November 30, 2021

Deal or No Deal Live

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Deal or No Deal Live

Everybody knows the TV-show Deal or No Deal. Contesters win big amounts of money, just by opening some briefcases. This is now also possible at most online casinos. Evolution Gaming transformed this TV-show into a real Live Game Show. The only question is: Deal or No Deal? This Game Show can’t be compared with any other live casino game! It’s a totally new online gambling experience for most of us.

Deal or No Deal was a really popular TV-show that ran from 2005 till 2016. Evolution Gaming launched the Casino Game in 2017, which is pretty late if you ask me. But Evolution continued the success of Deal or No Deal by creating a very entertaining Game Show. This game is a combination of RNG and live entertainment. The game has multiple stages that build up to the grand finale round.

This game is filled with amazing new features, it’s innovative, premium and has a big studio. You can win up to an outstanding 500x payout. The presenters are specially educated to make their way through the rounds, build the tension and open the cases. Make strategic choices and get the highest possible payout!

  • Where can I play Deal or No Deal?
  • What is Deal or No Deal?
  • Thing to Keep in Mind
  • The Best Strategy for Deal or No Deal
  • Play Deal or No Deal with a Bonus
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I play Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal has been on the market for a while now. So it won’t surprise you that you can play this game show at most of the online casinos now. We’ve made a list with online casinos where you can play Deal or No Deal with the best bonuses. At some of these online casinos we’ve arranged exclusive deals. You can click on ‘Read Review’ or click on the ‘Play Now’ button and see what this casino has to offer you.

Click on this link and we will send you to their website!

What is Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal is a game show that had multiple gaming rounds. First you have to qualify before you end up in the end stage, opening the briefcases! This is where the money can be made. There are 3 steps within a total Deal or No Deal round;

  1. The Qualifying Stage
  2. Time to Top Up your Briefcases
  3. The Real Game Show

You need to fulfill the previous round in order to move on. Below I will explain every separate game round and how to play it. It’s a game that requires some strategic choices, great skills and luck. This is a game show that has to offer everything to the players. You can try it at one of the online casinos from

There are some questions you will ask yourself during the rounds. These are questions that you will also ask yourself if you were in the real Deal or No Deal Tv-Show. What number is inside the last briefcase? Where is the hidden jackpot? Should I accept the Banker’s offer? And of course the final question: Deal or No Deal? Now you know what you can expect, it’s time to start explaining every round.

The Qualifying Round

Before you enter the final end game, you first have to qualify for the end game. You see a screen with a big wheel with three rings. Within these three rings, there are small golden segments. It’s the goal to align all the golden segments on the wheel in the upper sector of the qualifying wheel. This could be very hard for all of us. Evolution has made this part pretty hard.

So how does it work?

First you have to choose your bet, this could be low as €0.10 up to €100 per spin. You have to decide if you want to spin the qualifying wheel Normal, Easy or Very Easy. If you choose for Normal, you have to align all the three segments. Every level will lock 0, 1 or 2 segments for you. With Easy you have to align just the two easiest segments and with Very Easy, you just have to align the last segment with the other two. If you choose to make it easier, the bet per spin is increasing. For Easy it is times 3 and for Very Easy it is times 9. So if you bet €10, but want to make things very easy. You pay €90 every spin until you align the three segments.


If you complete the qualifying wheel. The biggest briefcase gets a multiplier between the 75x and 500x the amount of your initial bet. You can decide which briefcase you want to boost with this multiplier. After a player has filled all the locked zones on the qualifying wheel, they go to the next stage: The Top Up Zone. If you didn’t succeed during the qualifying round, the money you put in with spinning is lost.

Top Up Wheel

Between the Qualifying stage and the actual Game Show, you have to Top Up Wheel. Because you have to wait before the previous round ends and the new round starts. This Top Up Wheel gives you the opportunity to increase the value of the blue and red briefcases. This will increase the chances of getting a good offer from the bank and also ending up with a good briefcase. There are many different options to top up your briefcases. First you have to decide your bet per spin. You can choose between €0.10, €0.20, €0.50, €1, €2, €3, €5, €10, €25, €50 and €100. You can top up your briefcase with an amount varying from 5x up to 500x. So when you bet €1 per spin, you can top up your briefcase with €5 up to €500 per spin!


You can decide the bet and the times you want to spin the wheel. It’s an option to top up only one briefcase, but you can also spread your chances and top up multiple briefcases. This is an ‘optional side bet’, so you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. Keep in mind that you only have a small period of time where you can do this! When the time is over, you enter the Virtual Deal or No Deal studio.

Game Time!

After the Top Up period you will enter the real Deal or No Deal studio and it’s time to shine now! The Live Presenter will talk you through the different stages. You see one briefcase in the foreground and that’s YOUR briefcase, the most important briefcase of course. All the briefcases have numbers in them and have a certain value. The game has the same rules as normal Deal or No Deal.

The first three briefcases will be opened by the presenter and the first numbers disappear from your screen. The bank will give you an offer and you can decide: Deal or No Deal? When you have made your decision, the next 4 briefcases will be opened. If you’re still in the game, you have to Deal or No Deal again. Again 4 briefcases will be opened and you can make a decision to accept the offer or go on playing. For the last time 3 briefcases will be opened and you have to answer the Deal or No Deal question for the last time. Haven’t you made a deal yet?

