turning out in a big way for their VIP’s.

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Wagmi Cashpot – become part owner of Wagmi Casino

If you want to become part owner of Wagmi Casino you need to become owner of one of the tokens. With one of these tokens you get access to the Cashpot every month. And the more players gamble at Wagmi, the more the cashpot grows. So having one of the Wagmi NFT’s makes you, sort of, part owner.

What percentage of the cashpot do I get?

  • Black – 30%
  • Gold – 23%
  • Silver – 19%
  • Bronze – 16%
  • Green – 12%


Wagmi Casino Contact / customer support

Email – Mailto:
Live Chat – available 24/7
Phone Number – X

Wagmi  Casino Socials


Wagmi Casino background details

Trade name – Wagmi Group N.V.
License – Curaçao eGaming Authority
License No. 8048/JAZ
Registration number – 159966
Adress –  Curaçao, Landhuis Groot Kwartier, Groot Kwartierweg 12.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cryptocurrencies does Wagmi accept?

Wagmi Casino accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Litecoin, TRX, XRP, USDT.

How to achieve the Wagmi VIP status?

You can achieve the Wagmi VIP status through the highest level of the Loyalty Program, a black or gold NFT or an invitation from Wagmi.

Can I claim both welcome offers?

No, you have to choose between welcome offer 1 or welcome offer 2. Welcome offer 1 gives you 100% bonus money up to €30,000 over your first four deposits. If you choose offer 2 you can get 15% cashback + 140 Free Spins for seven days.

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