Louisiana Sports Betting – Best LA Sportsbooks 2024

In October of 2021, changes in legislation made it possible for people to gamble on sports in Louisiana. The authority for these changes is the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, which was created in 1996. As a result, Louisiana sports betting now includes everything from football to basketball betting, baseball and even fantasy sports.

Each of the Pelican State’s 20 casinos and pari-mutuel horse tracks can partner with 2 online operators. Betting is not allowed everywhere in Louisiana, however. While gamblers in 55 of the state’s parishes are free to bet online, wagers in 9 parishes are geo-blocked.

We’ll look at the details and give you some tips about where to enjoy Louisiana sports betting online. We’ll also go over some things you need to know about payment methods and sign-up procedures. You’ll be up and running in no time, enjoying world-class action and a first-rate bonus.

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We’ll cover everything you need to know about Louisiana sports betting:

What is Online Sports Betting?

The term is pretty much self-explanatory. Online sports betting is the placing of wagers on sporting events through the internet.

Decades ago, Louisiana sports betting transactions were mainly performed by telephone and wire transfers. This system was slow and resulted in many frantic phone calls trying to place bets before the big game. Lucky bettors witnessed in person or TV, but distant games required waiting for telephone or newspaper reports.

Today, online sportsbooks are extremely fast and convenient, opening the door for new generations to enjoy Louisiana sports betting. And even though online wagers are a major improvement, smartphones are possibly more important. Their widespread adoption made the streaming of live sports mainstream and allowed players to enjoy live sport anywhere, anytime.

Gambling websites continue to roll out creative innovations like real time in-play wagers and free streaming video. Enjoy the big game on your TV while placing a bet on your smartphone’s Louisiana sports betting app. It’s never been easier or more fun.

Louisiana Sports Betting - Best LA Sportsbooks & Betting Apps

Louisiana Sports Betting Options

Sports betting has a lot of different bet types that you should know about. While some sportsbooks may offer better odds than others, every Louisiana sportsbook will offer the following wagers.


The moneyline is the simplest way to try your luck predicting the winner. Since most people want to bet on the likely winner, the price of the underdog tends to be much more attractive.


Also known as Over/Under wagers, totals ask Louisiana sports betting customers to predict the total score for both teams. You are essentially predicting whether it will be a low scoring game dominated by defense or a high scoring, offensive game.


Similar to the moneyline, the spread is a way to make underdog wagers more desirable. With a spread bet, not only does the favorite need to win, but they also start out with a point deficit. A spread of seven for example, means the better team needs to win by at least 8 to cover the spread.


Parlays bundle multiple bets into a single high stakes wager. Louisiana sports betting parlays are extremely difficult to land, but pay out high multiples for lucky guesses. A small bet that correctly predicts the correct winners of the LSU, Tulane and Saints games may pay out hundreds of dollars.

These bets are very popular with casual gamblers because you can collect a big win from a small wager. Be careful with your selections though, because one bust ruins the whole bet.


These bets are flexible parlays that offer gamblers the ability to improve the spread. A 6-point teaser, allows you to choose any one of the parlayed bets and move the spread 6 points in your favor. This improves your odds of bagging a win, but reduces the potential payout.


Such wagers reward you for forecasting future events such as the Super Bowl champion. These sports betting markets are often referenced on TV news because they are highly accurate in predicting the correct winner. Since the bets are placed long before the actual event, they are popular amongst strategic thinkers.

The Superbowl is one of the biggest yearly sports betting events in Louisiana

Like sports fans all over the world, many Louisianans enjoy occasional wagers on their favorite teams. But there are many other great reasons to place bets, including a few major factors:

  1. Louisianans love sports: Louisiana strongly supports its professional and college sports teams.
  2. The convenience of online gambling: Online sportsbooks make up about 90% of the sports wagering market as they’re so easy to place.
  3. Sportsbook wagers are exciting: Placing a small wager on your favorite team increases the personal stakes, making the game more fun.
  4. Bonuses and promotions: New players enjoy generous bonuses which can be very rewarding.
  5. A wealth of options: Sportsbooks take wagers on dozens of sports, including college football and popular professional leagues.

1. Louisianans Love Sports

Like many southern states, Louisiana is passionate about sports. Football season at LSU and Tulane are important community events that bring together people of all stripes. As for pro sports, Louisiana has supported the Saints for almost 60 years and the Pelicans for 20.

Many sports lovers feel that a bet or two makes the games more exciting by increasing the personal stakes. With such a passionate fan base, Louisiana sports betting naturally favors the local teams.

2. The Convenience of Online Gambling

Gambling has never been easier or more fun. There’s no need to run to the store or even stay glued to the sofa anymore. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, we can enjoy exciting sports bets any time of the day.

About 90% of Louisiana sports bets are placed online. This shows how important the convenience, safety and anonymity of online Louisiana sports betting is. It’s extremely easy to swipe open your phone and punch a quick bet into your favourite betting app.

