January 22, 2024

Sunrise VIP Casino – is this a legit online casino?

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Sunrise VIP Casino – is this a legit online casino?

Sunrise VIP Casino – is this a legit online casino?

For over a long time Sunrise Slots Casino has been a recognized name in the online gambling scene. This offshore casino makes a lot of promotion but is not really good in my opinion. And I am not the only one who things that, the casino has tons of negative customer reviews. That’s why I recommend avoiding playing at this online gambling portal.

Since a short period of time we also see Sunrise VIP Casino popping up on the internet. So what is this brand all about? And is it connected to Sunrise Slots Casino? Let’s find out!

What is Sunrise VIP Casino?

When launching Sunrise VIP Casino is appears to be just another offshore online casino. But when you dive in a little bit further, then you will notice that this website is no online casino at all.

On the Sunrise VIP Casino website there is no option to sign up an account at all. Therefor it is not possible to add money to a potential player account as well. This means you won’t be able to gamble for real money on this online gambling site.

After clicking around for a bit it appears that this casino is simply a clever gateway to send visitors to other online casinos. By referring visitors to other online casinos the website can make money. And by using the already popular name of Sunrise Slots, it was able to get visitors through places like Google. How? It can be very easy for people to get confused since the brand names are very similar.

What can I do on the Sunrise VIP website?

In my opinion not really a lot. The website offers you a main menu, but this menu is sort of a trick. When you hit any of the menu links you will often get redirected to one of its casino partners instead of staying on the website. I have browsed around the menu for a bit, and I got redirected to the following casino platforms.

  • Betonline.ag
  • Bovada.lv
  • Lincolncasino.eu


By redirecting you to these places the website hopes to make money. If you would sign up an account and play at any of these sites then Sunrise VIP would get a kickback fee. But this is in my opinion a long shot.

On top of these useless menu items Sunrise VIP offers you some slot information pages. Each of these pages offers you a very limited amount of information about the slot game. Additionally, the page will offer you some bonus offers at offshore US casinos. Showing you these promos is another way how the casino tries to make money.

Are there any Sunrise VIP casino no deposit bonus codes available?

In the main menu of the Sunrise VIP casino website you will find a no deposit bonus codes tab. This tab is filled with some information regarding bonuses. But it is actually not about bonuses that you can get a that website.

There are no Sunrise VIP casino no deposit bonus codes available. In fact, you cannot even play casino games for money at this website. It is simply a silly website to attract some of the people looking for Sunrise Slots Casino, which of course is a very similar name.

Sunrise VIP casino games

On the website of Sunrise VIP you can find some Realtime Gaming slot games. These slots are actually quite popular among offshore online casinos in the US. The slot portfolio contains various exciting slot games including:

  • Sweet 16 Slot
  • Might Drums Slot
  • Ghost Ship
  • Cash Bandits
  • Ape King
  • Lucha Libre
  • Thai Emerald
  • Gem Strike


As explained you cannot actually play these games on the site. There isn’t even a demo version available. This makes the Sunrise VIP slot website quite useless in my opinion.

Is Sunrise VIP casino legit?

No, there is nothing legit about this website. It is a misleading website which impersonates Sunrise Slots Casino. I don’t even know why you would want to do that, because that casino has a horrible reputation. Anything to make some money I guess.

Is Sunrise VIP Casino related to Sunrise Slots Casino?

No, there appears to be no legal relation between Sunrise VIP Casino and Sunrise Slots Casino. Actually, Sunrise VIP Casino seems to be making advantage of the brand name of Sunrise Slots. By using a very similar name the website is trying to confuse people who search for the brand name.

Sunrise VIP scheme

Sunrise VIP casino login

Since this website is no real place to gamble there is no Sunrise VIP casino login available. The only thing which you can do is click a ‘’Play now’’ button, but this button will only refer you to a different casino website. This makes the whole Sunrise VIP website quite misleading in my opinion.

Final thoughts about Sunrise VIP Casino

In my opinion Sunrise VIP casino is simply a silly trick to get some website visitors in a lazy way. The website doesn’t really add any actual value in the online gambling space. People who land on this website will probably only end up confused.

If you are looking for any decent online casinos then I recommend having a look at our recommend list of US online casinos.

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