May 25, 2022


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Most of the casinos accepting Neteller are top of the crème casinos thus guaranteeing unrivalled online casinos experience. It is used by many people around the globe in performing their online purchases and in making deposits and cash outs in online casinos.

Neteller serves as a great and unique alternative to using credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts or prepaid cards. Once you have set up an account with them and linked it to a bank account or card, you are free to start transacting with the account. With this e-wallet, you will be in a position to reduce your chances of being a victim of fraud or identity theft. This is all thanks to the e-wallet’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security feature. It has been able to make sure that their services are unique and uncompromised so as to maintain their certification and authority from the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA). This simply means that all people using this system are under protection by the British Laws and State Financial Regulation Authority.

Neteller has gone that extra mile of partnering with MasterCard to have a card which can be used in depositing money into your online casino account or shopping online and offline.

Type of payment: E-Plånbok

Making deposits in online casinos using Neteller

After successfully setting up an account with Neteller, making payments into an online casino is pretty easy.

While logged into your online casino account, go to the payments or deposits section and choose E-Wallets. From the submenus that will be provided, choose neteller. A menu will pop up and you will be required to fill in the account ID as well as the Security ID for your account. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit into your account and the amount will instantly be credited into your casino playing account.

Cashing out with Neteller from your online casino account

The steps to withdrawing are similar to those used while crediting into your account.

Go to the withdrawal page fill all data that is required which may include your Neteller account ID, amount, Secure ID and the currency. After completing the transaction, the money requested is immediately credited into your neteller account.

For success in the deposit and withdrawal of the accounts, you need to register Neteller as the preferred withdrawal and deposit method.

Why use Neteller in your online casino transactions

  1. Security is guaranteed when using your e-wallet as your preferred payment option
  2. Transacting does not reveal your personal data; the recipient will only see your account number and not your name
  3. Deposits and withdrawals are instant
  4. Is accepted by many online casinos as both a deposit and withdrawal method which is not the case with many online payment systems
  5. No credit is offered by the payment system thus no risk of debt and you’re able to stick to a budget.

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