Jul 2, 2020

Video Slots Strategy – Increase your chances of winning with Slots

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Video Slots Strategy – Increase your chances of winning with Slots

When you open a South African online casino you see a huge amount of different video slot games and classic slot games. Slots are the most popular games at South African online casinos. Even at land-based casinos the popularity of slots is growing every year. At land-based casinos you see more and more slots you also find at the online casinos across the internet. In the past we needed to go to arcade rooms, bars, tank stations or restaurants to play offline slots. But now it is possible to play a huge amount of different slots on a computer, tablet, smartphone or Smart tv. We all love playing slots at least once or twice in our lifetime. But is there a Video slot strategy? A strategy that increases your chance of winning money?

Of course there is no 100% working strategy to win money. That would be strange because all casinos would go bankrupt. There is a strategy that secures you Zero chance of losing. That strategy is “Don’t play slots”. When you play you always have chance of losing money. There is also a strategy that increases your chances of winning with slots. On this page we are going to give you a few vital tips that can increase the chances of winning money when you start playing video slots (winnings are not guaranteed).

Before you start with your strategy – Choose a reliable online casino to play Slots

A simple search at google gets you access to over 200 different online casinos with Slots. But at which casino are you going to use our strategy? It could be very hard to choose from a huge amount of casinos. We already made a smaller selection for you. And also did other casino review websites on the internet. We are in the business for over 10 years already and during the years we selected the best and most reputable casinos around on our website. In the underneath overview you find our recommended top 10 casinos.

A few quick tips for choosing a casino that fit your needs

  • Collect (no) deposit bonuses
    If you are new at online gambling please choose a casino with a no deposit bonus. It gives you free play money or free spins to try a few games. Also use the available deposit bonus because that bonus gives you more money to play with after your first deposit.
  • Preferred language
    Start playing at a casino that offers your preferred language. Most casinos offer English, Swedish, German, Finnish, Norwegian and Spanish.
  • Read the reviews
    We review every online casino you find on our website. Read this review (or scan it) before you join a certain casino. In the reviews you find all the information you need.
  • Check number of available slots
    Before you join a casino it is smart to check the available game portfolio. See if you find a few interesting games. You can even decide to try those games in “practise” mode. If you like the games you can join the casino for free.
Casino CruiseCasino Cruise200 Free Spins
R15.000 Bonus
Perfect online casino55 Free SpinsCasino Cruise
Queen VegasQueen Vegas100 Mega SpinsPerfect online casino20 Free SpinsQueen Vegas
Spinit CasinoSPINiT200 Free Spins
R15.000 Bonus
Perfect online casino-Spinit Casino
Sloty CasinoSloty300 Free Spins
R22.500 Bonus
Perfect online casino-Sloty.com Casino
King Billy CasinoKing Billy200 Free Spins
R15.000 Bonus
Perfect online casino21 Free SpinsKing Billy €5,00 Free Bonus
Kassu Online CasinoKassu300 Free Spins
R22.500 Bonus
Perfect online casino-Kassu online casino
Genesis CasinoGenesis300 Free Spins
R15.000 Bonus
Perfect online casino-genesis Casino
AfriCasinoAfricasino300% Up to R6000Perfect online casino-Africasino Casino
Casino GodsCasino Gods300 Free Spins
R22.500 Bonus
Perfect online casino- Casino Gods
Yako Casino Yako100% Up to R999
99 Free Spins
10% cashback
Perfect online casino*Novomatic Games Yako Casino

Why are video slots so popular?

I think allmost everybody I know has an idea about video slots. They all know what a slot machine is. And most of them tried a few slot games in their lives. A lot of people from South Africa love slots and there are a few reasons why they do love them:

  • Video slots have a certain fun factor with their sounds and graphics
  • It is easy to understand how a slot game works
  • You can play with low and high stakes
  • Video Slot games offer nice bonus features and they increase the fun factor and your adrenaline
  • It is possible to win high amounts of money with a low bet stake
  • Every week there are new slot games
  • Slot games have amazing and recognizable themes (Disney, Marvel, Movies, Rock Bands, Toys)


When you open Yako Casino you will find out that there are thousands of different video slots and classic slots. Yakocasino.com is the casino that offers the most slot games of all casinos around. At South African online casinos you can play all kinds of slot games. There are slot games powered by Disney themes, Fairytales, TV shows or Rock Bands. Every slot games has his own theme and features. There are slots with 3 win lines but also slots with 4.096 ways to hit a win.

