The cashback bonus is an interesting bonus for loyal players at Canadian online casinos. When you play on a regular base a cashback bonus can be very interesting. Why? Because when you play on a regular base you know that losing money occurs as well. Nobody likes to lose money, but fortunately there is a cashback bonus. At online casinos with a cashback bonus you receive a part of your losses back when you are unlucky that day.

Cashback bonuses are automated bonuses and you don’t have to optin to activate them. On this page I am going to explain you everything about cashback bonuses. Of course I am also going to share a list of casinos with cashback bonuses. You can choose a casino and you automatically recieve cashback in your account when you lose money.

Online Casinos with cashback

I will share a list with online casinos with cashback before I am going to tell you more about the bonuses. In the table below you find reliable online casinos in Canada that give you an amount or percentage cashback on your loses made at their casino. Often cashback bonuses are an extra bonus on top of the welcome bonus, no deposit bonus or free spins bonus you get at the casino. So before you sign up an account at one of the casinos listed underneath, do some research on the welcome packages by clicking on the review. Then you are fully prepared to start playing! The casinos underneath are perfect for Canadian players because you can deposit in CAD using your favourite payment methods.

What is cashback?

Cashback is money you receive back from the casino after you have lost it at the casino. Online casinos with a cashback bonus give you a certain percentage back on all your loses in a certain period.


Crazyfox Casino gives every player 20% daily cashback. When you have a bad day without luck you receive 20% of your loses back the next day. If you made a C$100 deposit and you lost everything, you receive C$20 in your account the next day.

How Can I claim this bonus?

Collecting and claiming a cashback bonus is very simple. Online casinos try to automate this process to make it super-player friendly. When you follow these steps you receive your cashback automatically from the casino.

  1. Choose an online casino with a cashback bonus
  2. Register an account at the casino
  3. Verify your account and login
  4. Open the banking or deposit section
  5. Make a real money deposit
  6. Start playing
  7. When you are unlucky and lose money the casino gives you a percentage of cashback after the promotional period (every day, week or month)
  8. Casino adds your cashback to your account automatically
  9. Play with the cashback money or withdraw it

Can I win real money with cashback money?

When you receive cashback at an online casino it is your money. You can use it at the casino or you can withdraw it. Keep notice that at some casinos you have to wager the cashback money before you can withdraw it. This means you will have to bet the cashback amount a certain amount of times before you can cash it out.

If you decide to use the money at the casino you can win real money with it. It is real money and you can play every game at the casino. With a bit of luck you win all your losses back. Or maybe you even win more when you have a lucky streak at the casino.

Remember that the cashback bonus is a free chance to play casino games and win money.

Featured Casino – BetOnRed (5% up to 25% Cashback)

Personally we have a favourite Cashback casino. It is BetOnRed Casino. At BetOnRed every player receives at least 5% cashback on all losses, and even more if you have a higher Cashback level. If you have the highest Cashback level you can receive up to 25% cashback. The cashback bonus is limited to 1,250 CAD and you only have to wager the cashback money 1x which is quite unique for a Canadian online casino. Every week you will receive your cashback in your account after the casino has calculated the amount for you. Your losses during the week (mon-sun) will be calculated. With the cashback money you can play every available game at BetOnRed Casino.

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What can I do with cashback money?

You receive money from the casino when you had an unlucky day or week. But what can you do with cashback money?

  • Play casino games
  • Bet on sports
  • Try new games
  • Earn extra loyalty points
  • Withdraw it to your bank account or E-wallet

Do I have to wager the money?

When you receive cashback money you receive it in your account. In your account it looks like normal money. At most casinos it is real money. But at some casinos the cashback money is bonus money. That means you have to wager the cashback a certain amount of times before you are able to witdraw it.

Wagering is an often used term at online casinos. When you have to wager money or winnings you have to play the amount a certain amount of times before it is cash money. Wagering on bonuses is often higher than wagering on cashback money. Most online casinos with wagering on cashback money want you to wager the amount 1-10 times.


