Casinos games with the lowest house edge

When you open an online casino or when you enter a land-based casino you see hundreds of games. Casinos offer you classic casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker, bacarrat, keno, bingo and Pontoon. But they also offer a wide variety of slot machines and video slot games. At the average online casino you find over 500 different video slot and classic slot games. This is much more than you will ever find at a land-based casino. Online casinos also offer more varieties of classic casino games. There are casinos that offer 10 different blackjack variants in their online casino. And most online casinos also offer a selection of live casino games with real dealers at real tables. But before you start playing it could be important to know the casino games with the lowest house edge.

When you play casino games with a low house edge you have a higher chance of winning money. When the house edge of a game is high that is disadvantageous for you as a player. 

It is very important to know the house edge of the games you start to play. As a player you can make better choices when you know the house edge of the game you play. You can play the right game or bet strategy at Blackjack or Video Poker. A good strategy can lower the advantage of the house (the casino).

What does the house edge mean at a casino game?

Every casino game needs to have a house edge. When a casino has no house edge it could go bankrupt within a day or a week after opening. The house edge is an advantage that casino have integrated in their games. this is the advantage the casino has compared with the person who plays the game. The house edge is always a percentage.

Casinos are commercial companies and their business model is to make money. So every game needs to have a certain house edge. As mentioned, without a house edge the casino would go bankrupt.

Let me give you an example

Imagine a casino game with a 4% house edge. This means that the casino has an average revenue of €4 on every €100 played on this game. €4 Of €100 is 4% house edge. Keep notice that this is an average revenue. It could happen that a certain game has a negative profit for a long period. And it can also have a period where it does not payout. The 4% house edge is an average number over a very long period.

The lower the house edge the better the game is for you as a player. And when the house edge is high, the casino earns more money while you are playing it. So it is smart to play casino games with the lowest house edge.

casino games with the lowest house edge

This is how the house edge is calculated

I will try to maker this paragraph as easy as possible for you. The house edge is the result of all possible payouts divided by all possible outcomes (results). The house edge calculation is different for every game. For blackjack it is hard to calculate the house. And for roulette it is much easier to calculate the house edge. I think it is not interesting to show you all calculations. But it is easy to show you a simple calculation so you know a bit how things work.

Example of a house edge calculation

In this simple calculation I will use a dice. A dice has 6 sides and on those 6 sides are 6 different numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. We are going to throw one dice and you have to predict which number the dice is going to show. When you have the correct number you win 5x your bet (including your bet amount)

This is the house edge in this example

You have a 1 out of 6 chance of predicting the correct number because there are 6 numbers and only one number can be the winning number.

We pay you 5 to 1 (so when you bet €10 and you predicted the correct number you receive €50)

In this example the house edge is 1 – (5/6) x 100% = 16,76%

This is a very interesting house edge for the casino because the average bet on each number will be the same when you look at a long period. When the casino pays you 6x your bet the house edge of this game is 0%. this is not interesting for the casino because they do not make a profit on this game.

jacks or better low house edge casino game

What is the difference between the payout percentage and the house edge at a casino?

When you visit an online casino or a land-based casino you probably see Payout percentages at the games you play. At slot machines you can always check the payout percentage. This is the percentage the games in average pays you out when on every Euro or Dollar you play. The payout percentage is almost the same as the house edge. The house edge is 100% minus the payout percentage. When a certain game has a 90% payout percentage the house edge is 100% – 90% = 10%.

The higher the payout percentage the happier the player is. And the casino is happy when you play games with a low payout percentage.

The 7 Casino games with the lowest house edge

Underneath I am going to give you the 7 online casino games with the lowest house edge. Keep notice that the house edge is based on averages. And the house edge is calculated on the perfect strategy. Players that play stupid and inpatience will not get the lowest house edge. Play the best strategy and you will increase your winning chances at the following online casino games

Video Poker (Jack or Better variant) – Up to 0,44%

when you want to play the game with the lowest house edge I recommend you to try the Video Poker game Jacks or Better. To reach the lowest house edge you need to play the right strategy and you need to play with max bet (5 coins). Jacks or Better is a very popular game in Las Vegas and at online casinos in the United States. This game is only available at machines at land-based casinos or on digital machines at online casinos. It is not a table game and everything in this game is automatically runned.

All the online casinos you find on our website offer you a few different video poker games. Check out our top 10 recommended online casinos here.

Blackjack – Up to 0,5%

One of the most popular casino games is Blackjack. This game is popular because it is exciting and it is pretty easy to play. When you play the correct Blackjack strategy the house edge of this game is very low. So you have a high chance to win money while playing blackjack. Please keep an eye on the strategy and know when to buy, pass, split and double. At online casinos you can play blackjack on machines, animated table games or you can play blackjack on live casino tables.

