World Cup Schedule & Results

In the table below you will find the complete schedule and all the results of the World Cup 2018 (Group Stage, Last 16 and Finals). Use the search function or top row of the table to find and sort results. We will update this table every day with the latest results. Click one of the following links to learn more what happened day by day; June 14June 15, June 16June 17June 18June 19June 20June 21June 22, June 23, June 24, June 25, June 26, June 27 and June 28.

Below you will find a small selection of interesting content and articles that we have published about the the FIFA Worlds Cup 2018.

01-07-2018LAST 16SPAIN-RUSSIA1-1 (3-4)
01-07-2018LAST 16CROATIA-DENMARK1-1 (3-2)
02-07-2018LAST 16BRAZIL-MEXICO2-0
02-07-2018LAST 16BELGIUM-JAPAN3-2
03-07-2018LAST 16COLOMBIA-ENGLAND1-1 (3-4)
07-07-2018LAST 8RUSSIA-CROATIA2-2 (3-4)

World Cup Results – June 14 2018

World Cup Schedule & Results - Russia vs Saudi Arabia
June 14 host Russia kicked of the World Cup with an impressive show including Robby Williams and a match against Saudi Arabia. And the national team didn’t disappointed the crowd. The Russian squad gave away a good show and destroyed the squad of Saudi Arabia with 5 against 0. Something which wasn’t really expected since the Russians didn’t won one of their last 7 games. In comparison, the Saudis won four of their last 9 matched before the World Cup. This shows the Russian squad can maybe do something extra since the tournament is hosted in their home country. All with all Russia scored some nice goals. Both Golovin and Cheryshev scored twice and the other goal was scored by Gazinskiy. A nice way to start to tournament, a total of 5 goals!

Match 1; Russia – Saudi Arabia 5-0

43’D. Cheryshev
71’Artem Dzyuba
90′ D. Cheryshev
90′ Golovin

World Cup Results – June 15 2018

World Cup Schedule & Results - Egypt vs Uruguay

June 15 started with the game between Egypt and Uruguay. Uruguay was the favourite team to win this team since they have a stronger team on paper. The match started slowly and without Egyptian star player Mo Salah. Not a lot happened except one disallowed goal for Uruguay which was a fine decision from the Dutch referee. Because of strong defensive play Egypt managed to keep the game 0-0 until the referee whistled for the half time signal.

During the second half Uruguay started stronger and both Cavani and Suarez had some good chances. Although this is the case it was Uruguayan player Gimenez who made the first and single goal late in the game with a header after taking a corner. The game ended 1-0 for Uruguay.

After the match between Egypt and Uruguay it was time for the match between Morocco and Iran. During this game Morocco started good and they created some chances. Although this was the case they didn’t managed to make a goal. In the second half of the game there where some fouls and the referee bookers for players for a yellow card. In the end Iran won this match since a Moroccan player made an own goal in the last minute.

The final and most anticipated match of the day started in the evening and it was between Portugal and Spain. And people who watched the game didn’t got disappointed. During the game people saw some great football by for example Isco and Ronaldo. From the start thing went quickly and Ronaldo already scored in the fourth minute after getting a penalty. After this Diego Costa made the equalizer (’24) but Ronaldo ended the first half with a second goal (’44).

After the break Diego Costa made another equalizer (’55), it was 2-2. And within a few minutes Nacho Fernandez scored the 2-3 for the Spanish squad with a great goal. Although it looked like Spain would walk away with 3 point thing went different, Ronaldo made a very important last goal in the ’88 minute. Because of this both team earned one point and Iran is the current group leader. This make the next match very important for all teams.

Match 2; Egypt – Uruguay 0-1
Match 3; Morocco – Iran 0-1
Match 4; Portugal – Spain 3-3

World Cup Results – June 16 2018

World Cup Results June 16 2018 - Argentina vs Iceland

During day three of the World Cup Russia four teams faced each other in group C and D. The first match was played between France and Australia. Although we expected France to be way better than Australia the amount of chances was very balanced. Just after the second half started both France and Australia got a penalty. But in the 80th minute Pogba scored the 2-1 in order to claim three points for the favourite.