It is always the challenge to trigger the available bonus features or free spins modes. When you manage to start a bonus games or free spins mode you can level up your chances of winning high amounts of money. With a bonus game you can win up to 200.000 times your bet amount. And when you use our underneath Video slot strategy you can level up your chances even more.

video slots strategy win with slot games south africa

A few important things to keep in mind before you start playing slots

We like slots because they are fun and they offer a lot of excitement. A lot of people have the opinion that slots are a way to lose money very fast and easy. They think it is impossible to win money with video slots and classic slots. But we don’t share that opinion. When you use our Video slots strategy you can increase the chances of winning money with slots. A few simple tools and criteria will help you get higher winnings and it will make your gambling more fun.

Before we are going to give you the simple winning tips and the advice I need to give you a few things to think about before you start playing online slots.

  • Don’t stop working because in the long run you will always lose money when you are playing slots. The casino always win when you keep on playing the same game. So switch between games (our first free tip). Slots have a payout percentage of 94%-97% so when you keep on playing you will lose.
  • A slot machine has no brain. It does not remember if you won or lose recently. So don’t think “I lost yesterday, so I will win today”.
  • Spins on slot machines cannot be influenced. All spins are 100% random.
  • A slot machine where somebody dropped in a lot of money does not have more chance to pay out.
  • Online slots have a much better pay-out when you compare them to offline slots in arcade rooms, bars and restaurants. Offline slots have a pay-out percentage of 80-85% and online slots have a payout percentage up to 97%.


Time to continue to our Video slot strategy

Let me start by saying that there is no 100% guaranteed strategy for winning money with slots. But when you follow underneath tips you can increase your chances of winning with a pretty decent percentage. With the tips you will play a lot smarter and at the end you will get more winnings.

Only play with money you can miss (set yourself a budget)

The first and most important tip is the following. Only play online slot games with money you can miss. Set yourself a budget before you start playing and only use that budget. At most online casinos you can settle a limit in your account. For example: you can set a daily limit or a monthly limit. Don’t play above your budget.

Be satisfied and dare to stop on time

We are never satisfied. When we win money we want to win more. And when we lose money we want to win it back. When you play a certain slot game you must stop when the time is right. When you are in a losing streak, dare to stop and continue playing a different game. Maybe you are lucky at the other game. When you are on a winning streak dare to take your winnings and move on to a different game. A slot machine stops with a winning streak at one moment.

Realistic winning amounts

A winning target amount is a good way of stopping. Make a deposit at an online casino and set yourself a target. And set a realistic target. When you deposit R1.000 it is realistic to set a target of around R3.000 – R4.000. It is not realistic to set a target of R40.000+. It is almost impossible to reach a target like that with only a R1.000 deposit. So set yourself a target and when you reach those winnings withdraw that amount.

Use the withdrawal lock at online casinos

South African online casinos offer you an option to withdraw your money. So when you reach your target or a nice win you can withdraw those winnings to your bank account. At the moment you make a withdraw it will take a while before you receive your money. In the meantime you still have the possibility to cancel your withdraw. Our tip is to use the “withdraw lock” when you make a withdraw. When you use this lock you cannot cancel the withdrawal.

monopoly on the money williams interactive

Play video slots powered by reliable game suppliers. Monopoly is a game powered by Williams Interactive.


Only play slots powered by regulated slot game providers

At online casinos and in land-based casinos you find video slot games that are built and runned by different suppliers. An online casino almost never makes and runs their own casino games. They rent games from reliable and regulated slots suppliers. The casino pays a fee for each spin you make on the slot. Check out the reliable suppliers on our website in the menu or on the casino games post. A few of the most reputable suppliers are NetEnt, Play ‘n Go, Williams, Red Tiger and Microgaming.

Keep an eye on pirated games. There are a few rogue and blacklisted casinos that offer copies of regulated games. They offer the games on their own server. In that case they don’t pay a fee and they can manipulate the payouts. On our website you don’t find casinos with pirated games.

Always try Slot games with some free play money or free spins first

If you never played any slot games before and you want to get started with our slots strategy we recommend you to try a few free casinos first. On our website you find a few casinos that offer you free spins or a free amount of money when you join them. Check out casinos that offer you €5 free play money or €10 no deposit bonus here. Or try 50 free spins at a few popular South African online casinos. With the money or the free spins you have a free chance to try the slot games. And you can also win some money while testing them. This is a perfect way to learn how slot machines work. And you can see if there are a few lucky games for you. Play a bit with the bet levels and stakes.

When you are satisfied and you understand the games you can make a first deposit and continue playing the slots with your real money.

Sloty Bonus south africa - 300 Free Spins + 100% deposit bonus

Click here and try 300 free spins at a reliable South African online casino.

Do not play at progressive jackpot slots

It sounds really attracting “play and win a multi million jackpot”. But in real life it is impossible to win a huge jackpot like that. The chance that you win a huge jackpot like that is smaller than the chance you get hit by a thunderstrike. The pay out percentages at jackpot slots in the normal game are lower because a share of the payout go’s to the jackpot. Everytime you spin a share of that spin go’s to the progressive jackpot.