Casino A gives you 10% cashback. You lost C$100. The casino gives you C$10 in your account. At the casino you have to wager the cashback money 5 times. In this case you have to play at least C$10 x 5 = C$50 at the casino before you are allowed to request a withdrawal.

Cashback Bonus Online Casino

What kind of cashback bonuses can I claim?

Not all cashback bonuses are the same. Casinos can create their own type of cashback bonus. In this paragraph I am going to tell you more about the available cashback bonuses you can claim. I am also sharing you reliable casinos with the cashback bonuses.

At the moment the following cashback bonuses are available at online casinos:

  • On all loses
  • Losing bets or spins
  • On deposits
  • Daily Cashback
  • Weekly Cashback
  • Monthly cashback
  • VIP
  • Wager free

On all loses

The majority of online casinos in Canada with a cashback bonus offers cashback on losses. You receive a percentage back on the losses you make in a certain period. This is a popular bonus because it gives you the opportunity to win back some of the losses you made. Casinos with daily cashback give you up to 20% cashback on the money you lose that day. The day after you receive a percentage (5-20%) back in your account. You can now try and win the other money back. Of course you can also withdraw the money and use it at another casino. Or you can use the money to claim a deposit bonus.

Losing bets or spins

There are a few online casinos that give you a percentage of casback on losing bets or spins. The casino gathers all losing spins or bets you made and at the end of the cashback period you receive a percentage of that amount. One of the casinos with his cashback structure is Videoslots. Every week you receive an amount of free money in your account. This money is cashback generated from losing spins at the casino. In your account you can follow the amount of cashback you have built.

The cashback on these losses is wager free and you can withdraw it at any moment. At Videoslots for example you receive 25% cashback on the losses you make.

On Deposits

A few online casinos give you cashback on the money you deposit. The casino gives you 5-20% cashback on the full amount you deposit in a certain period. When you deposit C$100 you receive 20% back after you lost the money. That means you receive C$120 play money on a C$100 deposit.

This is an interesting cashback structure because you know exactly what amount of money you receive when you make a real money deposit.

In my opinion it is a kind of bonus but you only receive it after a deposit and it is wager free. So it has some advantages.

Daily Cashback bonus

In my opinion the daily cashback bonuses are the best ones. Every day you receive cashback on the money you lost. the amount of money you receive depands on the amount of money you play. When you play with high stakes your cashback will be higher.

Daily cashback is always paid the day after you lost the money. When you lose C$100 on a Monday and you receive 25% cashback, you receive C$25 in your account on Tuesday.

Weekly Cashback bonus

When a casino offers a weekly cashback promotion you receive cashback at the end of the week. Your cashback will be calculated over the whole week. The day after the endig of the promotional week you receive a percentage of the money you lost.

Most weekly cashback bonuses are most of the times between 10% and 20%. Often a casino has a maximum cashback amount. This is different at every casino.

Monthly cashback bonus

Cashback is calculated over a full month. You can get good profit when a casino offers a monthly cashback. When you play at the casino now an then you often forget you are earning a bonus. At the end of the month you receive a notification from the casino. The casino lets you know that you have cashback money in your account.

VIP Cashback

Loyal players can become VIP players at online casinos. When you become a VIP player you have certain benefits. One of the best benefits is the increased cashback bonus. You can easily claim up to 50% cashback on your losses. Online casinos want to keep loyal VIP players at their casinos. With increased cashback they often keep the loyal players.

VIP cashback bonuses are only available for players who got invited for the VIP club. In order to get an invitation for the VIP club you have to show the casino your loyalty. When you play at a casino often you receive higher bonuses and you become a VIP player.

VIP players receive higher cashback limits. When a normal player can gather up to C$200 cashback, a VIP player can simply collect up to C$2,000 cashback.

