Gamblers who don’t like to wait can decide to start playing instant win games. Instant win games are different than most online casino games. During instant win games the tension doesn’t really get build up. Most of the times will see what you win in a few clicks or right away. Instant win games are not skill based at all and you can’t really have any effect on the outcome of a game. During most instant win games you will have to perform an easy to do task to see the outcome of a game. This can be for example;

  1. Dropping coins in a game.
  2. Throwing with dices.
  3. Scratch to open up symbols or numbers.
  4. Select symbols or objects to win prizes (get three of a kind most of the times).
  5. Choose if the next number will be higher or lower.
  6. Playing mini games for extra wins.

Since the wide adoption of the internet more and more people enjoy instant win games online. Most people love to play games like scratch card online which they used to play at a post office when they were younger. Instant win games are exciting, quick and lucrative. Curious how you can play them online? We will explain it!

Instant Win Games


Many people know how to play instant win games in real life. Just visit the post office, a shop or a gas station and buy some scratch cards for example. But how do you play these games online? That’s fairly easy! The first step is to find a reliable online casino which offers a nice portfolio of instant win games. This is not so easy and to make things easier we have set up a table with some popular online casinos which offer a lot of instant win games. You will find this table below this paragraph. When you have selected a proper casino you will have to take a few easy steps to start playing. It works like this!

  1. Open the casino and register your free account. You can do this by leaving some personal details and verifying your email address of mobile phone number.
  2. Once you did this you can start playing for free most of the times. When you know how the games work you can decide to start playing for real money.
  3. Visit the cashier and make a payment to load money on your balance. Most online casinos offer multiple safe payment methods to do this.
  4. After putting money in your account you can start playing for real money.

While playing with real money you can win huge prizes. Some instant win games offer Jackpot which can go up to €1.000.000,-. Besides that there are a lot of scratch card games which offer €100.000,- or €250.000,- top prizes. Ready to try your luck on one of the many available games? Then sign up your free account at one of the casino below!


In the table below you will find a selection of online casinos that offer a nice portfolio of instant win games. Depending on your wishes you can start playing at one or more of these online casinos. One popular online casino for scratch cards is Fruityreels. At Fruityreels you will find nice portfolio of scratch card games with top prizes of €100.000,-. When you sign up your account right now you will receive €5,- free bonus money and one free scratch card. In this way you can try out the casino without risking any money.

If you are looking for a full collection of instant win games I can also recommend Lanadas and Dealers Casino. In these casino you will find 65+ instant win games with top prizes exceeding €250.000,-. Besides these casino we also know Prime Slots, Casilando, Slot Planet and Casino Barbados offer a selection of instant win games. Players who want to start playing at one of the best mobile casinos can also decide to open a account at LeoVegas. At LeoVegas you will find some instant win games by ELK Studios, Realistic, Gamevy and Mahigaming. Besides that LeoVegas offers an impressive Live Casino, a Sportsbook and many casino games including table and slot games.

CasiGo CasinoCasiGo€0,20 - €100€1.000.000200% Bonus
+ 100 Spins
Boo CasinoBoo Casino€0,10 - €100€1.000.000€5 Free
+ 100% Bonus
Boo Casino
Casilando casinoCasilando€0,20 - €100€1.000.00050 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Casilando casino
BCasinobCasino€0,10 - €100€1.000.000€5 Free
+ 100% Bonus
B Casino
Playluck CasinoPlayluck€0,50 - €50€250.00050 Free Spins
+ 100% Bonus
Playgrand CasinoPlaygrand€0,20 - €100€1.000.00050 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Playgrand Casino
Slot Planet CasinoSlot Planet €0,20 - €100€1.000.00050 Free Spins
100% Bonus
Slot Planet Casino
Dealers CasinoDealers Casino€0,50 - €10€250.000100% Bonus up to €200Dealers casino
Lanadas CasinoLanadas€0,50 - €50€250.000100% Bonus up to €200
+50 Free Spins
Barbados casinoBarbados€0,50 - €10€250.000100% Bonus
+ 100 Free Spins
Barbados casino
LeoVegas CasinoLeoVegas€0,10 - €100€500.00050 Free Spins
100% Bonus
LeoVegas Casino


If you have no budget, don’t like to gamble or want to learn how to play instant win games you can also decide to start playing for free. There are multiple website around that offer instant win games using for example credits or coins. These credits and coins are free but most of the times limited. Sometimes your playing time is also limited. This means you can for example try a game for 10, 30 or 60 minutes. After this time you will need to play for real or at least sign up a free account. Besides regular website there are also a lot of online casinos that let you play instant win games for free. They do this with the hope you might start playing with real money later. Sometimes you will need to sign up a free account to play for free. Casinos do this so they know for sure its not a minor playing instant win games. In other cases it is also possible to start playing at an online casino without signing up a free account. Just open one of the sites in our table and have a look if you can play without making a deposit or signing up. Good luck and have fun!


One of the most popular types of instant win games are scratchcards. Almost everybody around the world knows what they are when they see them. Small paper cards offering its players (ten) thousands or euros, dollar or pounds to be won. Scratchcard are for sale around the world at kiosk, gas stations, supermarkets, post offices and many other kind of shops. People enjoy them a lot since they are exciting and offer a chance of winning a lot of money. Most scratchcard only cost between €1,- and €5,- per games which make them affordable for everyone.

Since the development of the internet more and more real life things went ‘’online’’. And that’s no different for scratchcard. Nowadays a lot of people play scratchcard games on the internet. It is easy and you can play from the comfort of your own. Simply make a digital payment and upload money to a balance in a online casino. Once you did this you can buy and play scratchcard just like in the real world. Online you wont have to scratch open the symbols using a coin, you can simply click your mouse to open it! Want to try it out? Then open up your free account at Fruityreels and receive €5,- and one Scratchcard for free!

Most Popular Instant Win Games; Scratchcards


All instant win games are luck based. This means you cannot affect the outcome of a scratchcard or an instant win game. Because of this we only recommend playing instant win games for fun. The chance of winning while playing is always smaller then the chance of winning. Of course, sometimes people win big prizes. But there are always also a lot of players that only loose money. Most of the times you will need to match a few of the same symbols to win cash prizes. Sometimes you will also need to make correct sums by picking numbers or collect multiple of the same object to win money. Most of the times there is one special symbol which gives you the chance of winning the Jackpot.

If you want to have more control over the outcome of a games we recommend playing skill games. During these games you can make choice which will have direct effect on the outcome of the game. One of the most popular skill games is Poker. But there are more games which will let you make choice which will ensure you win or lose. Most of these games are available in Live Casino. Try some Blackjack for example, you decide if you hit, stand or double! Or pick some of your favourite number on the Roulette table. The choice is yours!

1000 Pound WIn on Instant Win Game


When you are playing instant win games for real money you can cash out your winnings when you are done playing. It is possible to cash out your total balance using the payment method you used to make your deposit. Depending on your luck you can earn money with playing instant win games. If you hit a lucky streak you can win hundreds of euros in minutes. But of course you always have the risk of loosing money. If you are ready to cash out you can visit the cashier in the online casino you are playing. After that choose the option ‘’Withdrawal’’ and choose how much money you want to cash out. You can cash out your whole balance or only a part. Most of the times the casino will have a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount. Type how much money you want to withdrawal and click ‘’Continue’’. Once you did this you can choose the payment method and finish the transaction. Most of the times the money will be back in your account within 24 hours (e-Wallets). For credit and debit cards it can take a few days. If you have any questions or problems you can always


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