February 27, 2024

Fortune Coins $8 Free No Deposit Bonus Promo

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Fortune Coins $8 Free No Deposit Bonus Promo

Fortune Coins $8 Free No Deposit Bonus Promo

We’d like to introduce you to a new & fun sweepstakes casino, Fortune Coins! This great new social casino is very exciting and they now even give away $8 free no deposit to new registering players.

If you’re not overly or at all familiar with what a sweepstakes casino is, or how they operate, don’t worry! We’ll go over the differences between a sweepstakes casino and a standard online casino, as well as why Fortune Coins is an excellent first choice for you to invest in for your online gambling hobby!

In this article, we’ll discuss how the casino works, its strengths, and the bonuses they offer. You will also be able to see some of the rules and regulations before opening an account as well as any other information that might be of importance to you. In addition to this we will tell you everything about Fortune Coins current $8 no deposit bonus promo.

How a Sweepstakes Casino like Fortune Coins Works

The Fortune Coins casino is a sweepstakes casino, so it is different from other online casinos. Sweepstakes casinos do not offer cash rewards. Sweep coins are instead used, which can later be exchanged for real money.

It is important to note that you will receive sweep coins instead of actual money for these bonuses. That said, you will be able to convert your sweepstakes coins to cash or prizes. The process is somewhat convoluted, but once you understand this basic ideology, you can begin playing.

The reason sweepstakes casinos operate like this is so that they can operate within states that have more sensitive online gambling laws.

Fortune Coins Exclusive Welcome Promotions May 24 – Get $8 Free No Deposit after registration

Here’s where we will discuss what most people by and large will be interested in, which is what promotions, what bonuses and what features are in place to get you, a potential player, invested at Fortune Coins? Check out below for all the latest and greatest promotions, and bonuses we found for Fortune Coins!

In Fortune Coins’ normal mode, gold coins can be used by players for fun.

A free $8 no deposit bonus is given to you when you sign up at the casino in order to try out the games.

Premium mode is recommended for players who wish to earn actual prizes. You cannot buy fortune coins straight away in Fortune Coins, which is a social casino game. They are only available as an added bonus with ordinary gold coin purchases. When you make your first purchase at Fortune Coins Casino, you’ll receive a second bonus offer.

A 100% match deposit bonus is offered to all users of this website upon making their first purchase, which includes 140,000 Gold Coins, 500 Free Fortune Coins, and $40 in free coins. Redeeming these rewards requires you to use the bonus first; you cannot redeem them directly.

Fortune Coins $8 Free No Deposit Bonus Promo

When compared to other social casinos, Fortune Coins’ welcome bonus is in the middle of the road because both sides are easily found. There are some that are better than others, and there are some that aren’t as good. When it comes to incentives and promotions, there are a few key terms to remember.

We’ve detailed the likely terms and their conditions that you’re commonly going to see at online money and social casinos.

  1. No Deposit Bonus: A bonus that’s typically given to players simply for signing up for the service. Usually comes with free coins for the site, free spins etc. At Fortune Coins you can now get a no deposit bonus with a total value of around $8.
  2. Free Spins: This is similar to the no deposit bonus, but will directly apply to get some free spins no deposit on a slot. You’ll typically get given these just for creating an account to let you test the service.
  3. Risk Free Bonus Bet: Typically this will apply to a deposit. If you for example deposit and bet $20, but the bet loses, the site will issue you back an amount up to the full amount of your wagered amount.
  4. Deposit Match Bonus: This is when the site will typically match a certain amount of your first deposit. For example, if a site is offering a 30% deposit match rate, and you deposit $100, you will have $130 in total to bet with.

Other Available Promotions & No Deposit Bonuses at Fortune Coins Casino

At Fortune Coins you will be able to enjoy various generous promotions. Below we will highlight the most prominent Fortune Coins promos.

Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus – $8 Free

As of now, Fortune Coins is offering a no deposit bonus for all new players. All new players as of June 2022, standard or premium, will get $8 in free coins applied to their account just for creating an account. This is to allow people to use the service and get used to it. There is also a 140,000 Gold Coins & 500 Free Fortune Coins offer, as well as a $40 in free coins with your first purchase at the site, as well as a 100% match deposit rate. Please note, that these bonuses are applicable to new players only. These offers are not available if you have already set up and begun playing on an account.

Fortune Coins Free Spins – Not available

Currently there is no current offering of free spins at the Fortune Coins Casino. If this changes, we will update our article.

Fortune Coins Risk Free Bet

As of now, we couldn’t find anything to suggest that Fortune Coins is offering a risk free play for first time users. If this changes, we will update our article.

Refer A Friend Promotion

There is another way to get a bonus without making a deposit at Fortune Coins. Through the monthly refer-a-friend promotion you can win free Gold Coins and Fortune Coins.

To qualify for any of the rewards you will need to refer friends and family to Fortune Coins sweepstake casino. For everyone that signs up, and makes a purchase, you will be rewarded.

How high your reward will be is depending on the number of coins that your referral purchases. The more coins your friend buys, the bigger the reward.


  • If you friend buy 1,000,000 coins you will get 400,000 free gold coins and 200 free Fortune Coins.
  • When your friend buy 20,000,000 coins you will receive 4,000,000 free gold coins and 1,000 free Fortune Coins.
  • In case you friend buys 1,200,000,000 coins you will enjoy 120,000,000 free gold coins and 4,500 free Fortune Coins.


As you can see the rewards really add up. If you like to learn more about this promotion then visit the refer a friend page on the Fortune Coins platform. You can also learn more about the way this promotion works by checking out their short video on YouTube.

The Quick Pros & Cons of playing at Fortune Coins


  • Free to Play feature.
  • Excellent selection of current and classic games.
  • Legal in most of the USA.
  • Excellent user bonuses and rewards including a no deposit bonus worth $8 free.
  • The site functions exceptionally well on desktop or mobile.


  • Limited Customer Service.
  • No Native App for either iOS or Android.
  • No Rewards Program.
  • The game selection is good but room for improvement.

Purchasing Fortune Coins & Gold Coins

Gold Coins are available to purchase at Fortune Coins from the minimum amount of $4.99 to the maximum of $99.99. The most convenient payment methods currently supported at their site include debit/credit card and PayPal.

We mentioned above a deposit match bonus and other bonus amounts for your first purchase. Your first purchase is the only time that you will get a bonus, and the amount given as a bonus will increase the more you spend.

How Coins are Cashed Out for Real Money & Prizes

This part can be somewhat confusing as there is a bit of an intricacy as to how the conversion rate works, and the minimums required in order to either cash out or obtain a prize for your coins. In order to redeem real cash prizes, you need to have at least 5,000-10,000 coins in your account before they can really be taken out. In order to increase the number of coins within your account, all you have to do is play the various games available on fortune coins and stack up some winnings.

To roughly explain it to you, $1 breaks down to about 100 coins, so by that logic the minimum withdrawal cash out amount is $50. If you have this amount, or more the cash out procedure is very easy and straightforward and is explained below.

Simply navigate to the Redeem section of the Fortune Coins Casino Site. From here, you’ll be able to select how many Fortune Coins you wish to cash out, and if you want them to be returned via a real money cash deposit, or for a select prize.

The types of prizes vary regularly, so it’s best to check back on your account semi often to see if you’d prefer cash, or a reward/prize instead!

Please note, that if you do however want to withdraw cash funds, you’ll need to have a fully verified account. What this means is that you’ll need to have provided Fortune Coins with personal info & proof of ID to verify your identity, and age, before any payments can be made to your account. Thankfully, Fortune Coins are relatively quick and are verifying all players who want to go this route.

If you’re unsure of how to create an account, and how to get rolling with a bonus code today, it’s been explained in the next section of this post.

Creating an Account at Fortune Coins

Creating an Account is a very easy process to follow, and is pretty much the same as signing up for any online account, with a few extra steps due to it being an adult entertainment centered site. In order to create your account, follow the shortlist below and you’ll be ready to play in no time.

