Divine Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slot Review

Divine Fortune Progressive NetEnt Slot Review

Divine Fortune Progressive NetEnt Slot Review

The Divine Fortune Video Slot is the brand new progressive jackpot slot by NetEnt. The game offers 5 reels, 20 paylines and 3 different jackpots. During this game NetEnt will take you back to the Greek times. Where creatures such as Medusa, Phoenix and Minotaur would roam the Greek (Is)lands. The most exciting about this game are the special features. During the Divine Fortune Video Slot it is possible to hit different kind of features with their own prizes. The most precious is of course the progressive Jackpot feature. But also the Wild on Wild and the Free Spins feature can be very lucrative. During this small Divine Fortune Slot Review we will talk you through this cool new game.

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Our first impression of the Divine Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slot

The news of a new progressive jackpot slot by NetEnt was very exciting. We at BestBettingCasinos.com were really looking forward to try out this new game. During our first look at the game we agreed that the graphics are fine but not very spectacular. Besides that, the sounds and animations are fine but not great. The fact that you can play this game from as low as €0,20 per spin is nice. This makes the Jackpot also available for players with a smaller budget. After our first few spins we noticed that the game doesn’t pay really well. We think only the special features will make this game worth playing. In the further review we will tell you more about all the features during the Divine Fortune Slot.

Our first Jackpot Bonus Game

After playing a while with just a small bet (€0,20) we got a few wild respins. During this feature all coins you collect will go in the jar to the right. After collecting 3 coins in the jar the jackpot bonus game will unlock. We did this after playing just 20 to 30 spins. So were pretty lucky! Note that it is also possible to just collect 3 coins during one spin to unlock the jackpot bonus game.

Divine Fortune Video Slot Jackpot Bonus Feature

The Jar in the right Lights up and the Jackpot Bonus game is unlocked!


Three different Jackpots

During the Jackpot Bonus Game on the Divine Fortune Slot is it possible to win 3 jackpots. The minor, major and mega jackpots are progressive and can increase over time. The minor jackpot has a maximum of €4,00 during a bet of €0,20 per spin. This is because the jackpot is 20 times your stake. The major jackpot stops at €20,00 with a bet size of €0,20. So this jackpot is capped at 100 times your bet. The mega jackpot is progressive and will increase over time. At the moment of writing the mega jackpot is a total of well over €21.000!

  • Minor Jackpot: 20 times your stake
  • Major Jackpot: 100 times your stake
  • Mega Jackpot: Progressive

The Jackpot Bonus Game

During the Jackpot Bonus Game it is possible to hit one or more jackpots. How? You will need to fill up a whole payline with coins during the special coin drop. When you fill up the first row you will win the minor jackpot. When you fill up the second row you will win the major jackpot. And after filling the third row you will win the huge progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Bonus Game during NetEnt's Divine Fortune Slot

Jackpot Bonus Game during NetEnt's Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot

How we did?

After a few spins we ended up with the first row filled with coins. So we won the minor jackpot of €4,00! Although the second line was almost filled we sadly didn’t managed to unlocked the major or mega jackpot. If we would fill up a second row with coins we would collect the major jackpot. And when we would fill up the whole screen with coins we would have unlocket the Mega jackpot of €21.966,57. After this three spins it was back to the normal game with a small win.

We unlocked the Minor Jackpot!

We unlocked the Minor Jackpot!

Coin wins and extra spins

After our second Jackpot Game we found out how most of the jackpot game works. For each coin you will hit you will get a coin win. We got a few coins which gave us 10, 20 or 100 coins. This value is depending on your own bet. Besides the coin win it is also possible to play multiple spins during the jackpot game. You will start with 3 spins. But after hitting a new coin in a row, the amount of spins will reset to 3. So in theory it is possible to play a very high amount of spins. Besides that is should be possible to hit multiple jackpots during on bonus game.