The second match was the battle between Argentina and Iceland. Although Argentina was expected to win easily the first half of the game was very balanced. Both teams had some chances but the best chances where for Iceland. During the 19th minute Agüero made the 1-0 but Iceland scored the equalizer just minutes later (Finnbogason) after a nice combination. In the second half there were no new goals because of a missed penalty by top striker Messi. The match ended with a surprising 1-1 draw.

The next matched didn’t had such surprising final results. Peru played Denmark and lost because of one by Poulsen in the 59th minute. Croatia won 2-0 because of one own goal by Etoba and a scored penalty by Modric in the 71th minute. Because of this Croatia is the group leader in group D. France and Denmark both lead Group C with 3 points. All with all day three was very exciting and a bit surprising.

Match 5; France – Australia 2-1
Match 6; Argentina – Iceland 1-1
Match 7; Peru – Denmark 0-1
Match 8; Croatia – Nigeria 2-0

World Cup Results – June 17 2018

World Cup Results June 17 2018 - Germany vs Mexico

During June 17 two of the favourites to claim the World Cup came in actions, Germany and Brazil. Germany faced Mexico, and Brazil played against Switzerland. But before these matches Costa Rica played its first game against Serbia. During this game Serbia got the most and the best chances. But it took 56 minutes before Serbia scored its first goal after a beautiful free kick by Aleksander Kolarov. The score stayed like this and Serbia was very happy with the three points against Costa Rica.

At 17:00 one of the most exciting matches of the first round was scheduled, Germany against Mexico. And what a surprise this match was! Germany had some chances, but the best and most chances where for Mexico. In the 35th minute Lozano scored a nice goal after a quick counter by the Mexicans. And it was well deserved! After this goal the Mexican survived until the break and they started with a 0-1 lead in the second half. During the second half both squads got some good chances but the Mexicans had a good defensive tactic against the Germans. Because of this they kept their goal clean and they booked a very surprising 0-1 win against the current World Champions.

After this very exciting and surprising match is was time for the match between Brazil and Switzerland. During this game Brazil started very strong, and Coutinho made the first goal with a very beautiful long distance shot. After this goal the Swiss squad kept fighting and they got some good chances in the first half. After the break this trend continued and Swiss managed to score a first goal after a corner. Steven Zuber, which plays for Hoffenheim, scored with a header after pushing a Brazilian defender away. Because of this some people say the goal should be disallowed. With the equalizer on the board both squads kept fighting for a winning goal but it stayed 1-1. Another very surprising outcome and another favourite who didn’t managed to win.

Match 9; Costa Rica – Serbia 0-1
Match 10; Germany – Mexico 0-1
Match 11; Brazil – Switzerland 1-1

World Cup Results – June 18 2018

World Cup Schedule - June 18 Group G gets in actions!

June 18 Sweden and Korea kicked of the first match of the day. During this match Sweden was the better team and they created a lot of chances. Although this was the case Sweden had a hard time getting the ball in the Korean goal. It took until the 65th minute before Granqvist made the 1-0 while taking a penalty which was given after an Korean tackle. After this first goal not a lot happened expect one serious chance of Korea that was missed. In the end Sweden took the three points as expected.

The second match of the day was played between Belgium and Panama. During this game both squads had some chances in the first half but none of the went into the goal. After the break Dries Mertens opened the score with a nice shot after a missed attempt. And after the Belgium’s opened the score things went quickly! Belgium got more and more serious chances and Lukaku scored in the 69th and 75th minute. With this 3-0 victory Belgium showed Panama was no match for them.

The last match of the was between Tunisia and England. Although most people expected an easy win for the English squad this game became very exciting. During the first minutes of the match England already created some serious chances and it only took until the 11th minute before Harry Kane scored its first World Cup goal. After a corner and header and a nice safe of Hassen Kane could easily kick in the ball. After this goal a Tunisian played shot the ball towards the penalty area and the English defender Walker puts his arm in the face of an Tunisian attacked. For this foul the referee gave a penalty which was scored by Sassi in the 35th minute. Now it was 1-1 and many people where thinking about a new surprising outcome in the World Cup tournament. But Kane thought different and scored his second goal in the 91th minute. A very narrow escape for the English squad!

