How to play Live Blackjack at LeoVegas?

How to play Live Blackjack at LeoVegas?

Many people love the game of Blackjack. But not a lot of players want to head over to the casino every weekend. That’s why LeoVegas offers the great game of Blackjack online! At the moment you can play over 20 different Live Blackjack games at LeoVegas Casino. These games are all available from the comfort of your own home. Simply open your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet and play your favourite card game within minutes. At the moment you can play Live Blackjack from as low as €0,50 per hand. In this article I will explain how to play live Blackjack at LeoVegas.

Tip: When you sign up your LeoVegas account today you can claim a €10,- money bonus to play online roulette in the Live Casino! Register your free account on this page.

How to sign up your free account at LeoVegas?

If you want to start playing Live Blackjack at LeoVegas you will need to sign up your free account. You can do this by choosing a username and filling in some personal details. Besides that it is important to activate and verify your casino account. Since LeoVegas is one of the most reliable online casinos around your personal details are always safe. It works like this;

  1. Navigate to the LeoVegas website by clicking this link.
  2. Start signing up your free account by filling in your email address and a unique password. Your password must be at least 8 characters including one digit.
  3. Fill in your mobile number. Make sure this one is correct, you will need to verify it.
  4. Choose if you want to start playing with a bonus. When you want to start playing Live Blackjack at LeoVegas you can choose the ‘’Live Casino Bonus’’. With this bonus you will receive a €10,- money bonus on sign up. Besides that you will receive a 100% first deposit bonus up to €250,-. Click ‘’Next Step’’ to continue.
  5. Verify your mobile number by filling in the code LeoVegas has send you by text message. After filling in this code continue by filling in some more personal details. Click ‘’Open account’’ when everything is ready.

After taking these steps your account will be ready. From this moment on you can deposit money in your account and start playing Blackjack.

Start playing Live Blackjack with €10,- bonus money

At LeoVegas Casino you can start playing Live Blackjack with a €10,- money bonus. There is no deposit needed to collect this one-time bonus. Simply open your free account and choose the ‘’Live Casino Bonus’’. After doing this you will be able to start playing with a free €10,- balance. You can spend this registration bonus in the Live Casino only. For example; Open a Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat game to spend this bonus. After wagering your bonus funds you will even be able to cash out some winnings. Check out the LeoVegas website for more information regarding this bonus.

Making your first deposit in the casino

When you are finished playing with your €10,- money bonus you can decide to make a first deposit in the casino. By making your first deposit in the casino you can continue playing your favourite live table games. Depositing money at LeoVegas is very easy and always safe and secure. It works like this;

  1. Click ‘’Deposit’’ in the main menu to start the process.
  2. Once you did this you can choose your favourite payment method. At LeoVegas you can deposit using many local and international payment solutions including VISA, Mastercard, iDeal, Bank Transfer, Trustly, Neteller, Skrill and PaySafeCard. At the moment you can deposit from as low as €10,- per transaction. LeoVegas doesn’t charge any fees to make a payment.
  3. Fill in the amount of money you want to deposit and click ‘’Deposit’’.
  4. Once you did this finish the payment to receive the money in your casino account. Almost all of the payment methods are instant.

If you have any questions or problems while depositing please contact the customer support department. You can also check out the F.A.Q. for answers regarding frequently asked questions.

100% Live Casino Bonus

When you decide to make a first deposit you will be able to collect a 100% deposit bonus. Simply choose the ‘’Live Casino Bonus’’ during sign up and make a first deposit. Once you did this LeoVegas will add a 100% deposit bonus to your account. This bonus is capped at a maximum value of €250,-. Below I will give you some example of how the bonus works out;

  1. When you make a €50,- deposit you will receive a €50,- money bonus. In this scenario you can enter the live casino with a €100,- balance.
  2. Make a €100,- deposit to receive a €100,- live casino bonus. Start playing with a total balance of €200,-.
  3. Deposit €250,- to collect the maximum bonus of €250,-. Start playing with a €500,- total balance.

Depending on your budget you can collect up to €250,- live casino bonus at LeoVegas. You can use your deposit and bonus on all of the available Live Casino games (including Blackjack). Good luck and have fun with your bonus!

Opening the LeoVegas Live Casino

When you logged in to your personal casino account you are ready to open the Live Casino. You can do this by clicking on ‘’Live Casino’’ in the top menu. Once you opened the live casino you will be able to filter games by using the second menu. In the second menu you will find some of the top games and games types. In the LeoVegas Live Casino you will find Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Baccarat and more variety table games.

LeoVegas offers live casino games by NetEnt, Evolution and Extreme Live Casino Software. Besides that it offers a line of LeoVegas exclusive games; the ‘’Chambre Séparée’’. In the Chambre Séparée you will find all top games in HD quality. Most of the streams are available 24/7. And you know what’s fun? Sometimes the games are even hosted by celebrities. Check out the Live Casino for a full overview of all the available games and game types (VIP/Fast/Auto/Etc).

Live Blackjack Games at LeoVegas Casino

Live Blackjack at LeoVegas; Game Modes

At LeoVegas you will now find over 20 types of Blackjack games. Depending on your budget you can play at a few or all of the games. Most of the games works with a minimum bet of €5,- or €10,- per hand. For lower budgets LeoVegas offers Common Draw of Blackjack Party games with a minimum bet of only €0,50. High Rollers can decide to pick one of the VIP tables with a minimum bet between €15,- and €25,- per hand. Not all games are available 24/7 but there is always a nice selection of games available. Log in to have a look at all the available games right now!

