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It is all started in Russia. This month the 32 best countries are competing in the World Cup 2018 in Russia. The best football players and teams are showing their skills in 11 different stadiums across Russia. Who will win this tournament? Which players will be amazing and who will be topscorer? During the World Cup 2018 in Russia we give betting tips and predictions for every single game. And we also give betting tips and predictions for tournament bets. when you look at the right side of this ;page you see our betting partners. We work with a selected amount of reliable online betting websites. And we made a few World cup bonus deals with them. You can simply collect €50 free bets at Redbet or €100 free cash at Bethard. LVBet gives you a €5 free bet when you join them. On this page I am going to give you all predictions for group E during the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Every day we add new predictions and betting tips to the website. So keep an eye on our website. With our predictions analyses and betting tips you can increase your winning chances. We cannot guarantee you winnings because we don’t know any result upfront. On this page you find everything about group E. group E starts on Sunday june 17 with a game between Costa Rica and Serbia. Brazil is the favorite in group E and Serbia, Switzerland and Costa Rica are going to fight for the second qualification spot in this group.

predictions group e world cup 2018 russia betting tips

Standings Group E

During the first match Serbia played Costa Rica and Switzerland faced Brazil. During the first match Serbia got the most and the best chances. But it took 56 minutes before Serbia scored its first goal after a beautiful free kick by Aleksander Kolarov. The score stayed like this and Serbia was very happy with the three points against Costa Rica.

After this match it was time for the more anticipated game between Brazil and Switzerland. During this game Brazil started very strong, and Coutinho made the first goal with a very beautiful long distance shot. After this goal the Swiss squad kept fighting and they got some good chances in the first half. After the break this trend continued and Swiss managed to score a first goal after a corner. Steven Zuber, which plays for Hoffenheim, scored with a header after pushing a Brazilian defender away. Because of this some people say the goal should be disallowed. With the equalizer on the board both squads kept fighting for a winning goal but it stayed 1-1. A very surprising outcome since most people would say Brazil would win easily. For Brazil it will be very important to win in there next match against Costa Rica (June 22).

During the second round Brazil won from Costa Rica (2-0). Because of this the team from Costa Rico will be out of the tournament after the group stage. The team from Switzerland won (1-2) from Serbia which means the last match will decide which teams will become first and second in Group E.

Brazil and Switzerland will continue to the last 16. Serbia and Costa Rica are out of the tournament.

Costa Rica302-31

All you need to know about Group E

When we look at group E we see 2 teams from Europe, 1 from South America and 1 from Central America. Brazil is the top favorite in this game. The Kanaries have the best squad. Group E starts Sunday June 17 in Samara with a game between Costa Rica and Serbia. A few hours later Brazil plays against Switzerland in Rostov-on-Don. the other games in this group are played in: Kalinigrad, St Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod. This means a lot of travelling because Kalinigrad is situated between Poland and Lithuania. I think Brazil has an advantage in this group because their players are used to long journeys.

In group E Brazil is the favorite but for second place it is all open. I predict a second spot for Serbia or Switzerland. Costa Rica has a decent squad but I don’t think they are good enough. Key games in this group are the games between Serbia and Switzerland and Switzerland against Costa Rica.

Brazil is in Russia with the best players in the world. When you are going to watch the Brazilian games you can watch Neymar, Coutinho, Willian, Luis and Firminio. Brazil has the best attacking force of this World Cup. So we can expect a lot of goals in this group. Serbia and Switzerland both have a decent defence but can they hold on to the Brazilian attacking force?

the last game in the group is the game between Serbia and Brazil. This could be a lucky draw for Serbia because it is the last group game and Brazil could substitute some of their best players.

The teams in group E – Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

In this group Costa Rica is the unknown team. What can we expect from Costa Rica? They only won 2 out of their last 5 games. They lost against Belgium, England and Tunisia and they beat Scotland and Northern Ireland. Costa Rica ended second behind Mexico in their qualification group. I predict a hard tournament without any results for Costa Rica. They will probably end 4th in their group.

Serbia is a team full of beasts. This team has a real fighting spirit. And so have their crowd. Theyonly want to win and they do everything to win games. That is exactly how they qualified for this tournament. In their group the ended first and they only lost one game out of 10. They ended above Austria, Ireland and Wales. Their recent form is not the best because they lost 2 out of their last 5 matches. I think Serbia can reach the second round. The game against Switzerland is going to be a vital one. The team that wins that game will qualify for the second round behind Brazil. Keep an ewye on Mitrovic he is the man in form.

