May 24, 2022

iBet Sports Betting NZ – 100% Bonus up to NZ$400

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iBet Sports Betting NZ – 100% Bonus up to NZ$400

iBet Sports Betting - 100% Bonus up to NZ$400

This article especially goes out to all our sports fans out there because at you will for sure be entertained while trying your luck on all the different sport matches that you can bet on at iBet Sports Betting. The variety in sports you can bet on is amazing, from football, to ice hockey, formula one to Esports, they have got it all. Further on in this article we will give you a full overview of the different sports sections that are available on

But, there is more to it, iBet comes with its iBet sportsbook bonus especially for all its new players. This welcome bonus described in this article is especially for all the Kiwi players out there and provides you of 100% bonus up to NZ$400. Read more about this iBet sports betting bonus in the bonus chapter.

If you think you know everything about sports, or you are an expert in analysing sports results and think you can predict the result, why not try and earn some money by doing so? In stead of only watching a sports match you can place your bets on games that are being played live. The following chapters in this article are focussed on the sportsbook and the live betting. Below you can find an overview of what will be described further into detail.


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iBet sports bonus New Zealand – 100% Bonus up to NZ$400 ✔ Active

The iBet sportsbook bonus makes it possible for all new players to start off with extra playing money. This welcome bonus applies to the first deposit made by a new player and will give a 100% bonus of the deposited amount up to NZ$400, that can be used on sports betting.

To give you an idea of how the iBet welcome bonus works, we will describe an example for you. Imagine that you are a sports fanatic and you would like to place your first bet ever on the iBet sportsbook page. In order to do so you are requested to registrate. After registration it is possible to make your first deposit. The minimum deposit amount for this Ibet sportsbook bonus is NZ$20.

If you decide to make a first deposit of NZ$50, that means iBet doubles the amount of money you deposited, by adding 100% of your deposit this makes your starting balance NZ$100. If you feel like you want to get the maximum bonus out of this welcome bonus, you are to make a first deposit of NZ$400. This way another 100%, being NZ$400 will be added on top of your starting money, which makes it possible for you to start with a total amount of NZ$800 on your account.

Open a new account at iBet sports betting and claim your 100% Bonus.

2nd Deposit Bonus – 50% Bonus up to NZ$400 ✔ Active

As if one bonus was not enough, iBet also offers a second Ibet sportsbook bonus. This second bonus applies to your second deposit. The bonus adds 50% of your deposited amount on top of your balance up to an amount of NZ$400. This means that by making a second deposit of NZ$50, 50%, being NZ$25 will be added to your account, making it possible for you to enjoy NZ$75 on sports betting.

Since the maximum bonus is set on NZ$400, in order to be able to reach this you are to make a second deposit of NZ$800. By adding 50% of NZ$800, NZ$400 will be added on top, making the money added to your account NZ$1200.

Make sure to take a look at the terms and conditions of this bonus if you want to be informed about every detail of the iBet sports betting bonus. Here is some important information about these bonuses;

Bonus Terms & Information

  • Bonuses described above applies to players from New Zealand only
  • Maximum amount of bonus money is NZ$400.
  • Minimum deposit amount is NZ$20.
  • Only available for registered players.
  • Wager for the bonus promotion is 7 times.
  • Welcome offer has to be claimed in 20 days after registration.
  • Neteller and Skrill do not qualify as a deposit method for the deposit bonus.
  • Maximum bonus amount that can be placed on a bet or round is 30% of the total initial bonus amount received.
  • Terms and conditions for pay out must be met within 20 days of receiving the bonus.


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Sports Betting at iBet

The sportsbook section is the first one you see when opening the website. You can also access it by clicking on the “Sports” icon on the top left side of the screen. Through this header you will directly get an overview on the left side that shows all the different sports betting options.

The first overview shows the following sections that we will explain below;

  • Live Betting
  • Starting Soon
  • Bet Builder
  • Statistics & Live Score
  • Bet History
  • Price Boost
  • Settings


The first one is the “live betting” section. All sport matches that are live at the moment you click on this button and are available on iBet to bet on, will appear here. We will go further into detail about this one in the next chapter.

Upcoming Events

The second section is the one that says “starting soon.” Here you can find all the matches that will start within a short period of time. You can even choose between different timeframes. The options of the different time frames vary between matches starting within:

  • 1 hour
  • 3 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 24 hours


The overview starts showing the football matches. With on the right side indicating the amount of football matches that are starting within that specific time frame. In light grey you can read the name of the sport, followed by the league in which this match is played. For example; FOOTBALL/ Norwegian 2. Division -1. Bellow, in black, the teams playing are indicated. In yellow letters on the bottom of each match the time that is left for the match to start is shown.

When the time to start has come to zero, the match turns into a Live Match. Next to every match you can find the wagering amount below the name of the different teams. This amount is higher for teams that stand a lower chance to win, but also give you a higher chance to win big prices if you bet on them and they do win. Of course there are different ways of winning, if you guess the correct amount of goals scored you can win as well. So it does not only depend on choosing the winning team.