Place your bets

Ready to start playing? Then choose a table to play at and claim a seat. After doing that the dealer will ask your to place you bets. At LeoVegas you can place a regular bet and a side bet. Most of the times the minimum bet on regular bets is between €5,- and €10,-. Side bets can be as low as €1,- most of the times. Once all bets are placed the live dealers will start dealing carts. The dealer will deal everyone two cards, one of the dealers cards stays hidden. Once the dealer is done it will open the game by asking the first player if it wants another card or it stands. The game objective it get a close to 21 as possible or a least defeat the dealer. All hands above 21 will be bust. When the dealer score more than you, you will also lose. With your side bets you will be able to win more money depending on the outcome of the hands. Below we will explain some rules of the amazing game of Blackjack.

Blackjack Table at LeoVegas

Table Full? Bet behind!

Sometimes it can be very busy in the Live Casino. And because of that it is possible that favourite table is already full of players. In this case you can decide to bet behind. Simply open the game you want to play and click ‘’Bet behind’’ (Choose a seat). After doing this you will be able to join the game by betting on the cards of the player you joined. Although you don’t control the game you can still decide which players style you like. If they play the same or similar as you it is not a strange option to use the bet behind feature. When the player you joined wins you win, when you players you joined loosed your money is gone. Good luck while betting behind!

How to win during Live Blackjack?

While playing Blackjack you want to reach a higher score than the dealer. You need to do this without going over 21. The most famous and best hand is a ‘’Blackjack’’. You hit a ‘’Blackjack’’ when you get dealt exactly 21 with your first two cards. This can be achieved by hitting one Ace and a 10 or Face Card, which are worth 10 points. When you hit 21 in multiple cards it will be just a 21, not a Blackjack. A Blackjack pays 3:2 at LeoVegas. When the dealers gets bust or has a low score than you will double your money. When you score the same as the dealer you will get your regular bet back (Push). During most of the games the dealer must stand on 17 and must draw to 16. Below we will explain some special rules which you need to know;

  1. You can accept insurance when the dealers has an Ace. Insurance pays 2 to 1.
  2. An Ace is worth 1 or 11 during Blackjack.
  3. When you ‘’Hit’’ you will receive another card. When you ‘’Stand’’ you can get any more card to increase your amount of points.
  4. You can split your cards when you hit two cards of the same value. In this case your bet will be double and you can play the hands separately. This options can be very interesting.
  5. You can double down in order to double your bet after the dealer has dealt. When you choose this option you can only buy 1 card. This can by interesting when you get dealt a total between 9 and 11.

You can always check out the games rules for the most important rules of the table you are sitting. Most of the times the rules can change when playing a different variety or when playing a game at a different casino or software supplier.

Placing side bets

While playing Live Blackjack at LeoVegas you can also decide to place side bets. With your side bets you can bet on a perfect pair of 21+3. You can combine your side bets with a regular Blackjack bet. All side bets stay active, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. At LeoVegas you can place side bets from as low a €1,-. The side bets work like this;

Perfect Pairs

With the Perfect Pairs side bet you can win money when you hit two of the same cards during your first two cards. It works like this;

  1. Perfect Pair; Hit the same card from the same suit. For example; Two Queens of Hearts.
  2. Coloured Pair; Hit the same card with the same colour. For example; One Ace of Hearts and one Ace of Diamonds.
  3. Mixed Pair; Hit the same card from different colours. For example; a Jack or Hearts and a Jack or Clubs.

Depending on which pair you land you will receive a fairly high return. A Perfect Pair pays 25:1 and a Coloured Pair paus 12:1. When you hit a Mixed Pair you will receive 6:1.

21+3 Side Bet

With the 21+3 side bet you can win money by making a winning combination with your first two cards and the first card of the dealer. It is fairly hard to win with this side bet but the returns are pretty high. Hit one of the following combinations to win money;

  1. Suited Trips; Hit three of the same cards of the same suits. For example; 3 Aces of Hearts. Pays 100 to 1.
  2. Straight Flush; Hit three connecting numbers from the same suit. For example; 4,5 and 5 of Hearts. Pay 40 to 1.
  3. Three of a Kind; Hit three cards of the same value but with different suits. For example; Three Jack (Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds). Pays 30 to 1.
  4. Straight; Cards in a numerical sequence. For example; 2,3 and 4 of different suits. Pays 10 to 1.
  5. Flush; Three card of the same suit. Pays 5 to 1.

Althoug some of these combinations are very hard to hit the rewards can be very interesting. Personally I don’t play a lot of side bets but I know people who had a lot of success with them. Just try it sometimes and see if you like it. Good luck with your side bets!

My personal Blackjack tips;

If you like to start playing Live Blackjack at LeoVegas I have some tips for you. Maybe you don’t need them or already know them, in this case you can skip them. If you are not a experienced players yet they might be useful. While playing I use to stick to these rules and tips;

  1. Statistically it is not in your favour to take an insurance when the dealer hits an Ace.
  2. When you get two tens or faces it is best top stand. Splitting two tens is not the best options. Never split two 5’s.
  3. If you get two Aces, always split and double your bet.
  4. Double down when you hit 10 or 11. It gives you a 21 when hitting an Ace or Face.
  5. Never stand below 12. Always take another card.
  6. Stand in most case of a hard 17 of more.
  7. Never get emotional, stick to your game plan.

Do you have some personal tips? Leave them in a comment and I might add them to this article!

Ready to start playing? Then register at LeoVegas Casino and start playing with €10,- bonus money. Make a first deposit to collect a 100% deposit bonus up €250,-.

Start Playing!

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