Switzerland is a team that has a great team spirit. They don’t have any top players. All players have a bit of the same level. In their qualification group they only lost 1 game. The game against Portugal. After a play off game they qualified for this World Cup. I think Switzerland has to battle with Serbia for second place. their first game against Brazil could be a vital one.

Brazil is the top favorite to win this tournament. But can they cope with this pressure? The individual players are outstanding, but can the get the team spirit in their squad. Can players like Neymar play a role in a team achievement? When the individual players can play for the team I predict a very good tournament for Brazil. In this group they will finish first.

I predict the following standing in group E: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Costa Rica

betting tips world cup group E serbia brazil costa rica switzerland

Predictions group E – What will happen in this group?

Everybody will admit that Brazil is the best team. And they will finish in pole position in group E. For Serbia the first 2 games are vital. A win against Costa Rica gives the team some air. When Switzerland loses against Brazil, Serbia is in pole position for the second place in this group. The key game is the game between Serbia and Switzerland. Switzerland probably needs to win this game because they will 0 points after their first game. Serbia can have a draw if they get a good result against Costa Rica.

We predict a simple 7 or 9 point win in this group for Brazil. the team mentality and the fighting spirit of Serbia will take them to second place above Switzerland. I think Costa Rica will not gather any points during this tournament. We are really looking forward to the games of Brazil. Everybody loves to see the individual class of Neymar, Coutniho and Willian.

Tip: A draw between Serbia and Switzerland in the second game

Our group E predictions and some of the best betting odds

  1. Brazil – Odds for group winner – 1.28 Bet now!
  2. Serbia – Odds for Serbia to qualify – 2.10 Bet now!
  3. Switzerland – Odds for Switzerland to qualify – 2.05
  4. Costa Rica

Are the teams in group E going to get far this tournament?

Brazil will win this group with 9 or 7 points. And we predict Serbia to be second in this group. Both teams will play a team from group F in the next round. In group F we predict Germany and Mexico as the two teams that will qualify for the second round. Brazil will play Mexico and they will win that game. In the quarter finals they will play Belgium or England. They can beat both of them but I think Belgium will beat Brazil. Serbia will play Germany in the second round. Germany is the top favorite to win this tournament. They will simply win against Serbia. That means Serbia will be eliminated in the second round. And we predict that Brazil will be eliminated in the Quarter finals. You can get really good odds for this bet.

Our elimination betting tips for group E

  • Serbia will be eliminated in the second round – Odds 3.10
  • Brazil will be eliminated in the quarter finals – Odds 4.50


Bet on group E

Matches in group E – our predictions – Betting tips

Every game in this group is played in a different city and a different stadium. The game between Serbia and Switzerland is being played in Kalinigrad. This is a stadium that is far away from the other stadiums. This means that these two teams have to travel a lot in between their games. This is also the key game for the second qualification spot in this group. The team that gets a result in this game will probably end second in this group.

All 6 games are played in different stadiums. They games are being played in: Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Kalinigrad, St Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. these stadiums are far away from each other. So teams face a lot of travelling in the group stage. Below you find our full match predictions. We started with the first two games. After these games are finished we add the next two games on this page. At each match prediction you find a few interesting betting tips from our experts.

Serbia – Brazil – 27th June – Moscow – 20:00 CET 

serbia brazil best betting tips world cup

A very important game for both teams. A win for either team will secure qualification for the next round. Brazil only needs a draw to realize qualification for the next round. But they want to be group winners. And they need a win to secure the first place in this group. Serbia was very unlucky against Switzerland and they need to get 3 points from this game.

Both teams will start in the strongest formation. So this could be a very interesting game. And we have to look at the other game while these teams are playing because the result on the other field could be important for both teams. There is everything to play for in this group.

Bet on Serbia – Brazil

Interesting bets and the Odds for Serbia – Brazil

Brazil wins 2-0  – Odds 9.00
Draw at half time and Brazil to win – Odds 4.15
Neymar to score – Odds 4.00
Under 2.5 goals during the game – Odds 2.15
Mitrovic to score a header – Odds 10.00

Our score prediction – 0-2 Brazil (draw half time, Brazil to win)

Bet on this Match!