Indicators can help you increase your winning chances

To give you a helping hand to figure out who to place your bets on, you can click on the indicator on the right side of the box that shows a little graph sign. By clicking on this you get an overview of previously played matches by the teams. A red square with an L written in it means a lost match while a green square with a W in it stands for win. If the square is grey and has a D written in it this means the match ended in a draw. Below this overview you can also find the results of the last meetings between both teams. This can maybe help you deciding which teams has the bigger odds of winning this match.

If football is not the sport you are looking for you can easily click on the arrow sign, on the right side of the screen, next to the header where “football” is written. This makes all football matches fold in, directly taking you to the next sport.

The third section is the one that indicates the “bet builder” here you can see an overview of matches that are taking place and this section gives you the obligation to choose between at least two options to a match, for example, choosing who will win and the final result.

Stats & Live Scores

The forth section is the one that shows the statistics and the live score. When clicking on this button you are send to a page filled with images of the different sports categories that are available. The first ones are the most popular sports games. After that the page has been organized on alphabetical order. When selecting a sport, it sends you to a page where you can choose the country. After choosing a country it indicates a full list of statistics about the team or country that you have searched for when making your selections. These statistics can help you making up your mind who to bet on. They are giving full detail into previous matches, matches played between both teams, goals made and the time the goal was scored and the date the match was played.

So far the statistics part, on the top right of the screen you can select the “Livescore” section. This shows the ongoing matches and their corresponding scores in that very moment. The left side of the screen shows a scroll-down table in which you are able to select the sport you want to check the live score of. After doing so, you can see an overview of the live matches that are ongoing in different countries, indicated by their national flags. The status of the match shows whether the match is still ongoing, has already ended, or is postponed.

Here also you have the option to select statistics by clicking on the graph sign on the right side of the website. When it comes to soccer for example, next to the graph sign you can click on three stripes which unfolds a table of the current standings within the competition. From first until last place with the amount of matches played, won, drawn or lost, the goals in favour, goals against, the difference between those goals and their total points.

Team or Player news

Next to this table icon you can find the button that looks like a person, or the so called “profile” button. When clicking on this you will get an overview of the people that participate within the selected team. A list with all the names and their corresponding playing number is shown as well as manager and the formation the team plays in (4-2-3-1 for example). When scrolling down you get an overview of the substitutes

Next to that indicator of the line-ups you find the one that shows all match details. These match details show you everything that happened during the match when it comes to faults that were penalized with a yellow or red card, goals that were scored, but also when a player is being substituted.

If you want to keep track of a specific match you can click on the star indicator, this adds the match to your “selected matches.” The final symbol you can press on is the one that looks like an eye with a cross through it. This makes it able for you to “hide” a specific match. You will not see that match between your options anymore after selecting this option. An overview of the hidden matches is given on the left side of the screen.

This whole menu is available in 47 languages so you certainly do not have to worry about the possibility to translate the iBet sports website into a language that you can read.

Your Sports Bet History at iBet

After the statistics and livescore section we move on to the “Bet History.” As the name indicates, you can take a look at your previously placed bets here. Below the Bet History you find the “Price Boost”, after being logged in you can see if there are special personalized price boosts available for you. The final button is the “Settings” one. Here you can adjust for example your Odds format, you can choose between the three options decimal, fractional or American.

After the first seven sections that all have been discussed thoroughly, we move on to the different segments that are available within the sportsbook. The first one shows the so called ‘popular competitions.’ Of course these are time related, for now it shows the EUROS, World Cup Qualifiers UEFA and Wimbledon – Women. This segment shows the most popular competitions that are being held during the time you visit iBet. This segment is foldable in case you are not interested in any of the popular competitions.

Under the popular competitions you can find the most popular sports. While writing this article there are six sports listed, being;

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Esports
  • Darts


When selecting any of the above stated sports, you can select further on to choose the specific competition or match you are looking for that relates to the sport of your choice. A long list of countries unfolds when you select football for example. It shows different tournaments such as the champions league, but also national competitions.

The final section on the sportsbook page is the A-Z list. If you had not encountered the sport your were looking for just yet, after going through the previous segments, this is where you will for sure find what ever other option there is to find on iBet. This long list goes from American Football to Winter Sports and after selecting any of the options it will bring you to specific competitions within that segment of sport.

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iBet Live Sports Betting

The following chapter will dive in deeper on the topic of the live betting. First off you will get an overview of the different sports that are live in the specific moment you select live betting. While writing this article that are football, basketball, tennis and Esports. There are different fold-in and fold-out sections you can click on, dividing the sport into different leagues. When for example looking at football you can see the different competitions where currently live matches are taking place.

When opening for example the Cameroon Elite One that is happening while writing this, a match is shown on the screen between two teams, Les Astres (CMR) and Canon Yaoundé. The score behind each team is indicated in bright yellow and bellow the name of both teams it shows in which minute of the match we are right now.