  1. Navigate to the Fortune Coins Site on Mobile or Desktop
  2. Click Create Account
  3. Enter Your Details
  4. Details Required: Email, Name, Date of Birth
  5. Optionally, You’ll need to provide an ID for cash withdrawals.
  6. Verify email sent after account creation
  7. Complete your first purchase of Gold Coins and Get Playing!

Creating an Account at Fortune Coins

Expert Tips for Playing Smart at Fortune Coins

In order to make sure that you get the best out of your time at the Fortune Coins Sweepstake Casino, make sure you follow these few steps below that we gathered ourselves, and from other expert sources on sweepstakes casinos.

The Daily Login Bonus

  • As you already know, you must have Fortune Coins to win cash prizes. Making gold coins in exchange for Fortune Coins is a great way to get a lot of these betting coins. Upon acceptance of the Fortune Coins registration offer and regular registration, players will be rewarded with 50,000 gold coins in addition to one Fortune coin. Even though there are days when you can’t play Fortune Coins, you will still receive bonus coins for signing up. So set an alarm or write a note to help you remember to sign up and collect coins every day.

Observe Terms & Conditions in Place

  • As Fortune Coins is a new sweepstakes casino, many changes will take place in the future. As a result, it is important to check the conditions regularly, as they can change at any time. One thing to keep in mind is that Fortune Coins reserves the right to terminate your account if you do not log in for 60 days. Keep this in mind when you take a break, and maybe just join to get a daily sign up bonus.

Keep Watch for New Bonus Codes & Promotions

  • Along with the Fortune Coins sign-up promotion, there are numerous incentives and bonuses available. There will continue to be prizes and promotions offered by Fortune Coins as they are still a relatively new product. Among other things, Fortune Coins’ main page features a prize wheel that you can spin once a day, every day. Make sure you don’t miss these spins or make a note to log in, grab your daily login bonus and spin the wheel, even if you aren’t playing that day.

Register for the Mailing List

  • There are many different ways to earn coins, including referrals, surveys, playing games, etc. There are some other cool features like sending emails requesting to be signed to the Mailing List. By doing this, you’ll be rewarded with coins to use on the site!

The Games Available At Fortune Coins

There’s a huge variety of games at Fortune Coins, which you’ll be pleased to hear. It allows for variety when it comes to game types, aesthetics and game developers. So we’re sure you’ll find something you enjoy playing.

From classic style slots to new and flashy ones, Fortune Coins will have something for everyone. There are 40+ slot machines, table games, bingo, video poker, instant win games, and arcade-style games that are all included in the collection. Additionally, there are several jackpot games where you can earn thousands of fortune coins.

You’ll be able to navigate to whatever section of game style that you want from the top navigation bar on the Fortune Coins site, with categories clearly outlined like Slot Games, Table Games, All Games and more.

At Fortune Coins, spread across the various categories of games, you’ll find over 570 differently themed and styled games from the latest and best legacy developers in the iGaming Industry. We checked the game performance on both Desktop & Mobile and noticed that due to the excellent optimization of HTML5, the games all ran exceptionally smooth on either method of access. This is an excellent observation as it means you can really play at Fortune Coins whenever you’re bored, have a few minutes, or just looking to kill some time and try to win some coins to cash out.

Games Available At Fortune Coins

New Slots at Fortune Coins

  • Fairy Tale
  • Supernova
  • Veggie Samuari
  • Candy Dandy
  • Wild Joker
  • Santa’s Secret
  • Lucky Ducky

How the Website Functions & Looks

When you land on the Fortune Coins homepage, you’re greeted by a very modern, well optimized and fun looking casino site. The website is laid out in an easy to navigate way, with the main sections at the top being All Games, About Us, Contact Us & Log In.

Thus immediately granting players access to the part of the site they want to get to quickly. As for the visual appeal of the website, it follows suit to the high quality that Fortune Coins has already established.

The games are laid out in a tile pattern, with the popular games occupying bigger sections of the page, but still retaining easy to recognize smaller brands for people looking to try out a new game. The graphics are crisp, fun & cartoonish and really exude a sense of fun.

