High Roller Casino Bonus New Zealand

Every online casino player has a certain budget. Some of them have small budgets and others have more money to spend. Those players who wager large sums of cash and play frequently are so-called high rollers. We also sometimes call them Whales. Being a high roller has certain benefits. You get special treatments and you often receive an interesting High roller bonus at most online casinos in New Zealand.

On this page in this article we will tell you more about High roller bonuses and the benefits of being a high roller at an online casino.

NZ Casinos with a high roller bonus

Captain Spins CasinoCaptain SpinsNZ$1200 Bonus
+ 260 Free Spins
Perfect online casinoMin - NZ$10
Wagering - 35x
Games - All
Captain Spins
JackpotCityJackpotCity50 Free Spins
NZ$1600,- Bonus
Perfect online casinoMin - NZ$10
Wagering - 35x
Games - All
Spin CasinoSpin Casino50 Free Spins
NZ$1000 Bonus
Perfect online casinoMin - NZ$10
Wagering - 35x
Games - All
Spin Casino
Jonny Jackpot CasinoJonny Jackpot100% up to NZ$1000
+ 100 Free Spins
Perfect online casinoMin - NZ$10
Wagering - 35x
Games - All
Jonny Jackpot
Slotwolf CasinoSlotwolf100% up to NZ$1000Perfect online casinoMin - NZ$300
Wagering - 50x
Games - All
Slotwolf Casino
Wild Tokyo CasinoWild Tokyo125% up to NZ$1000
+ 125 Free Spins
Perfect online casinoMin - NZ$200
Wagering - 45x
Games - All
Wild Tokyo Casino

In the above table you find a selection of reliable online casinos that offer you a high roller bonus. At casinos with a high roller bonus you can easily collect up to NZ$1.000 or NZ$2.000 free play money on top of the amount you deposit. Bonus terms and conditions on high roller bonuses are often better then bonus terms on regular bonuses.

It could be worth to claim a high roller bonus!

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High Roller Bonus – What is it?

A High Roller bonus is a reward you receive when you make a relative high deposit at an online casino. Online casinos with a high roller bonus give you an increased reward (bonus). But in order to collect this bonus you have to play with big bucks. You don’t receive a high roller bonus when you deposit NZ$50. Minimum deposits to collect high roller bonuses start at NZ$250 or NZ$500.

Online casinos give you 100% or 150% high roller bonus on top of the amount you deposit. With the bonus money you can play more games or you can increase your bet value.

How to collect?

  1. Choose an NZ online casino with a high roller bonus
  2. Open the casino
  3. Register a free account
  4. Open the deposit or banking section
  5. Choose a payment method and a deposit amount
  6. Make your first deposit
  7. The casino adds the high roller bonus to your account
  8. Enjoy the benefits of the bonus you used
  9. Start playing casino games with high stakes
  10. Enjoy your stay at the casino

Wager big and receive higher welcome bonuses

When you start playing at an online casino and you want to play with relative high stakes you can claim sizeable welcome bonuses. These sizeable welcome bonuses are exclisively for those players who want to wager big. The High roller bonuses require casino high rollers to deposit big bucks.

A normal player at an online casino can claim a welcome bonus of 100% up to around NZ$200. For new casino players with a normal budget this sounds good. When you are a high roller you won’t get excited when you see a deposit bonus like this. You will get exited when a casino offers you a bonus up to NZ$1.000 or NZ$2.000 on your deposits. If you want to collect these bonuses you have to deposit NZ$500 or more. As mentioned before, these high roller bonuses are for players with a strong heart and big budgets.

What is the definition of a High Roller?

The English dictionary gives the following definition of a High Roller:

“A person who gambles or spends large sums of money”

When we look at online casinos there is no globally accepted definition. Casinos actually have their definition of a high roller. Most online casinos see a player as a high roller when he or she consistently wagers and deposits relative large amounts of money. Those players who are willing to spend large amounts of money there are high roller bonuses waiting at online casinos.

Players who play pokies with bets between NZ$ 2 and NZ$ 25 per spin are in the category High Roller. Players who play with stakes from NZ$ 5 to NZ$ 1.000 on table games also are listed in the category high rollers. But the most important criteria is the amount you are willing to deposit. If you are ready to deposit NZ$ 500 or more than you are listed in the High roller group.

Are there a lot of High Rollers at online casinos?

Only a small percentage of players at an online casino are so-called High rollers. Online casinos want to attract high rollers but high Rollers can affect the net revenue of online casinos. A few winning high rollers can negatively affect the monthly revenue of a casino. And of course they can also bring in some very good net revenue when they all lose in a certain month.

Of course high rollers are interesting for online casinos but players in the lower and middle classes are more important for casinos. Middle class players bring in less money but they constantly bring in money and they have lower chances of winning big.

