February 9, 2024

Live at ICE and IGB – Preview new Evolution Gaming Games (Lightning Storm, Stockmarket Live & Balloon Race)

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Live at ICE and IGB – Preview new Evolution Gaming Games (Lightning Storm, Stockmarket Live & Balloon Race)

I would like to give a few live updates from ICE 2024 and IGB London Affiliate Conference 2024. On this page with live updates you find a live preview of new games developed by Evolution Gaming. My team and I had the chance to see a nice preview of lighnting Storm, Stockmarket Live and Balloon Race.

Of course I like to share this preview with our visitors. If you like playing live game shows you will love this preview. I promise you.

Besides a live preview of new games I also share other interesting things we see at ICE and IGB 2024. Nick, Job and myself (Dave) are visiting the biggest iGaming conference in the world. It actually are the 2 biggest conferences, ICE and London Affiliate Conference (IGB). Both a 2 day conference with ten thousands of visitors from all over the world.

On this page I give you a little insight in both conferences.

Video live Preview New Evolution Gaming Games – Lightning Storm, Balloon Race & Stockmarket live

In 2024 we can expect a few really nice new game shows developed by Evolution Gaming. Personally I love game shows developed by Evolution Gaming. these games are not only fun, with a little bit of luck you can hit some huge wins.

All gameshows are extremely well developed. Stunning graphics, state of the art software and available for all kind of devices. it doesn’t matter if you want to play on a big screen or on your small mobile screen. These new Evolution Gaming games are built for all types of screens. Fast loading times and amazing graphics.

Lightning Storm New Game Evolution Gaming

Discover the electrifying sensation in the online casino world with Evolution’s groundbreaking creation – Lightning Storm, unveiled at ICE London. Dive into the excitement surrounding Lightning Storm and explore why it’s a must-try for gaming enthusiasts at BestBettingCasinos.com. This game will be launched in June 2024.

Unveiling Lightning Storm Evolution introduces Lightning Storm as the “ultimate Lightning game,” setting a new standard in digital entertainment. This live game show features a colossal money wheel powered by DigiWheel’s innovative technology, promising instant payouts and five thrilling bonus games.

Experience the Thunder Lightning Storm is more than just a game; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of excitement. With five distinct bonus rounds, Lightning Storm offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Todd Haushalter, the mind behind the game, describes it as Evolution’s most ambitious project yet, offering players a glimpse behind the curtain of Lightning Roulette and the entire Lightning family.

Activating Bonus Rounds To unlock the bonus rounds, bet on any number or place your stake on the ‘Bonus Catcher.’ This special feature, priced at 11.4 times your standard bet, opens the door to exciting bonus opportunities scattered throughout the DigiWheel.

Symbols & Wagering Options

Symbols and Wagering Options Bet on numbers 1-20, the Evolution symbol, or the bonus catcher for a chance to win big. Here’s a breakdown of the symbols and their significance:

  • Numbers 1-20: Standard betting options.
  • 20x Evolution Symbol: Offers payouts at 1:2, elevating the thrill.
  • Bonus Symbols: Integrated with number symbols for access to bonus rounds.


Bonus Rounds

Exploring Bonus Rounds Discover the intricacies of each bonus round, where strategy meets fortune, and every spin holds the promise of exhilarating rewards:

  1. Hot Spot: Unveil multipliers up to 500x for a chance at massive wins.
  2. Monster Mash: Build your monster with various body parts and multiply your winnings.
  3. Battery Charger: Navigate the conveyor belt filled with multipliers and aim for the green zone.
  4. Lightning Storm: Make strategic decisions akin to ‘deal or no deal’ and seize multipliers.

When will Evolution Gaming Launch Lightning Storm?

The new game show Lighnting Storm will probably be launched in June 2024. This is what the Evolution Gaming team told us at ICE 2024.

Live View on the new Stake F1 team and car at IGB

Besides watching new game launches we also saw a few other interesting things at ICE and IGB. At the IGb conference we visited the huge booth of Stake. And recently Stake entered the Formula 1. The former Sauber team now listens to the name Stake F1 team.

In the video below I give you a quick view at the new Stake F1 car. Have a look and share your opinion underneath the video in the comments.

I have an interesting fact. It can happen that the Stake F1 car will never been seen on any of the race tracks. There is a law case going on at the moment. Stake Casino does not have a gaming license in Switzerland. And that country now tries to ban Stake for participating in the Formula 1.

I am very curious what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks. Will we see this Stake F1 car racing at the Formula 1 season?

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