May 3, 2023

Yukon Gold Casino Review – Get 150 Free Spins to win a $1 million Jackpot!

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Yukon Gold Casino Review – Get 150 Free Spins to win a $1 million Jackpot!

Yukon Gold Casino Review - Get 150 Free Spins to win a $1 million Jackpot!

When I ask you the question “Do you want to become a millionaire”? You probably answer the question with “YES”. I guess every Canadian will answer this question with Yes. Of course it is hard to become a millionaire. It will take a long time to earn an amount like this. We have an opportunity available to become an instant millionaire for free. With the Yukon Gold Casino $1 million jackpot you can become an instant millionaire. We give away 150 free chances to hit this jackpot. You only have to deposit $10 at the casino.

The 150 free chances are 100% free. When you open an account at Yukon Gold Casino you have to transfer $10 in to your account. After you have added the $10 you get rewarded with 150 free chances on Mega Money Wheel. Mega Money Wheel is a popular slot in Canada. With every spin you have a chance to trigger a stunning jackpot.

With a lot of luck you might end up winning the $1 million jackpot at Yukon Gold Casino.

Are you ready to give it a try? Click on the button below and create a free account at Yukon Gold Casino.

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Yukon Gold Casino Canada – Login and get 150 Free Spins to win $1 million  ✔ Active

Are you ready to become an instant millionaire? 

At Yukon Gold Casino you can claim a stunning sign up bonus. All new players from Canada get 150 free spins on Mega Money Wheel. These 150 free spins are 100% free and with every spin you can trigger the available jackpot game. During the jackpot game you can win up to $1 million at Yukon Gold Casino.

All you have to do is join Yukon Gold. You can join the casino when you create an account. Of course it is free to create an account. Keep in mind that you can only create a new account when you never played at the casino before. After you created an account you are ready to login at Yukon Gold Casino.

In order to get your 150 free spins you have to transfer $10 in to your new account. Choose a payment method and transfer $10 (or more) in to your account. Now you receive 150 free spins on Mega Money wheel. Open Mega money Wheel and activate your 150 free spins. With each spin you have the chance to win real money. Maybe you are lucky to hit the jackpot game. When you trigger the jackpot game you might end up as a Millionaire.

Keep in mind that you can only claim this bonus once and only when you live in Canada. Besides 150 free spins you also receive the $10 in your account. With your $10 you can play all other real money casino games at Yukon Gold Casino.

Ready to join Yukon Gold Casino? Click here and create your free account today.

Bonus Terms & Conditions $1 Million jackpot bonus

  • Type of bonus – Sign up Bonus
  • Bonus – 150 Free Spins
  • Minimum deposit – $10
  • Maximum Bonus – 150 Spins
  • Games (Money) – All games
  • Free Spins Games – Mega Money Wheel
  • Wagering Bonus money – 30x
  • Wagering Free Spins winnings – 30x
  • Maximum bet – $5 While wagering
  • Maximum Win – Unlimited
  • Countries – Available everywehere in Canada
  • Yukon Gold Bonus Code – No code needed
  • 18+. Full terms apply. Play responsibly.
  • Expiration Time – Use your free spins within 7 Days after receiving them


150 free spins yukon gold casino

How you could win a $1 million jackpot at Yukon Gold Casino

Ok, it is not easy to win a $1 million jackpot, but at Yukon Gold Casino it is possible. 

At this online casino you find a number of progressive jackpot games. All these games are developed by Microgaming and they all have 1 thing in common. They all offer a progressive jackpot. The more people play these games the higher the jackpots get. Last year a player won a $18 million jackpot.

As a player you can win the jackpot when you manage to trigger the jackpot game. It doesn’t matter how much money you bet. Every player has a chance to win the available jackpot. You never know if you are one of the lucky players.

One of the available jackpot games is called Mega Money Wheel. While you are playing this jackpot slot you have the chance to trigger the Money Wheel. On this money wheel you find random amounts of money. One of the amounts at Yukon Gold Casino is the $1 million jackpot amount

When you manage to trigger the Mega Money Wheel you have a serious chance of winning the jackpot. The moment you trigger the Money Wheel you have a guaranteed win. The only question is, how much money you are going to win.