Switzerland – Costa Rica – 27th June – Nizhny Novgorod – 20:00 CET

switzerland costa rica best betting tips world cup

A win will secure a next round place for Switzerland. Costa Rica is already out of the tournament after they lost 2 of their first games. Switzerland got a late winner against Serbia and that brought them in pole position to survive the group stage. Switzerland has a solid team and they can win this game. Costa Rica could be dangerous because they have nothing to lose. Which could lead to a free game plan. Switzerland should seal the game in the second half and win this game with 1-0 or 2-0.

Bet on Switzerland – Costa Rica

Interesting bets and the Odds for Switzerland – Costa Rica

Switzerland to win 1-0 – Odds 6.30
Draw at half time and Switzerland to win – Odds 3.85
Shaqiri to score – Odds 6.50
Under 2.5 goals during the game – Odds 1.71

Our score prediction – 1-0 Switzerland (draw half time, Switzerland to win)

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Serbia – Switzerland – 22th June – Kalinigrad – 20:00 CET (Result 1-2)

serbia switzerland predictions best betting tips world cup

Tonight in Kalinigrad Serbia will play against Switzerland. Serbia starts as group leader with 3 points. Switzerland is second with 1 point against Brazil. Serbia is favorites at the bookmakers. Maybe because they won their first match. But Switzerland is number 6 on the Fifa World Ranking. So in my opinion Switzerland should be favorites. When we look at Serbia we see a real fighting machine with strong players. In the middle of those players we see Matic, a talented player with a great ability to pass the ball forward. Matic could be one of the key players this game.

Switzerland is a very solid team and they know exactly what they can. They can play well organised and play on a clean sheet. Their defence and their goalkeeper are very good and that is what they rely on. I predict a tight game and 1 goal will make the difference. The first team to score a goal will win this game. But who is going to score the first goal? I think Serbia will score a goal from the counter attack. Switzerland needs to get a result from this game. Mitrovic could be the striker that scores the first goal in this game.

Bet on Serbia – Switzerland

A very hard game to bet on because they teams are a bit the same level. Both teams can win this game because there is no top favorite at the start of this game. 1 Goal will make the difference and that is what we will bet on. We place our bets at Bethard because we like the odds at this betting website. We found a few interesting odds for this game and we will bet €10 on each of the best betting tips for Serbia – Switzerland.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Serbia – Switzerland

Serbia to win 1-0 – Odds 6.65
Draw at half time and Serbia to win – Odds 5.35
Mitrovic to score – Odds 5.00
Under 2.5 goals during the game – Odds 1.47
Mitrovic to hit the woodwork – Odds 10.00

Our score prediction – 1-0 Serbia (draw half time, Serbia to win)

Bet on this Match!

Result Serbia – Switzerland (1-2 Switzerland)

Serbia started ths game as group leaders and they started the game in the perfect way. After 5 minutes Mitrovic scored from a corner. A great corner came on his head and he smashed the ball in the back of the net. First goal 1-0 Serbia and we already won our first bet because Mitrovic scored this goal. After this goal Switzerland started to play better and they started to pressure the Serbian defence. This resulted in 3 yellow cards for Serbian players before half time (Savic, Milivojevic, Matic).

After half time Serbia should have had a penalty. 2 Players kept Mitrovic from heading the ball in the box. A 100% penalty but both referee and VAR refused to give the penalty kick to Serbia. This was a game changer because Switzerland got some extra believe. In the 52′ minute Xhaka placed a well passed shot in the far corner to make it 1-1. And in the last minute, when Serbia was pressing forward, Xherdan Shaqiri scored a briljant goal from an even better counter. 2-1 Switzerland and game over.

This group is fully open now with 2 games to go. Every team in this group can still qualify for the second round. We won 1 out of 5 bets and we played even on our money. Won €50 and lost €50.

