Live Dealer Games

This article will be a slowly expanding article with a short explanation of all the Live Dealer Games available at our favorite US online casinos. The short explanation will be followed by a link to a longer article detailing more about that specific game. A lot of the games will be available in different version. Those will mainly be highlighted more thoroughly in the detailed article. The focus of this article is to answer the question what kind of games you can find at most popular US Live Casinos?

In this article we will highlight the most well-known Live Casino games as well as how to bet in them. For more detailed information on the Live Casino games, we refer you to the specific pages dedicated to those games.

The most well-known games you can find at Live Casinos in the USA are:

What are Live Dealer Games?

Land-based casinos in the USA are typically known for their big table games with human dealers behind it. Sit on a table and the dealer is shuffling the cards, rolling the dice, or spinning the wheel. Everybody knows the big four classic casino games: Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’Em and Baccarat. You can play these games in almost every land-based casino. But what are Live Dealer games? These Live Dealer games work almost the same for a Live Casino. You can sit at your own home and join a free spot on the table of an online casino. Play your favorite casino game or try one of the different versions of these games with the stakes you like. It’s even possible to lower your stake to $0.10 per bet at some games.

How are these Live Dealer games hosted?

These games are hosted from professional studios all over the world. So, these games are played in an actual casino somewhere in the world. These are high end casinos from the biggest providers in the business. There is a human dealer playing the game in front of a HD camera with microphones. You can hear the dealer talk and chat with him. Some examples of the locations of these casinos are:

  • Riga, Latvia
  • Fort Mriehel, Malta
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Spa, Belgium
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Tbilisi, Georgia

Why are Live Dealer games so popular?

The popularity of the Live Dealer games is rising extremely over the last couple years, but why? There are some obvious reasons why players love to play these Live Dealer games.

The first reason is that you don’t need to travel to play your favorite casino games. This saves a lot of time for busy people or people who don’t have money to travel to a land-based casino. The social aspect of the online Live Dealer games is the same as the games at land-based casino you will find in the USA. You can chat with the dealer and the other players on the table.

It is also the case that a lot of US land-based casinos are closing due to the competition. So, it’s difficult to find a real casino to play at. When you don’t live in Las Vegas at least. Because of this, it’s very nice to play your favorite Live Dealer games at home.

The last big feature about Live Dealer games at online casinos is the variety of games. You can play the normal traditional versions of the four classic casino games Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em. But there are dozens of varieties of these games that you can play at an online casino and can’t at a land-based casino.

Advantages of Live Dealer games

There are some advantages that come with the live Dealer games at online casinos in comparison to US land-based casinos. We will highlight some of the advantages of these Live Dealer games.

  • Mobile Gameplay: All the Live Dealer games are available on your desktop or laptop. Most of the casinos also offer a great mobile casino, so you can play on your smartphone, tablet, and smart TV also. This also means that you can lay back on your couch, bed or chair and have all the comfort from your own home. Walk to the fridge for your favorite drinks and snacks and you don’t need to pay for them.
  • 24/7 Available: It’s also a great feature that you can play these Live Dealer games wherever and whenever you want, as long as you have a working internet connection.
  • Lower Stakes: At Live Dealer Games can you bet with a much lower stake in comparison to a land-based casino. At real casinos most minimum bets are $5 or even $10 per spin or play. With Live Dealer games you’re able to lower your minimum bet to $0.10 at some games.
  • Always a Free Spot on the Table: You’re used to the fact that a normal casino has one or maybe two tables of a game. And on a busy night on the weekend could it be difficult to claim a spot on the table. That won’t be a problem with Live Dealer games. There are plenty of tables and seats to join.

Craps Live

Craps Live is the latest addition in the table game selection and so far, is only hosted by Evolution Gaming. This incredibly popular game is taking the Live Casino world by storm.

Craps Live by Evolution Gaming

In Live Craps there are two different rolls that can be betted on. The Come-Out roll and the Point Roll. Players take turns being the Shooter. The Shooter is the person rolling the dice. Players take turns being the Shooter in a clockwise fashion. You traditionally roll the dice against the wall on the other side of the table. A traditional Craps table has high walls for this reason. The Shooter always places a chip on the PASS LINE, which means he bets he will win. The PASS LINE bet is the most common bet to be placed in a game of Craps.

