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Responsible Gaming at online casinos

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Responsible Gaming at online casinos

I think most people find online gambling fun. And most people know how to control their gambling behaviour. But I have to be honest, there is a share of the New Zealand population that find it hard to keep their gambling under control. Responsible Gaming tools could help you cope with the gambling temptation.

Maybe you don’t think it is but we know that gambling addiction is a serious problem at a small group of Kiwis. Problem gamblers or players with an addiction find it hard to set limits. They just start playing and they continue to play for hours. Even if they lose a lot of money they try to chase their losses. Having a gambling addiction can reduce quality of your life. We have seen people lose friends and even family.

Although it is hard we always want you to stay alert. Once you notice a change in your behaviour or when you think you are out of control please find help. On bestbettingCasinos.com we try to keep you up to date with casins that offer responsible gaming tools. these tools might help you prevent problem gambling or a gambling addiction.

On this page you find all tools you can use to help keep gambling fun and harmless. I also share sites and organisations you can use when you think you have a gambling problem. Don’t hesitate to contact them, those organisations are here to help you, a friend or your family.

What is responsible gaming?

At online casinos you play with real money. I find it responsible when you play real money casino games with money you can miss. The moment you start playing with money you need for daily life or when you loan money it is becoming problem gaming.

In my opinion you play responsible when you play with money you can miss. When you close a loan or when you start selling belongings you don’t gamble responsible. Responsible gaming at online casinos is gambling within your budget and when you have your gambling under control.

If you can stop playing at any moment and you don’t gamble for hours I think you are still fine. The moment you can’t stop, want to chase your loses and when you play for hours your gambling behaviour is going in the wrong direction.

Reliable NZ Online casinos offer responsible gaming tools at their casinos. You can use these tools to prevent problem gambling and addiction. A bit further down this page I tell you more about these tools.

NZ Online Casinos with responsible gaming tools

I have seen hundreds of online casino sites that accept players from New Zealand. And I promise you not all of them offer responsible gambling tools. On our website we only list casino sites that do offer responsible gaming tools. And on top of that we prefer casino sites that have a special department for responsible gambling.

I guarantee you that casinos listed on our website take good care of you when you join them. At all casinos listed you find a number of important gambling tools. And the team behind the casino keeps an eye on your gambling behaviour. Once they get signals that you might become a problem gambler or get addicted they contact you.

If you want to know which casinos are the best casinos in NZ, I recommend you to check out our website.


Myths about addiction and problem gambling

1️⃣ Addicts and problem gamblers use gambling as an escape from other issues in life

This could be partly true. But most addicts have pretty normal lives without big issues. Problem gambling can lead to bad things or issues. But most gamblers have a pretty normal life before they become problem gamblers or addicts. I know a few friends who became problem gamblers but I only noticed when they already lost a lot of money and when they came in to financial problems. So even for me it is hard to notice problem gambling.

2️⃣ If you can afford gambling there is no problem

This is a big myth. Problem gambling has not only to do with money. Gambling can break relationships or it can cause breakdowns in friendships. When gambling becomes a habbit you can also loose your job.

3️⃣ You can only become a problem gambler when you play often

Not true, you can play a few times a month and become a problem gambler or addict. You could lose your salary on one single bet. Or you can play a short period with very high stakes. If that is the case you probably already are a problem gambler.

4️⃣ Addicts and problem gamblers lose because they play badly 

Most addicts and problem gamblers know they are playing against the odds or playing games with low RTP’s. But they do this because the odds and payouts are high. So when they win, they win a lot.


Set Limits

As mentioned before, all casino sites you find on our website offer tools for resonsible gaming. I highly recommend you to use those tools. these tools are free and they help you prevent problem gambling and a possible addiction.

Below I share the most used tools you can use at trustworthy online casino sites in New Zealand

  1. Deposit limit
    Maximum amount of money you want to deposit daily, weekly or monthly. Set this limit and the casino doesn’t allow you to make more deposits when you reach the set limit. This is my favorite responsibl gaming tool. It helps me to play within my monthly budget.
  2. Wagering limit
    The maximum amount of money you want to wager daily, weekly or monthly. I find this a slightly different limit. Personally I won’t use this tool. You can win money with a small budget, play a long time and than get locked because you reached the wagering limit.
  3. Loss limit
    How much you want to lose during a certain period. This tool is a way better tool in my opinion. It helps you to stay within a certain budget. I have once set my loss limit at $100 a day. The moment I lost $100 my account gets locked for a day. This is in my opinion a very helpful responsible gaming tool.
  4. Session limit
    The maximum length of time you are allowed to play before the casino automatically logs you out of your account. This is another interesting and very helpful tool in my opinion. Spending a lot of time gambling is not good for your social life. When you set your session limit to 1 hour it means you can only play one hour a day.


Gamble Responsibly – Take a break!

Unfortunately Gambling is something a lot of people get addicted to. To assure you don’t get addicted we advise you to take a break often. Daily, weekly or even monthly breaks.

All casino sites listed on BestBettingCasinos.com offer you the option to freeze your player account for a certain period. If you feel you play to often or to long please freeze your account for a period.

When you freeze your account you won’t receive emails with promotion. I find this a good tool because you won’t get triggered with bonuses or promotions. A break from gambling is good for every type of player.

Follow these responsible gaming steps to prevent problem gambling

I have made a step by step guide that helps you prevent problem gambling or a gambling addiction. When you follow these steps you are a bit closer to responsible gaming. And of course it helps you to keep gambling fun and harmless.

