What does the RTP of a casino game mean?

At lot of online casinos show the RTP of a casino game, but what does the RTP of a casino game mean? The term RTP is the abbreviation for Return to Player. The Return to Player (rate) gives you an indication how much of the total wagered money the game or machine returns. For example; When you bet a total of €100,000,-, and the machine returns €94,000,-, then the RTP is 100 / 100.000 x 94.000 = 94%. The higher the Return to Player rate, the more you will probably win (get back). When the RTP is very low, you should expect to drain your balance pretty quickly. Game providers calculate and test the RTP of game or machine by letting them spin thousands of times. This is the only way to get a representative view of the return of the machine.



  • The RTP of a game tells you how much money it returns to the player on average.
  • Some people will also use the words House Edge or Payout percentage for the Return to Player rate (RTP).
  • For online slots a 95% RTP is considered good, for slots in land based casinos this is way lower (around 75%).
  • Some online table games have a very high RTP (99%+). On these games you will have the best theoretical chance of winning money.


How does a RTP work?

A RTP rate give you a indication of how much money the machine will return on the long run. When you for example play ten €1,- spins while playing on a video slot which has a 93% RTP you don’t have to expect you will get back €10,- x 93% = €9,30. Why? Because the game spreads the return in multiple small and some high prizes. It will for example pay out one player only 83% and the following player 91%. But the next lucky player wins a high prize and enjoys for example a RTP of 143%. The reasons why a lot of casino games pay out like this is to keep things exciting, if the machine pays really regular then you will never be able to win high prizes.


What is a ‘’good’’ RTP?

You might think; ‘’What is a good RTP?’’. Well, this question depends on multiple things. First off all it depends on where you are playing the game. When you play for example slots in a land based casino then a 75% RTP is not bad at all. But when you are playing slots online then the average RTP will be somewhere between 93% and 96%. This makes playing slots online way more interesting then playing slots in a land based casino.

One other important factor is which type of game you are playing. The RTP of table games like Blackjack and Baccarat are in a land based casino way better than the Return to Player rate of slots or fruit machines. For example; European Roulette has a 97,3% RTP while most slot don’t even hit a RTP of 70%.


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What does volatility mean?

In addition to the RTP some casinos or game suppliers also give an indication of how volatile a game is, but what does this mean? The volatility of a game gives you a indication of how the game pays out winnings. When a game is not volatile at all then it will pay a lot of low prizes, but not a lot of big wins. When a game is very volatile then it doesn’t pay often, but when it does, it will probably  be a big one. While opening a game you can sometimes even choose how volatile you want the game to be. Lately NetEnt even announced they will launch most new games in a regular version and a MAX version which is more volatile.


Some Blackgames games offer the highest RTP and the lowest House Edge

Some Blackgames games offer the highest RTP and the lowest House Edge


Online casino games with the lowest casino advantage

If you like to play with the best odds then you should play online table games. Why? These games offer the highest RTP and have the lowest House Edge. Below you will find a list of casino games with the highest return to player rate. Most of these game are table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, but there is also one NetEnt slot in the list.

  1. Classic Blackjack by Microgaming; 99,91% RTP
  2. Blackjack Switch by Playtech; 99,87% RTP
  3. Blackjack Surrender by Playtech; 99,62% RTP
  4. Aces & Eights Video Poker by Microgaming; 99,09% RTP
  5. Baccarat Professional by NetEnt; 98,96% RTP
  6. Live La Partage Roulette by NetEnt; 98,65% RTP
  7. Premium French Roulette by Playtech; 98,65% RTP
  8. Video Roulette by Playtech; 98,65% RTP
  9. Double Bonus Spin Roulette by IGT; 98,06% RTP
  10. Blood Suckers Video Slot by NetEnt; 98,00% RTP


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