Match 12; Sweden – Korea 1-0
Match 13; Belgium – Panama 3-0
Match 14; Tunisia – England 1-2

World Cup Results – June 19 2018

World Cup Results June 19 2018 - Russia vs Egypt

June 19 Colombia played its first match against Japan in Group H, and it was a hard one! Carlos Sánchez made a foul in the 3th minute and he got a red card. On top of that Japan got a penalty and Kagawa scored the 0-1 for Japan. Although Colombia played with one man less they got some good chances and they made the equalizer in the 39th minute. After the break both squads got some chances but it was Japan that made the deciding goal in the 73th minute. Because of this 1-2 by Osaka Japan took the three points.

The second match of the day was between Poland and Senegal. Poland won only one of its seven first World Cup matches so they knew today was going to be tuff. And today was no different, Poland played a poor game and Senegal used some of Poland’s mistakes to get good shots on the goal. In the 37th minute Cionek made a own goal after a shot was changes direction, 0-1 for Senegal. After this goal Niang made a second goal in the 60th minute after a huge defensive mistake. In the 86th minute Poland did made a nice goal (header) after a free kick but it wasn’t enough for the three points. Senegal won with 1-2.

The last match of the day was between the host and Egypt in Group H. This match got decided after the break. Fathy scored an own goal in the 47th minute, Tsjerysjev scored in the 59th minute and Dzjoeba made the 3-0 in the 62th minute. Egypt did made one goal in the 73, a penalty by star striker Salah, but the match ended 3-1 for Russia. Because of this outcome it is almost certain that Russia will reach the next round!

Match 15; Colombia – Japan 1-2
Match 16; Poland – Senegal 1-2
Match 17; Russia – Egypt 3-1

World Cup Results – June 20 2018

World Cup Results June 20 2018 - Portugal vs Morocco

June 20 started with the match between Portugal and Morocco. During this match Ronaldo scored an early goal in the fourth minute after a corner. After this goal both teams created some chances but the best where for Portugal. Although a lot of chances appeared none of the teams scored in the second half. Because of this Portugal claimed three points and Morocco is almost certain out of the tournament.

The second match of the day was between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia. This match was very important for both teams since Uruguay has three points and Saudi Arabia 0. When Saudi Arabia would win they still had a chance to continue to the next round. But that wasn’t the case. Luis Suárez scored a goal in the 23th after a mistake of the Arabian goalkeeper. Because of this Uruguay has six points in Group A just like Russia. Because of this both teams will continue. Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia are out of the tournament after this round.

The last match of the day was in Group B between Iran and Spain. Although many people expected an easy win for Spain things went different. The Spanish squad wasn’t playing that well it took until the 54th minute until Costa scored a lucky goal. After this goal it was Iran that had the better chances and even a goal but is was disallowed for offside. Because of this Spain got the three points and things are still very exciting in Group B.

Match 18; Portugal – Morocco 1-0
Match 19; Uruguay – Saudi Arabia 1-0
Match 20; Iran – Spain 0-1

World Cup Results – June 21 2018

World Cup Results June 21 2018 - France vs Peru

June 21 started with the match between Denmark and Australia in Group C. During this match the Danish players started pretty aggressive and Eriksen scored a quick goal in the 7th minute after a nice combination. After this quick 1-0 Australia got a corner and one of the Danish defenders got the ball on his hand after a header by an Danish attacker. After consulting the VAR the referee decided to give Australia a penalty. Jedinak scored this penalty in the 38th minute which meant the teams where even again. After the break the Australian squad got stronger and stronger and they created the better chances. Although the Australians maybe deserved to win the match ended in 1-1.

The second match of the day was between France and Peru (also Group C).  During this match is was the French squad who had the best chances, and Mbappé scored the 1-0 in the 34th minute. After this goal not a lot happened except one good chance for the national team of Peru. Because of this result Peru will leave the tournament after this round. The France squad is the new group leader with six point and they will continue to the last 16.

The last match of the day was between Argentina and Croatia in Group D. During the first half of the game not a lot happened except one very good chances for Argentina, Pérez missed in front off an almost empty goal. During the second half things changed and the Croatians scored a first goal after a huge mistake by the goalkeeper of Argentina. And during the endings of the match thing even got worse for the team from Argentina, Modric scored the 0-2 and Rakitic scored the 0-3 in the 91th minute. Because of this results Croatia will continue to the last 16 and Argentina will have a very hard time to claim the second place.