  • Consider gambling as a form of entertainment, don’t think it is a way to earn money.
  • Don’t think you can win back your losses.
  • Decide how much you want to spend and set a limit in your player account.
  • Only gamble with money you can miss.
  • Only play with licensed operators (casino sites listed on our website).
  • Keep track of the amount of money you spend gambling.
  • Never borrow any money for online gambling.
  • Set gaming limits.
  • Ask for help when you think you lost control.


Know when to stop

An important aspect of responsible gaming is to know when you have to stop gambling. It is not easy to notice when you have to stop and when things are going a bit too far. But believe me it is important to know when to stop. you can better stop early. Once it is to late you probably already lost a lot of money and maybe a few friends.

Underneath questions can help you recognize if gambling is getting a huge problem for you. The more questions you can answer with “yes” the greater the chance of a problem.

Personal state of your mind

  • Are you thinking and talking about gambling all the time?
  • Have you used gambling to escape from worries?
  • Are you restless when you are trying to quit gambling?
  • Did gambling cause you restless nights?
  • Have you ever considered suicide after gambling?


Self control

  • After you have won any money, did you have a strong urge in winning more?
  • After you have lost do you feel the urge to win back your money?
  • Have you ever felt an urge to celebrate good fortune in your life by playing for a few hours?
  • Do you want to play with higher stakes all the time?
  • Have you not been able to resist gambling?
  • Have you ever had problems in setting limits or stop playing games?


Financial situation

  • Do you gamble till you have lost all your money?
  • Do you ever gamble to try and win to pay any debts?
  • Have you ever borrowed any money?
  • Have you ever sold anything to use the money for gambling?


Relationships and living in a society

  • Have others ever criticized you for gambling?
  • Has gambling ever made your homelife unhappy?
  • Have you ever lost a relationship (friend, family) because of gambling?
  • Has gambling affected any of your reputations?
  • Do you lie to family or friends to hide your gambling?
  • Are you counting on others to solve your financial problems?
  • Did you ever lose time from school or work because of gambling?
  • Did gambling cause a decrease in your efficiency or your professional ambitions?
  • Have you lost a job because of gambling?
  • Have you stopped education because of gambling?
  • Have you committed any illegal act or crime because of gambling?


If you recognize some of the above behaviours with someone close to you or with yourself, we recommend you to get advise or professional help. You can also contact our team. We will help you to get in contact with the right companies and people.

Online responsible Gaming Support Tools for new Zealand

The moment you think you are not in control, or when you think someone you know has a problem with gambling, please contact one of the available organisations. Organisations like the Gambling Helpline, Safer Gambling Aotearoa and the Problem Gambling Foundation are available to help you or your friend / family.

I know it is hard to ask help, but in the case of problem gambling it is they only way to solve the problem. And I promise you that that organisations mentioned will help you in a professional way. They will never ever share your problem with other people.

At the moment we recommend the following support organizations.

Gambling Helpline
This helpline is a support network for players living in New Zealand. You can contact this network by phone or text message. Besides help you can also find a lot of tools and services which can help you with your problem. There is also a lot of information available related to gambing addictions. You can join the forum anonymous.

Contact number: 0800 654 655
Text message: 8006
Live Chat available
Email: info@gamblinghelpline.co.nz

The Problem Gambling Foundation
If you are looking for trained counsellors I recommend you to contact The Problem Gambling Foundation. It doesn’t matter if you are a problem gambler or you know someone with a gambling problem. This organisation helps you. This organisation has a great track record. They have helped a lot of problem gamblers.

Contact number: 0800 664 262
Text: 5819
Email: help@pgf.nz

Safer Gambling Aotearoa
This program is supported by the government. It offers targetted strategies to solve gambling prolems or addictions. Every person can contact the Safer Gambling Aotearoa. It doesn’t matter if you are a big players, have a small problem or when you lost everything you had. This organisation offers personalized tools and solutions for every type of problem.

Contact number: 0800 654 655
Text message: 8006
Live Chat available


Frequently Asked Questions Responsible Gambling

Do online casinos in New Zealand offer responsible gambling tools?

Most online casinos offer you a number of tools to prevent problem gambling or an addiction. We highly recommend you to play at casinos with responsible gambling tools. All casinos listed on BestBettingCasinos.com offer responsible gaming tools.

Can I close my account when I want to stop playing?

Yes you can. Casinos offer you the opportunity to remove your account or they can exclude you. When you remove your account you are able to open a new one. When you exclude yourself from the casino you are not able to open a new account at that casino.

Can I undo it when I have set some limits?

In most cases you can only undo the setting when you contact customer support or after 24 hours. You have set these limits for a reason, so it would be strange if you can change them in a few simple steps.

Why do casinos offer responsible gaming tools?

Casinos don’t want to stimulate problem gambling. Gambling needs to be entertaining and when a player becomes a problem gambler it is not entertaining anymore. Casinos rather have normal players that play a few days a week. Problem gamblers or addicts could cause problems at casinos.

How can I find out if I am a problem gambler?

You can find out if you are a problem gambler when you check the list of criteria a bit higher up this page. When you answer a number of questions with “yes” you are a problem gambler or you are at the point of becoming a problem gambler.

Who Can I contact when I have a gambling problem?

In New Zealand you can contact organisations like: The gambling Helpline, Safer Gambling Aotearoa or The Problem Gambling Foundation. All these organisations can and will help you. Help is free for all Kiwis.


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