Sports Betting is legal in Canada! All Canadians are able to bet on sports at legal betting sites.

On our website we give you an overview of the best Canadian Sports Betting Sites. All these betting sites are legal because they have a valid gaming license. They all offer amazing odds and free bets on a huge amount of sports. You can bet on NFL, Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse and other sports.

On this page we tell you more about the available sports betting sites in Canada. We show you how they compare on markets and security. But also what bet types you can choose and how you can transfer real money in your account.

If you want to start betting, please check underneath list with the best Canadian sports betting sites.

Best Sports Betting Sites Canada 2022



iBet Sports



Up to C$400



Up to C$400



  • 2 Sports Welcome Bonuses (C$800)
  • Bet Builder Available
  • Live Streaming



iBet Sports review





up to C$150



up to C$150



  • Cashback on Sports Betting
  • Reload Bonuses for Sports
  • Good Bonus Terms



Sportaza review
*Free Bets


Betway Sports



Free Bets



Free Bets



  • C$10 Free Bet every week
  • Betway Boost available
  • Enhanced Betbuilder



Betway Sports review


Betvictor Sports



Up to C$300



Up to C$300



  • Bet on Sports & eSports
  • Weekly Reload Bonuses
  • High Odds



Betvictor review


Bet99 Sports



Up to C$600



Up to C$600



  • 60.000+ Live Betting Options
  • High Welcome Bonus
  • Full cash Out Options



Bet99 Sports review


Spin Sports



Free bet



Free bet



  • Up to C$200 Free Bet on deposit
  • Minimum Deposit C$10
  • Mobile App Available



Spin Sports review


Betzest Sports



+C$5 Free



+C$5 Free



  • C$5 Free On Registration (no deposit needed)
  • Best Odds on the Market
  • Daily Promotions



Betzest Sports review

In the table above you find a list of recommended sports betting sites in Canada. We have tested and reviewed all these sites. All listed betting sites accept Canadian players and they offer local payment methods like Interac, Eco, Instadebit, iDebit and MuchBetter.

We have arranged a sports bonus at all betting sites in Canada. At some of the betting sites we also arranged some free bets for Canadian players.

You can start betting when you open an account at the recommended betting sites. Click on the “Start Betting” button and we open the casino for you. When you register an account we activate the sports bonus for you.

Are you looking for specific information?

What is Sports Betting?

Maybe you don’t know how sports betting works or what it is. It is pretty easy.

Sports Betting is entertainment. On so-called sports betting sites in Canada you can bet money on sports games or events. With these bets you have a chance to win money.

Your winnings are based on the odds you get for each bet you place. The higher the odds the higher your potential winnings. But higher odds often lower your winning chances.

As mentioned before, sports betting is entertainment. You can bet on a game or event while you are watching. Isn’t it fun to place a bet on a game you are watching with friends or family?

You can bet on all kind of sports and on thousands of so-called markets. Bet before a game starts or use live betting and place bets while a game is in progress.

What are betting markets?

Online Sports Betting sites in Canada normally offer you a large number of betting options on a game, a tournament, a competition or event. These betting options are called “betting markets”.

A Betting market is a category with odds which are related to eachother. The main betting market in Canada is the Full time result or a single match result.

A single game has separate betting markets for:

  • Correct score
  • Handicap
  • Goals scored
  • Winning margins
  • And many more

Popular matches and events can have over 100 betting markets. This includes pre-match betting markets but also inplay (live) betting markets. Betting sites also offer so-called “special” bets. They combine markets and give special odds for these combinations.

sports betting canada

Canadians love gambling. And they enjoy betting on sports. In 2022 there is a huge variety of sports Canadians can bet on.

In this paragraph we highlight the most popular sports people from Canada are betting on. All these sports are available at the recommend betting sites you find on our website.

Soccer Betting

Soccer is not the most popular sport in Canada. But betting on soccer is very popular. At sports betting sites in Canada you can bet on MLS, the Canadian Premier League or at other leagues like The Premier League, Spanish LaLiga or at events like World Cups.

