Jun 18, 2020

Are online casinos reliable?

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Are online casinos reliable?

Ask random people on the street about casinos and online casinos in South Africa. Or when you talk about online casinos with friends or family, they all ask you about the reliability. Are South African Online casinos reliable? This is probably the most important question when people talk about slot machines and online casino games. We did a bit of research and the results where clear. Around 72% of all participants still think that online casinos are not reliable and not safe. Only 28% of the participants trusts online casinos. We questioned 850 persons in the age between 18 and 60 years old. The results of the survey are an eye opener for us. On this page you find some interesting survey results but first I am going to tell you more about online casinos and the reliability of the casinos in South Africa.

What is an online casino?

You probably already know what an online casinos is. But let me tell you a bit more about online casinos because there are a few things you don’t know about them. An online casino is a website with a selection of digital casino games. In land-based casinos you find classic table games and slot machines. There are gaming companies that digitalize those games. Online Casinos rent those games from the gaming companies (we call them game providers). An online casino pays the game providers a fee for using the games. They only pay a fee when a player plays the game. Online casinos do not develop their own games. Before you can play the casino games online you must be 18 years or older. And you need to register a free account at an online casino website.

Before you can play casino games with real money you need to transfer money to the casino. There are different payment methods available at the casino. You can pay with credit card, bank transfer, paypal, E-Wallets, paysafecard, VISA or you can use local payment methods like EcoPayz, Jeton and EasyEFT. Before you decide to make a real money payment it is important to find reliable online casinos. You don’t want to lose money to an unreliable company. It is very important to play at casinos that are 100% reliable and safe.

Example 100% reliable online casino – Sloty Casino (Try 300 Free Spins)

Sloty Bonus south africa - 300 Free Spins + 100% deposit bonus

Below you find information about Sloty Casino. This online casino is one of the most reliable South African online casinos around. They offer you over 1.000 player friendly casino games. And the casino offers a few interesting bonuses for new players from South Africa. The website of Sloty Casino is secured and they only use safe payment methods like EcoPayz, Jeton and EasyEFT. The casino has a perfect customer support tool with 24/7 support in multiple languages. You can try Sloty Casino today with 300 free spins and a 100% deposit bonus. Collect your 300 free spins and 100% Sloty Bonus now!

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Are Online Casinos reliable? This is how you can check the reliability of an online casino

We recommend you to avoid unreliable online casinos. Unreliable casinos are dangerous because you can lose money and you don’t want to share your personal data and private bank information with them. Around 90% of the casinos you find on the internet are reliable. And still 10% of the casinos is unreliable and unsafe. We do research for you. We only add reliable casinos to our website. And we only communicate information about reliable online casinos on our website. The easiest way to find a reliable casino is through our website and the list of casino reviews on our website.

Of course it is possible that you receive an interesting bonus promotion for an online casino that is not listed on our website. Or you land on a casino that is not listed on our website. Before you register a free account at that casino you need to check if the casino is reliable or not. If the casino is not our website we not reviwed it or it is an unreliable casino. In this case you need to do a little bit of research yourself. This isn’t very hard when you follow the reliability test criteria we use.

Do a bit of research on the internet

You probably found this page while you were serving the internet. This is the perfect start for your research. Before you decide to join a new online casino it is important to do a bit of research. You have to know what other people and casino experts have to tell about the casino. Simply open google and search for information about the casino you want to join. You can ask google “Is 21Casino reliable?”. In the search results you see thousands of pages that give you reviews of 21Casino.

Below you see the first page results when we search “Is 21Casino reliable?” in google. As you can see there are over 11.000.000 search results. On page 1 you see a lot of positive reviews. The star ratings in the search results are positive. At the bottom of page 1 you find our test results and the link to our 21Casino review.

After doing a bit of research on the internet you can conclude that 21Casino is a reliable online casino.

are online casinos reliable reviews on internet

Is the website hosted on a secured server (Is your data safe at the casino)

are online casinos reliable secured websites

It is very important to look at the safety of the casino website. The website of an online casino needs to be hosted on a secured server. If a website is unsecured we recommend you to avoid that casino. Avoid unsecured casinos because their connection is not safe. When you register a casino account at an unsecured casino we cannot guarantee that your data is safe. Smart internet hackers can get access to the databases of unsecured websites. that means hackers can get access to your personal data. You don’t want hackers to have your data because they can use it for illegal stuff. Imagine yourself registering an account at an online casino. This means you are interested in online gambling. Hackers who get access to your data know you are interested in online gambling. They can now sell your data to other online casinos and earn a lot of money with your data.

