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bingo jockey one casino play bingo for free

One Casino is one of the best casinos on the internet. The team behind the casino is very innovative. Every year they add new innovative stuff to their online casino. In december 2018 they added a whole new Bingo experience. Bingo is a very traditional game but One Casino reivented the game and took it to a whole new level. One Casino combined the traditional bingo with horse racing. This combination makes the bingo game much more exciting than before. The horse racing aspect makes this bingo game a lot of fun and it makes it much more interactive.

We have a special offer for all our visitors. When you never played at One Casino before you receive €10 play money. Register a free account and we add €10 free in your account. With the €10 free play money you can Play Bingo Jockey or any other game for free. You can win real money when you use the €10 free at One Casino.

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Try Bingo Jockey with €10 free play money at One Casino

On this page I am going to explain you how Bingo Jockey works at One Casino. Before I am going to give you all the details of this amazing new bingo game I am going to tell you how you can collect €10 free bingo money. We have a unique chance for you. You can try this brand new bingo game at One Casino with €10 free play money. There is no real money deposit needed to collect the €10 free bingo money. You only have to register a free account at the casino (Click here and register your free account).

After you registered a free account at One Casino you find €10 play money in your casino balance (see image below).

10 euro free bingo money one casino bingo jockey

Open the Bingo section in the menu on the One Casino website and start playing. You can choose a few different Bingo Jockey games. In the paragraphs below and in the video below we explain you how bingo at One Casino works. And how you can choose different bingo games.

If you want you can also use the €10 free play money at the casino. You can play roulette, blackjack or video slots with your €10 free play money at One Casino.

Open a free account at One Casino and try bingo or casino games with €10 free play money

Bingo Reinvented – Play the newest interactive Bingo game!

In the video above we explain you step by step how Bingo Jockey works at One Casino. In the beginning it looks a bit difficult but when you start playing things will get easier. Bingo Jockey is a very innovative game and it has a lot of nice interactive elements. We started playing this game a few days ago and we already love it. Bingo Jockey is a combination between traditional bingo and Horse racing. You are a virtual horse racer when you play Bingo Jockey. In the Bingo gameroom you can create your own virtual jockey and personalize it.

While you are playing bingo you can follow your progression in the virtual horse race. Your personalized jockey is sitting on one of the horses. And on the race track you see all other competitors in the current bingo game. The horse in front is leading the bingo game. this virtual horse race makes the traditional bingo game a lot more fun and interactive.

(Video deleted by YouTube)

How to play Bingo Jockey

Ok, lets get started. After you registered a free account at One Casino you are ready to start playing Bingo Jockey. Step by Step I am going to explain how you can play Bingo Jockey at One Casino. Follow these steps and you are playing your first bingo race within a few minutes.

1. Choose a Bingo Room

On the website and in the game lobby you can choose your own Tour. Each tour is different. The prizes of bingo cards are different. The maximum amount of cards and players is different at any Tour. And the jackpot changes all the time at the available Tours. You can choose a tour and start playing as a jockey or you can have a look as a spectator. Below you see the available Tours.

bingo jockey choose tour and start playing

  • City Tour – At the city tour you can start playing bingo with €0,10 per bingo card. In total there are 40 spots available per game. And you can buy a maximum of 10 bingo cards per game. When you want to buy 10 bingo cards you have to pay €1,00.
  • Europe Tour – The minimum amount per bingo card is €0,50 and you can buy a maximum of 10 bingo cards per game. Each game there are 40 spots available in the race.
  • World Tour – Each bingo card in the World Tour costs €1,00. When you buy 10 bingo cards you have the biggest chance of winning the jackpot.
  • Grand Tour – This is the tour for players who want to play with high stakes. Each bingo card has a prize of €2,50. The maximum amount of players per bingo game is 40.

2. Buy your Bingo Cards

After you made your choice you have to buy your bingo cards. In our example we enter the Europe Tour. In the game room you can choose how many bingo cards you want to buy for the upcoming race. We buy 5 bingo cards of €0,50 each. After you bought the bingo cards you have to wait till the next race starts. At the right side of the game room you can see how many other players are attending the race. The more players participate in the race the higher the prizes will be. When there is an active race you can Pre-buy cards for the upcoming race. When a race is finished you have 40 seconds to buy your new cards because a new race starts within 40 seconds after the last one finished.

Each game you can buy a maximum of 10 cards and the minimum is 1 card. When you buy more cards you have more chance of winning one of the 3 prizes.

This is how you can buy your Bingo Cards

  1. Click on the “Pre-Buy Cards” tab in the game room
  2. Choose the number of cards you like to buy
  3. Wait till the next bingo jockey race starts

bingo jockey buy bingo cards play bingo

3. Start the race and your bingo game

After you bought your bingo cards you are ready to join the next bingo race. Every 40 seconds a new race starts. During the race you have to look at a few things.

  • Number of players in the race
  • Prizes you can win
  • Your bingo cards
  • The visual horse race
  • The leaderboard
  • Bingo numbers


In the screen below you see the elements of the race that are important.

bingo jockey bingo cards play bingo race

Number of players in the race

At the right side of your screen you see a list with active players. You can see how many bingo cards each player bought. As you can see in the image I bought 2 bingo cards during this race.

Prizes you can win

At the top right side of your screen you can see the prize pool. As you can see there is a Jackpot, Full House, Pattern and One Line. You can see how much you can win when you are the first player to achieve one of the bingo goals. One line is the easiest one to win and that is why the prize is the lowest. You can only win the jackpot when you have a full house with less than 52 balls drawn in the game.