Wild Respins Feature Review

Of course the Jackpot Bonus Game is the most exciting feature of the game but there are more nice bonus feature. For example the wild respins feature! After hitting a wild symbol (the horse) the wild will make the slot respins. After each respins the horse will drop one row. After the horse left the slot the respins will slot. It seems that during the respins the chance of wilds are even increased. So collecting a few wilds and multiple spins is fairly easy! As told before you can see below that the coin will go in the jar and might trigger the jackpot bonus game after two other coins that follow!

Wild Respins during the Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot by NetEnt

Wild Respins during the Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot by NetEnt


Wild on Wild Feature

During the game it is possible to hit the wild on wild feature. This happens when a wild ends up under another wild during the wild respins feature. After this happens the whole reels gets filled with wilds. Which of course triggers another minimum of 3 spins because of the respins feature. During the wild on wilds feature it is fairly easy to make some nice winnings. Besides that, it increases the chance of getting into the Divine Fortune’s Jackpot Bonus Game! Below you can see how the wild on wild feature looks like during the game.

Wild on Wild feature during Netent Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot

Wild on Wild feature during Netent Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot


Free Spins Feature

During Divine Fortune it is also possible to hit free spins. This feature will be activated after hitting 3 or more scatter symbols. The number of free spins depend on the amount of scatter symbols you collect.

  • With 3 scatters you will be awarded with 5 free spins.
  • With 4 scatters you will be awarded with 8 free spins.
  • With 5 scatters you will be awarded with 12 free spins.


We still haven’t hit the free spins feature and I might be more rare then the other features. We think the most exciting will be the free spins combined with the wild on wilds feature. But we are not sure how much the winnings can be!

Update: We triggered the free spins a few days later and we won 5 free spins. During our 5 free spins we won more then 650 coins which was a decent win. We kind of dislike that the free spins don't come with a multiplier feature. This could really spice up this bonus feature!

Free Spins Round during Divine Fortune

Free Spins Round during Divine Fortune


Mobile performance of the Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot

During this Divine Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slot Review we have also looked at the mobile performance. All with all we got to say this game really runs smooth on mobile devices. The games scales perfect and all animations and sounds work great on Android or iOS. Especially in landscape modus the game is very user friendly and works great. While holding your phone vertically the symbols could get a bit small and hard to see. But in the end this game is definitely on of the best mobile Jackpot Slots around. Because of this Divine Fortune will be one of the many NetEnt Slots that can be played on the go.

Facts about the Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot

  • This game offers 10 different bet levels.
  • Divine Fortune works with 5 reels and 3 row.
  • You can win on any of the 20 paylines.
  • Betting is possible from as little as €0,20.
  • High Rollers can play with up to €100,00 per spin.
  • The game has a 96.59% RTP rate.
  • Divine Fortune works great on mobile, tablet and dekstop.
  • This is a medium variance game based on HTML5.
  • The Jackpot starts at €10.000!
  • There are no multipliers during this game.
  • Free Spins will not retrigger.


Divine Fortune trailer by NetEnt Gaming

In the trailer below you can see more of this new NetEnt game. Especially the way how wilds work, and the wild on wilds features works, will be more clear after watching the official trailer. Besides that you can see how the free spins feature can work out while playing.

Our Verdict about the Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot

During Divine Fortune by NetEnt we sure had some fun. We think the regular pay-outs are not that great but the special features make the game worth playing. Especially the thought that you can win the mega jackpot makes the jackpot bonus game very exciting. The graphics and sounds are alright but not very special. All with all we think this new progressive jackpot slot by NetEnt is cool but not the best the created in the last few years.


  • Great mobile performance!
  • Sounds and design seem alright.
  • Nice bonus features.
  • Chance to win a huge jackpot.
  • Exciting Jackpot Bonus Games.
  • The Divine Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slot runs very smooth.


  • Winnings during normal mode are on the low side.
  • No multiplying winnings.

Try out the Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot (Real Cash)

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