Serbia – Switzerland 1-2
5′ A. Mitrovic 1-0
52′ Granit Xhaka 1-1
90′ Xherdan Shaqiri 1-2


Brazil – Costa Rica – 22th June – St Petersburg – 14:00 CET (Result 2-0)

brazil costa rica predictions best betting tips world cup

Both Brazil and Costa Rica need a result from this game. Brazil had a very disappointing result against Switzerland in their first game. So this is a must win game for the Yellow Canaries. They play in the big stadium of St Petersburg. This is in the advantage of Brazil because their players are used to play for big crowds. Costa Rica played a decent game against Serbia but they lost 1-0. Serbia was the better team but Costa Rica played better then we expected.

Brazil will start with all their star players in this game because a win is needed. Costa Rica is the weaker team and I predict an easy win for Brazil. Their bad result against Switzerland won’t happen again against a relative weak country. Players like Neymar and Gabriel Jezus now need to show their strengths and seal a win over Costa Rica. I tip a 3-0 win for Brazil and Neymar to score a goal in the second half. Brazil will keep a clean sheet and they will score in both halves.

Bet on Brazil – Costa Rica

A hard game to find some interesting bets because Brazil are top favorites. When there is a top favorite the odds are relative low and it is hard to find interesting odds. At Bethard Sportsbook there are over 200 betting options on this game. We managed to find a few interesting bets and odds.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Brazil – Costa Rica

Brazil to Win 3-0 – Odds 7.00
Brazil to score in both halves – Odds 2.00
Neymar to score – Odds 3.60
Brazil to win by 2 goals or more – Odds 3.60
Jesus to score from outside the box – Odds 10.00

Our score prediction –3-0 Brazil (Brazil scores in both halves and Neymar scores)

Bet on this Match!

A very though game for Brazil. Costa Rica focused on defending all game. They where focused on counters and Brazil simply wanted to score as quick as possible. The defending of Costa Rica was perfect and they managed to frustrate Brazil all the time. Neymar had a constant fight and words with referee Kuipers. Before half time it was a horrible game and Brazil didn’t deserve anything.

After half time Brazil levelled up the pressure and they got more chances. In the 81st minute Neymar though he got rewarded with a penalty kick. But the VAR over ruled referee Kuipers and no penalty kick was given. Neymar was furious and received a yellow card for complaining. It started to look like a 0-0 game but in the dying seconds Coutinho managed to hit the goal to make it 1-0. And 2 minutes later Neymar made it 2-0. Costa Rica is out of the tournament and Brazil are in pole position to win this group.

We only won 2 out of the 5 bets. But with the great odds we managed to win money on this game.

Brazil – Costa Rica 2-0
90′ P. Coutinho 1-0
90′ Neymar 2-0


Results group E and betting results BestBettingCasinos

Underneath you find a match resport of every game in Group E. And you can also check our predictions and the results of our betting tips. The results in red are predicted wrong and when you see a result in Green that means we predicted the score correct. You can use our predictions to increase your winning chances.

Costa Rica – Serbia – 17th June – Samara – 14:00 CET (Result 0-1)

costa rica serbia predictions betting tips

This game could be a vital game for Costa Rica. When they loose this game they have a very hard second game against Brazil. Costa Rica wants to play against Brazil with 1 or 3 points in their pockets. This game is being played in Samara in the Samara Arena. This Stadium can host 45.000 supporters. I predict a lot of Serbian supporters are going to travel to Samara. Maybe the intens supporters can fire up their team to get a result against Costa Rica. On paper Serbia is the better team. Serbia is favorite in this match but can they cope with this role?

I think Serbia will start nervous but in the second half they will score 1 or 2 goals to close the game in their advantage. One of the goalscorers is Mitrovic. This player has a good run of games with a lot of goals in the national team and at his club Fulham.

Bet on Costa Rica – Serbia

On our website you find a few reliable online betting websites. At those websites you can place bets on the world cup matches. Bethard and Redbet give you the best odds for Costa Rica against Serbia. when you join Bethard you receive 100% free play money on top of your first deposit. And at RedBet you receive € 50 free bets. With these bonuses you can place a few free bets on this game in group E.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Costa Rica – Serbia

Serbia to win 2-0 – Odds 8.25
Serbia to win – Odds 2.00
Mitrovic to score – Odds 4.40
Serbia to win by 2 goals – Odds 5.40

Our score prediction – 0-2 Serbia (Mitrovic scores)

Bet on this Match!