Come Out Roll

Every round starts with a Come-Out Roll. In this stage of the game the puck that indicates where the game is at, is in the OFF position. The Come-Out roll has several outcomes that either finish the round instantly or make it continue to a Point Roll. In the Come Out Roll the Shooter needs to roll a 7 or 11 to win automatically. If the Shooter throws a 2, 3 or 12 you lose instantly. The other numbers, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10, will trigger a Point Roll.

Come Out Rolls and Consequences:

  • 7 or 11: Shooter wins.
  • 2, 3 or 12: Shooter loses.
  • 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10: Activate Point Rolls.

Point Roll

When during the Come Out Roll the Shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, a Point Roll is activated. In this roll it is important that the Shooter rolls that same number again before rolling a 7.

For example, during the Come Out Roll the Shooter has rolled a 5. During the Point Roll the shooter must keep rolling the dice until he has hit a 5 or a 7. If he hits a 5, he wins. If he hits a 7, he loses.

For more detailed information on Craps and its history, check out our article on Craps Live!

How to bet in Craps?

Multi-Roll Bets

These bets are valid for multiple rolls unless the Come-Out Roll already finishes the round. Some bets are only available during the Come-Out Roll. Some bets are only available during the Point Roll, and some are always available. Below we will list the Multi-Roll Bets.

Multi-Roll Bets available during the Come-Out Roll:

  • PASS LINE: You bet that the shooter wins the game.
  • DON’T PASS: You bet that the shooter loses the game.

Multi-Roll Bets available in the Point Roll:

  • COME: You bet that the Shooter wins the Point Roll.
  • DON’T COME: You bet that the Shooter loses the Point Roll.
  • ODDS: You can place another bet next to your original bet. The ODDS bet is divided in Take Odds, which means you bet that the Shooter throws his Point number before he throws a 7. The Lay Odds bet means you bet the Shooter throws a 7 before he throws his Point. The number that the Shooter rolls will determine the payout.

Multi-Roll Bets available at any time in the game:

  • WIN: Next to each Point Number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) there is a field that says WIN. Placing a bet on that field means you believe that number will be rolled before the number 7 will be rolled.
  • LOSE: Next to each Point Number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) there is a field that says LOSE. Placing a bet on that field means you believe that the number 7 will be rolled before this number will be rolled.
  • HARDWAYS: A HARDWAY means that either 4, 6, 8 or 10 is rolled with a pair. This means that for instance 8 is rolled by rolling two fours. This bet wins if this happens. If the 8 is rolled with any other combination (i.e. 2+6 or 3+5) you lose. The HARDWAYS pay out depending on the odds. Rolling a 4 with two twos pays out 7:1. Rolling a 6 with two threes pays out 9:1. Rolling an 8 with two fours pays out 9:1. Rolling a 10 with two fives pays out 7:1.

One Roll Bets

The One Roll bets have odds ranging from 1:1 all the way up to 30:1. These bets are only valid for one roll. The results of the bets on each roll are resolved right after the roll has taken place. These rolls are of course far rarer to happen but pay out big time! The different One Roll Bets are listed below.

  • FIELD: A FIELD bet means you bet that the next roll will be 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. This bet pays out 1:1, except for when 2 or 12 were rolled then the payout is doubled, so 2:1.
  • SEVEN: This bet wins if the next roll is 7. The payout for this bet is 4:1.
  • CRAPS: This bet wins if the next roll is any Craps. Craps are 2, 3 or 12. The payout for this bet is 7:1.
  • CRAP 2: This bet wins if the next roll is a 2. As the odds for this are low the payout is very high. The payout for this bet is 30:1.
  • Crap 3: This bet wins if the next roll is a 3. As the odds for this are low but higher than the CRAP 2 or 12 the payout is decent but not as high as CRAP 2 or 12. The payout for this roll is 15:1.
  • CRAP 12: This bet wins if the next roll is a 12. As the odds for this are low the payout is very high. The payout for this bet is 30:1.
  • 11: This bet wins if the next roll is an 11. As the odds for this are low but higher than the CRAP 2 or 12 the payout is decent but not as high as CRAP 2 or 12. The payout for this roll is 15:1.
  • C&E: CRAPS & ELEVEN is a combination bet. This bet wins if the next roll is any of the Craps (2, 3 or 12) or an 11. If it hits any of the Craps you win with odds of 3:1. If the Shooter rolls an 11 you win with odds of 7:1.