Pontoon – Between 0,4% and 0,71%

Pontoon is actually a popular variant on the normal blackjack. It is blackjack without the 10’s. This is of course a big disadvantage for you as a player. But Pontoon compensates this. At Pontoon you win directly when you have blackjack. En you can double your bet on a split card. At a lot of the online casinos you find on our website you can play pontoon at the live casino. Keep notice that there could be slight changes in rules at each casino or each game of Pontoon.

Video Slots at online casinos – Up to 1%

I think online video slot games are the most popular games at online casinos. You find over 500 different video slot games at the average online casino. So you can choose a lot of different games. And of course they all have a different house edge. There are a few online slots with a minimum house edge of 1% or 2%. Game suppliers like NetEnt and Williams Interactive offer a selection of games with a very low house edge. Online casinos can offer a low house edge on video slots because they have much lower costs than land-based casinos.

A few popular video slots with a low house edge are: Volcano Riches, Starburst, Glitz and Raging Rhino

Baccarat – Between 1,06% and 1,04%

This is a very popular casino game. Baccarat is also called Punto Banco. This game is very popular at land-based casinos. At online casinos it is getting more and more popular also. It is also popular because it has a relative low house edge when you follow the perfect strategy. The game is also popular because of its speed. Keep notice that the house edge is low when you play on Banker (1,06% house edge) or on Player (house edge 1,04%(. It is not smart to bet on Tie because the house edge increases to 14,36% in that case.

You can play the casino games with the lowest house edge at the underneath reliable online casinos.

Videoslots casinoVideoslots
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Playgrand CasinoPlayGrand 50 Free Spins
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Jonny Jackpot CasinoJonny Jackpot50 Free Spins
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N1 CasinoN1 Casino50 Free Spins
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Dunder CasinoDunder50 Free Spins
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LeoVegas CasinoLeoVegas€1600,- Bonus
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Perfect online casinoUp to 50 Free SpinsLeoVegas Casino
Casumo CasinoCasumo Review200 Free Spins
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Perfect online casino20 Free SpinsCasumo Casino
21 Casino21Casino 21 Free Spins
121% Bonus (€300,-)
Perfect online casino21 Free Spins21 Casino
Trada CasinoTrada Casino50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsTrada Casino
Casilando casinoCasilando10 Free Spins
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Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsCasilando casino

French roulette – 1,35% (on even money bets)

Roulette has a lot of different variants. The French roulette game with the La Partage rule is the most interesting one because it has a house edge of 1,35%. You have a 1,35% house edge when you place money on even money bets. Even money bets are bets like Black/ Red or Even/ Odd. When you start placing other bets you have a house edge of 2,7% at French roulette.

Pai Gow Poker – 1,46%

this is a game that is not very popular at online casinos. But its popularity is growing the last years. Pai Gow Poker is very popular at land-based casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic city. At Pai Gow Poker you receive 7 cards and with those cards you need to make 2 poker hands. 1 Hand of 5 cards and the other one with the other 2 cards. The dealer does exactly the same. And when you win with both hands you receive double your bet.

pai gow poker low house edge

Here are the casino games with the highest house edge

On this page you find the 7 casino games with the lowest house edge. This are games where you have a higher chance of winning money. But of course there are also casino games with a relative high house edge. If you want to increase your chances of winning money I would avoid these games.

  • Slot machines at Land-based casinos – up to 15%
  • Keno – Up to 29%
  • Money Wheel – Up to 22%
  • Three Card Poker Variant – 7,28%
  • American Roulette – 5,26%


When you play table games we recommend you to stay away from side bets. Side bets will increase the house edge drastically. At blackjack you can place side bets during the normal game. Other casino games with side bets are Roulette and Three Card poker. Please do not place side bets when you want to have a high chance of winning money at an (online) casino.

It is time to try the casino games with the lowest house edge

On our website you find a selection of reliable online casinos. At all the casinos on our website you can play the top 7 casino games with the lowest house edge. And you can now try them for free because we have casinos that offer free play money. The casinos with free play money offer you a certain amount of money when you join their casino. There is no deposit needed to collect this money. We offer you a selection of casinos with €5 free money or casinos with €10 free money on sign up.

All the casinos in underneath table offer you €5 when you decide to join their casino. And they also offer you a certain bonus percentage when you make a real money deposit. You can simply double or triple your first deposit amount. Try Lapalingo casino and receive 200% bonus on top of your first deposit.

You can try a few of the underneath casinos without having the risk of losing real money

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