Results Costa Rica – Serbia (0-1 Serbia)

A game full of power ended in 0-1 for Serbia in Samara. In a fully packed stadium Serbia played a decent game. With solid defending and a briljant Matic the team conceeded 0 goals and scored 1. But during the game Serbia should have made a few more goals. Mitrovic had 2 100% chances but he missed them both. As a result we lost all our bets. In the first half Mitrovic came one on one with the goal keeper but he hit him. This was a 1005 chance and would have nailed our first bet. The referee gave 1 yellow card to F. Calvo in the first half. The first half finished in 0-0

In the second half Serbia started to play better and better and in the 55th minute Costa Rica made a vital foul. From the free kick A. Kolarov made it 0-1 Serbia. A briljant free kick over the wall straight in the top right corner of the goal. The keeper had no chance. Later in the second half the referee had 2 VAR (Video Assistance Referee) moments. One of the moments ended in a yellow card for A. Prijovic. Serbia had another good chance with Mitrovic but he handled the ball to slow and couldn’t hit the target.

The game ended 0-1 and the referee gave 4 yellow card. 2 To Serbia (Ivanovic and Prijovic) and 2 to Costa Rica (F. Calvo and D. Guzman).

Costa Rica – Serbia 0-1
56′ A. Kolarov 0-1

Brazil – Switzerland – Nigeria – 17th june – Rostov on Don – 20:00 CET

brazil switzerland predictions betting tips

For Switzerland the hardest game in the group. But not the most important one. They can loose this game and still qualify for the second round. Brazil must win this game to kick start their way to the finals. This game is scheduled on 17th june in Rostov-on-Don. The game will be played in the Rostov Arena. This stadium has a capacity of 45.000 and it is a brand new stadium. Brazil is in a good form and they have a fully fit squad at the start of this tournament. Key player Neymar is back from an injury and will start against Switzerland. He is eager to show the world some quality football. Switzerland does not have any outstanding players. they have a good squad that had a great qualification round. Their team spirit and mentality are their strong points.

In this game I predict a 2 or 3-0 win for Brazil. when the Kanaries manage to score an early goal this game can go crazy and end in 3-0 or 4-0. But when Brazil can’t get through the solid defence of the Swiss team they can have a hard game. Neymar will score a goal during this game and Switzerland will not score a goal.

Bet on Brazil – Switzerland

Open your betting account or login to your betting partner and start betting on Brazil – Switzerland. This is a very interesting game to bet on because you can get high odds for high scores. Brazil can win this game with a 3 or 4 goal difference. Place a small bet on the correct score and you can simply win 10-15 times your bet amount. When you join our partner Bethard you can double your first deposit amount. That means you get €100 when you deposit €50.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Brazil – Switzerland

Brazil to win with 3 goals or more – Odds 6.50
Brazil to score in both halves – Odds 230
Neymar to score – Odds 3.85
Over 2.5 goals in the game – Odds 1.80
Brazil to win 4-0 – Odds 18.25
Brazil to win 3-0 – Odds 10.00

Our score prediction – 3-0 Brazil (Score in both halves, Neymar scores)

Bet on this Match!

Result Brazil – Switzerland (1-1)

Before this game Brazil was one of the favorites to win the tournament. And they started very good against Switzerland. In the 20th minute Coutinho scored a thrilling goal. He hit the target from the left side of the field. With an amazing shot in the far corner he opened the score. After this goal Brazil kept on pressing forward but they couldn’t score an extra goal. Switzerland was in control of the game after the 30th minute.

And 5 minutes after the break Switzerland got a corner. From the corner kick Steven Zuber scrored a cracking header in the top of the goal. A goal that should have been disallowed because Zuber pushed the Brazilian defender. The VAR (Video Assistance Referee) did not intererupped the referee and the goal was allowed. After the 1-1 Switzerland kept in control and Brazil only got a few chances. Brazil should have had a penalty kick. Gabriel jezus was trapped in the box but again the VAR failed.

Switzerland held on and got an amazing result against Brazil. Serbia is top of this group now but the group is fully open and still every team can reach the second round. At the end this could be a very interesting group. During this game the referee gave 4 yellow cards. Brazil received 1 yellow card (Casemiro) and Switzerland 3 (S. Lichtsteiner, Fabian Schaer, Valon Behrami).

Brazil – Switzerland 1-1
20′ P. Coutinho 1-0
50′ Steven Zuber 1-1

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