There are thousands of betting markets available at Canadian betting sites.

NFL Betting

North America is the biggest market for betting on NFL. During the Super Bowl millions of Canadians login to their betting accounts to find the best odds for this huge event.

Canadians also love betting on the regular NFL season.

NHL Betting

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada. Canadians love the game! Most sports betting sites in Canada offer you the opportunity to bet on NHL games.

NHL is one of the most popular sports to bet on worldwide. Also Europeans bet on this league. It is also one of the few major sports in Canada where Europeans bet on.

Betting Sites in Canada offer a huge amount of markets for NHL. You can bet before a game starts or when a game is in progress. Final scores, Half time/ Full time bets and Handicap Bets are only a few of the available betting options for the NHL.

Lacrosse Betting

In Canada a lot of people like to play or watch Lacrosse. It is a Canadian facing sport that only gets attention and exposure in Canada. Only Canadians bet on Lacrosse.

It is a fun sport to bet on and at the major betting sites you find an interesting amount of betting options. There are not as many markets as NHL or NFL but you can still choose a decent amount of betting options.

NBA Betting

Although there are only a few Canadian teams participating in the NBA it is still a popular sport in Canada. A lot of Canadians love the sports and the NBA Brand.

Basketball offers huge opportunities for bettors. Odds are often very high and results can be predicted relative easy. There are no draws and there are a lot of games you can bet on.

Canadian Football League Betting

Besides lacrosse there is another national favourite in Canada. There are a lot of bettors placing bets on the popular Canadian Football League. Although the comptition only hosts 9 teams there are still a lot of markets you can bet on. Odds are often good because only Canadians bet on this league.

College Football Betting

Smaller leagues like the College football games might be worth a watch. There are college leagues in both Canada and the US. These games are often pretty easy to predict and odds are good.

The U Sports Games and the NCAAF games are popular because they are broadcasted on live tv. On top of that the future stars play in these leagues. So is fun to watch while you are betting.

UFC Betting

Recent years UFC became more and more popular in Canada. These games are broadcasted live on Canadian TV and that makes these events popular with bettors.

Every year there are over 50 UFC events. On top of that there are hundreds of fights every year. Each event or fight has hundreds of betting markets to choose from.

Pros & Cons Online Sports Betting Canada

In Canada you can place bets online and at local betting shops or at casino resorts. In the past you had to travel to a local betting shop. This changed when companies made the shift to the digital betting sites.

Online betting sites are easy to access but there are still bettors who prefer to place bets at a physical location. These bettors can place certain bets but they miss out on a few big advantages of online sports betting in Canada.

In underneath overview we give the main advantages of online sports betting.


  • No Need To Travel
  • Claim Welcome Bonuses & Free Bets
  • Cash out bets before the event is over
  • Switch between Betting Sites (Best odds)
  • Betting is easy
  • Easy to withdraw your winnings
  • More markets Available


  • You don’t feel the real betting experience

How we review Sports Betting Sites in Canada

Sports betting is getting more and more popular in Canada. This results in a lot of new betting sites in 2022. When you look on the internet you find hundreds of sports betting sites in Canada already. And I promise you there are more betting sites coming in the upcoming months and years.

I have to tell you that not all sports betting sites in Canada are good and reliable. These sites are not worth your money or time. We will help you find a betting site that is reliable and delivers what you are looking for.

All betting sites listed on our website have been tested by our team. We review Canadian sports betting sites on a few criteria. They only get listed on when they score a positive review on all these criteria.

We often check sites we already reviewed. We check if they still perform as they did at the moment we did the full review. we make sure you always find the best sports betting sites in Canada in our top lists.

Underneath I will explain how we review Canadian sports betting sites

1️⃣ Trustworthiness, Security & Support

The most import criteria for a sports betting site in Canada is the Trustworthiness. Does the site offers a secured website and betting options?

