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Live Dealer Casinos don’t develop their games themselves. They provide you games from the best Live Casino Software suppliers. The wide offer of Live Dealer games are getting better and better due to technological evolution. This high quality video streaming way of playing at an Canadian online casino is more and more accessible for all the players. And now you can play these Live Dealer games at almost every online casino. But which parties are behind these extremely popular Live Dealer games? On this page can you find more information about the developers of these Live games/

A very common misconception is that most players think that the Live Dealer games are developed by the casinos themselves. But that is not the case? Online casinos can buy a license from the game suppliers who develop and create the Live Dealer games. When a casino has a license from a specific supplier, the casino can offer you the games from that provider. One of the biggest software providers is Evolution Gaming. They offer you all the classic casino games in many different versions, the best and unique gameplay, a huge reward potential and a great variety of Live Dealer games.

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What can you expect from a Software Provider at a Live Casino?

When you play a game from the best software providers in the business you can expect top notch gameplay. There are some features we are looking for when we’re reviewing a software provider. They want to provide an experience that comes as close as a real land-based casino experience.

The Studios

Everything comes and stands with the quality of the studios. These studios are built just for the online casino business. From these casinos they provide you all the possible Live Dealer games. These studios can be found all over the world. This could be normal TV studios which are made into studios for Live Dealer games. The software providers do everything they can to offer the best studio experience. Some of the best software providers with the best studios in the business are:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • NetEnt Live
  • Ezugi
  • Extreme Live Gaming

But why are these the Best Software Providers on the market?

We always take a look at the games from the Best Software Providers and of course play these games a couple of times. We look for the following thing when we review a software provider.

  • Cameras: The cameras are really important, because this gives you the real casino feeling. These high-end studios only use the HD and 4K cameras. All the tables have at least 2 cameras, but some games like Immersive Roulette need at least 4 or 5 cameras. This gives you the best multi-angle experience.
  • Furniture: Only the highest quality is accepted when we are looking for the Best Software Provider. All these software providers offer a quality that is maybe better than the furniture in a land-based casino. These Roulette wheels and tables need to deliver the best game quality 24/7.
  • Audio: Audio is maybe the biggest struggle for the live casino software providers. The background noise is pain in the ass for providers. But now they find a solution for this problem and you get a great audio experience. It’s almost as if you’re next to the dealer like a real land-based casino.
  • Card Decks: Everybody claims after a losing streak that the card decks are rigged. But this can’t be the case, because they are regulated by gambling commissions. These card decks are heavily protected and only a couple of people can access these decks. With every game the lifetime of a card deck is different. Sometimes the cards will be replaced after just one game and some after three or four rounds.

How to choose the Best Software Provider?

With a growing popularity of Live Dealer games it didn’t take long for the competition to grow. A lot of software providers, who normally only develop slots and other casino games, are focusing on Live Dealer games because of the rising popularity. The Software providers are trying to optimize their games constantly, from first look to the gameplay and realistic experience. They also try to develop new versions of the classic casino games or whole new games.

We did research for the aspects that satisfy the players the most. I’ll explain some of these aspects and what you can expect from the Live Dealer games. Software providers are focusing on these aspects to give you the best online casino experience.


Safety and reliability are very important when it comes to providing a Live Dealer game. The normal casino games use a RNG (Random Number Generator) to create a random outcome of a game. This is a technology that can be tested by a third party to make sure that the casino games are safe and reliable. But for Live Dealer games it is a bit different.

The games the software providers offer you are played with a real deck of cards, dice or a Roulette wheel. All these games are directly streamed into your living room and because of this you can’t question the outcome of the actions. All the top software providers inspect their furniture and there are also third parties who check these equipment.

Stream stability

Nobody likes it when a live stream is freezing and when it takes a long time to load the game. You can test this really easy at the games you like. Just take a look at the game you think is interesting and try them for free. See if the game is lagging or freezing, if this is not the case you can play these games without worries.

All the top software providers use streaming services which are top-class. So don’t need to worry about this problem when you play at one of the software providers from this page.

Stream quality

As I said earlier, the quality of the video is really important for the players. The equipment they use for the streaming is just as important as the game itself. All the top software providers use at least HD quality cameras and maybe 4K cameras.

Accessibility of the games on different devices.

The modern lifestyle changes and this requires a new way of providing casino games and making it accessible for everyone. The top software providers try to meet all the needs of their players. They develop games that are playable on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and Smart TV. Sometimes you need to download specific software, but in general this is not the case.

Skills of the Dealer

Live casinos choose only the best and most experienced dealers. They can keep up the pace of the game, so you can play as many games as possible. They have to lead and entertain the games and have to keep an eye on every detail. A dealer who communicates clearly is a benefit, but not a must.

There are also dealers who speak a different language. You can play games in your own language if you’re lucky. There are for example versions for Russian, Arabic and Finnish players.

Game Variety

The variety of the games is a top priority of the Best Software providers. They have to provide all the favorite casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. And a lot of software providers offer these games in different versions. The Roulette and Baccarat games are the most popular ones, because of the simple gameplay.

One of the biggest software providers on the market, Evolution Gaming, is going a step further. This provider is developing different versions of these classic casino games. A couple of examples are: Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher. This is another way of entertainment which can attract another kind of casino player.

How are these Live Dealer games hosted by the Software Providers?