Wager free

A handful online casinos offer you a wager free cashback bonus. This is the best bonus you can get. You receive 10-20% back on the loses you made. The casino adds the money to your account and you can do with the money what you want. It is your money. You can withdraw it, play with it or simply leave it in your account for a later moment.

If you receive cashback and you don’t like the casino anymore, simply withdraw the money. You canuse the money to claim a welcome bonus at another online casino.

Bonus terms and conditions

Online casinos always have Bonus terms and conditions when they offer players bonuses. Casinos have to share all bonus terms and conditions on their website. Players always need to have access to all terms and conditions.

Cashback bonuses don’t have a lot of terms and conditions. But they do have a few important ones you need to look at before you use the cashback bonus.

  1. Wagering
  2. Maximum Cashout
  3. Expiration Time


Often you have to wager your cashback money before you are allowed to withdraw it. When you use a normal bonus you always have to wager. Cashback bonuses you not always have to wager. At Videoslots, CrazyFox Casino and Scatters casino all cashback is 100% wager free.

If you need to wager the cashback money it is important to know how often you have to wager the money. In your account you can see how many times you have to wager the cashback. You can also check the wagering progress. After wagering you can withdraw the money.

Wagering on a cashback bonus is always lower then wagering on normal bonuses. Average wagering on cashback bonuses is between 0x and 10x the amount of money you receive.

Maximum cashout

It is important to check if there is a maximum cashout on a cashback bonus. There are online casinos with a maximum amount of cashback you can receive during the promotional period.

For example: You receive 25% cashback up to a maximum of C$1,000. When you lose C$10,000 you don’t receive 25% of C$10,000. You receive the maximum cashback of C$1,000.

We recommend you to play at casinos with an unlimited amount of cashback. Samosa Casino is one of those casinos.

Expiration Time

Keep an eye on the expiration time. Bonuses always have an expiration time. After that time the casino is allowed to remove money which is not wagered yet. Always use the money, or wager it before the end of the expiration period. We don’t want you to win money and not be able to withdraw it because the casino removed it from your account.

How much cashback can I collect?

Depending on the casino you are playing at you can collect hundreds of dollars in cashback bonus. In most cases the rule is; ‘’The more you play, the more cashback you receive!’’. Or, the more you lose, the more cashback you get. Some casinos offer you 10% cashback on every deposit. So for every C$100 you deposit, you receive C$10 cashback. Some other casino offer you cashback on every C$10 you bet. At these casinos you receive more cashback after placing more of higher bets. In this way it is even possible to make a profit in cashback when you’re not winning or losing anything at the casino. Another option is a percentage of your losses. We have casinos that give you 20% cashback on losses.

Cashback will be credited to your account once a week or each day. You receive it automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I collect a cashback bonus?

You only need to have an account at an online casino. You start earning cashback when you start playing games at the casino. Every game you play you receive cashback in your account. The casino arranges everything for you. At the end of the cashback period you receive a notification that the cashback is added to your account.

Are cashback bonuses high or low?

In my opinion cashback bonuses are always pretty high. It actually is a free bonus you get when you lose money to ease the pain. An online casino doesn’t have to give you cashback. It is a gesture from the casino. They want you to feel happy at their casino.

When you receive 10-25% cashback you should be really happy because that money could be a start of some winnings.

At which casino should I play when I want cashback?

At the top of this page you find an overview of casinos with a cashback bonus. All casinos listed on this page are reliable. We tested them all and we have written a review for all the casinos.

Can I play at multiple cashback casinos?

Yes you can. If you want you can play at 10 casinos at the same time. It is up to you if you choose one or more casinos. We only recommend you to play at top rated online casinos listed on our website.

How often do I have to wager cashback?

Wagering depends on the casino. Every casino has other wagering requirements. There are online casinos with wager free cashback bonuses. We recommend you to try them because you can withdraw the cashback if you don’t like the casino after losing some money.

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