But how can I check if a casino website is secured? This is very easy because internet browsers show you the security level of all websites you visit. You can check the security level in your browser. A secured connection is green and an unsecured connection is red. You can also check if the lock is closed or open. A closed green lock means the website has a secured connection (see image above).

Does the company has a valid license to run an online casino?

After you checked the internet for reviews and the security level of the website you have to look at the casino license. This is also a very important criteria to look at when we want to answer the question: Are online casinos reliable? When a company does not have a valid license they cannot run a legal online casino. Every company that wants to run a reliable and legal online casino needs to have at least one valid licence.

The most reliable licences are:

  1. MGA – Malta Gaming Authorities (A license for European Gambling)
  2. UKGC – United Kingdom Gambling Commission (Licence for gambling in the United Kingdom)
  3. Curacao eGaming – World Wide License for eGaming

At the bottom of the casino website you can find license information. A reliable online casino needs to have at least one valid license. And the casino needs to communicate the company that helds the license and the license number On the website of the license commission you can check if the license is valid or not.

Below you see the footer of the website of 21Casino. As you can see the casino has 2 licences. 21Casino has a UKGC and a MGA license. We checked both license numbers on the website of the commission. Both licenses are valid. A valid license means that the casino follows the rules of the gambling commissions. And it also means that players are protected by the commissions. When a casino makes a mistake or when they do something wrong they can lose their license. Losing a license normally means the casino has to stop operating.

licences at reliable online casinos

Casino games from regulated gaming companies

Online Casinos offer you a selection of digital casino games. Casinos have made deals with gaming companies. Gaming companies develop new games and they are regulated by the gambling authorities. Online casinos only offer games that are developed by regulated gaming companies. The most popular game providers are NetEnt, SG, Microgaming, Thunderkick, WMS, Play ‘n Go and Novomatic. Before a casino can offer the games they must apply at the gaming companies. A casino can only apply for games when they have a valid license.

When they get an approval from the gaming company the casino can start integrating the games from that game provider. The casino receives integration software and with that software they can show the games on their website. When a player opens a game from the game provider the game opens in a new screen and it runs from the server of the game provider. An online casino never runs games from their own server. When you notice a casino that runs games from gaming providers on their own server you must stop playing those games. This could be illegal and unreliable casinos. There are a few casinos that copy games and run them on their own server. In that case the casinos don’t have to pay a fee to the game provider and they can manipulate the pay-outs of the game.

Casinos that copy games to their own server are unreliable and you must avoid them.

Fair and reasonable bonus terms and conditions

Are online casinos reliable when they offer unreasonable bonuses? Yes in my opinion online casinos with unfair and unreasonable casino bonuses are not reliable. An online casino could have a license, regulated casino games and a secured connection but it can still unreliable.

Every online casino offers a welcome bonus for new players. This is a way to attract new players. On the internet there are thousands of online casino websites. And they all want new players at their casino. With welcome bonuses they try to attract new players from South Africa. There are online casinos that give R100 free, R200 free or free spins when you register a free account. This is called a no deposit bonus and this is a perfect bonus for new South African players. You can try a few games at the casino without making a real money deposit. And you can win some real money with these bonuses.

Casinos also offer you a deposit bonus when you decide to start playing with real money. The casino gives you free money on top of the amount you transfer to the casino. With this bonus you can simply triple the amount you like to deposit. there are casinos that give you 200% extra on top of the amount you deposit. Deposit R2.000 at a casino with a 200% bonus and you receive R2.000 + R4.000 = R6.000 in your casino account.

This sounds very reasonable and fair, doesn’t it? Yes it does! But there are also bonuses that look to good to be true. And in most cases they are too good to be true. When you check the bonus terms and conditions you find a few crazy bonus conditions. Reliable online casinos offer fair and reasonable bonus terms. Of course a casino needs to have a few conditions on their bonuses. They cannot give away free money to all players because that will result in a negative cash flow.