Match 21; Denmark – Australia 1-1
Match 22; France – Peru 1-0
Match 23; Argentina – Croatia 3-3

World Cup Results – June 22 2018

World Cup Results June 22 2018 - Brazil vs Costa Rica

June 22 kicked off with the match between Brazil and Costa Rica. During the first half of the match not a lot happened except one good opportunity for Costa Rica. After the break Brazil created more and more chances and Neymar tried to claim a penalty after a Costa Rican defender sort of pushed him. Referee Kuipers gave the penalty but it the video referee overruled him and cancelled the penalty. After this event Neymar got more and more frustrated and he had multiple encounters with referee Kuipers. In the end it looked like the match would end as a 0-0 draw but the Brazilians finally scored the 1-0 in the 91th minute (Coutinho) and even a 2-0 in the 97th minute (Neymar). Because of this Brazil earn three points and Costa Rica will be out of the tournament after the group stage.

The second match of the day was between Nigeria and Iceland. During this first 45 minutes not a lot happened and the teams went to rest with a 0-0 stand. After the break the Nigerians had a strong counter and Musa scored a beautiful goal in the 49th minute. And Musa stayed dangerous, just a few moments later he fired a hard shot on the woodwork. And later we managed to score another great goal after outrunning one defender and outplaying the keeper. The match ended in a deserved 2-0 victory for Nigeria.

The last match of the day was between Serbia and Switzerland. After just 5 minutes Serbia scored the 1-0 by a header of Mitrovic. After this quick goal both teams created some chances but it was Xhaka who scored a beautiful long distance goal for the Swiss squad during the 52th minute. Because of this it looked like the match would end in a 1-1 draw but it was Swiss who took the three points after a late goal by Shaqiri (90).

Match 24; Brazil – Costa Rica 2-0
Match 25; Nigeria – Iceland 2-0
Match 26; Serbia – Switzerland 1-2

World Cup Results – June 23 2018

World Cup Results June 23 2018 - Belgium vs Tunisia

The first match of June 23 was between Belgium and Tunisia. And what a display it would be! During the match top striker Hazard scored a early penalty after a foul by a Tunisian defender. After this goal it only took 10 minutes for the Belgium squad to make the second goal. Lukaku scored his third goal of the tournament after a nice combination with Mertens. To get some excitement back in the game Tunisia scored the 2-1 after a free kick, a nice header by Bronn was to much for the Belgium goalkeeper. But it was Belgium to make another goal in the first half, Lukaku scored his fourth goal of this World Cup and now he is one of the top strikers together with Ronaldo.

After the break both teams had some chances but it was the Belgium squad that scored the first goal in the second half in the 90th minute. After this late goal Tunisia scored the 5-2 in the 93th minute but it wasn’t enough to win any points against the Belgium’s. All with all this was one of the most entertaining matches of the World Cup so far.

After this first match is where Korea and Mexico to line up for the second match. During this match the Mexicans dominated most of the game and they scored the first goal in the 26th minute, a penalty by Vela. During the second half of the game the Mexican squad kept creating chances and it was Hernández who scored the 0-2 in the 66th minute. The Koreans did score the 1-2 in the 93th minute (Son Heung-min) but the Mexican took three more points to become the group leader.

The last match of the day was between Germany and Sweden, and the Germans needed to win badly after the 0-1 loss against Mexico. But it was the Swedish squad which created the best chances during the start of the match and they should have got a penalty after a foul by the German goalkeeper. After this unlucky event it was Toivonen to make the first goal with a nice shot over the keeper, the Germans where facing another loss.

After the break it where the Germans to score the very important 1-1, Reus shot in the ball after a cross from the left. After the equalizer not a lot happened until the 82th minute. During this minute Boateng made a wild tackle and he received a red card. The Germans played with one man less. Although the German squad was playing with one man less they created a few dangerous chances in the last minutes of the match. And a free kick in the 95th minute of the game decide the match in favour of the Germans, Toni Kroos scored with a very hard free kick from the left side of the field. A very important miracle for the squad from Germany.