Important information:

Type of game: Dice
Hosted by: Evolution Gaming

Live Blackjack

This game is well known today and played in many different casinos all around the world. It should come as no surprise then that blackjack is also very popular in the Live Casinos.

The rules of the game are simple. The players are each dealt two cards. Whether the cards are face up or face down depends on the casino and the table. The dealer is usually dealt one card. The value of the cards 2 to 10 are their number value. The face cards (the Jack, Queen and King) are all worth 10. The Ace can be worth either 1 or 11. The value of the hand is the sum of the cards.

For example, if you have a Jack and an 8, the hand value is 18. If you have a Jack and an Ace, the hand value is 21. This is called a blackjack. If the player has a blackjack and the dealer doesn’t, the player automatically wins.

The player can ask for more cards to improve on their hand. For example, their initial hand was a 2 and a 6 totaling to 8. The player is dealt a King as third card, totaling the hand to 18. The player can risk drawing again with the chance of hitting 21. If the player exceeds 21 the player goes bust and loses.

The dealer draws on top of their initial card until they hit 17 or higher. Then the dealer must stay. If the dealer exceeds 21 in their drawing, the dealer goes bust. This means the player wins. If neither dealer or player goes bust the highest number that is 21 or below wins. If the dealer and player both hit the same number including blackjack (21), then neither of them wins.

Live Blackjack at US Online Casinos

Some terms you need to know when playing Blackjack are:

  • Hit: When you want to have another card.
  • Stand: When you don’t want another card.
  • Bust: When you go over 21.
  • Push: When you and the dealer have equal hands.
  • Split: When you have two of the same cards and can play two hands.
  • Double Down: You double your bet and will stand the next round.

For more detailed information about Blackjack and its history, check out our article on Blackjack!

How to bet in Blackjack?

In Blackjack you bet basically on you winning the game. You bet with chips. These chips are available in different colors, each representing a certain amount. For example, a green chip is 5 euro, a red chip is 10 euro and so on. The colors and value of the chip varies per host. If you go bust, you lose your bet. If the dealer goes bust before you do, you receive money in a 2:1 fashion. If your hand value is 21 without first asking for a hit mean you win your bet in a 1,5:1 fashion.

Important information:

Type of game: Cards
Hosted by: Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play Live, Microgaming

Available at:

Live Baccarat

In Baccarat there are three different well-known versions of the game. The Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque. The first of the three, Punto Banco, is the most popular one and the one you can find in most online casinos as well as most land-based casinos. Up to 90% of all the Baccarat games available are Punto Banco.

In this article we will therefor only highlight Punto Banco. The other versions of Baccarat will be highlighted in the specific article about Baccarat.

Punto Banco

To win the game you need to draw or be dealt cards and get 8 or 9 points. The cards with numbers on them all go for face value. The Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10 points, and the Ace is worth 1 point. When counting the score, it is important to note that only the last number counts. So, if you have 17 points added up, then only the 7 counts. Usually, this game is played with 6 to 8 decks that are all gathered in a stash called sabot.

Example: You draw an Ace and a Jack. Those cards are valued at 1 and 10. This means your total is 11. However only your last number counts so your total is 1.
The highest number you can score is 9.

When playing Punto Banco, you can wager on the player (Punto) or the bank (Banco) or Égalité when you think it will be a tie. The Punto and Banco are each dealt two cards. If the Punto or the Banco has 8 or 9 points and the other does not, they automatically win. If neither have 8 or 9 points, they draw cards according to the Tirage rules. Those rules are a little complicated at first. Below we will name the options that you can pick from in the Tirage:


  • If the Punto has less than 6, they will draw a third card.
  • If the Punto has 6 or 7, they will stand.


  • If the Banco has less than 6, they will draw a third card.
  • If the Banco has 6 or 7, they will stand.

If the Punto has drawn a third card, the Banco has the following rules to follow:

  • If the Banco has less than 3, the Banco will draw a card, regardless of what the third card of the Punto is.
  • If the Banco has 3, the Banco will draw a third card unless the Punto’s third card was an 8.
  • If the Banco has 4, the Banco will draw a third card if the Punto’s third card was 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
  • If the Banco has 5, the Banco will draw a third card if the Punto’s third card was 4, 5, 6, 7.
  • If the Banco has 6, the Banco will draw a third card if the Punto’s third card was 6 or 7.
  • If the Banco has 7, the Banco will stand.

