June 14, 2024

Live roulette – how and where to play it online?

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Live roulette – how and where to play it online?

Online roulette is a much-loved and fairly easy casino game. During each round of roulette, you can bet chips on a field of numbers. The field has numbers 0 through 36 and some extra betting options. These numbers correspond to numbers on the spinning roulette wheel.

After the betting round is done, a ball will be dropped into the roulette wheel, and the number the ball stops on will be the winning number. When you have a full chip on this number, you will receive 36 times your stake on that number.

You can also bet chips on corners to split a number into 2, 3, or 4 numbers. For example, if you have a ¼ chip on a number and it wins, you will receive 36 x ¼ = 9 times your stake.

Besides betting on the number, you can also bet on the color of the final number (red/black), even or odd, a certain row, a selection of numbers (1-12, 15-24, 27-36), or a combination of all the available options. When you land the right color or odds/even, for example, you will double your money.

Overall, roulette is an easy and fun game to play, and it can be very lucrative. Because of this, the game is played by both novice and experienced casino players.

Live roulette - how and where to play it online?

Playing roulette online versus offline

A lot of people love to play online roulette, but they don’t visit land based casino that often. Why? Well playing online roulette has multiple important benefits over playing roulette in a ‘’real’’ land based casino. Below I will explain why many new and experienced players will prefer to play roulette online instead of a land based casino.

1. You don’t have to spend money and time travelling to the casino

When you want to visit a land based casino you will need to spend time and money going there. Because of this you need to win more and have less time to play. If a player wants to play online they online have to switch on a desktop, laptop of mobile devices. All with all you can be playing within minutes!

2. Online casinos offer more game types and more betting options

While playing roulette you will enjoy more game types. Most casinos for example offer automatic roulette games, double ball variants, European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, Speed Roulette and more. On top of that online casinos offer more betting options and special payouts. Because of this there are more ways to win online!

3. While playing online you will be able to check out detailed game information

While playing online roulette you will be able to check out detailed game information, and this can be very useful! Simply click on a question mark somewhere in the game and read more about how you can play and how you can win. On top of this you can always look up more information online about strategies and payouts.

4. Online roulette games are available around the clock online (24/7)

Land based casino are not open all the time, and because of that you will not always be able to play. Besides that it can be very annoying to be forced to stop playing while enjoying a good streak. Online you won’t have this problem, because tables are available around the clock! One of the many benefits of playing roulette online.

5. Enjoy a way better playing history

While playing roulette in a land based casino you will see some hot numbers and maybe the last 10 numbers that landed. But that’s not a lot! While playing online you can check out statistics of maybe the last 250 or 500 rounds. This information can be very useful while playing, especially when you bet with a special strategy.

6. You will be able to use more payment options

While visiting a land based casino you can only pay using cash or a card. And most casinos only accept one or two currencies. While playing online you will be able to pay with 10+ different currencies and using many payment solutions. Almost all online casinos accept credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Maestro, VISA), e-Wallets like Skrill and Neteller and other options like bank wire, Apple Pay, PayPal and sometimes even Bitcoin.

7. Online roulette games are available everywhere you are

Since most online casinos and roulette games are mobile friendly you will be able to play everywhere you are using your smartphone, laptop of tablet. Simply open your favourite online casino and start playing wherever you are. Playing online roulette can be a perfect time killer while waiting at the airport, while sitting in the bus or while waiting for an appointment.

8. At online casino you will find interesting money bonuses

Almost all online casino offer generous bonuses while signing up or making a first deposit. For example; At LeoVegas you will receive €10,- free to try out some roulette games on sign up. You only have to create your account, that’s it! After enjoying this bonus you will also be able to collect a 100% deposit bonus. With this bonus you can double the first deposit you make in the casino! Because of this you will be able to play longer with your money in an online casino.

9. There is always a seat free while playing online

While playing roulette in a land based casino it can be very hard to find a place to play, online you won’t have this problem. Online you will find unlimited seats per table, and because of that you can play whenever you want! While playing online you can even place bets on tables in real casinos without having to battle for a spot at the table. On top of that you will always have the best view over the game. Why? Online players enjoy HD-quality video streams from multiple angles!

10. You will be able to try out games or play for free

After opening your free account at an online casino you will most of the times be able to try out games for free. This can be very useful when you are out of budget or when you want learn how a certain game (type) works. In land based casino you won’t have the option to play for free, which limits you.

11. Online you will be able to play anonymous

While playing in a land based casino everyone will see you and will see if and how much you win. This can be annoying or make you feel uncomfortable. While playing online you are anonymous and have more privacy. On top of that it is safer to cash out your winning online using bank wire transfer then walking out the casino with a bunch of money in your pocket.

12. Enjoy the best casino games in your own language and currency

Many online casinos are available in multiple languages. On top of that most casino accept many different currencies. Because of this you will be able to enjoy casino games in your own languages. Did you know some casino even offer live casino games with dealers speaking Swedish, German, Polish, Finnish or Norwegian?

Although playing roulette online has many benefits compared to playing in a land based casino the experience of going to the real casino will always be different. This will always be the most important reasons why some people still prefer to go to a ‘’real’’ casino. Personally I love to play online but I also enjoy going a night to the casino with friends for the real experience.

13. You will get the best RTP’s

In some physical casinos you can only play on a roulette table with an extra 0. Sometimes the wheel even has 2 extra zero’s. In my opinion this is straight up robbery and you should never play on such a table. The house edge is simply way too high.

Online you will always find a decent range of good roulette games with proper RTP’s (up to 99%).

Golden Ball Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming

Game types and providers

While playing roulette online you will get access to a wide portfolio of different game types. Which games a casino offers depends on the software suppliers is has integrated in the live casino. Some online casino only offer games by one supplier, and some have games by two or even more suppliers. Most online casinos offer live casino games by Evolution Gaming, which is the current market leaders in online live dealer games. Evolution Gaming offers an impressive selection of roulette games types including Slingshot Roulette (Auto), Immersive Roulette, French / American / European Roulette and Speed Roulette. Depending on the game type you choose it will go faster, you will enjoy a real or automatic dealer and you will play according different rules. On top of these roulette games Evolution offers other game types including Poker, Baccarat, a Money Wheel game and Blackjack.

Two other popular online roulette game providers are Ezugi and Extreme Live Gaming. Ezugi software is pretty popular but doesn’t offer a lot of different game types. Although this is the case most player refer to Ezugi as offering the mobile live dealer games. Extreme Live Gaming offers a wide game portfolio and is known for offering unique games including Golden Ball Roulette and Reel King Roulette. Join LeoVegas Casino in order to play live casino games by all three of these providers.

How to pratice live roulette?

Many people are curious how to practice playing online roulette. Well, one of the most important things is to try and practice new strategies. You can do this by playing roulette online for free or using fake chips. In this way you won’t have to spend any money while practicing this popular online casino game.

Although it can be good to use strategies, roulette is in the end a game of luck. Because of this it is very hard to really practice and master the game. Because of this we only recommend playing roulette for fun, and not to make money. Good luck and have fun while playing your favourite online roulette games!

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