We do an extensive check on all security solutions and the reliability of the betting site. During this check we look at licensing and available certifications. We only want you to play at legal sites that operate fair to its players. And of course we want you to play at sites with a secured data connection.

It is also important to play at a betting sites with a responsive customer support. When a problem occurs or when you have a question you want an answer or solution asap. Live chat and friendly support employees are important.

2️⃣ Bonuses & Free Bets

There is a lot of competition in the sports betting industry in Canada. Major betting sites use bonuses and promotions to reward new and existing players. These bonuses could be welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback bonuses or even no deposit bonuses & free bets.

We claim and test bonuses when we review betting sites. While using the bonuses we look at the bonus terms and conditions. We don’t want our visitors to claim bonuses with unacceptable bonus terms.

After reviewing betting sites we always try to arrange exclusive bonuses and free bets for our visitors. You find these bonuses in the top list on top of this page.

3️⃣ Payments & Withdrawals

We always explore the available payment and withdrawal methods. Betting Sites need to offer a wide range of payment methods when they want to be listed on our site. Debit and Credit cards, e-wallets and local methods like Interac, iDebit and InstaDebit need to be available. Betting sites with crypto payments might score an extra point during our review.

It is also important that sports betting sites in Canada offer super-fast payments. Payout times are key. We don’t want our visitors to be left waiting for their money.

4️⃣ Sports, Markets & Bets

When you want to bet you want to bet at a site with the best betting options. You need a sports betting site that features all major competitions and local competitions in Canada.

Sites only get listed when they are loaded with the biggest sports and events. They need to offer atleast big competitions like the NBA, NFL, NHL, CFL, UFC, College Sports and Big European competitions like Premier League & La Liga.

Sports betting sites in Canada not only need to offer a big variety of sports. They also have to offer tons of betting options and markets. There have to be live betting options, single game betting options, parlay bets and fixed odds.

5️⃣ Features

Ok, all betting sites offer straight forward betting options and markets. You might want to choose a betting site with some extra features. Extra features could be live streaming of games, enhanced data and statistics or the option to cash out your money before an event ends.

We rate sites with exclusive features higher than sites that won’t offer these features because we want the best for our visitors.

6️⃣ Devices

At the moment of writing this page around 80% of all bettors in Canada bets on sports with a mobile phone.

That is why we review betting sites on their mobile website. It should be easy to place bets when you are on the go. At good sports betting sites in Canada you find a easy to use mobile site or a mobile app. Mobile sites need to be fast, easy to read and buttons need to be clickable for every kind of finger.

If a sportsbook doens’t offer a mobile site we won’t list them on our website. We want to give our visitors the best mobile experience.

How do odds work at Sports Betting in Canada?

When you want to bet money on sports then you will need to find a bet you like, and have a look at the odds. The higher the odds are, the higher your return will be. Most of the times high risks bets have high odds. With these bets you will have a smaller chance of winning, but when you win, the money you will win will be more interesting.

When for example a very good team will play against a less good team then the odds of winning will be in favour of the good team. When you bet on that team, you have a good chance of winning. But when they win, the return will not be very spectacular.

When you place bet you can most of the times also combine multiple bets in one bet. By doing this you can turn a few bet with a low return into one bet with a higher risk profile, but a way higher return rate.

Compare odds at bookmakers

Most events will have different odds at different bookmakers. Because of this it can be interesting to have account at multiple bookmakers. Why? Because then you will be able to place a bet a the bookmaker that offers the best odds.

While browsing odds at an online bookmaker you will most of the times see a decimal odds (European) or fractional odds (United Kingdom). Decimal odds are the ratio of the full payout in reference to the stake, in a decimal format. When you place a bet a odds of 2.00 you will place an even bet. Why? You will win 1 time you stake when the bet holds up.

