January 16, 2024

Pulsz Casino Phone Call Scam – Beware of this new type of scam call

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Pulsz Casino Phone Call Scam – Beware of this new type of scam call

In the recent months we received multiple signs that scammers are using the good name of Pulsz Casino in a new trick. Using this Pulsz Casino phone call scam they try to scam people into paying hundreds of dollars.

Beware of this classic type of scam

Almost everybody remembers getting an email with a story that somebody died and left you a lot of money. To get to this money, all you have to do is pay for some legal fees. Once done, the millions are yours. Of course, when you pay the fees, you will never get your millions, and they will keep all the money you have send. An easy way to earn money for a scammer.

Now they also use this sort of setup to trick people into paying money to ‘’claim their cash prize win’’ at Pulsz Casino.

”These people use official Pulsz logos and they make it seem like you have won on the official site. They watch the activity and comments on social media for a while then target people who appear weak or desperate. Who doesn’t want to win a jackpot, right? So perfect scam.” Lisa R.

Pulsz Scam still ongoing in 2024

Although the word is out that these types of messages and phone call are a scam there are still people falling for it. Due to this reason the scammers keep on approaching people. Throughout 2023 but also since the start of 2024 we received multiple messages that they are still trying to earn money by using the Pulsz Casino scam. So, beware, and just ignore any message you might receive about having won a big prize at Pulsz.

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How does this Pulsz Casino scam work?

It appears that criminals use information that they have found online to email and call random people. Perhaps they have bought some leaked or hacked databases filled with personal information to contact random people.

During the call somebody represent itself as a spokesperson of Pulsz Casino. They tell you that you have won a cash prize during a drawing. In one example Clifford was told he won a 2nd prize which got him 20,000 free gold coins which he could spend on the site and a $25,000 cash prize. The caller even had an official looking document that stated that the cash prize has been won by Clifford.

Lisa Rule also received a similiar document, stating that she won a whopping $20,000, 20,000 gold coins, and 10,000 additional sweeps coins.

On this page you can view the full document the scammer send to make ”winners” believe to transfer the brokage fees.

Supposidly ''Official'' Winners Claimers Document

Supposidly ”Official” Winners Claimers Document


”I got an email and phone call from a guy who said he was from pulzs casino and he was my agent. He said that I had won 2nd place in a drawing and had won 20,000 gold coins & 25,000 cash usd. He had an official looking document including a pulzs sweepstakes winners verification form. I had to claim my prize within 5 working days and pay 299.99 to hold my winnings. It would be wonderful if it were true but somehow this sounds like a scam.” Clifford Brasher

In order to receive the cash prize, Clifford needed to claim his prize within 5 working days. In order to do this, he needed to fill out a form and pay $299.99 to hold his winnings. After reading this alarm bells started ringing in Clifford head, why would you need to pay money to hold your winnings?

Delivery of prizes

$299,99 in brokerage fees are required to release the jackpot prize

Never pay money to hold or receive winnings

Happily, Clifford was wise enough not to trust the call. He didn’t pay the $299.99 and he opened up a ticket at Pulsz Casino to verify if this promotion is real. Until now he hadn’t got a response from Pulsz Casino which is strange in my opinion since criminals misuse their name to scam people. They should be on top of this in my opinion.

Not always unsuccessful

Sadly, this scam is not always unsuccessful.

Lisa R. was contacted on Instagram, just after joining the platform a few days earlier. According to an account which appears to be from Pulsz she won a big cash prize including $20,000 in cash, 20,000 gold coins, and 10,000 sweeps coins.

Scammers also use Instagram to make people believe they won a big jackpot

Although Lisa describes herself as being ‘’fairly savvy when it comes to scams’’, she took the bait. The official of Pulsz asked for a $299,99 payment through cash app to cover brokerage fees. Excited for a big cash prize Lisa paid the expenses in the hope of receiving this big prize, but it never came.

”They have all money transactions done on cash app because cash app does not assume any liability or responsibility nor will they assist in helping identify these thieves.”

In the end the Instagram account seemed to be a fake one, which misused the logo and name of Pulsz. Please note this page https://www.instagram.com/pulszdotcom/ is the only real Instagram of Pulsz Casino.

”It is so humiliating to become a victim of a scam not to mention the financial heartache it created for me 10 days before Christmas. Such cruel people, heartless!!”

Is Pulsz Casino itself trustworthy?

Pulsz Casino is a popular sweepstakes casino which is 100% legal and trustworthy. You can play casino games for free or using sweeps coins at Pulsz throughout the US except in the state of Washington. While playing with sweeps coins you can even win real money. In my opinion Pulsz Casino is a great alternative to online gambling when licensed online gambling isn’t available in your state.