And if you want to try Jackpot Slots I recommend to do this when you made a winning. Don’t do it with the idea of winning money.

Check the bonus hit frequently

The Hit frequency is how often a bonus game gets triggered. There are video slots where you trigger a bonus game every 35 spins. But there are also slots where you hit a bonus game every 200 spins. The slots with a low hit frequently often give you higher winnings during the bonus games. When you get a bonus feature every 35 spins the chance of hitting a big win is much smaller. Starburst is one of those games where you trigger the bonus often. And a game like Book of Ra is popular because it gives you high bonus wins. But this game only triggers a bonus game in 1 out of 400 spins.

Start with enough money in your casino balance

If you want to play slots with a low hit frequently it is smart to deposit a relative high amount of money. When you play a slot with a bonus hit of 1 out of 400 spins you are not going to win any money with a R400 deposit. If you are unlucky your money is gone before you even triggered one single bonus game. To trigger a bonus feature I think you need at least a R1.500 deposit, and a R10 bet per spin. When you decide to play games like Starburst with a high hit frequently you can start with a lower first deposit. In-between the bonus games you will win smaller amounts of money that keep your balance stable in most cases.

Use your bonus money when you can collect it

All casinos you find on our website offer you a certain welcome bonus. Some of them are very interesting because they give you up to 400% extra play money. You can use both the deposit and bonus money to use the video slots strategy. Slots are perfect to use the welcome bonus because they count for 100% on the wagering requirements. When you receive a bonus you always need to wager the bonus amount a certain times. Choose a bonus with a 35x or lower wagering requirement. Else it is almost impossible to get your money free for withdrawing.

Don’t collect bonuses where you need to wager the bonus and deposit money. These bonuses are to hard to play through in my opinion.

In the underneath table you find a selection of casinos with an interesting first deposit bonus.

CasiGo CasinoCasiGo200%35x€200CasiGo
LapaLingo CasinoLapaLingo Casino200%35x€100,-LapaLingo Casino
Casumo CasinoCasumo200%30x€50,-Casumo Casino
Slottica CasinoSlottica200%45x€200Slottica Casino
Slotwolf CasinoSlotwolf150%40x€350Slotwolf Casino
Joo CasinoJoo Casino150%50x€100Visit Joo Casino
Mason SlotsMason Slots150% 40x€200Mason Slots
N1 CasinoN1 Casino150%40x€100N1 Casino
Slot Hunter CasinoSlot Hunter150%40x€100Slot Hunter Casino

mega win with slots strategy south africa

Frequently Asked Questions slots strategy and video slots

Can I win real money with a no deposit bonus on slots?

Yes you can. When you decide to join a casino that offers you free play money or free spins you can win real money. Choose a game or two and start playing. When you hit a few wins you can continue playing. On the no deposit bonus is wagering required before you can withdraw any of the winnings. Normally the wagering is between 25x and 50x the amount of money you receive or the winnings you made with your free spins.

Are video slots reliable at South African online casinos?

Video Slots at South African online casinos and land-based casinos are safe when they are powered by the regulated suppliers. When a casino uses a copy of a game please keep away because this game is not reliable. Only play at casinos you find on our website because we can guarantee you that these casinos are reliable.

Where can I find the most online video slot games?

There are a few casinos that offer you over 1.500 different video slot games. Yakocasino.com is the biggest online slots casino. This casino offers you over 2.200 different games. Other recommended casinos with a lot of different games are Sloty, Casino Cruise, SPINiT and Kassu.

What are the best paying video slots games?

We regulary play online casino games and we also keep an overview of the best paying games. You find them on our best paying video slots page. The list changes all the time so I can not give a real answer here. Please check out the page for the most actual list of best paying video slots.

What kind of bonus games can I trigger at a video slot?

All video slots offer different bonus games. Most of them are based on free spins with extra features or on a wheel of fortune with nice wins on it. The last few months new games got more and more attractive. The bonus games get better and better. There are a few games that offer full bonus games with levels and dices.

In the underneath screen you see the Beware the Wolf bonus game of Fairytale legends red riding hood slots. During this game you are walking through a imaginairy world where you can collect money. You keep on getting money untill you get eaten by the wolf.

beware the wolf fairytale legend red riding hood

Can I play the Slots strategy on a mobile device?

You can play this strategy on every device that has an internet browser and a working internet connection. So you can play on smartphones, tablets, smart tv, desktop, laptop and on a notebook. Slots are built to fit on all kinds of screens so you can play the slots strategy when and where you want.

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