If you find fractional odds on a website you will need to work a bit different. Fractional odds are US/ Canadian and show the ratio of the amount won to the stake. This means a 1/1 bet means you are placing an even bet. When you bet a 3/1 bet you will win C$3,- for every C$1,- you bet.

Some bookmakers also show different odds for Canadian players or players from Asia. At most online bookmakers you will also be able to switch between different odd formats. This might be important while looking for a new sportsbook for some players.

What are Decimal odds?

Most European countries use decimal odds. They are also called Continental odds. Decimal odds show you the potential payout / multiplier you get when you place a bet. You win the decimal odds multiplied with your stake.

When you bet C$10 on a bet with 2,00 decimal odds you win C$10 x 2,00 = C$20. Your profit will be C$10.

What are moneyline odds?

Moneyline odds are posted as a negative number (-50) or a positive number (+50). They often attach a currency symbol. In this case the Canadian Dollar sign.

You can bet on specific teams. When you bet on the favourite you see a minus sign. This minus sign and number indicate the amount you have to bet when you want to win. The underdog has a plus sign. You can see the profit but you have to manually add your stake if you want to know the potential payout.

Moneyline odds are favourite in US and Canada. They are also called American Odds.

What are fractional odds?

Fractional odds are often used in the UK. There are bettors in Canada that prefer playing with fractional odds. At major sports betting sites in Canada you can switch between these 3 types of odds

Odds are shown as a fractional number. The left number shows you how much profit you will make when you bet the amount on the right.

When the odds are 3/1 you win C$3 when you bet C$1.

Sports Betting at online Casinos

On our website you find various well-known casino brands that offer sports betting possibilities for Canadian gamblers. Some only focus on sports betting, and others also offer casino games and live dealer games. One of the most popular brands at the moment is LeoVegas Casino. LeoVegas is your one-stop shop for Live Casino Games, Casino Games and Sports Betting. Other popular casinos with sports betting are:

Sports Betting Apps

Most of the larger Sports Betting Casinos offer a mobile casino and apps for Android or iOs. With these smartphone apps Canadian customers have a full sports book on smartphone. Some of these apps work better and more user friendly than others. The Leovegas App and Betway app are amazing.

By using the special smartphone or tablet app you can easier place bets while in the pub, on the road or in the stadium.  Besides that the apps are very convenient to quickly check the odds or starting times. Basically the apps are essential for every starting and experiences sports better.

land based betting office bet on tennis at william hill

Other Sports betting options in Canada

Although many Canadians love to gamble online or though apps you will also still be able to place bets in land based bookmaker offices or at casino resorts. These offices are still very popular and widely available in most cities. Most major bookmakers still have many brick shops where you can place bets on a lot of sports. Some of the bookmakers are thinking about closing down all or a part of the shops but most of them think that risk is still too high.

Besides these shops you are also able to place bets at a lot of stadiums or casino resorts. At these offices you can bet with a piece of paper and a pen on the match that is about to start. This can be fun and enhance the experience of watching sports at a local stadium.

Bet with friends or Family

One form of sports betting I like is betting with friends, family or at work. Why? it is competitive, you don’t risk a lot of money and it is fun. Especially when you are doing good you can tease people with their bad results.

On top of these options there is one option we don’t recommend, and that is betting at a illegal local bookmaker. By betting at unregistered bookmakers you take unneeded risks. What if an illegal bookmaker has no money to pay your winnings? You have no rights to claim that money.

Last but not least you can also decide to just watch your favourite Canadian sports without betting at all. In the end sports is all about the game, and not about betting.

Frequently Asked Questions Canada Sports Betting

Is sports betting legal in Canada?

Yes it is. Sports betting is 100% legal in Canada. All betting sites listed on our website have a valid gaming license. They are all regulated by international gambling authorities.

Can I bet on Sports on a mobile phone?

Yes, all major sports betting sites in Canada have a good mobile website. You can place bets on the go. You only need a working internet connection when you want to bet on sports with your smartphone.

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