May 25, 2022

Live Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming – How to play?

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Live Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming – How to play?

Live Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming - How to play?

One of today’s most popular online Roulette games is Live Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming. During this electric live roulette game each round offers players a few lucky numbers with higher payouts. In this way it is possible for players to win up to x500 their bet by hitting the right number. Isn’t that amazing? Of course this game also offer a few disadvantages, which I will discuss later on. In the following of this article I will explain how this game works, how it’s different from normal live roulette and I will share some tips on how to play. In addition to this I will give you some more general information about the controls and betting limits.

Up to five lucky numbers per spin

Before each round of Lightning Roulette the croupier will electrify the board by pulling the Lightning handle. This handle will activate the Lightning round which electrifies up to five different numbers on the board. When this happens you will see lightning strike the numbers on your screen. Once this happened each lucky Lightning number will count up to a certain multiplier level. This can be for example x50, x200 or x400. Normal straight bet numbers during Roulette pays up to x36, but lightning numbers pay somewhere between x50 and x500. This makes playing Live Lightning Roulette a lot more exciting than playing regular Roulette. On the downside normal straight bet winning during Lightning Roulette will only pay x30. This means hitting Lightning numbers is very important to make a profit.

Up to five lucky numbers per spin

When Lightning Strikes up to five numbers get an enhanced multiplier!

Important to know;

  • Although the regular Roulette payout is x36 normal payouts during Lightning Roulette will be x30. This ensures the casino still has a house-edge although it pays enhanced payouts on Lightning numbers.
  • All regular bets such as splits, streets, corners, six line, dozens, columns, low/high, even/odd and red/black pay the same as normal roulette.
  • Live Lightning Roulette offers an optimal Return to Player (RTP) of 97,30%. This RTP is based on playing with an optimal strategy for Split, Street, Corner, Line, and all outside bets.
  • The RTP for straight bets are 95,13%.
  • You will only get the enhanced payout when you bet a full chip on a winning Lightning number. Corner-bets will enjoy the regular payouts and not the Lightning payouts.


While playing Live Lightning Roulette the minimum bet is €0,20 per round. When you want to win on a Lightning number you will need to make a minimum straight bet of €0,20. Besides the €0,20 chip you can also use a €0,50, €1-, €5,-, €25,- and €100,- chip. For these chips you also need to place straight bets. While playing Live Lighting Roulette you can regularly bet up to €5.000,- per round. This makes Lighting Roulette a suitable game for players with a small budget and for highrollers.

Betting on Live Lightning Roulette

Win up to x500 your bet when lightning strikes!

The maximum win during Live Lightning Roulette is 1:499. This means every €1,- will get you €499,- profit. Although this payout is very interesting it is also very rare. During all Lightning Rounds there are up to five Lightning numbers. Sometimes there are two, sometimes three, sometimes four and occasionally five Lightning numbers. This seems a lot but most of the times the Lightning numbers only have a low multiplier, for example x50 or x100. The x300, x400 and x500 multipliers are very rare. And when they do appear, you will still need to bet on the right number. The odds of hitting a high multiplier are simply pretty low. And since regular straight bets pay less than they normally do Lightning Roulette can drain your balance pretty quickly.

On the other side, when you get lucky this game can also be very profitable. There are always stories of fortunate people who try the game and hit a x200 or x300 multiplier within a few rounds. On one of the forums I visited to read more about people’s experiences with the game I found a guy who betted €2,- or a number and landed a x200 multiplier right away. That’s a nice €400,- payout right away!