How to bet in Baccarat Punto Banco?

If Punto wins, the bets will be paid out 1 – 1. If Banco wins, the bets will be paid out minus 5%. So, if Punto wins and you bet $20 on it then you win $20. If Banco wins and you bet $20 then you win $19. If you bet on Égalité, your winnings will be paid 8 to 1. So, if you bet $20 on Égalité then you win $160.

Baccarat Chemin de Fer

In Baccarat Chemin de Fer the game gets a little more complicated. The goal of getting to the 9 or close to it is still there. In this version one of the players is the Banco, the bank. The player that is the bank is the one that bought it as the highest bidder. Being the bank means you get to play solo against the other players and thus have a higher chance of winning. The first person to the left is then allowed to put money on it, then his neighbor on the left, and so on. The total money to be bet cannot be higher than the bank. A player can so call out “Banco!” which means that the player will play against the Banco alone. This is like Punto Banco. If multiple players shout “Banco!” the player first in line gets to go first.

Then four cards are dealt, two for the players, two for the bank. The highest bidder or the person who called out “Banco!” picks up the cards and represents the other players. The game then continues like the Punto Banco. If the bank wins, the original amount in it plus the winnings will be added and transferred to the next round. If the player that plays the bank wants to cash out his winnings, he can no longer play the bank. If this is the case, the other players will be asked if they want to take over the bank for the current amount that is in it. If that isn’t the case the bank will be transferred to the neighbor on the left side of the previous bank holder. Because the bank holder is one of the players, the winnings get a 5% tax on it for the casino. This is because you are playing against other players and not against the casino itself.

If the player wins, the bank is transferred to the next player on the left-hand side of the banker.

Many games have a set minimum bank or wager amount so keep an eye on the rules of the game when joining one.

Baccarat Banque

The only different between Baccarat Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque is that the bank doesn’t change, and the number of decks is lower. In Baccarat Banque the bank only transfers when the banker resigns it by free will or exhaustion of funds. The bank is initially put up for auction and usually goes for quite a high amount. Playing the bank means you either can win a lot of money or lose a lot of money. It is a high-risk position! The number of decks in the sabot is usually three. The player playing the bank can continue playing until all cards have been played, he has run out of funds or withdraws voluntarily. The rest of the game is played similarly to Punto Banco and Baccarat Chemin de Fer.

Important Information:

Type of game: Cards
Hosted by: Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play Live, Microgaming

Available at:

Live Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is by far the most popular version of poker. It is the version that is most regularly available in Live Casinos. Texas Hold ‘Em as a game has increased in popularity since it started being played more regularly in saloons in the Wild West. These days the game is seen as one of the classic gambling games that are permanently linked to loud saloons in the Wild West where cowboys gather.

The rules of Texas Hold ‘Em are simple. In Texas Hold ‘Em there is a Big Blind and a Small Blind every round. The Big Blind is forced to put in at least the minimum bet, the Small Blind is forced to put in half of what the Big Blind puts in. Then the cards are dealt. Every player keeps their cards to themselves. The goal of the game is to be able to make high combinations or bluff that you can make them. You need all the other players to either give up because they believe you have a winning hand, or you need to actual beat them with your winning hand. More on this can be found under: How to bet in Texas Hold ‘Em?

After being dealt the first two cards players can chose to join in and play or fold. After everyone has made their decision three open cards are placed in the middle of the table. After that the players can increase their bet or fold. Then a fourth card is added followed by another round of betting or folding. Then the final card is added followed by a final round of betting or folding.
The combinations that the player can make with his own two cards and cards on the table are listed below in increasing value.