As you scroll further down the page you’ll notice that there is a jackpot counter constantly racking up, for all players to opt into and hop to bring it home for themselves with a huge win. At the time of writing, the jackpot is sitting at well over 1M Fortune Coins. To break this down into real money this is over $10,000 waiting to be won!

As we mentioned before, due to the exceptional optimization of this site, all the games function fantastically well.

Whether you’re on desktop, tablet or mobile, Fortune Coins is a fun time for every type of player.

Fortune Coins Casino App

During the last few years there has been a massive shift within the online gambling industry towards mobile playing. Back in the days maybe only 20% of people played on mobile devices, but the last few years this percentage have increased up to 80%. This means the mobile channel should be the most important for (sweepstake) operators.

With this being said it is quite strange that Fortune Coins has no casino app available. In my opinion a dedicated iOS and Android Fortune Coins casino app would be a significant improvement for their offering.

Although there is no Fortune Coins casino app available you can still easily play on your mobile device through your browser. The website is fully optimized for mobile use which means it runs quite user friendly on both smartphone and tablets.

For the best experience we would like Fortune Coins to add a dedicated app to their product range, but for now we can still easily recommend their mobile website.

Fortune Coins VIP Rewards Program

As we mentioned in our quick pros and cons section at the top of the page, unfortunately as of now, Fortune Coins does not offer a rewards or VIP program. This can be largely attributed to the fact the site is new and only launched this year. However, there is an incentive in place for people to gain some extra coins for themselves with a small easy step that can be repeated. Fortune Coins operates a referral system, we’ve outlined below how it works and how you can take advantage of it.

Should you have friends or family that also like to play in the iGaming space, then this is a great section for you. By obtaining your unique invitation link in the My Account section, anyone to whom you send the link and creates an account following your link will be granted a bonus of Gold Coins and Fortune Coins upon successful account creation, as will you for getting them to sign up. You can repeat this as many times as you wish!

Though not a traditional rewards scheme, it’s at least something to incentivize people to get more people involved.

The Payment & Withdrawal Options Available

Largely thanks to their modern approach to just about everything on their site, Fortune Coins offer an exceptional amount of classic and new payment options for their customers to take advantage of. We’ve quickly listed them below for you to check if you’re covered!

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Skrill
  • Venmo
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • eCheck


As you can see, everyone is well catered to here, especially the newer generation looking to use new payment methods like Venmo and Skrill over the traditional card or bank methods. We didn’t notice an option for CashApp or Zelle built in yet, but this may come in the future.

Fortune Coins - Play online casino games for free


Provided you’ve requested that payment be sent to you in the form of a cash payout, you can expect it to be manually reviewed and processed within 48 hours of you sending the request. Please note, however, that Fortune Coins will only send a payout to the same funding source you initially used to add the Fortune Coins to your account on the site. You cannot pay in with a Bank Transfer and payout to PayPal.

Depending on what funding method you want to be paid out to, including the processing time and time for it to arrive in your account, it can take 3-5 working days for your money to arrive in your account. It can sometimes be faster, but this was the expected average from our testing.

Customer Service Options at Fortune Coins

There are not many ways to contact Fortune Coins customer support as it is a young company. At this point, the only option is to click the “Contact Us” button, which will send an email with your request, complaint or question. Fortune Coins is investigating and responding to these issues manually and does seem to get back to everyone in a relatively quick and helpful manner.

Also provided via their website is a ZenDesk bot, which you can type a query into and see if there is any corresponding information available on the site in relation to what you want to know. Apart from this, you can find a pretty decent FAQ section provided by Fortune Coins which tackles common issues, questions or misc information that people seek to find about the service.

There is also a section of listed and known bugs that Fortune Coins is aware of, and is actively investigating to try and fix on their site. So to save yourself time, see if the issue or question you have for them is available here, rather than waiting to hear back directly.

We’ve listed the one email we found for Fortune Coins below, should you want to contact them directly. You can also fill out their contact us form.

