One of the most easy live dealer games to learn is baccarat. Since baccarat is so simple, it became very popular in (online) casinos around the world. While playing baccarat you will play against the house. During the game you have the option to bet on one or more of three possible outcomes. The possible outcomes are that either the player wins, the banker wins or it will be a tie. The betting option ‘’Banker’’ has no link with the house, so you will be able to bet on both the ‘’Player’’ and the ‘’Banker’’.


If you like to try your luck on the game of baccarat you will be able to try a round in one of the many online casinos that offer this game. In order to do this, all you have to do is sign up a free account and make a deposit. If you like you can also start playing for free. If you for example join LeoVegas you will get €10,- free cash which you can spend on Baccarat in the live casino. In this way you can try and learn this game without taking any risk! After making an account and claiming a registration bonus or making a deposit you can launch the game. In order to this all you have to do is search for ‘’Baccarat’’ and open one of the available tables. Now you can play your first round by taking the following steps.

Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the most popular providers of live baccarat. Source:


  1. Betting; The first step while playing Baccarat is betting on one or more of the available betting options. At most online casinos you will be able to bet from a low as €1.- per round. While betting you can also decide to bet on for example two of the outcomes or all three of them.
  2. Dealing; After placing your bets the dealer will draw two cards for both the Player and the Banker. The first card will be placed face side up in the Player’s box. The second card will be placed face side up in the Banker’s box. Once done the dealer will do the same and deal both boxes another face up card.
  3. Counting; After drawing the cards the dealer will announce the total amount of points for each set of cards. During Baccarat all tens and faces are worth zero points. All other cards are worth their original value and the Ace has a value of 1. If the total amount of points of one hand exceeds 10 the second digit will be used as the total amount. For example; A 9 and a 8, which equals 17, will make a seven point hand. The card box which is the closest to nine will be the winner of the round.
  4. “Natural win’’; When one of the boxes gets a total amount of 8 or 9 with their first cards it is called a ‘’Natural win’’. In this case the game is over and all winners will be paid.
  5. ‘’Third card’’; When no box has 8 or 9, the dealer will look if they will get a third card. The ‘’Player’’ will need to stand on a total amount of points of 6 or 7. At any other value (0-5) there will be drawn a third card for the ‘’Player’’.
  6. Final draw; When the ‘’Banker’’ has a total amount of points between 0 and 5 it will draw another card. When the total amount is 6 or 7 it will also stand. There are also other scenarios depending on the third card of the ‘’Player’’. When this for example is a 9, 10, face-card or Ace, the Banker draws when he has a 1-2, and stays with a 5-6.
  7. Payout; Once all cards all dealt the winning hand will be decided by calculating the total amount of points. The winning hand is the one that gets the closest to 9. When a tie appears, both the ‘’Player’’ and ‘’Banker’’ lose.


The Player will always act first. But what the Player does, depends on the total amount of points in the box. When the Player has a value of 6 to 9, no cards will be drawn (natural win or stand). When the Player has the same amount of points as the Banker it is a draw. When the Player has 8 and the Banker has 9 the Banker wins. When the Player has 9 and the Banker has 8 the Player wins. When a player gets a value of zero to five with its first card it will hit another card. Now the Player’s hand is finished.


If the Banker has 8 or 9 it is a natural win. When there is no natural win the Banker will stands when the amount of points of the first two cards total is 7. When the Banker has a total of 0, 1, 2 or 3 it will always hit a card, unless the Banker has 3 against a Player with a total of 8. When the Banker has a total of 4, 5 or 6 with his first two card it will hit depending on the Player’s hand. It works like this;

  1. When the Banker has 4 it will hit against a Player with a total of 2 through 7;
  2. When the Banker has 5 it will another card when the Player’s total equals 4, 5, 6 or 7;
  3. If the Banker has 6 it will hit against a Player which has 6 or 7 points;

One of the easy things about Baccarat is that the dealer will do all the work. You only have to verify that the dealer is counting right. Unlike during Blackjack you won’t have to call for a hit or stand. You simply have to drop your bets and wait for the outcome of the game!