Pay-out Lightning Roulette

Most betting options during Lightning Roulette pay the same as normal European Roulette, except straight bets. Straight bet win 30x your bet during Lightning Roulette instead of x36 your bet. When a Lightning number wins you will win between 50x and 500x your bet, this is what makes Lightning Roulette so unique. When you don’t bet on straight numbers you will enjoy the regular payouts. While playing you can expect the following payouts;

  • Regular straight bet; 30x your bet
  • Lightning straight bet; Min. 50x, Max. 500x your bet
  • Split; 17x your bet
  • Street; 11x your bet
  • Sixline; 5x your bet
  • Corner bet; 8x your bet
  • Column bet; 2x your bet
  • Neighbours; 6,2x your bet
  • Colonne às cheval; 0,5x your bet
  • High / Low; 2x your bet
  • Black / Red; 2x your bet
  • Even / Odd; 2x your bet

My tips while playing Live Lightning Roulette

  1. Try your luck but don’t play the game for too long. When you play the game for a long time it will drain your balance since the normal straight bet payout it lower.
  2. If you want to hit a Lightning number you can better place bets on many numbers instead of high bets on just a few numbers.
  3. Bet high when you have the feeling that you are in a lucky streak. Lower your stakes when you are losing. Going tilt can drain your balance within a few rounds.
  4. If you got lucky, and have a profit, don’t be greedy and walk away! It is always a shame when you had a profit, and end up losing your complete balance anyway.

When Lightning strikes you can win up to x500 your bet!


If you play Live Lightning Roulette often you might find it useful to learn a bit more about shortcuts you can use during the game. Below I will explain which shortcuts you can use to for example place bets or delete bets. In the game description of Lightning Roulette you will find a full overview of all the available shortcuts that you can use. In my opinion the following are most important;

  1. Selecting a chip; Using number ‘’1’’ on your keyboard you will select the left most chip. Use ‘’2’’ to select the second chip size. You can continue doing this until you reach the most valuable chip.
  2. Repeat a bet; If you like to repeat your most recent bet then you can press the spacebar.
  3. Double; When you want to double you can press the spacebar two times.
  4. Undo; If you like to undo your last bet then you can use Control + Z or in some cases Command + Z. This will remove your latest bet.
  5. Remove all bets; When you want to remove all your bets you can hold the ‘’Delete’’ button for 3 seconds.
  6. Close popup, open lobby or exit full-screen mode; If you like to close any screen, for example the full-screen mode, you can use ‘’Escape’’.

Extra Options

While playing Live Lightning Roulette you can use multiple options to optimize your experience. One of the settings I find useful is to hide or show the chat. Sometimes a lot of people are complaining or shouting because they are losing and that’s why I like to hide it from time to time. One other setting I use a lot is the camera view options. Using this setting you can change how big the video stream is and what other things you see (betting screen, history, statistics etc.). When you click on the gear icon you can set more settings. Using these settings you can for example;

  1. Hide other players from the chat;
  2. Activate auto zoom-in during each spin;
  3. Set the video quality on low, medium, high or HD;
  4. Change the general volume, the dealer’s voice or the game sounds;

Next to this gear icon you will find an clock icon which you can use to view your accounts history. Using this you will have a full overview of all your bets and winnings. If you like to learn more about how this game works you can press the ‘’?’’ icon to find all game information.

Options Lightning Roulette

Live Chat

If you have a question or any problems during the game you can contact the live support department through the live chat. The support agents on the other side of the chat will be more than happy to help you. If the problem isn’t solved right away you can also contact the support department of the casino where you are playing. These can pick up your case, create a support tickets and keep your posted about the investigation.

Why you should play Live Lightning Roulette (Advantages)?

  • When you get lucky you will be able to hit bigger payouts. During Lightning Roulette you will be able to win up to x500 your bet (very rare).
  • The Lightning Round adds a new exciting element to the game. Because of this I think it could be more enjoyable to play this game type.
  • It’s a nice change when playing normal Roulette games for a long time.
  • The design and animations during Lightning Roulette are really nice. All in all the gambling experience is really good, even on mobile devices.

Disadvantages of Live Lightning Roulette

  • Regular straight bets will only pay 29:1 instead of 35:1. This drastically lowers the RTP of the game.
  • Corners won’t pay the enhanced Lightning payout.
  • The x500 multiplier is very rare, most Lightning payouts are x50 or x100. When Lightning strikes you can also win x200, x300 and x400 your bet. But this is still very hard to reach.