Final thoughts

Although it seems criminals try to misuse the good name of Pulsz Casino in their own advantage, the casino itself is 100% trustworthy. Its sad to see that scammers misuse the name of a solid business to perform these types of bad practices. Using this article, we try to warn as much people as possibly not to fall for this trick. When it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

Have you also received a call like this? It appears the scammers mainly call using a Mississippi number. Let us know in the comments!


  1. Tiffany Greene October 22, 2022

    So funny story I literally got a message on Instagram stating I won 25,000 and it would be put in my account and all that jazz and at first I thought omg yes but then when he said I had to pay $299.99 to get these funds big red flag I said uhhh wait a min I know how this works and you have the option to get the taxes taken out of your winnings and he said no that would be illegal I said uhh no it’s not so long story short I researched it because just in case and low a behold same story also I do know that when you win on any of the sites chumba luckyland even pulsz the money you won is already in your account they don’t notify you sometimes so ya sad that I didn’t win because they do have contests and things going on ALL THE TIME but people are sick and karma is a B that’s all I gota say and I feel bad for the gulible people out there or desperate ones because ya it’s not right at all

  2. David Soto December 14, 2022

    I’ve had the same situation currently the agent been blowing up my phone an emailing me an I as well have put a ticket into pulsz an yet to be answered.. so how do I set this clown up an have them pay for what they’ve done to other people?

  3. Steven welch February 8, 2023

    Ive got the same thing happening to me right now the guys calling from a Mississippi phone number is blowing my phone up and it originated yesterday sent me an Instagram message saying I won and this and that he originally told me that I won $50,000 then in this supposed official document that says confidential over and you can’t see part of it it says I won $100,000 and then wanted me to give them 599.99 for a one time payment for an official US claims form that I could use on any of the other casinos and I have yet I’ve also messaged Paul and yet to be replied to besides a email saying that they’ve received it and that somebody will be getting back to me and gave me a claim number or whatever but I wonder why pulse isn’t responding to anybody’s email you would think they would I even got another message on Instagram today saying it’s stating that I was another winner on a different sweepstakes that they were doing

  4. Lisa Rule March 22, 2023

    I fell victim to this Pulsz scam 2 weeks before Christmas. It was devastating because I sent the money before I realized the scam. All correspondence looked just like official Pulsz logo and even the winners documents seemed so real. Events in my life over the past year have left me vulnerable to opportunists. I have never recovered the money that was lost to the scammer.

  5. Matthew Crow March 24, 2023

    I just got off the phone with Peter James from a Mississippi number and was told I won 50000 and he needed a 299.00 payment to cover the 1% tax and I’d get reimbursed after I got my check. I asked for something in writing and the email was just like everyone else’s, I asked for my claim number and he said it was in the app by my name. Lmao. I could hardly hear the bastard and finally just hung up when he put me on hold to talk to his supervisor. Now he’s blowing my phone up pretty persistently and I had a feeling it was a scam right from the start due to the accent and him sounding like he was on a satellite phone on a cave in Iraq or somewhere.

  6. Michelle Sjolin March 27, 2023

    I fell for the same trap. I paid the $400 for the fees to win the money. He has steadily called me consistently for the past two weeks as If it were seriously legit. I even quizzed myself yet was dumb enough to spend another $400 bc he said I would get it back. He sure puts some energy into be a shady person. His children are living off of our children’s assets. Yesterday I received an express package from USPS that contained a blank check from someone in Oklahoma. He called me immediately after signing to receive the mail. He preceeded to give instructions and was rudely haulted when I refused to sign the check and express it back to him so he could bring me my money in cash personally. It’s amazing the cons and crooks in this world that steal from the righteous living. I truly hope he gets the karma he deserves for stealing my money that I needed.

  7. Jessica L Noble September 23, 2023

    I received one from Navada then the same individual called back with a Louisiana number

  8. Justin Allen Spicer January 12, 2024

    I swear I just received a message on Instagram last night saying I had won a sweepstakes from here for $100,000. Said an agent would be in touch. I literally just hung up with him cause as was the first guy, how am I supposed to pay money to be able to get money I have won? Didn’t make sense. I was told to keep confidential and tell no one. I wrote a message to pulsz asking the same thing but o have yet to hear back from them. My so called agent is supposed that to call back Monday cause I said I needed time to get the money because my 9 year old son has to have eye surgery and he just got kicked off Medicaid so I have to find an insurance to get him covered in the next week. He told me he would come out of his pocket some to help me. I swear people make me sick the way they don’t care about other people. I’m glad I took the time to look this up or I would probably fell victim to this exact scam.

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