Match 27; Belgium – Tunisia 5-2
Match 28; Korea – Mexico 1-2
Match 29; Germany – Sweden 2-1

World Cup Results – June 24 2018

World Cup Results June 24 2018 - England vs Panama

June 24 started with the match between England and Panama. And what a match it would be! The English squad started very strong and Stones made the first goal in the 8th minute. A nice header after a corner was to much for the goalkeeper from Panama. After this quick goal England got a penalty in the 22th minute and Harry Kane scored it, 2-0. A not a while later Lingard scored the 3-0 in the 36th minute. Before the break Stones scored the final goal of the first half, the 4-0.

After the break the English squad continued creating chances and goals. During the 46th minute Kane scored hit second penalty of the match, 5-0. On top of this Kane even scored a third goal in the 62th minute. It took until the 78th minute before the team from Panama could strike back one time, Baloy scored the 6-1 while sliding in the ball after a nice free kick. This was the very first goal of Panama on a World Cup ever and because of this the crowd went crazy although they where down 6-1. A very beautiful scenery.

The second match of the day was between Japan and Senegal. During this match Mané scored a early goal for Senegal in the 11th minute after a mistake by the Japanese goalkeeper. After this goal the Japanese squad became stronger and stronger and in the 34th minute Inui scored the equalizer. After the break the match stayed exciting but it was Wague who turned the match in favour of the team from Senegal, 1-2. After this goal the squad from Japan starter battling for the equalizer and it was Honda who set the score to 2-2 very quickly. Nothing changes after this goal and both teams walk away with one point.

The last match of the day was between Poland and Colombia, and the team from Colombia impressed. The team was stronger and created more chances. Although this was the case it took until the 40th minute before Mina scored the 0-1 with a nice header. After the break the team from Colombia kept the pressure on the Polish team and it was Falcao who scored the 0-2 in the 70th minute. After this important goal the Polish defence was broken and Cuadrado made the 0-3 in the 75th minute. Because of this the three points go to Colombia and Poland will exit the tournament after the group stage.

Match 30; England – Panama 6-1
Match 31; Japan – Senegal 2-2
Match 32; Poland – Colombia 0-3

World Cup Results – June 25 2018

World Cup Results June 25 2018 - Uruguay vs Russia

June 25 started at 16:00 with both last matches in Group A. Saudi Arabia played Egypt and Uruguay played Russia. In the match between Saudi Arabia Salah scored a quick goal in the 22th minute. After that Saudi Arabia was awarded with a penalty but the goalkeeper from the Egyptian squad stopped it. In the second half Saudi Arabia got another penalty and Al-Faraj did score this one, it was 1-1. Although it looked like this match was going to end in a draw Al-Dawsari made the 2-1 for Saudi Arabia in the last minute (95). Because of this Saudi Arabia claimed three points.

The match that was played at the same time was between Uruguay and Russia. During the 10th minute Uruguay got a free kick and Suárez kicked the ball in the right corner of the goal, it was 1-0. After this goal Tsjerysjev made an own goal in the 23th minute and in the last minute of the match Cavani scored the 3-0. Because of this Uruguay wins all matches in the group stage. Both Uruguay and Russia will continue to the next round. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are out of the tournament.

The other two matches of the day where between the nationals squads in Group B. And since things where more close it got very exciting! Both Spain and Portugal had 4 points, Iran had 3 points and Morocco had 0. Iran played Portugal and Spain played Morocco. In the match between Iran and Portugal Ronaldo missed a penalty but Quaresma scored a very nice goal in the 45th minute. After this goal a lot happened but it took until the 93th minute before the referee gave a penalty to Iran, and Ansarifard scored the 1-1. Right after this happened Aspas scored the 2-2 in the match between Spain and Morocco. Because of this Iran only needed one more goal to continue and kick Portugal out of the tournament. And they came very close, Taremi got a very good chances in the last seconds of the match but he fired the shot next to the goal. Both Spain and Portugal continue, Iran and Morocco are out of the tournament!

Match 33; Saudi Arabia – Egypt 2-1
Match 34; Uruguay – Russia 3-0
Match 35; Iran – Portugal 1-1
Match 36; Spain – Morocco 2-2

World Cup Results – June 26 2018

World Cup Results June 26 2018 - Australia vs Peru

June 26 started with the matches in Group C. Australia played Peru and Denmark played France. France and Denmark started as the number 1 and 2 in the group and they played 0-0. Because of this both teams are through to the next round. The other match between Australia and Peru ended in 0-2. Carillo scored the 0-1 in the 18th minute and Guerrero scored the 0-2 in 50th minute. But these three points weren’t enough, Australia and Peru are both out of the tournament.