Email Contact Info: info@fortunecoins.com

While it’s admirable to see they’ve invested in self help at their site, we find it highly suggestible that they invest in either a set hour live chat service, or a toll free or toll plus customer service number for people with time sensitive or money related issues to be dealt with quicker.

Security & Safety Assurances

Ultimately, a lot of people are cautious when it comes to playing at online casinos, real money or not. This is largely in part thanks to not wanting to give our personal information and payment information to any site that isn’t fully safe to correspond with.

Thankfully, we’re happy to say that Fortune Coins is a legal, safe, and vetted online gambling company, and regularly receives good reviews online for their customer service, and overall service provided at their site. Fortune Coins also provided HTML5 encrypted servicing to their site, to ensure that any information passed between you and them, is safe and secure.

Additional Security at Fortune Coins

In order to protect your data, the payment methods used to buy golden coins on Fortune Coins use a shop site that is SSL certified. resulting in secure data transfers while using the accepted payment options.

Should I Play at Fortune Coins Sweepstakes Casino?

We can definitely recommend Fortune Coins to anyone looking for a new dedicated mainstay online casino for them to regularly visit if they’re a gambling enthusiast looking for a more casual and easy to access method to play. Fortune Coins despite being a new company, has the brains of a company that’s been around for years and knows what players want.

They have an extraordinarily generous welcome offer for new users, great bonuses and promotions for existing players, a high game count of over 500 and much more. We really don’t have many things to fault at Fortune Coins other than the decidedly lacking customer service option, but due to how well things work over at their site, it is highly unlikely you’ll need to contact them.

With that, we can definitely give Fortune Coins a thumbs up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are social casinos or sweepstakes legal?

Since you are not using actual money to gamble at sweepstakes casinos, they are very different from regular casinos. It cannot really be compared to your typical online casinos because the rules and regulations operate differently. What we can say is that sweepstakes casino are 100% legal in the US except in Washington. Check out this post for further details if you're interested in learning how these laws and regulations operate.

Do slot machine winning strategies exist?

The majority of Fortune Coins' gameplay consists of slots, which are well-known for being enjoyable and fun. Slot machines are rather simple to grasp, and the payoff on the cards can be substantial. Look at an article about Fortune Coins and the games you may play with them, in order to see if there are any specific strategies or tips offered for the specific game you’ve chosen to play.

How can you earn sweepstakes coins?

There are numerous ways to obtain sweepstakes coins and we’ve detailed a lot of the methods in our article. Additionally, Fortune Coins offers two different kinds of coins. Even though gold coins aren't thought of as sweepstakes money, it's still important to collect them for games. So please know that Fortune Coins can be exchanged for cash or prizes, gold coins are purely for playing the games.

How do Fortune Coins break down into real money?

Your choice of sweepstakes casino will determine how this works. Typically, each sweepstake casino has its own sweep coins with a unique conversion rate to dollars. For our testing and at the time of writing, 100 Fortune Coins translates into roughly $1. You can get $8 worth of Fortune Coins free, just by signing up today.

Does every US state have access to Fortune Coins?

Players can access the website from anywhere in the US, with the exception of Washington. While we don't have any current information on when this will change, we assume Fortune Coins will try to add Washington when they can.

What do casino sweepstakes mean?

In contrast to standard online casinos, sweepstakes casinos operate differently. Because of this, with the exception of Washington, it is essentially legal in every state in the US. In this essay, we examine the nature of sweepstakes casinos and how they actually operate.

Does Fortune Coins Offer Customer Support Via Live Chat?

No. Instead, you can use email to get in touch with Fortune Coins customer email which is found further up in this article.

Does Fortune Coins offer an casino app?

There is no Fortune Coins Casino App available at the moment. In my opinion it would be a great improvement when Fortune Coins would launch an casinoa app for iOS and Android.

Does Fortune Coins offer a no deposit bonus?

Yes, new customers that now open a free account can receive a $8 no deposit bonus in free coins.

What is the smallest and largest amount of gold coins I can buy?

Prices range from a minimum package of $4.99 all the way up to $99.99, with packages in between. You can purchase these coins via the Fortune Coins website.

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