March 13, 2023

R350 No Deposit Bonus – Claim R350 on Sign Up!

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R350 No Deposit Bonus – Claim R350 on Sign Up!

Although multiple online gambling websites have written articles about R350 no deposit bonus codes, this type of bonus is not a real thing. Generous registration bonuses are always available, but not in the thousands of Rands.

Many licensed online casinos now offer great R350 no deposit bonus code. In 2024 you can easily get R350 free for signing up a personal casino account somewhere. Who knows you get lucky and win R350 with your smaller registration bonus?

The expert team of BestBettingCasinos will guide you through all the available bonuses in your location below. Additionally, you can learn more about how R350 no deposit bonus codes work on the rest of the page. Unlock your no deposit bonus somewhere right away or read some more about the best bonus offers available in your location. The choice is yours!

Best Online Casinos with R350 No Deposit Bonus Codes in 2024

Below you will find the best R350 bonus offers available in South Africa for you to enjoy. If you like you can take advantage of multiple promotions. Altogether you can claim thousands of Rands for free!

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R350 Free On Sign up (no deposit needed)

  • R3.333 + 77 Free Spins Welcome Bonus
  • Daily Bonuses Available
  • 18 Years of Experience in South Africa

What is a R350 no deposit bonus code?

One of the most common bonuses in is the no deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus is a free casino bonus on registration which you can receive without making a deposit. All you basically have to do is register a free account to unlock the bonus. Because of the low risk factor, the no deposit bonus is very popular around the world.

A R350 no deposit bonus code is a registration bonus with a value of R350, which you can unlock by using a bonus code. Such a high value sign-up bonus is very rare to say at least. In my opinion getting a R100 or a R200 no deposit bonus is really common in South Africa. Online gambling business can give away something for free but now such huge bonuses. It will simply destroy their business and make them go bankrupt.

Using a no deposit bonus you can try out an online casino without any risk. You won’t have to wager any of your real money to try some casino games online. A no deposit bonus can consist of either free money or free spins. Both are a great way to learn a casino in my opinion.

Just like any other bonus the R350 no deposit bonus code comes with various terms and conditions (T&C’s). The T&C’s is basically a set of rules which you need to mind while playing with a bonus. These rules for example explain how much you can bet, how many times you need to wager your bonus, and how long it takes before the bonus expires.


Does any online casino offer a R350 free chip?

About this question we can be pretty straight forward, yes! Only reliable online casino would be able to give away a R350 free chip just for opening a free account.

Although running an online casino can be very lucrative, giving away such amounts of money for free isn’t common for every business. Some casinos manage to give away like R80 or R100, but only the best give away R350.

If you do encounter an online casino that offers a R350 no deposit bonus code, then mind that the chance that this offer is fair is very limited. Online casinos that give away unrealistic bonuses are often known for being unfair and not paying you correctly. Because of this I would recommend avoiding them and saving yourselves the time and hassle.

As an example, I have recently written an article about the African Grand Casino no deposit bonus codes that you can find online. In this article you can see what that you can claim a real R350 bonus at a valid online casino!

Pros & Cons – Using a R350 no deposit bonus codes


  • You can play online casino games for free.
  • Using your R350 free rand you can win real money.
  • No risk while you are not playing with your own money.
  • Often you will have a low wagering requirement.
  • Learn how to play certain games.
  • Get to know the online casino.


  • Can come with higher wagering requirements
  • Maximum win amount

How to redeem a R350 no deposit bonus code?

For experienced online gamblers it might be very straightforward how to claim a R350 no deposit bonus. This group of players can skip this paragraph since this information will not be very interesting for them. I recommend having a look at the available bonus offers in region on top of this page.

For novice casino players I will explain how you can redeem a R350 free chip bonus offer in an online casino below. By following our step-by-step guide, you can collect your personal bonus offers with confidence.

  • Select a bonus offer from our website that you would like to collect.
  • Check if you need to use a bonus code to redeem your R350 no deposit offer.
  • Open the website of the casino brand that offers the selected bonus.
  • Look for a registration form. Normally you can open this by hitting a button somewhere.
  • Fill in various personal details that are required to open an account. This includes your name, date of birth, and your address. All these details are required to verify your identity and to open your personal account.
  • Enter your bonus code when asked for. Normally you enter it during sign-up but sometimes you can add it later on through the cashier.
  • Verify a contact method to activate your account. Normally you can do this using email or a text message.
  • Log in to your account for the first time and the bonus will be available in your account. When your R350 bonus is available you will be able to open and try games in the casino.


If you have any trouble redeeming your R350 no deposit bonus code, then I would recommend opening up a live chat. The support department is always available to help you right away.