Below you see a screen shot of the Mega Money Wheel at Yukon Gold Casino.

mega money wheel $1 million casino jackpot

How to claim 150 free spins on Mega Money Wheel at Yukon Gold Casino

Getting a sign up bonus is one thing, but claiming it is the second step. When you receive a bonus you want it to be a good one and an easy one to collect. You don’t want to struggle while claiming your bonus.

At Yukon Gold Casino it is pretty easy to claim bonuses. First of all you don’t need a bonus code to claim the bonuses. Second you only have to follow a few simple steps to collect your personal bonus.

Even when you don’t have a lot of experience with online gambling it is still easy to claim the bonus offer. From now it only takes around 5 minutes to claim 150 free spins at Yukon Gold Casino. Follow the steps below. Ok, it looks like a lot of steps but it is very easy. We like to give you a lot of details in order to make things as easy as possible.

  1. Open Yukon Gold Casino (Click here)
  2. Click on “Sign up”
  3. Create a free account (enter your email and create a password)
  4. Enter your personal details (don’t use fake details, you can’t withdraw money with fake details)
  5. Verify your sign up (click on link in email you receive)
  6. Login with username and password
  7. Open the deposit section
  8. Choose a payment method
  9. Make a $10 deposit (or higher)
  10. Finish your first deposit
  11. Open Mega Money Wheel
  12. Activate the 150 Yukon Gold Free Spins
  13. Find out how much money you can win with your 150 free spins
  14. Use your deposit money and winnings to play real money casino games
  15. Enjoy your stay at the casino
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Pros & Cons Yukon Gold Casino Login


  • Trustworthy Online Casino
  • Top-Rated Online Casino
  • Available in all of Canada
  • 150 Free Spins on Mega Money Wheel
  • Safe Online Payments
  • $10 Minimum Deposit
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Reliable Casino Games
  • Ongoing Bonuses
  • Free Sign in and login
  • Easy to claim bonuses
  • Great mobile website


  • Desktop website is not state of the art
  • Bonus only for new players


yukon gold casino no deposit bonus

Yukon Gold No Deposit Bonus – 150 Free Spins

Are you looking for a no deposit bonus at Yukon Gold Casino? In that case we have good news for you. 

We have a way to collect a no deposit bonus at this Canadian online casino. At the casino you can get 150 free spins on Mega Money Wheel. You have to make a deposit to get the 150 free spins. But the good news, you don’t need to use the deposit money when you want to activate the free spins.

Straight after you finished your deposit you get the 150 free spins in your account. Open Mega Money Wheel and start playing. With your winnings you can play all other games at the casino. But if you want you can withdraw the money you deposited at the casino. In that case you have received the free spins as a no deposit bonus.

Loyal players also get rewarded with random no deposit bonuses at Yukon Gold Casino. When you are a regular player you randomly get rewarded with free spins and sometimes with a free amount of play money.


100% Bonus up to $150 on your 2nd deposit ✔ Active

New players at Yukon Gold not only receive a sign up bonus. When you decide to join the casino you also receive a bonus on your 2nd deposit. This is a so-called reload bonus.

When you used the sign up bonus you can decide to stop playing. But you can also continue playing when you like the casino. And we have great news because the casino doubles your second deposit for free. Make a real money deposit and Yukon Gold Casino automatically doubles your deposit amount.

Minimum deposit to get this bonus is $10 and the maximum bonus is $150. It is up to you how much bonus money you are going to collect. You could use the money you won with your 150 free spins to collect this bonus. In that case you don’t have to use your own money.

Keep in mind that the bonus money is real money. But before you can withdraw the money you have to wager it 30 times.

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Bonus Terms & Conditions 2nd Deposit Bonus

  • Type of bonus – Second deposit bonus / reload bonus
  • Bonus – 100%
  • Minimum deposit – $10
  • Maximum Bonus – $150 Bonus money
  • Games (Money) – All games
  • Wagering Bonus money – 30x
  • Maximum bet – $5 While wagering
  • Maximum Win – Unlimited
  • Countries – Canada
  • Yukon Gold Casino Bonus Code – No code needed
  • 18+. Full terms apply. Play responsibly.
  • Expiration Time – Wager the bonus money within 7 days after activating the bonus


Alternative offers to become an instant millionaire


Yukon Gold Casino Login

Before you can claim any of the above mentioned bonuses you have to login at Yukon Gold Casino.