  • Highcard: Value of the cards in numbers is high.
  • Pair: Two cards with the same value (i.e. Two Kings)
  • Two Pairs: Two sets of two cards with the same value. (i.e. Two Kings and Two Sevens)
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards with the same value. (i.e. Three Kings)
  • Straight: Sequence of 5 cards in increasing order. (i.e. 2 to 6)
  • Flush: Five cards of the same suit.
  • Full House: A combination of Three of a Kind and a Pair (i.e. Three Kings and Two Sevens)
  • Four of a kind: Four cards of the same value (i.e. Four Kings)
  • Straight Flush: Straights of the same suit.
  • Royal Flush: Straight Flush from Ten to Ace (Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace)

The term poker face comes from this game and means that you have a face that doesn’t give away what is in your hands, your face can’t show any emotions. The introduction of an online version of this game has many the popularity skyrocket. There are quite a few professional poker players out there who play this game and win fortunes while doing so. The fact that there is no camera involved so you don’t show your face the online version adds to the appeal. Old casino tricks like reading your opponent’s facial expressions can no longer be used as they can’t see your face.

For more detailed information about Texas Hold ‘Em and its history, check out our article on Texas Hold ‘Em!

How to bet in Texas Hold ‘Em?

In Texas Hold ‘Em you play to win the final showdown. You don’t have to have a winning hand to win the showdown though it does help. If the last player folds, also known as giving up, before you the final showdown you win automatically, no matter the cards in your hand. If the final showdown does happen, you win by having a higher-ranking combination than your opponent.

The betting in Texas Hold ‘Em is usually done with chips like a blackjack game. You have chips in varying colors that symbolize a certain amount of money. You buy in chips before the game but can always replenish your stock of chips while playing, should you run low. Every round the Big Blind is forced to put in the minimum bet, the Small Blind half of that. Every player that wants to play that round after having seen their cards needs to place at least the minimum bet. If someone ups the bet, then every other player must match that if they want to continue, or fold if they do not. If they fold, they lose their original bet. Throughout the game after cards have been placed on the table, people can increase their bet or fold. During the final showdown the winner is either the last person who remains playing if everyone else has folded, or the person with the highest combination. That person takes all the chips that were betted in that round.

Important Information:

Type of game: Cards
Hosted by: Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play Live, Microgaming

Available at:

  • BetMGM Casino
  • Borgata

Live Roulette

The only game hosted by Authentic Gaming, a Live Dealer games provider that broadcasts directly from a land-based casino. This game is purely based on luck, there are few strategies that one can use. The betting strategies in Roulette as based on simple odds.

In Roulette a small white ball spins along a wheel until it lands in one of the pockets. Each pocket is attached to a number. The numbers can be black or red and range from 0 to 36. The only number that has an odd color is the zero. You bet on where the ball is going to end up. In the French version there is only one zero, in the American version there can be up to three zeros. Most of the Live Casinos offer multiple versions, both French/European and American.

For more detailed information about Roulette and its history, check out our article on Roulette!

Live Roulette

How to bet in Roulette?

There are several ways to bet, you can have an inside bet or an outside bet.
The inside bets are bets placed on specific numbers or areas of the wheel. For instance, the number 10, or the four numbers that meet in a common corner like 10 – 11 – 13 – 14.

An outside bet can range from betting on a color (black or red), betting on a whether it’s low (1-18) or high (19-36). You can also bet on even or odd number or in which dozen it falls. There are many different bets that can be placed. The odds are determined by how high the chance is of the outcome of your bet. A bet on a single number has a lower chance of hitting (1 in 36/37) then a bet on a color (1 in 2).
For example, placing a bet on black means that your odds are 1 in 2 because half the wheel has black numbers. This bet is safe as you have a high chance of winning but you won’t win a lot.

A bet on a specific number, say black 25, has a very low chance of happening. This means that if it does happen you can win a lot of money. These types of bets are far riskier as the chance of the event happening are far less likely. These bets do pay out a lot more if it does happen.

Some Roulette Live Dealer games allow other types of bets like Snake Bets or other variations. We advise to check the betting rules of the Live Dealer Roulette game you like to play to find out which other betting options there are for you.

Important Information:

Type of game: Wheel
Hosted by: Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play Live, Microgaming, Authentic Gaming, NetEnt Live

Available at:

  • SugarHouse Casino
  • BetRivers Casino

Alternative Live Casino games

There are much more games that you can play at the Live Casino. Some providers only offer the classic casino games and sometimes in multiple versions, but some of the bigger providers like Evolution Gaming offers your Game Shows. These are alternative games are an other way to enjoy the live casino. This also could be different versions from the normal classic casino games. You can play for example 3 cards or Caribbean Stud Poker, Lightning or American Roulette and Lightning or Arabic Baccarat. These are just a few examples of the dozens of versions you can play. There are versions where you can bet on Jackpot side bet, which can be a big winner if your win! Most of these games are available in English, but there are also versions in different languages. You can play games in Spanish, French, German, Finish, Arabic, Russian and many more.