High Roller Casino Bonus

All casinos mentioned on our website are proven to be safe, secure and fair. We have been playing at all casinos and we have reviewed them all. All reviews can be read on our website under the review section or in the tables across our website. On this page we have made a special selection of online casinos that offer you a High Roller Casino Bonus. A high roller casino bonus is always higher than standard bonuses.

When you are ready to play with a high stake these casinos will probably fit your needs. Take a look at the available High roller casino bonus, read the experts review and after that decide which casino you want to play at.

It is important to claim a high roller casino bonus at a reliable online casino. Don’t play at a unlicensed casino only because they offer the highest bonus. You can better claim a slightly lower high roller casino bonus at a licensed casino. Playing at an unlicensed casino can and will cost you more than playing at a licensed casino.

High Roller Bonus

VIP Bonuses, programs and managers

VIP Bonuses is another name a lot of casinos use when they talk about high roller bonuses. These VIP bonuses imply that you get something extra on top of the normal welcome bonus. You do get something extra when you claim a VIP bonus. At the majority of casinos with VIP bonuses you receive instant access to their VIP program.

High Rollers get instant access to the higher triers of the available VIP program. You get better rewards, higher bonuses, better bonus terms and conditions and a dedicated casino manager.

When you claim a high roller bonus or VIP bonus a dedicated casino manager will be connected to you. This person helps you with all your questions and issues. But this manager also offers you increased bonuses and better rewards. Often VIP players receive gifts from their casino hosts. You can contact this person 24/7.

Benefits of being a VIP

  • Dedicated casino host
  • Increased bonuses
  • Better rewards
  • Free gifts (holidays, gadgets, giftcards, invitations for events)
  • Better bonus terms and conditions
  • Higher cashback bonuses
  • Invitations to play new games before other players can
  • Quicker withdrawal times
  • Lower wagering requirements

You don’t have to be a VIP player

We know a few high rollers who don’t want to be VIP players. These players just want to play their games with high stakes and they want to play in peace. They don’t want to be disturb by a VIP manager or receive notifications all the time.

A few of them simply don’t want to receive bonuses. They want to play with real cash and don’t want to wager bonus money. And they don’t want people to look at their gambling behaviour.

After signing up at an online casino you can ask customer support to remove you from their bonus notifications and from the VIP program.

We don’t recommend you to do this because you will miss a lot of benefits when you rule yourself out. We recommend you keep notifications active because you can reject a bonus or reward at any moment if you don’t like it. But you won’t miss out on good opportunities or invites when you stay active at the VIP program.

Jonny Jackpot – Recommended High Stake Casino

Of course we have a recommended high stake casino. Our team and a lot of our visitors prefer to play at Jonny Jackpot Casino. At Jonny Jackpot Casino you receive 100% bonus on top of your first deposit. Deposit up to NZ$1.000 and the casino simply doubles that amount. You only have to wager the bonus money 35 times. And the casino also gives you 100 free spins on Starburst (extra reward on top of your deposit).

Jonny Jackpot has the best VIP program and ongoing high roller bonuses for their high stake players. Your dedicated casino host will give you the best high roller bonuses and benefits when you play at Jonny Jackpot.

In our Jonny Jackpot review you find more information related to their VIP program and benefits.

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Benefits when playing with high stakes

  • Dedicated Casino Host who takes care of all your wishes
  • Get instant access to the top trier of the VIP program
  • Quicker withdrawal times
  • Higher cash out limits (or no limits)
  • No maximum bet per spin while wagering
  • Access to the highest available jackpots
  • Increased rewards
  • Better bonus terms and conditions

The Difference between a standard and High roller casino bonus

  • Higher minimum deposit amount
  • Increased bonuses
  • No maximum bonus amount
  • Better rewards
  • Lower wagering on high roller casino bonus
  • Maximum bet while wagering is higher at high roller bonuses
  • Expiration time is often longer
  • No maximum win limits
  • Frequency of bonuses. High roller bonuses are offered more often to loyal players

Winning Chances

If we look at winning chances. It doesn’t matter if you use a high roller casino bonus or a normal bonus or if you are a normal player or a high stake player. Every player has the same winning chances at online casinos.

Pokies and table games have exactly the same payouts for every kind of player. While playing pokies you can win up to 10.000 or even 20.000 times your bet value. When you are a high roller playing with NZ$10 per spin you can win up to NZ$200.000 with one single spin. High rollers are able to buy bonus features. When you buy a bonus feature you don’t have to spend a lot of money and wait till the bonus to be triggered. You can simply buy the bonus feature for a certain amount of money. With the bonus feature you can find out if you win big or not.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

You always have to meet bonus terms and conditions when you use a bonus at an online casino. High Rollers bonuses also have terms and conditions attached. Often these bonus terms and conditions are different. They have better conditions than normal bonuses.