Login is 100% free of charge and only takes a few minutes at Yukon Gold Casino. You have to enter your personal details. Don’t use fake details because you can’t request a withdrawal when you use fake details.

Enter your address, phone number, date of birth, gender, email and create a password. After you have done the registration you have to verify your account before you can login at Yukon Gold Casino. Once your account is verified you can use your email and password to login.

When your browser supports it you can ask it to remember your login. In that case you don’t have to enter your login details the next time you want to play at Yukon Gold Casino.

If you forget your login details you can request a password reset request. You find this request option underneath the login fields. In your email you receive a password reset link. Use the link and change your password. Choose a strong password and try to remember it for future logins.

Yukon Gold Casino Mobile

hundreds of mobile games available

Are you ready to play hundreds of games on your mobile phone or tablet? Open Yukon Gold Casino Mobile and never get bored

80% Of our visitors opens our website on a mobile phone or tablet. All those visitors are keen on playing casino games on a mobile device. That is why casinos like Yukon Gold need to offer a decent mobile casino. A decent mobile casino is a mobile website with easy to use navigation and a serious amount of online casino games.

when you open the Yukon Gold Casino mobile version you wil be amazed. The mobile version is way better than the desktop version. we personally prefer the mobile casino above the desktop version. On your screen you see a well-designed online casino. With all important things on the homepage. Within 1 click from the homepage you find everything you need.

Use the search tool to find your favourite games and claim bonuses within a few clicks. Yukon Gold Casino also offers mobile payments. That means you can transfer money in and out your account with mobile payments.

At the moment you can play hundreds of mobile casino games at Yukon Gold. And the number of games will only grow in the next couple of years.

You are able to play popular slots and table games. But that is not all. You can also play a lot of live daler games and card games.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

When you look at the name of the casino you might get confused. You might think it has something to do with the Yukon Gold Potatoes.

This is not the case. This online casino has no relationship with the popular Yukon Gold potatoes. You don’t see any references to the potatoes on the website. And you will never see them.

Personally I do think the name has something to do with the name of the potatoes. It is a popular name and with the word “gold” in it, it suits perfectly with an online casino. Even though it has nothing to do with food or with gold the name of the casino is still a very strong name.

Unfortunatelly you can’t win Yukon Gold potatoes at the casino. You can buy them when you win money at the casino. But that is the only reference between the casino and the popular potato.

Yukon Gold Casino $1

In the past you had the opportunity to make a $1 deposit at Yukon Gold Casino. This did change in 2022. The casino changed the minimum deposit from $1 to $10.

The main reason for this change where the transaction fees. yukon Gold Casino has to pay transaction fees for all transactions, fees on a $1 deposit are relatively high. When players make a lot of $1 deposits at Yukon Gold the casino had a huge amount of transaction fees.

Offering a minimum deposit of $10 is a lot more profitable for the casino. The transaction fees are the same but the deposit amount is higher. With a higher deposit amount the potential winning for the casino is also higher. For the cashflow it was the right decision to increase the minimum deposit.

We don’t know if the casino will add the $1 deposit option again. Personally I don’t think they will. They are probably happy now they generate more profit on their players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yukon Gold casino legit?

Yes it is. It has a valid gambling license and it is certified by eCOGRA. when you play casino games at this casino you know you get a good experience.

Can I make a $1 deposit at Yukon Gold Casino?

At the moment you can't deposit $1 at Yukon Gold Casino. In the past you where able to make a $1 deposit. This changed in 2022, the minimum deposit is now $10.

Is there a 150 free spins bonus at Yukon Gold?

Yes there is. when you open an account at the casino you receive 150 free spins on top of your first deposit. Make a minimum deposit of $10 and you are able to play 150 free spins on Mega Money Wheel. With a bit of luck you win a nice jackpot.

Is Yukon Gold Casino available in Canada?

100%. Yukon Gold is a well-known online casino in Canada. It has been around since 2000. And they have a very good track record in Canada. The bonuses are also available for players from Canada, except from certain regions.

Can I win real money with the Yukon Gold bonus?

Yes you can win real money. With a bit of luck you trigger a jackpot game and you win a stunning amount of money.

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