These alternative games could also be based on TV shows, board games or games that are available at a normal casino. This is a new way to increase your excitement at an online casino. I’ll explain all the game shows below. Maybe this is a new way to play at an online casino if you want to take a break from the classic casino games. You can play the following game shows at the most online casino:

Newest Release – Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

The Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the newest exciting game shows that Evolution Gaming have released. This game shows is based on the popular slot Gonzo’s Quest. It’s also the first game that can be played in VR (Virtual Reality).

The main goal of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is to search for the hidden treasure stone. There is a stone wall with 70 different stones. Under each stone can you find a multiplier (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x and 65x). The higher the multiplier, the less chance to find the multiplier under your stone. You can choose to pick 1 up to 20 different stones, it depends on your balance.

When you’ve decided how many stones you want to pick and the bet per stone, you can choose the stones you like. The stones will be shuffled and will be revealed from the lowest multiplier to the 20x and 65x. There are also 3 Prize Drops that could help you to increase your winnings.

  1. Bonus Prizes: If this Prize Drop lands on a stone you chose, it increases the winning of this stone. This varies from 3 till 100 times.
  2. Multipliers: A Prize Drops could also be a multiplier. All the Bonus Prizes from above will be multiplied. The value of the stones could be multiplied 2x or 10x.
  3. Re-Drops: This is my favorite symbol. This means that you get an extra chance of hitting some Bonus Prizes or Multipliers.

Dream Catcher Money Wheel

The Dream Catcher Money Wheel is a wheel with (most of the time) 45 boxes. There is a host who spins the wheel, and you can bet on the outcome of the wheel. You can bet on the following numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The higher the number, the less times you can find it on the wheel. This also determines the win chances and payouts. You win your initial bet and the number you bet on.

Example: When you bet $10 on number 2 and it lands on this number. You’ll win 2 x $10 + the bet of $10 = $30 in total.

During the time you can bet, you can place bets on multiple numbers to increase your chances of winning. After the betting round, the dealer will spin the wheel and you can watch how you win!

Deal or No Deal

Everybody knows the TV show Deal or No Deal. A player picks a box and has to pick the boxes with the least money in it. When you manage to find the low cash amounts, the bank will give you a good offer. You can decide if you want to make a “Deal” or do you want to play further and “No Deal” the offer.

With the game Deal or No Deal, you need to qualify first by playing a little game. When you’ve completed the qualification, you join the Deal or No Deal game. The casino choses a box for you as a player randomly. You can boost a couple of boxes by spinning the wheel for extra money. The more money you bet, the more money you can add to the boxes. So even box number 1 can give you a good amount of money.

First the casino opens 3 boxes, and you get an offer from the bank. You can get that offer or play on. Then the casino offers 4 boxes, and you get an offer again. The casino opens another 4 boxes and the last time it will be 3 boxes. In between can you take the banker’s offer or play. When you “No Deal” every offer, you end up with 2 boxes. The banker makes his final offer. When you “No Deal” this offer, you can choose to switch or keep your own box. You get the money that is in your box.

Monopoly Live

I think everybody plays Monopoly once in a while. You’ve played it at least once, so you know what this game is and now they transformed it into a game show. Monopoly Live works a bit the same as Dream Catcher Money Wheel, but with a bonus game. You can bet on the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. The payout works the same as Dream Catcher.

But you can also bet on 2 or 4 Rolls. And then you activated the bonus game. When you for example bet $1 on 2 rolls and the wheel ends on 2 rolls you go to the Monopoly board. The Monopoly board looks the same as you’re used to. Every street gets its own multiplier and can go up to 200x. Two dice will be rolled, and the animation is going forward. When you land on a street with a multiplier of, for example 10x, you win 10 times your bet on 2 rolls ($1). The dice will be rolled again, and you see where you land. Doubles don’t count as rolls, so let’s hope you’ll roll some doubles for the highest win. When the bonus game ends, the wheel will start spinning again.