After you’ve placed your bet, sit back and enjoy the game on the website or app. Many sportsbooks offer free live-streaming for wagered games or dates. This is especially useful when making bets on exotic events like bowling championships.

One of the best reasons to enjoy Louisiana sports betting online is the wealth of information that sportsbooks provide. Long gone are the days of expensive services selling statistical analysis. Today, everyone has everything they need right in the palms of their hands.

3. Sportsbook Wagers are Exciting

Putting a little skin in the game makes events more personal and immediate. Whether your team wins or loses affects your wallet now, making every score an important event. Sports betting in LA makes your heart drop when the opposing team goes on a tear, but nothing beats the exhilaration of a win!

People have been placing wagers on sporting events since at least Roman times. Fans are just as passionate about modern day gladiators, and many friends enjoy trading a bet now and then. With online sportsbooks, it opens the whole world up to your friendly wagers.

4. Bonuses and Promotions

Typically, you’ll score a large risk-free bet or a deposit match when you first sign up for a Louisiana sports betting site. This is a welcoming present that should be carefully considered and enjoyed. You can only enjoy one new player bonus per casino or sportsbook, so take advantage of it.

After the first deposit and wager, take a look at the promotions tab to discover your other options. Keep an eye out for odds boost and reload bonuses. These can be a reliable way to improve your sports betting profits. Free bets may be a little more rare, but pay close attention. They are a golden opportunity to take some additional risk while substantially improving your chances at a score.

Big sportsbooks usually offer new promotions weekly and monthly, so don’t forget to check in from time to time. You’ll typically see upcoming major sporting events, and there may be a few novelty bets thrown in for fun.

5. A Wealth of Options

There are a lot of reasons to love sports. People all over the world watch and play numerous games, including newer offerings like MMA and esports. Naturally, sportsbooks are open to taking wagers on dozens of the most popular sporting events.

Louisiana is primarily known as a football state, but basketball has a large, devoted following too. Although New Orleans is considered small for a professional sports team, the passionate fan base packs stadiums year after year.

The Saints and Pelicans are massively popular, but Louisiana natives also have a deep love for college sports. LSU is a football powerhouse, but there are a number of top teams scattered around the state. Regardless of which team you support, chances are that true fans are supporting their team through the medium of sports betting.

MMA & UFC are popular sports betting markets in Louisiana

Is Online Sports Betting Legal and Safe in Louisiana?

Louisiana gambling has a long history dating to the French colonial and antebellum periods. While casinos were long restricted to riverboats and a few land-based casinos, recent reforms paved the way for online sportsbooks.

Today, the state offers two online Louisiana sports betting licenses for each casino or racetrack. This makes about 40 licenses available in total, allowing diversity but focusing on quality. The big sportsbooks like DraftKings and BetMGM applied for a license, so Louisiana residents have access to the full range of sports betting markets.

Only 55 of the 64 parishes legalized sports betting, however. The 9 holdout counties showed some initial resistance, but potentially could open up in the future. The 9 parishes banning sports betting are:

  • Caldwell
  • Catahoula
  • Franklin
  • Jackson
  • La Salle
  • Sabine
  • Union
  • West Carroll
  • Winn

Residents of these parishes are blocked and will be unable to place wagers at Louisiana sports betting sites. This is accomplished by state mandated geolocation technology used by website operators.

Growth of Sports Betting in LA

The first full month of wagering was a fantastic success with over 238 million in wagers placed in February 2022. Bettors showed a clear preference for newly-legalized local Louisiana sports betting websites, with online sales contributing about 90% of the take.

Although the numbers are far smaller than in Nevada or New York, the industry contributes a lot of tax revenues to the state coffers. The 15% tax for online gambling will provide massive windfalls for the state’s early childhood learning programs and general fund.

Types of Online Sports Betting Bonus

Online casinos and sportsbooks offer generous bonuses to help build strong customer relationships. Look for Louisiana sports betting promotions that favor your betting style so that you can take full advantage of the website’s generosity.

New Player Deposit Bonus

The first time you deposit money at a Louisiana sports betting website will probably be the most rewarding. New player deposits are particularly nice because you receive free credits for each dollar deposited. These are often worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. This money must be played through a number of times before withdrawing. But you’ll receive plenty of chances to score a jackpot.

Gambling websites may offer first time players one of several bonuses. The offer may be a substantial amount of matching funds, free bets, or bet guarantees to first-time players. Some sites may allow you to choose the offer that best suits your needs, so think carefully about your options. Louisiana sports betting welcome bonuses will only be available for your first deposit or bet, so take full advantage of the offer.

Reload Bonuses

The fun doesn’t stop after your first deposit bonus. Look for reload bonuses that may be limited to certain times of the week or have other conditions. Louisiana sports betting fans can occasionally score up to 75% in free bets, substantially increasing your play money.

Like new player bonuses, you’ll want to take full advantage of reload promotions. Schedule your deposits for the peak bonus days and pay close attention to the requirements. It takes a little extra planning, but diligence can really pay off.