Where to play Live Lightning Roulette?

Are you curious and ready to try out this exciting live casino game? Then make sure you visit one of the safe top rated online casinos in the table below. All these casinos offer live dealer games by Evolution Gaming and they are licensed and tested safe. In addition to this most of them offer generous bonuses to new players. One of my personal recommendations would be LeoVegas Casino. LeoVegas offers the widest range of live dealer games from Evolution Gaming, Extreme Live Gaming, NetEnt Live, Authentic Gaming and more. On top of this you will be able to enter the ‘’Chambre Séparée’’, which offers a wide range of LeoVegas its own branded live dealer games. All in all you can play up to 100 different live dealer games at this reliable online casino. And you know what’s great? When you sign up your free account  you will get €10,- free to spend in the Live Casino, no deposit required. In addition to this LeoVegas also offers you a 100% deposit bonus up to €250,- for live casino games. Sign up your free account on this page to get started for free!

LeoVegas CasinoLeoVegas Review€10,- Free
100% Bonus (€250,-)
Perfect online casinoNo code neededLeoVegas Casino
Dunder CasinoDunder Review20 Free Spins
200% Bonus + 180 Spins
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21 Casino21Casino Review21 Free Spins
121% Bonus (€300,-)
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Playgrand CasinoPlaygrand Review50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Good online casinoNo code neededPlaygrand Casino
Casilando casinoCasilando Review90 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Perfect online casinoNo code neededCasilando casino
Energy CasinoEnergy Casino€ 5,- Free Cash
Perfect online casinoNo code neededEnergy casino
Redbet CasinoRedbet100% Bonus
€100,- Max
Perfect online casinoWELCOMERedbet Casino
Casumo CasinoCasumo Review200 Free Spins
€1200,- Bonus
Perfect online casinoNo code neededCasumo Casino
lv bet casinoLV Bet Review€ 5,- Free
€1000,- Bonus
1000 Free Spins
Perfect online casinoNo code neededLV Bet Casino
Pokerstars CasinoPokerStars200% up to €500,-
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Good online casinoWELCOME200Pokerstars Casino

Are there strategies to win during Lightning Roulette?

Since Live Lightning Roulette is gambling there are always people looking for a perfect strategy to win. Some of the strategies I found online where people that recommended to;

  1. Bet on every number to increase the chance of hitting a Lightning number. In my opinion this is useless since it will drain your balance very quickly.
  2. Use a regular Roulette strategy like progressive betting to win back losses by doubling up. In my opinion this is very risky and this can get your balance cleared within a few rounds. And when you do hit, the 29:1 payout would be lower than normally which would again cause a loss.
  3. Bet on random numbers on the board. In my opinion this can be a good strategy but it is simply based on getting lucky.
  4. Place bets on certain parts of the board, for example only reds, a full column or only odds. This is also fairly risky since it will cause high bets. Because of this I won’t recommend this strategy.

In my opinion it is not possible to guarantee a winning streak by using a certain strategy. Roulette is simply a game of luck. The casino always has an advantage over you, and that’s why you need pure luck to walk away with a profit.

Verdict; Live Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

After playing and reading more about this game I can see why Live Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a very popular game at the moment. The addition of the Lightning numbers really gives this game an extra element. Although you don’t win with the Lightning numbers many times, it is still very exciting when the ball ends somewhere near your Lightning number. And when you do get lucky, the maximum x500 payout can really change your day!

In addition to this special element the game is also very good as it is. The black and golden design looks great, the animations are perfect and the croupiers talk you from round to round. On top of that Lightning Roulette works perfect on smartphone and tablet, which means you can play anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. Other things I like about this game? It is available around the clock, in HD-quality and you can watch the game from multiple angles. Curious where to play this amazing game? Then visit one of the casino in the table above the paragraph.

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