Before you decide to use a certain High roller bonus I recommend you to check the following bonus terms and conditions:

  • Wagering – How often do you have to wager your bonus money before you can request a withdrawal?
  • Expiration time – Within which period do I have to use the bonus or do I have to wager the bonus money?
  • Bonus Code – Do I need a bonus code to claim the high roller bonus?
  • Maximum Bet – Is there a maximum bet limit while I am wagering my bonus money?
  • Maximum Cash out – Can I win an unlimited amount of money when I use the bonus? Or is there a maximum cash out amount attached to the high roller bonus?

Better terms and conditions

High Roller bonuses often have better bonus terms. Online casinos want to attract high rollers. They try to motivate players to deposit large sums of money. With better terms and conditions on bonuses they can convince players to increase their deposits.

When you deposit a large sum of money you receive better bonus terms. better bonus terms could be:

  • Lower wagering
  • Longer expiration time
  • Exclusive bonus codes
  • Higher maximum bet or no maximum bet while wagering
  • No maximum cash out
  • Quicker withdrawals
  • Higher daily withdrawal limits

Why choosing a High Roller Bonus?

When you as a player have to opportunity to deposit big sums of money at an online casino, it can be interesting to choose a High Roller bonus. As discussed earlier, high roller bonuses give you more bonus, and that means more playing money. The reason why casinos give these higher bonuses, is because these kind of players are more likely to spend more money at the casino, this is why the rewards are also higher. Since Casinos are obviously extremely happy with those large deposits, High rollers often enjoy VIP treatments, such as bigger bonuses, better customer service, big VIP rewards and often a certain loyalty scheme. This can be different per casino. These are all advantages when claiming high roller bonuses.

Is it possible to cash out a High Roller Bonus?

It is possible to cash out your high roller bonus. But it is not possible to cash out directly after you have received the bonus. In all cases you have to wager the bonus amount. In most online casinos the wagering requirements are between 25x and 50x. Of course the casinos that offer 25x wagering are more popular than the ones who have a 50x wagering.

Example: when you receive NZ$ 1.000 bonus with 25x wagering means you have to stake your bonus amount 25 times. So before you can withdraw the winnings on this bonus you have to stake NZ$ 25.000 in the casino.

Tips for High Rollers from New Zealand

When playing with higher stakes it is smart if you do it responsibly. Besides that we would like to give you as much help as you need. Therefor we have some tips for High rollers seeking on claiming their first high roller bonus;

Open an account at more than one NZ casino and check out which casino fits your needs. Always take a look at the total bonus you can receive before you make a first deposit. It is always smart to get the maximum out of your first deposit. Most of the times a High Roller bonus is available on the first deposits.

Since High roller bonuses are only for a specific type of player, high roller bonuses are often not found on the homepage of a website. Simply because most of the players will not deposit the large amount of money required to unlock the High Roller bonus. You will mostly find the high roller bonus on a separate promotions page.

Responsible gaming with High Roller bonuses

As you might understand the stakes can be higher, when making use of a high roller bonus. Before you would like to join the high Roller club, make sure you validate the reason for playing. It’s important that you always keep in mind, that gambling is form of entertainment. Not a way to create more money. Always keep in mind that it is possible to lose your money. That is why we find it important that you will always make sure that you are a responsible gamer. If you feel like you are gaming too much, losing large amount of money, it is important to be self-aware and ask yourself, if your gambling behavior is still healthy. If you feel like this is not the case. Almost all casinos have great measurements in place to protect you from possible failure in gaming. The most common ones are:

  • Taking breaks & Self assessments
    We know this might sound simple, but taking break is extremely important when gaming online. We’ve all experienced that when gaming online, time sometimes go faster than we think, definitely when you are on a role. To make sure you still control your behavior at all times, it is important to take breaks and self-reflect. Some Casinos even have self-created tools, where you can takes mini tests to test your gaming behavior. Make good use of this when you think you need help controlling your gaming habits!
  • Play Limits
    When setting a play limit, you are in way limiting yourself on some features when gaming. This limit can be a deposit limit, setting a certain limit on you deposit amount, when you cross this you won’t be able to deposit more. A losing limit, when you lose a certain amount of money you are done playing. This often comes with a certain timeframe. So, a deposit limit for a month. This can vary per casino.
  • Self-Exclusion
    When you have a hard time taking control of your behavior, you might need some more drastic measures to control your spending. For this you can select Self-Exclusion. With this feature you can set a certain timeframe where it is not possible to play at the online casino. This can be for a month, three months, six months or even a year. This can vary again, per casino.

If you feel like you want to control your gaming habits, we recommend you check out these features. As mentioned above they can vary per casino. All casinos have a specific page about their approach to responsible gaming. So go you the website of the casino of your liking, and check out what they can offer you, if you ever would be in the position where you need more guidance in gaming control!

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