Your bingo cards

In the middle of the screens you see your bingo cards. In this game I bought 2 cards. You can see your bingo cards when you click on the “My Cards” tab in the middle of the screen. The maximum amount of cards you can see here is 10.

The visual horse race

On top of the screen you see the horse race. In this race my horse has number 3. In the virtual screen you can see your position in the bingo game. When you are in front you drawn most numbers of all competitors. In this screen you can also see when a player wins one of the prizes. At the background of the horse race you see the location of this race. As you can see this race is held in Salzburg Austria. This visrtual horse race makes bingo a lot more fun because it adds a certain fun factor to the game.

The leaderboard

At the right side of the game room you see a leaderboard. On this board you see all competitors. And the ones on top are leading the bingo race. In the leaderboard you can also see how many bingo cards each player bought. And you can see the odds for that player to win the race. A player in this leaderboard wins the race when he or she reaches a full house first. With the odds you can bet on certain players. Further down this page I am going to explain you a bit more about the betting and live betting options.

Bingo numbers

At the top right side of the game room you find a clock and the bingo numbers. First you see a clock. This clock counts back to 0. When the clock reaches 0 the new race starts. The clock dissapears and now you see the bingo numbers. You see the last 4 numbers. The newest number appears on the left side. Every few seconds a new numbers is drawn.

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In the video below you see a full race. In this race we bought 10 bingo cards. At the end you see that we won the full house peize together with another players.

(Video deleted by YouTube)

Live Betting at Bingo Jockey – Win money while playing a game of Bingo

Bingo Jockey is a fun game and One Casino added an extra game option to this amazing game. While you are playing bingo you can place bets on the race. You can bet on a few different things while you are in the middle of a bingo race. the live betting option is a bit the same as the live betting options at sports betting. You can bet on the winners of the race and on the winners of the separate prizes.

At Bingo Jockey you can bet on the following things:

  • One Line Bets
  • Pattern Bets
  • Full House Bets
  • Jockey Bets

Below you see a screenshot of the betting options at Bingo Jockey. Underneath the image I am going to explain you how you can place bets and what kind of bets you can place.

live betting bingo jockey one casino

Live Betting Options Bingo Jockey

At the live betting section all players and spectators can place bets on the current race. On the live betting screen you see the bingo card. You see all numbers and sections of the bingo card. When a number is drawn it disappears from the card. You can bet on a jockey or on a ball.

Betting on a jockey

Click on the tab “Jockey Bets” and choose your jockey. You can bet on the following bets:

  • One Line
  • Pattern
  • Full House


jockey bets jockey bingo one casino

First choose a jockey. Than choose a bet you like to bet on. When you think Jockey number 1 will win the full house bet, you have to click on the “Full house” button. In the button you see the current odds. When jockey number 1 wins the full house you receive 4.37x your bet amount. When you choose jockey number 3 you will win 10.21x your bet amount when this jockey wins the full house.

Live betting on a jockey is very interesting because you can place bets while you are watching the bingo race. You can place bets on other jockeys while you are participating in the race with your own jockey.

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Betting on a Bingo Ball

It is also possible to place bets on a ball. You can bet on the ball you think will complete one of the available prizes. Before you can place a bet you have to choose one of the 3 possible prizes. Choose one line bets, pattern bets or full house bets.

In the image below you see that we have chosen to bet on a full house bet.

live betting bet on bingo ball at bingo jockey onecasino

There are a few betting options when you choose to bet on a bingo ball. Choose one of the following options:

  • A specific bingo ball number
  • A bingo ball colour
  • Even or Odd ball numbers
  • Low or High ball numbers


The odds change all the time. At the start of the race the odds are a lot higher. The value of every bet decreases when the race gets closer to the end.

How can I bet on bingo races at Bingo Jockey and what are the odds?

betting on a ball is very simple. Go through the following steps and use the info in the image below.

how to place live bets bingo jockey

Step 1: Choose on which prize you like to bet. You can choose One line bets, pattern bets or Full house bets.

Step 2: After you made a decision you can choose a ball you think will complete that prize. In the above example we choose number 22 to complete the onle line prize.

Step 3: Choose your bet amount. The odds of the number are shown at the right corner (31.37 in this example)

Step 4: Your potential payout is the bet amount multiplied with the odds. In our example you can win €1,00 x 31.37 = €31.37

Step 5: Click the place bet button when you want to place this bet. You can find all your bets in your betslip.

When you hit a winning bet you receive the winnings automatically in your casino account. You can use this money on any bingo game or in the casino.

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How Can I win one of the jackpots?

In each bingo room there is a Tour jackpot. You can win this jackpot when you manage to have a full house within 52 balls or less. The jackpot increases every new race. 5% of every purchased bingo card is added to the Tour jackpot.

There is also a Super Jackpot. You can win this jackpot when you hit a full house within 46 balls. 1% Of each purchased bingo card is placed in the Super Jackpot.

Frequently asked questions related to Bingo Jockey at One Casino

What is the prize of the cheapest bingo card?

At Bingo Jockey you can buy bingo cards for €0,10 each.

Can I win real money with Bingo Jockey?

You can win real money when you are playing in one of the real money bingo rooms. Choose the City tour, Europe Tour, World Tour or Grand Tour.


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