Odds Boosts

Many sportsbooks run special limited-time odds boosts to pump up the crowd before big games. These often center around the week’s most exciting events, and can dramatically increase your chances for a big score.

Because Louisiana sports betting sites generally offer good odds to start with, even a small extra boost can make a huge difference. Moving the moneyline on the big LSU game can be the difference between having a profitable weekend or a bust.

Odds Boosts come and go quickly, adding extra spice to your selections. If you see something interesting, be sure to jump on the opportunity.

Odds boosts are popular promotions at sports betting sites in Louisiana

Parlay Insurance

These are risky bets with potentially huge returns. Since sports betting parlays are quite difficult to land, sportsbooks often incentivize this type of wager. If you lose, you may recover part or all of your initial stake as free bets.

Free Bets

Louisiana sports betting websites sometimes reward players with free bets which can be wagered but not cashed out. Any winnings are yours to keep and withdraw as usual.

Risk-Free Bets

This is a kind of insurance which pays out free bets if your wager loses. If your wager is successful, then you collect your winnings as usual. However, if your bet loses you’ll receive credits equal to your original stake.

Since you only receive risk-free bets if you lose, you may try your luck at a long-odds bet with a handsome payout. If it fails you can console yourself with another chance to win, perhaps with a safer bet.

Risk-Free Bet promotion at BetMGM Sportsbook Louisiana

Loyalty and VIP

Louisiana sports betting websites reward their best customers with a variety of perks. These often come in the form of loyalty programs, but could also include leader boards or comps.

Loyalty program points can be exchanged for free bets, bonuses, or casino perks. Some programs are tiered, with increasing benefits as you collect points and rise through the ranks.

Popular Sports

The four most popular sports collect the majority of Louisiana sports betting wagers, of course. But while NFL, MBA, MLB and NHL are exciting, niche sports are sometimes the most rewarding. Developing a passion for darts or volleyball can give you an edge that may help predict winners.

The most popular sports in Louisiana are:

  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • E-sports
  • Boxing
  • Tennis

How to Sign Up for Online Sports Betting in LA

Signing up at one of our top Louisiana sports betting websites only takes a few minutes. The process is extremely simple. Just follow our step-by-step guide to start out right:

  1. Choose one of the safe and secure sportsbook websites from our list.
  2. Open an account by clicking on the new account button and filling out the basic registration information.
  3. It’s a good idea to verify your email address and ID before placing a wager. Verification will be needed to cash out your winnings anyway.

The Louisiana sports betting sites on our list make registration a snap, but help is available if you need it. Customer service representatives are standing by to assist you by email, live chat, and telephone.

How to Sign Up for Online Sports Betting in LA

Payment Methods for Louisiana Sports Betting

Each website has their own payment policies, but you can expect most major payment systems to be accepted. The majority of websites sport a mix of about a dozen deposit and withdrawal options, including cash and e-wallets. Cryptocurrency is accepted by some Louisiana sports betting websites too, but expect this to be an exception rather than the rule.

Common payment methods may include the following options:

  • Visa, Discover, and Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • ACH & online banking
  • Play+
  • Cash at physical casinos
  • E-cheques and couriered cheques
  • PayNearMe

Responsible Gambling

Most people enjoy placing an occasional wager on a game. There is help available for those who need it, though. If you or someone you know needs help, contact the Louisiana Problem Gambler’s Helpline or Gamblers Anonymous.

If you need to stop using a specific Louisiana sports betting website, you can ask them to place controls on your account. Sports betting websites are obligated to take care of customers and will be happy to offer support. Some common tools may include:

  • Time Outs: This is a temporary account suspension requested by the player.
  • Loss Limits: You may set a cap on the amount you can lose in a day, week, or other time period.
  • Self Exclusion: This is a permanent ban from the casino which includes steps taken to prevent you from ever reopening a new account.
  • Deposit Limits: Restrict the amount you may put into your Louisiana sports betting account within a specific time window.


”Is sports betting legal in Louisiana?”

Wagers may be accepted by Louisiana sports betting sites in 55 of the 64 parishes. Websites must be licensed and partnered with one of the state’s racetracks.

”What is the legal age to place a bet in Louisiana?”

Louisiana sports betting websites may only accept bets from bettors aged 21 and older. Horse tracks can accept some bets from 18 year olds.

”Can I bet on college sports in LA?”

Yes. Feel free to put a bet on the LSU Tigers or Tulane Green Wave at a Louisiana sportsbook!

”Is it legal to bet with offshore sportsbooks in Louisiana?”

Online sportsbooks compete for a limited number of licenses in Louisiana. Unlicensed gambling sites should geo-block Louisiana gamblers.

”What are the best Louisiana sports betting sites?”

Our top sports betting sites are thoroughly reviewed and vetted. Take advantage of the best odds and highest bonuses while rooting for your favorite Louisiana sports teams.

”Is Louisiana sports betting popular?”

Yes. In their first full month of operation, Louisiana sports betting operators collected 238 million dollars in wagers. Millions of Louisiana residents are clearly excited to place wagers on their local teams.

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