Play through your bonus money before you can withdraw money

When you claim a deposit bonus at an online casino you must accept the bonus terms and conditions. On deposit bonuses there is a Play through requirement active. That means you must play through the bonus money you receive a certain amount of times before you can withdraw your winnings and money. This is a normal procedure. But there are casinos that add unreasonable and unacceptable play through requirements to their bonuses. When you accept a bonus with those requirements it is almost impossible to play through the bonus amount. Let me give you an example

Example reliable and acceptable bonus terms 
  • Casino: 21Casino
  • Bonus percentage: 121%
  • Wagering (play through requirement): 35x Bonus
  • Minimum deposit amount: R200


When you deposit R2.000 at 21Casino you receive 121% bonus on top of your deposit amount. You receive R2.420 extra from the casino. After you made the deposit you have R4.420 in your account. At 21Casino you must wager your bonus amount 35x. R2.420 x 35 = R85.060. Before you can withdraw your winnings you must play through R85.060 at 21Casino. This equals 4253 spins with a bet level of R20. This is reasonable because video slots have a high return to player value. Ok, it could take some time and you must be a bit lucky with some big wins. But it is an acceptable bonus and you can reach the wagering requirements.

Example unreliable and unacceptable bonus terms
  • Casino: WinnerMillion
  • Bonus Percentage: 300%
  • Wagering (play through requirement): 50x Bonus + deposit
  • Minimum deposit amount: R400


When you deposit R2.000 at WinnerMillion you receive R2.000 + 300% Bonus. You receive R8.000 in your casino account. This sounds amazing. But now the hard part comes. You have to play through this bonus money and the deposit money 50x before you can withdraw any of your winnings. In numbers this means you must play at least 50 x R2.000 = R100.000 and 50 x R6.000 = R300.000 on the casino games before you can withdraw money.  You must play R400.000 on the games. This equals 20.000 spins with a bet level of R20. Ok it is nice to receive R6.000 free from the casino but how interesting is it when you are not able to withdraw any of the winnings you make?

Don’t accept bonuses with a wagering that is higher than 35x the bonus amount. We mark casinos with bonus terms like this as unreliable casinos.

A few Results from our online casino survey

We interviewed 850 persons from South Africa between 18 and 60 years old. In total we interviewed 501 men and 349 women. We gave them a few questions about online casinos, bonuses and sports betting. Here are a few results that came out of the survey.

  1. 72% Of the participants still thinks that online casinos are unreliable
  2. 68% of the participants between 18 and 30 years old believes online casinos are reliable
  3. 81% never played at an online casino
  4. 62% Played at least once at a land-based casino
  5. 32% Of the men tried at least one online casino or online bookmaker
  6. 70% Prefers online sports betting above online casino
  7. Only 10% of the participants made a withdrawal from an online casino
  8. 73% of the people that plays at an online casino uses casino bonuses
  9. 82% of the online casino players started playing with a no deposit bonus
  10. 99% Of all players played a video slot at least one time

Top 10 reliable online casinos

Are South African online casinos reliable? Yes most of them are reliable. You now know the most important things you have to look at when you want to play at an online casino. And you know what kind of casinos you must avoid. Now it is time to get started and try a reliable online casino. we try to make things a bit easier for you. In the table below we added the most reliable online casinos we reviewed. All casinos in this table are 100% reliable and they all offer acceptable bonuses. We selected casinos with valid licenses and games from regulated game providers.

Now it is up to you. You can choose a casino from the table. Click the play button behind the casino and register a free account. We activate the available bonus for you. Good luck!

Casino CruiseCasino Cruise200 Free Spins
R15.000 Bonus
Perfect online casino55 Free SpinsCasino Cruise
Queen VegasQueen Vegas100 Mega SpinsPerfect online casino20 Free SpinsQueen Vegas
Spinit CasinoSPINiT200 Free Spins
R15.000 Bonus
Perfect online casino-Spinit Casino
Sloty CasinoSloty300 Free Spins
R22.500 Bonus
Perfect online casino-Sloty.com Casino
King Billy CasinoKing Billy200 Free Spins
R15.000 Bonus
Perfect online casino21 Free SpinsKing Billy €5,00 Free Bonus
Kassu Online CasinoKassu300 Free Spins
R22.500 Bonus
Perfect online casino-Kassu online casino
Genesis CasinoGenesis300 Free Spins
R15.000 Bonus
Perfect online casino-genesis Casino
AfriCasinoAfricasino300% Up to R6000Perfect online casino-Africasino Casino
Casino GodsCasino Gods300 Free Spins
R22.500 Bonus
Perfect online casino- Casino Gods
Yako Casino Yako100% Up to R999
99 Free Spins
10% cashback
Perfect online casino*Novomatic Games Yako Casino

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