The FIFA World Cup is an international football competition for men’s national teams of members of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). This tournament kicks of every four year since the first edition in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 because of the second World War. The current World Champion is Germany, which won the title for the fourth time during the World Cup in Brazil.


There are a few countries that a very successful during the FIFA World Cup. The most successful country is Brazil, which one 5 World Titles and notes a total of 11 Top 4 finishes. Other successful countries are Germany and Italy, which both won the title a total of 4 times. Argentina and Uruguay both won the World Cup twice. Other World Cup winners are France (1998), England (1966) and Spain (2010). The Netherlands also does well and played the final three times, but they lost every time.

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018


The 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup will take place in Russia. The tournament will kick of 14 June with a match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The final of the 2018 FIFA Wold Cup will be played 15 July in Moscow. During the tournament 32 national teams will compete in 8 groups to reach this final. After a total of 64 matches in 11 cities a new World Champion will be crowned. Many people’s favourite countries to win this title are Brazil, France, Germany and Spain. Other interesting outsides to win the tournament might be Belgium and Croatia. Have a look at this article for more interesting betting tips for the World Cup 2018.


The World Cup will kick of with a total of 32 teams in 8 different groups. During the group stage all countries in one group will play each other. Once done, two countries will continue, and two will leave the tournament. After this stage group winners will play numbers seconds of different groups in order to see which national teams are best. In the brackets, that are available around the web, you will see that the tournament offers a group stage, a round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and one deciding final. After all these matches are played one national team will be the World Cup holder for the following four years. After a draw the national teams got divided in the following groups;

Saudi Arabia




Costa Rica

Korea Republic



Groups during the World Cup Russia 2018


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During the World Cup in Russia teams will play in a total of 11 cities. Some of the most interesting cities to visit will be Moscow, St Petersburg and Kazan. Besides these cities there are also some cities which you might want to avoid since they offer not a lot of entertainment before and after the matches.

  • Kaliningrad; This city lays somewhere in the out corners of Russia between Poland and Lithuania. Belgium will play England on 28 June in this city.
  • Kazan; This city is known for being the third most beautiful city of Russia after St Petersburg and Moscow. In Kazan you will find an impressive cathedral mosque and a stadium where South Korea and Germany will settle Group F.
  • Moscow; This city is known for the Red Square and the Kremlin. Moscow is the capital of Russia, world’s largest country. Moscow offers lots of attractions which are great to fill up time between matches. Moscow will be the city where the first match of the World Cup (Russia – Saudi Arabia) and the final will be played.
  • Nizhny Novgorod; This city is one of the biggest and richest cities of Russia. Known for having a large amount of cathedrals and one of the finest Kremlins. England will play Panama on 24 June in this city.
  • Rostov on Don; In this city you will find the Rostov-on-Don Arena. In this area Brazil will play against Switzerland on 17 June.
  • Samara; This city offers a historic and business minded centre. Uruguay will play Russia on 17 June in the arena which can hold up to 45.000 people.
  • Saransk; This city might be one of the less popular playing cities for the World Cup. Saransk is the capital of Mordovia but doesn’t offer a lot to do. Because of this most matched here will probably be quiet.
  • Sochi; This city is a real seaside place which offers a popular beach and many bars. Although the shoreline looks great the beaches are rocky and hard.
  • St Petersburg; This city is called the ”Window on the West” and is known for being the most beautiful city in Russia. St Petersburg is rich of history and was founded three centuries ago by Peter the Great.
  • Volgograd; This city, Stalingrad in the Second World War, was the place where the bloodiest battle in the history of warfare was fought. Because of this most historical buildings are destroyed. The city does offer some war memorials which you can visit.
  • Yekaterinburg; This city can be reached by taking the Trans-Siberian Railway from
  • Moscow. Yekaterinburg is the only playing city in Asia. The city doesn’t offer a lot to do but there are some architectural features to see.
The Red Square in Moscow

Moscow will host the first match and the final of the World Cup 2018


Although the World Cup is all about becoming the World’s best and the fame there is also a lot of money involved. According to numbers announced in October 2017 the winner of the tournament will walk away with 38 million USD. In addition to this the runner-up will cash 28 million USD and number three will cash 24 million USD. Place four will receive 22 million USD and number five till eight will bag 16 million USD. Countries that leave the tournament first will win a total between 8 and 12 million USD. The total prize pool of the World Cup 2018 is filled with 400 million USD.


The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar. Qatar won the bidding from other countries including the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia. This will be the first Wold Cup in a Arabic and a mostly Muslim country. The FIFA Wold Cup Qatar will kick of 21 November 2022 and last until 18 December 2022. This period is chosen because of the high temperatures during May, June and July. During the tournament 32 national teams will compete in 8 different venues. And one winner will take the World Cup home. Although this event is a great happening for Qatar there is also a lot of criticism on the decision to bring the World Cup to Qatar. This is mainly caused because of bad treatment of foreign workers which suffer human rights abuse.


The FIFA World Cup 2026 will be held in three different North American countries. The combined winning bid was offered by Canada, the United States and Mexico. The losing bid was offered by Morocco. During this edition of the World Cup 48 teams will compete in 16 different cities. And after a total of 80 matches one national team will take the cup home. The majority of the matches will be played in the United States (60). Both Mexico and Canada will host 10 of the 80 matches.


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