On the right side, next to the match result you can find an arrow sign pointing to the right, indicating a plus and a number behind it. When clicking on this it folds open a screen with details about the match at first. With football you can choose between three options being ‘Match’, ‘Visual’ or ‘Statistics’. When clicking on match you will see the names of each team indicated in the middle of the screen with the score behind their names in bigger yellow now. Bellow a little graph is shown that states a few important facts about the match. The categories shown in the graph are;

Categories live betting options

  • Corners per team
  • Amount of substitutions per team
  • Yellow cards per team
  • Red cards per team
  • Penalties awarded per team


When scrolling down the more detailed options are shown that indicate the amount of money you win if you place a correct bet. For each sport that you are watching live these options to click on statistics to get more into detail information is available.

When clicking on the “visual” button next to ‘match’ you can see a screen that shows a court of the corresponding sport you are watching and it indicates where the ball (if applicable) is currently at. It is not always possible to get visuals for the matches, this depends on the availability of the specific match you want to watch.

After selecting the final ‘statistics’ option you will see an overview of important happenings of the specific match. When referring to football, that can for example be the exact moment a goal was scored, yellow cards that have already been given, or the amount of corners a team has kicked. There is even a section that shows the probability for a team to win the specific match you clicked on. Within this section it is also shown what the results were between both teams in previous encounters.

Open a free account when you want to bet on live Sports at iBet.

How to Bet on Sports at iBet

In order to be able to play on iBet and to participate within the Sportsbook and the Live bettings, you have to follow a few steps. We will explain them to you so you can be guaranteed to enjoy your time on iBet to the fullest and that way also participate in the IBet sportbook bonus.

  1. The first action you need to take is to click on the “sign up” button
  2. The second step consists out of filling in the registration form including;
    • full name
    • valid E-mail address
    • mobile number (you will get a verification code send to your number via SMS)
    • current address
    • current country of residence
    • date of birth
    • gender
    • The currency you wish to play in
  3. Step three is to click on the “create account” button to confirm that the information you filled in on the form to registrate is correct information and that you agree to the rules.
  4. Step four is to verify the code that will be send to you by SMS on the mobile number that you have filled in while filling in your profile. The SMS will come with a link that you are requested to click on.
  5. The final step is to log in using your registered log-in details.
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Important betting rules

Special rules apply to specific types of sport and betting markets. Special betting rules have preference over the general betting rules. As always we recommend to read the betting rules and the terms and conditions on the website of These can be found on the bottom of their website.
Bellow we will list some important rules for you to take into account when playing on

  • Sports bets can be made as single, combination (accumulated bets) or system bets. Single bets may not be allowed for certain types of sports or events.
  • The minimum stake per bet is EUR 1.00
  • A bet is only accepted when the customer’s account has enough funds.
  • Bet Builder bets placed on football apply to 90 minutes plus injury time, unless it is explicitly stated the bet also included the extra-time and/or the penalties.
  • If an event on bet builder is abandoned, any bets where the outcome has already been decided, for example the first team to score or the half-time result, will stand.


Live bets rules

  • Once Bet has accepted a live bet, it can no langer be cancelled by the customer.
  • The odds are adjusted frequently to the current run of play. Since up-to-date date is of the essence, live bet odds are only shown on special screens in the betting shop or on the website.
  • For every live bet, the current result/latest score is always quoted. The bet is invalid if the latest score quoted for the event on which the bet was placed is significantly incorrect.
  • When data transmission is delayed and/or TV reporting is time-delayed during live bets, resulting in a big change in the run of play not being taken into account in the odds, IBet reserves the right to evaluate any bets placed as invalid.
  • The general betting rules and the specific sports rules also apply to live betting.


iBet Sports Information and Background

Company / Owners – Claymore Malta Ltd
Address – Level 4, Ewropa Business Centre, Triq Dun Karm, Birkirkara BKR9034
License – MGA
Founded – 2021
Affiliate Program – iBet Affiliates

Casino Games at iBet

Besides sports betting you can also play a huge amount of casino games at iBet Casino. There is a special bonus for all casino players. New players receive a generous welcome bonus when they make a deposit at iBet Casino. On your first deposit you receive 100% bonus up to NZ$500 and on your 2nd and 3rd deposit you receive 50% bonus up to NZ$500. In total you can claim a maximum of NZ$1500 bonus on your first 3 deposits.

ibet casino welcome bonus

Frequently Asked Question iBet Sports

Is there a iBet Bonus available in New Zealand?

Yes there is a bonus available for players from New Zealand. At iBet you receive 100% bonus up to a maximum of NZ$400

How often fo I have to wager my bonus money at iBet sports betting?

Wagering at iBet Sports betting is 7 times the bonus amount. When you receive NZ$100 Bonus you have to bet at least NZ$700 before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings.

What is the minimum deposit at iBet Sports?

Minimum deposit at iBet sports betting is NZ$20

Can I claim multiple sports bonuses at iBet?

Yes you can. It starts with 2 welcome bonuses. After you used these bonuses you can claim daily and weekly bonuses in your account.

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