October 24, 2022

Bolton Wanderers Supports Against The Odds

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Bolton Wanderers Supports Against The Odds


Betfred will be the last gambling sponsor on the shirt of the English football team Bolton Wanderers. Bolton don’t want to support online gambling, they are now part of the Against the Odds-campaign. They are pushing for the removal of gambling sponsors in the football world.

The gambling problems in the Greater Manchester region are huge. That’s why Against the Odds try to push gambling marketing away from the sports industry. Bolton Wanderers is now a partner of the Against the Odds campaign!

Against the Odds-campaign

The Against the Odds campaign wants to get the attention of gambling problems and the marketing. And especially the prevalence of the gambling marketing in the sports industry. The Against the Odds campaign wants to protect young children and vulnerable people from getting a gambling problem.

The main region of Against the Odds is Greater Manchester. This is a region where a lot of big football clubs are based, like Manchester City, Manchester United and Wigan Athletic.

Study shows that the logo of an gambling website appears more than 700 times in one single football match, which means you can see it almost 8 times per minute. 1 in 200 people from the Greater Manchester region has some serious gambling problems. That’s why Bolton Wanderers is part of the Against the Odds-campaign.

Being part of the Against the Odds-campaign means that you can promote any kind of gambling information on the shirts. This is a huge step for a campaign like Against the Odds. They hope that other clubs will follow this statement. They hope that this movement from Bolton will spark the nation!

The last Gambling Sponsors of Bolton

Bolton Wanderers did have some gambling partners in the past. It all started with 188bet. This was the first gambling shirt sponsor at Bolton Wanderers. They were sponsors from 2009 till 2013. Bolton played in the Premier League at that time, but they were relegated in 2013. So they had to find a new sponsor for their shirts.

In 2016-2017 they had the next gambling operator who was promoting on the shirt of Bolton. Spin and Win was featured on the shirts of Bolton that year. They had just a one year contract.

The last gambling operator who was sponsor of Bolton was Betfred. They were the next partner after Spin and Win. Betfred was a partner from Bolton from 2017 till 2019. Bolton was slowly falling down in the English competition. The Championship was the best league they played in with Betfred on their shirts.

“Bolton Wanderers in the Community”

Bolton also has their own charity organization “Bolton in the Community”. This charity also supports the thoughts of Against the Odds. Both organizations push hard to prevent and protect people from online gambling, because gambling in the football industry is huge. This is an official statement from the Chairman of Bolton Wanderers:

“Gambling addiction can have a huge impact on individuals and their families and communities, and that’s why Bolton Wanderers Football Club is pledging  our formal support of the pioneering Against the Odds campaign.​​ As a club with are proud of the role we play in our community and, along with Bolton Wanderers in the Community, we will continue to be a driving force in supporting the health and well-being of all the residents of our town.”

A year ago Bolton Wanderers already announced that they will no longer partner up with gambling operators. It was already no longer allowed to gamble in the stadium of Bolton. Against the Odds and Bolton now have a contract for this statement.

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