If you still No Deal this offer, you go on to the last stage. There are 2 briefcases still unopened, your briefcase and one from the bank. Now you have to decide if you want to keep your briefcase or if you want to switch. You’ll win the cash prize that is in the briefcase you’ve chosen or the Banker’s offer if you’ve made a deal earlier. Now it’s time to get to the next Deal or No Deal round and you start over again with the Qualifying Stage.

Value of the Briefcases

When you enter the end game without topping up the briefcases, they have a certain multiplier. Underneath you find the different multiplier per briefcase:

  • 0.10x in Briefcase 1      
  • 0.20x in Briefcase 2           
  • 0.50x in Briefcase 3     
  • 0.70x in Briefcase 4           
  • 1x in Briefcase 5
  • 2x in Briefcase 6
  • 3x in Briefcase 7
  • 5x in Briefcase 8
  • 8x in Briefcase 9
  • 10x in Briefcase 10
  • 12x in Briefcase 11
  • 15x in Briefcase 12
  • 20x in Briefcase 13
  • 25x in Briefcase 14
  • 50x in Briefcase 15
  • 75x – 500x in Briefcase 16


Thing to Keep in Mind

Deal or No Deal isn’t the game that I would play when I play online. There are some Pros & Cons that come with these games. I think it’s really important for you to know all these pros, but definitely also the cons. The game is really entertaining, but if you’re looking for serious money, I don’t know if this is the right game. Below you can find some Pros & Cons of Deal or No Deal.


  • Entertaining and Exciting Gameplay
  • Decide your own maximum bets
  • Top up your briefcases as many times as you want
  • It’s your decision when to stop playing


  • RTP is not that high
  • Chances of winning a big prize is pretty smal


The Best Strategy for Deal or No Deal

I think there is no winning strategy when it comes to Deal or No Deal. This game is pretty different in comparison to the Wheel of Fortune games like Monopoly Live and Crazy Time. With these games you can create a betting strategy that works for you. But when you’re playing Deal or No Deal you can have a predetermined bet and also no fixed prizes. Every round is different and will cost you a different amount of money. When I was playing Deal or No Deal I tried different strategies;

  • Topping up one briefcase and hope it will be your number
  • Always take Deal when you can make profit
  • Never Deal and always keep playing
  • Top up multiple briefcases (most of the time 5) and hope one is yours


These are just a couple of strategies I used when I played Deal or No Deal. And there was only one strategy that gave me a little bit of profit after a big amount of rounds. If I were you, I would always take your profit when you have the chance. This could be after one or two rounds, but please do this. The chance of hitting a big winner is not that big with Deal or No Deal.

Play Deal or No Deal with a Bonus

We understand that you don’t want to use your own money to try this Game Show. That’s why we will highlight a great bonus you can use to try Deal or No Deal. The great part about using a bonus to play this game is that you don’t risk losing your own money. You can use the bonus money to try Deal or No Deal.

N1 Casino – The biggest Live Casino portfolio!

n1 casino no deposit bonus 25 free spins

N1 Casino is the biggest Live Online Casino on the market right now. They provide live games from 6 different game providers like Evolution (of course), Ezugi and Pragmatic Play. There are in total more than 100 live casino games you can play. These providers have all the classic casino games in multiple versions. So if you get bored at one, you can decide to try another one. And of course you can play Deal or No Deal!

Like I said, you can get an amazing Welcome Bonus Package, which you can use to play Deal or No Deal. But first you can claim a No Deposit Bonus. You can try 25 spins on the slot Ultra Burn, Super Joker or Monster Pop. You can win €50 with these free spins, so if you’re lucky you can use this money to make a first deposit or to play Deal or No Deal. The first deposit bonus of their Welcome Package is an exclusive one, only available at You can claim a bonus on top of your first 4 deposits:

  • 1st Deposit Bonus – 150% Bonus up to €200 + 50 Free S
  • pins (*Exclusive) ✔ Active
  • 2nd Deposit Bonus – 75% Bonus up to €100 ✔ Active
  • 3rd Deposit Bonus – 100% Bonus up to €100 + 50 Free Spins ✔ Active
  • 4th Deposit Bonus – 25% Bonus up to €100 ✔ Active


I would recommend N1 Casino to all of you when you’re looking for a good Live Casino and amazing bonuses. They also offer ongoing bonuses, which you can claim after the Welcome Bonus Package! Are you interested in playing at N1 Casino? Click on this link and we will send you to their website!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust Deal or No Deal?

Yes of course, it’s a Game Show from Evolution Gaming, which means that it’s completely safe to play. All the Game Shows from Evolution are tested by gambling commissions and can’t be rigged!

Can I play Deal or No Deal at every casino?

Deal or No Deal is also a really popular game, so you can find it at many different Online Casinos. Of course some are better than others, that’s why we did our research for you. In the table at the top of this page you can find the Best Live Casinos with amazing offers.

Can I try Deal or No Deal with a bonus?

Yes, at N1 Casino you can play Deal or No Deal and you can collect some amazing bonuses. You can use the bonus money to play this Game Show. Now you don’t risk losing your own money!

Would I recommend you playing Deal or No Deal?

If I’m really honest with you, no. I think that Evolution Gaming has created much better Game Shows that you can play at most of the online casinos. I really like Crazy Time and Monopoly Live myself.




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