While playing Baccarat you can bet on the ‘’Player’’ or the ‘’Banker’’. When you get it right, you will double your stake. In some cases you might pay a commission then you bet on the ‘’Banker’’. This commission can be around 4 or 5 percent.


During Baccarat you can also bet on a tie. When winning, this betting option pays 8 to 1. Although this is an interesting return the tie bet has a 9,5% house edge. Because of this it is not smart to bet on this option every turn (you can try it sometimes if you feel lucky).


Most Baccarat games also allow you to place side bets. You can bet on the player to get a pair, the banker to get a pair or on both options. When you get it right, you will be paid 11 to 1. Although it can be fun to place side bets, you will always be in disadvantage of the house. The house edge on side bets while playing Baccarat with 8 decks is 10,36%. The hit frequency of a pair is 7,47%.


While playing Baccarat you will need to consider some things. First of all the ‘’Banker’’ always acts last. Because of this the ‘’Banker’’ has a small advantage which results in a lower house edge. During most varieties of Baccarat the ‘’Banker’’ has the lowest house edge after commission (1.06%). This is one of the reasons why many high roller love to play this game.

As stated before the tie bet is fun, but is not something you should use if you want to win in the long term. The house edge on this betting options is around 9,5% which means it will kill your winnings pretty quickly unless you are really lucky. At some casinos you will also find a tie betting options which pays 9 to 1, which has a far more interesting house edge round 4,84%. But still it is not enough if you like to get the highest odds of winning.

Although you can use some strategy during Baccarat the game is still based on luck. Since the house always has an advantage, in the end you will lose. Because of this it is important to stop when you made profit, or still have some money on the table.


In the table below you will find a list of secure online casinos that offer live baccarat. My number one recommendation for new players would be LeoVegas. At LeoVegas you will find a wide range of live dealer games including Baccarat. LeoVegas offers various game type including Live Baccarat Squeeze, No Commission Baccarat and Speed Baccarat. Sign up your account now to have an overview of all the available games types. When you register today you will receive €10,- free (no deposit) + a 100% deposit bonus up to €250,-. Other safe and secure online casinos of playing live baccarat are for example 21 Casino, Casumo and Dunder.

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Dunder CasinoDunder Review20 Free Spins
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Energy CasinoEnergy Casino€ 5,- Free Cash
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Redbet CasinoRedbet100% Bonus
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  1. Don’t play every round. Try to bet on a side which is in a winning streak.
  2. The odds during Baccarat can defer depending on the amount of card decks that are being used.
  3. Having a look at the history of a game can help you decide where to bet on.
  4. Baccarat is a game based on luck, keep things fun and only risk money you can lose.
  5. Don’t bet on a tie, the house edge is way to high on this betting option!


Below you will find a wide range of frequently asked questions about the game of Baccarat.

”What is the minimum bet while playing Baccarat?”

This amount varies from casino to casino but in many land based casinos in the United States the minimum bet is around $20,-. In land based casinos in Europe this amount is low, around €10,-. While playing in online casinos you will be able to play with lower stakes, €5,- per round or even €1,- per round.

”Is Baccarat the same as Punto Banco?”

Punto Banco is a name which you will also find in various casinos, and it is an American variation the popular game Baccarat. During this game you won’t bet on the ‘’Player’’ and ‘’Banker’’ but on ‘’Punto’’ or ‘’Banco’’. One difference between these two games is that Punto Banco is always played with an eight-deck shoe. Punto Banco is known for having one of the lowest house edges in the casino.

”What happens when both the ‘’Player’’ and ‘’Banker’’ have 6 after the first draw?”

In this case both boxes will need to stand. This means the final result is a ‘’tie’’.

”How much commission do I pay while playing Baccarat?”

In many land based casinos you will pay around 5% commission when you bet on the ‘’Banker’’. Online you will find many games without any commission, which is better for players.

”Is it clever to bet on both the ‘’Player’’ and ‘’Banker’’?”

Although this is possible in most games of Baccarat, it is not really helpful. The first reasons is that some casinos might claim a commission. Because of this you will still lose a certain percentage of your stake when either of one wins. In addition to this you will lose all your bets when the ‘’Player’’ and ‘’Banker’’ tie.