The next two matches were played in Group D. Nigeria played Argentina and Iceland played Croatia. Argentina needed to win and because of this things got very exciting. Messi scored the first goal of the match in the 14th minute. After this Moses scored a penalty in the 51th minute. Because of this it looked like the team from Argentina was out of the tournament, but Rojo made the 1-2 in the 86th minute. The match between Iceland and Croatia ended in 1-2. Because of this Croatia is the group winner and Argentina got second. Nigeria and Iceland are both out of the tournament.

Match 37; Australia – Peru 0-2
Match 38; Denmark – France 0-0
Match 39; Nigeria – Argentina 1-2
Match 40; Iceland – Croatia 1-2

World Cup Results – June 27 2018

World Cup Results June 27 2018 - South Korea vs Germany

June 28 started with the last matches in Group F, Mexico versus Sweden and Korea versus Germany. And since Mexico, Sweden and Germany were still very close to each other everything could still happen. Sweden scored the first goal of the day, Augustinsson scored just after the break (50th minute). After this goal Sweden also scored the 0-2 from a penalty in the 62th minute. With this stance both Mexico and Sweden would continue to the next round. So Germany needed to win and score a better goal difference than Mexico.

In the 74th minute the Mexican player Alvarez scored an own goal, because of this Sweden was ahead 0-3. This match was played and the goal difference of the Mexicans is lowered which is important for the Germans. In the match between Korea and Germany things were still even, after a lot of chances for Korea and tons of chances for Germany. It took until the 92th minute before the Koreans hit the net, but the referee disallowed it due to offside. Gladly for the Koreans the VAR had another look and the goal was allowed after all. With the 1-0 loss the Germans where out of the tournament so they played with almost only strikers and the goal keeper Neuer was also in the attacking mode. Because of this the Koreans could also score a 2-0 after the reclaimed the ball from the Germans. It has never happened, but the Germans, the World Cup holder, is out of the tournament after the group stage.

After this thriller end Group E started with their last matches. Switzerland played Costa Rica and Serbia played Brazil. During these matches there were no real surprises. Switzerland scores two goals (31,88) and Costa Rica scored in the 56th minute. At the end of the match Sommer made an unlucky own goal (93th minute) and because of this the match ended in 2-2. Since Costa Rica still had zero points they are out of the tournament.

When Serbia would win against Brazil they could still catch up Switzerland, but it didn’t happened. Maciel Junior scored in the 36th minute and Thiago Silva scored the 0-2 in the 68th minute. Because of this Brazil is the Groud Winner and Switzerland is the number 2.

Match 41; Mexico – Sweden 3-0
Match 42; Korea – Germany 2-0
Match 43; Switzerland – Costa Rica 2-2
Match 44; Serbia – Brazil 0-2

World Cup Results – June 28 2018

June 29 started with the matches between Senegal and Colombia and Japan and Poland in Group H. In the match between Senegal and Colombia not a lot happened. It took until the 74th minute before Mina scored the 0-1 for Colombia. In the match between Japan and Poland it took until the 59th minute before Bednarek scored the 0-1 for Poland. Because of these outcomes Colombia is the group winner and Japan and Senegal both have 4 points with an equal goal difference. Because of this Senegal is knocked out of the tournament due to fair play rules (they had more yellow cards).

Later that day Group D played their last matches, but it wasn’t really worth watching. Both England and Belgium are already through and selected a lot of ‘’b-quality’’ players. On top of that many people expected that both teams didn’t want to win since that meant they would face a harder side of the World Cup bracket. In the 51th minute Januzaj scored the 0-1 for Belgium and that was it. Because of this Belgium will be the group winner. The match between Panama and Tunisia ended in 1-2. But both teams will be out of the tournament.

Match 45; Senegal – Colombia 0-1
Match 46; Japan – Poland 0-1
Match 47; England – Belgium 0-1
Match 48; Panama – Tunisia 1-2

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