Can I use my bonus on table games?

On most occasions you will be able to use your bonus funds on table games. This means you will be able to play various RNG-based classic table games like Blackjack and Roulette with your bonus.

One thing you do need to mind is that games like Baccarat and Blackjack offer a very high RTP’s. This means you can normally play for a long time without losing to much money. Casinos know this, and that’s why these games contribute differently towards your rollover requirement.

To make the process of wagering your bonuses not to easy, casinos have introduced the term game contribution. Each game you play, contribute differently towards your wagering requirement. The higher the RTP, the lower the contribution in general.

A normal game contribution would look like this:

  • Slots, Jackpot Slots, Scratch Cards, Fixed Odds Games, Virtual Games: 100%
  • Table Games, Roulette, Live Dealer (All Games), Video Poker, Baccarat, Craps: 20%
  • Blackjack (Non-Live Dealer Only): 10%


Let’s say you need to wager a total of R10,000 after claiming a certain bonus. To reach this you need to bet R10,000 on slots since this game type contributes for 100% of your bets.

But for Roulette this is different. Since every bet only contributes for 20% you need to wager R5,000 instead of R1,000 to rollover your bonus.

Wagering on Blackjack games is the longest process. Every bet only counts for 10%. This means you need to bet R10,000 to wager a R1,000 bonus.

In the bonus terms you will normally also find a list of games that don’t contribute at all since the RTP is very close to 100%. This lists often includes a wide range of slots but also various table games.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Just like any other bonus, the R350 no deposit bonus comes with a wide range of terms and conditions (T&C’s). In my opinion you should always be aware of the most important rules that are explained in the bonus T&C’s. Why? If you break important rules from the T&C’s, you give the casino a reason to forfeit your bonus and any potential winnings.

Below I will highlight some key details which you will find in most bonus T&C’s. Get familiar with these rules and you should be good in most cases.

  • Qualification: Every good set of bonus T&C’s explain how you can qualify for a bonus. If you are required to use a bonus code, they will explain this here. They will also explain how old you need to be to claim the bonus and from which locations you can claim a bonus.
  • Games: Normally bonuses can be played on certain games. Free spins are normally available on one or a few slots. Site credit is more flexible but is normally not available on jackpot games, in the live casino, and in the sportsbook.
  • Maximum bet: To limit the risk of massive winners most online casinos state a maximum bet in their bonus terms and conditions. While wagering you can’t for example bet more than R5 per spin or R1 per bet line.
  • Wagering: You will need to wager as good as any bonus, so you don’t cash out straight away. A normal wagering requirement for a R350 no deposit bonus is 15x. This means you need to rollover 15 x R350 = R4,500 before you can request a withdrawal.
  • Maximum cashout: When you play with a no deposit bonus or deposit bonus then some casinos limit the maximum amount of money you can withdrawal from playing with the bonus. This can be for example R100 for a no deposit bonus or 5x your deposit when using a welcome offer.
  • Expiration: Normally a casino bonus will expire after a certain number of days. Make sure you play and wager your bonus before it expires!


In addition to these subject online casinos can add several other terms and conditions which you need to mind. Get familiar with them so you don’t have to worry about getting your balance voided.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Why we only recommend playing at licensed online casinos

Only unlicensed offshore casinos seem to give away silly bonuses like a R350 no deposit bonus. The reason for this is that licensed parties cannot give away such high bonuses and they can’t trick players with unfair bonus rules. This already shows you that you can trust licensed casinos but should be wary about poorly or unlicensed casinos.

At we only recommend readers to play at licensed online casinos. There are multiple reasons why we think you should be cautious about playing at poorly licensed casinos. They will be out for you money. And that shows! When you win money, they will for example stall the payment as long as possible. Everything will go slow, and you need to make up for a very hard verification process.

Another thing which makes unlicensed casinos less interesting if the fact that you need to share your personal information with some unknown entity. Who knows what they do with your personal information?

Last but not least you are never sure that you money is safe with an unlicensed casino. They can easily not pay you or they can go black out of nowhere. And since they are no subject to your local laws, you have nothing to fall back on.


How old do you need to be to gamble online?

Most forms of online gambling are available for players aged 18 or 19 years and older.

Does any online casino offer a R350 no deposit bonus?

Yes, you can find multiple options on this page, check them out and find your favorite online casino!

Can I win real money with my R350 no deposit bonus?

Yes, you can! If you manage to rollover your bonus you can request a withdrawal for your remaining balance. Some casinos state a maximum cashout for playing with a sign-up bonus in their bonus terms and conditions. This can be for example R100 or R250.

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