These games are Live Dealer games, so they are played live when you play them. A software provider has a real ‘office’ where they place all the tables. You can join these tables when you play at an online casino with Live Dealer games. The Software Providers provide all the equipment you need to get the best casino experience possible. We already explained that above. The studios are filled with the best casino tables and human dealers. The software providers take care of a live connection with the online casinos. So everything you see is happening at the moment somewhere in the world. A couple of these casinos are in:

  • Latvia, Riga
  • New Jersey, Atlantic City
  • Belgium, Spa
  • Romania, Bucharest

What are the Best Software Providers from Live Dealer Games?

There are maybe hundreds of Software Providers in the business. Most of them create slots, progressive jackpots and video poker games. But in the last few years the focus changed a bit. More and more Software Providers turned their attention to the Live Dealer games. The games itself are more challenging to provide and host but reach out to a whole now clientele that is growing in numbers every day. But due to the rising popularity it is viable to make this transition. The live casino section is maybe the most popular section at an online casino at the moment. The interaction and social aspect is almost the same as a normal land-based casino experience. We would like to shine a light on a few of those providers, from the very first to the biggest.


Microgaming is maybe not the biggest but the first software provider in the online gambling industry. Microgaming was the first to develop an online casino in 1994 with a secure login to make transactions safe. This company was the first to obtain a valid license to set up an online casino with slot games. But they are the first with more things in the gambling industry. They were, together with Evolution Gaming, the first to start developing Live Dealer games. In 2004 they were also the first to develop software for smartphones and tablets. This was an amazing breakthrough in the gambling world. This is now the standard for every casino. From that moment was it possible to play online casino games wherever and whenever you want.

The first Live Dealer game was launched in 2006 and they hit the right spot with this game. It was Baccarat and that is till now one of the most popular Live Dealer games. And from that day, they expanded their Live Dealer games portfolio extremely, but they also didn’t lose sight of the slot machine games. Microgaming is one of the most active providers on the market. They provide new casino games almost every month. The Live Dealer games they offer are of high quality, but the variety is not as good as other software providers. They provide Live Dealer games from studios in Canada and Philippines.

Pros of Microgaming:

  • Years of experience
  • Added features like Playboy dealers
  • High quality games.

Cons of Microgaming:

  • English games only.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is maybe the biggest and the best name in the industry when it comes to Live Dealer Software providers. Open a random online casino and you can find the game portfolio of Evolution Gaming. I won’t be surprised if I tell you that Evolution Gaming won a prize in 2020 as Live Casino Supplier of the Year, the 11th time in a row at EGR B2B Awards. They really follow their name, they are a real ‘Evolution’ in the online gambling industry. Together with Microgaming they were the first in 2006 to develop these Live Dealer games. They really changed the online gambling industry by constantly developing new Live Dealer games. And they don’t only provide the classic casino games. You can also play game shows developed by Evolution Gaming. Some of the most famous ones are Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live.

These days the Evolution Gaming Live Dealer games are everywhere and some of the best in the business. They provide a wide range of other services from VIP tables to all kinds of different languages. All the classic casino games are available in different versions like Lightning Roulette or Speed Baccarat.

Pros of Evolution Gaming:

  • A huge collection of games
  • Games in many different languages
  • VIP tables
  • Real-Time game stats

Cons of Evolution Gaming:

  • With such a strong reputation you run the risk of becoming complacent, they have shown no signs of this yet though!

NetEnt Live

Every player who is familiar with an online casino knows some of the games of NetEnt. They really established their name over the last five years. NetEnt was founded in 2013 and in the first year they focused on developing the best casino games. They recently branched out into NetEnt Live to cater to the market for Live Dealer games. Their games show an excellent quality and have an easy user interface. Their Live Dealer games are also available in a large number of languages and currencies.

Pros of NetEnt Live:

  • Available in 25 languages and currencies
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • VIP tables

Cons of NetEnt Live:

  • Relatively new to the Live Dealer games world.

Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming is true to their name in that they are the only Live Casino that streams from an actual land-based casino. This provider is of the opinion that if you wish to transfer that casino feel properly, you should stream from a casino and not a studio. Their casino mainly boasts a large amount of different versions of Roulette that are available 24/7. It’s almost like walking into a land-based casino and sitting down at the roulette table.

Pros of Authentic Gaming:

  • Streaming from a land-based casino.
  • Many different versions of Roulette.

Cons of Authentic Gaming:

  • Only English Dealers.

Pragmatic Play Live

Pragmatic Play is a more recent provider of Live Dealer games. The casino games are really popular under the online casino players, but the Live Dealer game section is pretty new at Pragmatic Play. Their games are available at many big online casinos. They are also known for big promotional tournaments hosted over many different casinos like the Pragmatic Play Drops & Wins Tournament. An interesting feature they have also introduced to their Live Dealer games is the option for use of Virtual Reality gadgets. Pragmatic Play has always enjoyed trying out new things so this is definitely a provider you want to keep your eye on for future exciting releases.

Pros of Pragmatic Play Live:

  • Innovative with links to Virtual Reality.
  • Available in multiple languages.

Cons of Pragmatic Play Live:

  • Limited collection for now.


Ezugi has been an established name on the market since 2012. Together with Evolution Gaming they provide the most casinos with their Live Dealer games. They have over 10 years of experience and know what to provide when they develop new Live Dealer games. They offer you over 25 Live Dealer games and you can play these games at over 100 online casinos.

Pros of Ezugi

  • Over 25 different Live Dealer games
  • A decade of knowledge
  • First and only software provider that mixes classic table games with lottery-style

Cons of Ezugi

  • Limited amount of casinos

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