Side Bet City

Side Bet City is a perfect game for the players who like the side bets on the classic casino games. The game is based on poker hands. The dealer deals a total of 7 cards. You can bet on a 3, 5, 7 card hand or All Lose.

I will explain how every bet works. When you bet on a 3-card hand, you bet on the first 3 cards that are dealt. You bet on the normal poker hands which are possible with three cards like Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight and so on. This works the same with the 5 cards hand. You bet on every possible hand with 5 cards, and that are all the bets. But the payouts are a lot higher for the higher hands, because it’s very rare that you get a Full House with your first 5 cards. And this works the same for the 7-card hand. If you bet on All Lose, you bet on that none of the hands will pay anything. So, every hand is a losing hand.

With every bet you bet on other hands. For example, if you bet on the 3-card hand, you bet on a pair with the first three cards, but with the 7-card hand you win money from a Three of a Kind. This is because the chance that you get a Pair with 7 cards is extremely high, so they don’t pay you if this happens with a 7-card hand.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is another game which is based on the Dream Catcher Money Wheel, but this time with 4 bonus rounds. There are also random multipliers on the numbers. You place separate bets on these bonus games, if you want to. The money is in the bonus rounds. I’ll explain the bonus rounds for you.

  • Coin Flip: Just like you’re used to, a heads or tails game will be played. The computer draws to multipliers for the red and blue side. So when it lands on the good side with for example a multiplier of 10, you win 10 times the initial bet on this bonus game.
  • Cash Hunt: With this bonus game you will see a big screen of symbols. You see these symbols for just a sec and after that you see the multiplier that comes with this symbol. But every symbol has other multipliers from 5x to 100x. After they shuffle the symbols you can shoot at one symbol and you win the multiplier under the symbol.
  • Pachinko: With Pachinko you will see a big wall with obstacles. At the bottom of the wall you will find boxes with multipliers. Where the ball lands will determine your multiplier.
  • Crazy Time: This is maybe the best bonus round of all. When you hit the Crazy Time bonus round, you’ll go to another room with a bigger wheel. There are 3 flippers, and you can choose which flipper you want to play with. The prize under this flipper is your multiplier. You can also hit ‘Double’ or ‘Triple’. This is a big winner. The wheel will spin again, but every prize will be doubled or tripled.

Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a bingo-based game. You can buy a couple of Mega Ball cards and the goal of the game is to fill as many cards as possible. There is a bowl with 51 balls and 20 of them are drawn. And up to two Mega Balls can be drawn with multipliers. And if that ball finishes or completes a card for you. You multiply your whole card with the multiplier.

First you need to choose how many cards you want to play with and which value you want to give to these cards. So now I’m going to tell you more about how you can win at Mega Ball. When you for example play with 1 card with the value of $10. The number of lines you fill determines how much money you will win.

  • When you fill 1 line, you win your money back (1 time the value of the card)
  • When you fill 2 lines, you win 5 times the value of your card
  • When you fill 3 lines, you win 50 times the value of your card
  • When you fill 4 lines, you win 250 times the value of your card
  • When you fill 5 lines, you win 1.000 times the value of your card
  • When you fill 6 or more lines, you win 10.000 times the value of your card

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game based on an Asian dice game. There are three dice thrown by a machine of Evolution gaming. The goal of the game is to guess the outcome of the dice. There are many bets you can play. Some of the bets you can play are a bit like Roulette. You can bet for example on Small (total outcome between 4 and 10) or Big (total outcome between 11 and 17). But also, on single numbers or doubles from a single number. There are over 30 different markets you can bet on. You can look at the Sic Bo game at your favorite online casino.

There are also random multipliers given on some of these markets. You never know what market these multipliers will land on. It’s a nice bonus when you hit one of the bonuses.


DragonTiger is maybe the simplest game I’ve ever seen. You can bet on ‘Tiger’ or ‘Dragon’ to win. The dealer deals a card for the Dragon and the Tiger. The one with the highest card wins. So, if you bet on ‘Tiger’ and he gets the higher card, you win. If he doesn’t, you lose. The payout is 1:1 when you win. You can also bet on a Tie or a Perfect Tie. This pays a lot more. A Tie pays 11:1 and a Perfect Tie (two of the same card and the same symbol) pays 50:1.

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